Walcott: I never dreamed of hitting 100


Last night’s second half strike against Sutton meant Theo Walcott became the 18th player in Arsenal’s history to score 100 goals for the club.

The England international took just over 11 years and 370 games to reach the landmark and admitted after the FA Cup win that it wasn’t something he’d ever dreamt of achieving.

“I always wanted to put my all in, hard work, but never really [expected to] be in that category of 100 goals for Arsenal,” he told Arsenal Player. 

“It’s great. I’m lost for words to be fair because I didn’t really think about it before and it’s just happened. It’ll probably hit me in a few days I’m sure, but I really enjoyed that.

“I’m really proud of that personal achievement of mine. Especially playing out wide, to get that many goals… I don’t want it to stop now. It’s a really good achievement, I’m really happy.

“I couldn’t have done it without the guys as well, past and present, and I can’t thank them enough, all the players I’ve played with up to this point, and this group is brilliant. That’s a special moment for myself personally.”

Well done to Theo on hitting the milestone.

Back in the day, the board would have sanctioned the release of a DVD, unfortunately, his first goal was so long ago we’re not there’s a record of it.

Arsenal’s centurions

Thierry Henry / 228
Ian Wright / 185
Cliff Bastin / 178
John Radford / 149
Jimmy Brain / 139
Ted Drake / 139
Doug Lishman / 137
Robin van Snakey / 132
Joe Hulme / 125
David Jack / 124
Dennis Bergkamp / 120
Reg Lewis / 118
Alan Smith / 115
Jack Lambert / 109
Frank Stapleton / 108
David Herd / 107
Joe Baker / 100
Theo Walcott / 100

Olivier Giroud is currently on 93 goals for the Gunners.



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Debbie Byard

Neither did we, it was a long time coming.


Well I’m sorry but reaching a 100 goals should of been you absolute rock bottom expectation….think of all those shite performances, if he had played closer to how he’s played this year all around, those other years that he didn’t give any effort might have resulted in quite a decent goal tally.
Ps I’m not a hater, and fuck all cunts who are!!!


Robin van Snakey, why does that name sound so familiar?


Just imagine that RVP had scored for Arsenal the 70 goals he got since leaving Arsenal. He’d have been clearly second on the all-time list and could have been threatening Thierry at the top.

Would I have given that up for the extra cash? Only if I were a complete tool, you guys.


RvP is he Anakin of Arsenal players to me (“YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE”)
But in the interest of fairness….it wasn’t just cash he left for, it was for a PL Title, which did get. Smug bastard.

In the end, one could argue his justification was right.


Though if we had had his 38 goals that season and United didn’t then he may well have won the league with us.

So don’t buy it.


Well that’s Wenger’s fault for selling him then. Oh wait, nothing can be Wenger’s fault, can it?


Would you have kept someone who wanted out, went public about it and completely engineered all the events prior to his departure.

Thought not.


He forced a move through because he wanted to win the league and knew it wasnt gonna happen at arsenal. Wenger couldnt do nothink about him goin..

Why Not



Chelsea kept Costa, didn’t they? But they prefer trophies to money.

Wenger publicly said he wanted to keep RVP 2 days before he did the deal with Fergie. Here the Arseblog news article….


Like I said, nothing can be Wenger’s fault.


Didn’t RVP have leverage with his contract? Costa didn’t because he still has years left on his right?


Yes, he had a year left on his contract. But as the previous commenter suggested, we may have won the league instead of Man Utd if he stayed with us. So on that basis, we should have rejected the £25m offer and won the league instead.

Udit Arora

Really hope Theo can surpass RvS

Heavenly Chapecoense

Someone here said just yesterday that Theo was the worst professional footballer he knew of, that the most he scored per season was 14 goals blah blah blah. Theo came to be a star player and that didn’t happen and we all know he sometimes disappear in games but being 18th in terms of goals scored in club history is not bad at all. He could have scored much more due to the quality of his run, how he gets to the end of things.


You’re referring to me, and yes, I do think Theo Walcott is overrated, and no, I dont think him scoring 100 goals at a club like Arsenal, a club at which he has played for, for 11 years, with the quality of player he gets to play with week in week out is that impressive.

As an example, Lukas Podolski has basically the same scoring rate as Theo Walcott yet we sold him? Why? Because commercially Walcott is worth more to Arsenal then Lukas was. Fucking Troy Deeney has scored basically the same goals for Watford in less time. Its bang average. Yet we’re willing to pay Walcott £100K-£120K a week, and these same people are saying that we cant afford to pay Sanchez and Ozil wages that at any other top club in Europe they would get at the drop of a hat – we are total wankers.

