Sutton United v Arsenal to take place on Monday Feb 20th


The date for Arsenal’s fifth round FA Cup tie at Sutton United has been confirmed, and the Gunners will travel to Gander Green Lane on Monday February 20th.

The game will be televised on BBC One with a kick off time of 7.55pm.

It had been suggested that Sutton might ask for the game to be moved to a higher capacity venue so they could take advantage of higher gate receipts but their Chairman, Bruce Elliot, ruled that out.

“The FA are very keen to play the game at Sutton, he said.

“We have proven we can have a full house and the police have been very happy.

“We have every intention of the game going ahead at Sutton because that is what the FA Cup is all about.”

Arsenal will have to contend with a 3G pitch, something they rarely have to deal with, as the National League side look to cause a massive upset.

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May as well play a the first team, as this is the only chance of realistically winning a trophy.
But considering the way the first team played yesterday , maybe it would be better to play the youngsters.
I’m confused.
Arsenal confuses me 🙁


Me too! Never been more confused like this! 🙂


Don’t be confused my fellow Gooners, It is very simple.
The good news:
On paper we probably has one of the best teams in England, and top 5 in Europe in my opinion.
When things go well for us, we can beat any team.
When opponents don’t challenge us we are all happy and players take selfies after the games.

The bad news;
We don’t have a plan B. We only know how to play one way.
We don’t like being pressed or roughed up. (Was not in the plan Boss)!!
When things go bad, the whole team collapses.
We lack leaders, like Adams, Campbell, and Vieira.
We are too soft, too nice, when the going gets though.
Our biggest problem is our mentality. We are mentally weak……

I think Wenger has caught on after 12 years. He mentioned mentally not ready.

Hope this helps.


Nice that we get an extra couple of days’ rest after knocking off Bayern Munich in Germany.

Scott P

I don’t like midweek games at all but seeing as this one is on my birthday and I won’t be at work, I’ll make an exception!


3g pitch is equipped at the arsenal training center


Really looking forward to this one!

Shener Azim

Well done Sutton for keeping this game on home soil. Have you got a spare seat in the stands for Wenger ?

Monkey nuts

You mean home plastic


I would be looking forward to this one usually, but I can really imagine us to Arsenal this one up.


Arsenal will win at Bayern and probably lose at Sutton..

Mike McDonagh

That would be classic Arsenal


Sutton fans were probably delighted with this tie partly because they knew that if their team turns up on the day, they’d have the best chance of qualifying for the next round if it was against Arsenal instead of the other big guns…

Manu Eboué

Bring back Bendtner!!!


The cynic in me says Sutton will be playing for a draw.


Why would they? They wont do better at the emirates. They’re only chance is with the advantage of the 3G surface they are used to and with all their supporters going mad with only a few gooners in the tiny ground. I doubt they imagine they can stop arsenal twice. They might try to frustrate us, but i doubt thats because they will hope for a return fixture, it will be in the hope of nicking a late goal.


When do tickets go on sale and how few can we expect – any ideas?

Mike McDonagh

There will be 800 allocated tickets to us Arsenal fans, they may only go on sale to season ticket holders though.

Mike McDonagh

Wellbeck and Walcott to start! They had a great game against southampton and deserve a start, also bring Lucas on! What does he have to do Wenger?!


But doesn’t Arsene go on about our “mental stwenks” after every win ?