Video: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


A depressing day at Stamford Bridge, losing 3-1 to Chelsea. Here are the ‘On the whistle’ thoughts of @gunnerblog

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chippy's chip

Kroenke out. Wenger out.


Spot on.

Why Not


Godfrey Twatschloch

Aye! Fucking shit!




I’m not sure which way round it goes, but either we don’t have the players to execute tactics the manager lays out, or we don’t have the manager to get the best tactics for the players at his disposal or some mixture of both. EIther way, it’s got to change. This “play the Arsenal way” bullshit has been the death of our success.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Two things spring to my mind.

The usual late subs. When we are 2 goals down!!!

That laser guided Cech pass to Fabregas, of all fucking people, which effectively shot any of our attempts of getting at least a draw right in the balls.

For fucks sake!


Theu haven’t played the beautiful arsenal way in a while. I miss hleb, fabregas, rosicky…..


I like the idea of dropping out of the top 4. I love it in fact. Here are my reasons

1) I couldn’t give less of a shit about the CL. It is a relic of it’s former glory. A competition which has lost it’s lustre, is always won by the same teams and our participation on a yearly basis is pointless. Bayern will spank this lot.
2) We don’t need the money – we just don’t.
3) If Alexis and Ozil want to use no CL as an excuse to leave, they were going to leave anyway. Didn’t stop Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool getting they players they wanted (or keeping them).
4) It may cause some action (although I am not holding my breath). Sometime you have to sink out of your comfort zone to realize something is wrong, and take a step back. Having less fixtures next season (providing we play kids in the Europa league) may actually do us good, as it has for Chelsea this season. It is the only thing I can see which will facilitate change. Maybe good, maybe bad, but change nonetheless. What change? I don’t know. I am not paid to know. Finishing 4th will only start the cycle of mediocrity again.
5) Finishing 5th or worse means spurs will likely finish above us. Like, who actually cares? The first time in 100 years, they should get a trophy for that. It is nothing to really boast about, and is kind of embarrasing.

Bobby Bergkamp

1) * its, not it’s
2) Bullshit
3) CL will have little to nothing to do with their decisions
4) Mostly agree with that one; though, all else equal, I’d prefer to be in CL
5) Spuds have finished above us much more recently than 100 years ago…
Change is definitely needed at the managerial level and will come sooner rather than later. Although, I’d prefer to see some change at the board and ownership level as well (won’t happen!). All this said, I don’t subscribe to the theory that dropping out of CL money to mid-table is a solution. It’s only worked for Chavs because Roman spends what’s needed to climb back to the top.


4) *fewer

If you’re going to be pedantic, do it properly


10 years of the same

Wenger out
Kroenke out
Gazidis out
Bould out

Why we continue with this bunch we have 2 hopes,Bob Hope and no Hope


Can’t wait for Wengers post match interview
ditto the last 10 years post match reports
the team played well, we had a lot of possession, we were unlucky……….snore…………snore

Please go Arsene for the sake of our Club!….and take Steve,Ivan,and Stan with you.


Chelsea won handily and are 12 pts clear because they have better players than Arsenal. Simple as that. The 3 nil in Sept was an anomaly against an out of form team where the new manager had not yet instilled his desired tactics.

Gary Baldy

At least Hull are taking care of the Red Scousers. That could mean, at this rate, one less hurdle to 4th place.

I know, that’s probably not much consolation, right now . . . or even come May. I’m sorry, it’s all I have right now.

Black Jhide

The manager has been nurturing and protecting most of these players for a long time therefore the criticism and blame for our collective failure as a club to win the league in the last 12 years or do well in Champions League lies with him.The likes of Walcott,Ramsey,Wilshere,Jenkinson, Debuchy,Metersacker, Gibbs should have been sold long ago and re-invest the money in the team. Giroud,Iwobi,Monreal,Coquelin,Gabriel,Eleny are at best Sub. As for Ozil and Sanchez both of them have distinctive floor in their game. I cannot understand why Ozil doesn’t want to tackle or head the ball;he is a professional footballer in a rough and tumble league and the bottom line is that he should be sold at the end of the season never mind 300k contract. Sanchez only play for himself and not for the team.He hold on to the ball far too long and gives it away in dangerous area that explained why barcelona got rid of him. I think we should keep him though.
Also the manager must now know that Gabriel is not a right back, he slow the game down and offer no attacking threat.
There is question mark on goalkeeper as well.
The manager cuddled Diaby, bedtner,Scezney and it seems he doesn’t learn any lessons from his mistake.
If a player development is blocked because you purchase world class player to win the league I am up for it anyday but If wenger keep thinking that the likes of Walcott,Ramsey etc will improve more than what they are now then he must be dreaming.
I love Wenger but I think he should walk away honourably at the end of the season. He has done remarkable well for this great Club but now is the time to call it a day.
His judgment and preparation of the team against Watford on Tuesday was below par. We should have put the first team out and claim the point available before thinking of Chelsea.
We should respect the man but enough is enough


Enough with Ozil,it’s just getting tiring. I honestly don’t know how people can defend him anymore. Talented yes, but when you just drift along game after game enough is enough. Some say it is his style. Yes, that relaxed bit is necessary for creativity but you have to be able to switch between mental states to perform. He doesn’t dictate our game. We miss a Fabregas type of midfielder. Our central defenders are touching the ball way too much increasing the risk. And one of the most worrying things that we witnessed today is the lack of fight from Alexis. We’ve broken his spirit. Thank you very much. The attitude of Ozil is just unacceptable.


Players lost their own confident with the erratic tactics Wenger had display, specially this season. Starting with Giroud up front, then Alexis (successfully) located on center attack, then Giroud up front again and lately Sanchez relocated on CA… again.
Football players are like childs, when they can’t recognize an structure of behaves, they get lost.


maureen never played Ozil at real madrid because of his work rate wenger needs to drop him but he wont because as usual players holding the club to ransom because of contract negotiations catch 22 sanchez looks like a spent man now he looks like hes deffo going, again we are in a shambles even tho we have spent the money got players in its no different same old arsenal