Thats the problem at Arsenal, too many total jokers earning stupid money who just arent worth it. Thats why we dont win anything anymore. Too many lads just living in the comfort zone and thats exactly what Theo Walcott is doing.


Theo Walcott is a wide player, has been nearly all his Arsenal career, and he has scored 100 goals in 370 games, compare that to Arsenal legendary wide man George Armstrong 621 games, 68 goals. Or what about comparing it to Ryan giggs, theo has scored his 100 goals a full 100 games sooner than giggs got to that mark, and theo has almost 600 games more to play to score 69 more goals to surpass Giggs total.

It is exceptionally rare for a wide player to score 100 goals in just 11 years, and he has only started 236 games, with 134 as sub, and when you consider that theo has had 3 or more major surgeries – both shoulders and his knee – its a great achievement. Theo has scored in 2 cup finals for us, the opening goal on both occasions. He has scored against all the big teams in the league – Man utd, man city, chelsea, spurs, liverpool, and in many big european games.
He has 15 goals this season, and on course to beat his best of 21.


Spot on mate


You’re not going to convince me, I’ve watched him week in, week out, home and away, and Theo Walcott is a waste of a shirt and a waste of £100K a week.

Watch this video, some of his highlights against Sutton, a non league team, and he’s been a professional footballer for Arsenal FC for 11 years.



Another example is Perez, the guy that has scored 7 goals in 9 appearances, and he cant even get a fucking sniff of first team action, and we scouted him twice, and he was like 2 hours from signing for Everton, its fucking mental. There are a millions players out there playing in Europe who are a trillion miles better than Walcott.


Totally agree!!

Heavenly Chapecoense

In footbal, goals count a lot. Theo scored one in 3.7 games as winger and he has played just 20 minutes in lot of these games. His goals return per minute played must be very decent.


He is an attacking player who has been at the club for 10 years+. 100 goals is the minimum requirement. Otherwise why keep him?

Heavenly Chapecoense

I am not crazy to compare Dennis BergKamp to Theo but here is Bergkamp<s statistics: 423 matches (120 goals) and Bergkamp used to play 90 minutes (before his final year) not 20 minutes as Theo.


You just have compared Walcott to DB10. Therefore, by you’re own admission you are crazy.

Ivan Drago

If the snakey one had stayed instead of snaking off to snakier pastures, he’d probably be close to Thierry’s record now. Mental


If it makes you feel any better, Theo, we didn’t think you’d make that either. 😛


Theo’s been with Arsenal for ten years. Bit of basic math but isn’t that an average of 10 goals a season, and for an attacker!?! Not really something to write home about is it!


For a wide attacker, yes, it is actually. Go take a look at Hazard’s goal scoring record, or someone like Ryan Giggs. Both (rightly) praised in all quarters. But Theo’s record stands up.


Sorry, downvoted by mistake..theo would have ended up somewhere else like hleb or song..credit to him for sticking around and taking the criticism and improving..just like many of them in the team, he needs that little bit of push from us fans..have we given that? I doubt…


improvement? Where has he improved as a player that has turned him into anything more then a pacy wide/central attacker with a good right foot?

Passing? dribbling? defense?


Hazard? So is Theo good as Hazard at creating an attack/passing?


Bet his chances created and assists and dribbles completed and just about everything else is way off the likes of hazard and giggs. Frankly.

chippy's chip

Well he only starts performing when his contract is up for negotiation. Once da ting is signed his form dips and then he gets injured. Never fulfilled the potential and never will. Who is to blame?….


just like alexis whose performance last season was below par? just asking


Simpler only give him 12 month contracts!


Simple* FML


Let’s do a bit more basic maths 😉 . Per game, Walcott is more or less level with Hazard (who bear in mind takes penalties), and creams Iniesta. And if you were you to do it per minute, Theo would look even better. And then when you consider his injuries and being at the club since 16 etc etc, you get the point


how many wide players have scored 100 goals in 370 games, at the top level of the game. its very rare. I can only think of 3 or 4 who have done it, and none that done it at Arsenal before Theo.




People forget that Theo joined when he was 16 years old. This distorts all those “oh look he only averages 10 goals a year” comments. He was hardly going to play and score regurlary as a 16 year old.

Nic Bell

Anyone that has put the ball in the net 100 times for Arsenal has a special place in our history. I think his goal return of 1 in 3.7 off the wing is great especially considering all the substitutions.


Had injuries not played a part, I expect he would be close to RVP by now.


That is not a great achievement considering the years you been in Arsenal. Gerou’s record is more better. Honestly, Walcott is one of those failures in the clubs. He is just an ordinary player. Congratulations anyway!


why even bother with the congrats

Nic Bell

1 goal per 3.7 games from the wing. Freddie had 1 per 4.4.


