Video: Arsenal 2-0 Hull – ‘On the whistle’


A 2-0 over Hull in the Premier League yesterday had us on the edge of our seats, and not always in a good way.

Here are the ‘on the whistle’ thoughts of @gunnerblog presented to you a long time after the whistle. Blame Stansted airport’s lack of phone signal and extremely dodgy wifi.

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The tripod moment summed up the game. A bit of a wobble but it all turned out right in the end.

Make mine a Swiss miss
Make mine a Swiss miss

thanks for the report, hope you can your money back on the tripod.
Agree with you, it was nervy but we won and that’s what matters.
Xhaka/Ox for me against Bayern.


Yep! Agreed! Also start welbeck and Perez and stick awobi and theo on the bench for 2nd half

gunner smith

When you see how MU and other teams score you will scratch your head. Arsenal are playing atypical
cat and mouse game. Why not unleash a shot from outside like West Ham against WBA and scored?
Bentez has been linked with the Arsenal job . He has won the cl althou gh he has missed out on the epl.
He doesn’t believe in pretty soccer and goes direct and that’s why NU are flying.


Looks like the Hull guy is giving Theo’s guns a squeeze!!! Caption reads “you been working out Theo?”


Or, he went in for cupping Theo’s right breast and missed? It’s the only logical explanation.