It’s not just about goal ratio. Freddie was in a different league to Theo.
I remember Freddie scoring an average of a goal every two games in a title winning season.
We love you Freddie, because you’ve got red hair……


So Freddie’s best ever season for goals was still less than theo’s best and this with Freddie playing in one of the if not the best ever teams seen in English football. I remember Freddie then only scoring 2 goals in each of his last 3 seasons of BPL football and in his 17 year career he scored 88 club goals, in 502 games, he makes the 100 mark, in fact 102, if you add in his 14 goals in 75 internationals too


Freddie made a significant contribution to us winning 2 league titles and 3 FA Cups.
He also played 90 minutes in a Champions League final when we were down to 10 men for most of the match.
Freddie is also an invincible.

Walcott is still ‘developing’ after 11 years at the club.

Like I said in my previous comment, it’s not just about comparing goal ratios but you decided to ignore that and carry on anyway.

Canon Fodder

…and who is Gerou? We have never signed a player of that name


Truly upsetting to forever see Anus Van Anus in the top goalscorers list for the club.

Big Mad Andy

I didn’t realise HFB was so close to 100 goals. Fingers crossed he hits three figures soon…


Hopefully this season


Thierry really did smash everyone, didn’t he


Yup, I remember him smashing in 30 league goals in the invincibles season. unstoppable.

chippy's chip

Yes he did. Different class. But Keown showed him a video of Wrightys goals which made the difference. Wrighty smashed em all too. Someone show vids of Smudger to hfb, Adams to kos mustafi, Veiera to granit coq, Dien to gazidis…….


Giroud has scored at a higher rate per game than alan smith did.


Can’t compare like that as smudger played in an era where there was less attacking play and fewer goals. When we won the league in 1991, we conceded 18 goals all season. That would never happen now. Full backs were unlikely to cross the half way line. You could pass back to the keeper and he could pick up the ball.

Also, smudger didn’t benefit from your attacking flair team mates which Giroud is benefitting from.


We never dreamt it would ever happen either… 😛


Hopefully he’ll get the pick of coffee makers from his missus now

Tom Gun

All those slating Theo but he has hardly played as a striker. He has, for the vast majority of his career, been a winger or wide forward so let’s stop comparing him to strikers’ goal ratios. Let’s compare his 1 goal every 3.8 games room the likes of Hazard (1 every 3.6), Martial (1 every 3.9), Raheem Sterling (1 every 5.0) or even Bale before Madrid (1 every 4.0)


exactly but the media narrative is he is the worst footballer without a brain and wasted a career at Arsenal – even heard him described as pointless. Anyway well done Theo in my opinion has always rep the club positively.


So, you wouldn’t swap Walcott for Bale then?


You wouldn’t want Hazard or Bale over Walcott? It’s not just his goal scoring its his all around abilities.


The other thing that strikes me about that list is what a fucking genius TH14 was. Total privilege it was to have him playing for us. Till he fucked off to Barca of course……


He needs to be scoring even more.

He is 27yrs now and needs to have a bit more guile to his game. Pace cannot be the only focus.

Personally, I would have been happier if we had sold him last summer and brought in a Mahrez, someone with more creativity.

But I suspect with 4 additions as is to bed in (Granit, Mustafi, Perez and to some extent Holding), Wenger opted for conservative and to hold on to some familiarity in the squad.

The fact that we did not know how the striker situation (be it Alexis up top or Lucas to Giroud) also may have played a factor since a Mahrez type player would not be able to lead the line where as Alexis and Walcott are quasi strikers which could function in the role till Welbeck came back in.

Also of course, Mahrez price would have been a factor where this summer, it may readjust to more palatble figure with Leicester flattering to deceive.

The thing about Theo is he tends to wait for the ball to be crossed over to him. If he can move toward the ball, I feel he may have opportunities to finish more.

We need him to be clinical for us.


Mahrez? He’s having a storming season… before you blame Leicester, one of the reasons they did so well last season was Vardy and Mahrez, both of whom are stinking it up this year. Add to that they are leaking goals. The other reason they did well is Kante, the only player I wish we had got from them.

Gallas tantrums

Congrats Theo. For us the real Arsenal fans support you. Netting 100 goals is not easy.

Harald Verpe

That’s a great achievement! I just watched this video of his 100 Arsenal goals, it’s fantastic. It’s gonna be great 🙂


Fun fact: Of 100 goals, 3 of them are with his head.


Can anyone tell me if Theo is the slowest person of all those at the club to hit 100 goals as in it took him way more games than anyone else ?

Just curious


I’m not sure about number of games but Theo took the longest in terms of time – just over 11 years.


All the rest are strikers, not wide men.


Giroud should get to a hundred by May


more than 10 years and still inconsistent in patches!