Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wenger explains Sanchez airport pictures

Yesterday saw pictures of Alexis Sanchez at Heathrow airport, with many people suggesting he was heading to Italy, raising speculation about what he might be doing there.

Arseblog News understands that the players were scheduled for a day off after the Bayern Munich game, and with the Chilean’s future still uncertain many put two and two together and got five.

Amazingly, it turns out there’s a fairly simple explanation, and he wasn’t going to Italy at all.

“He has a court case in Barcelona,” said Wenger. “He will be back in training tomorrow.”

We’re assuming that it has something to do with the tax case he was involved with recently, perhaps some additional paperwork or something.

Or he’s opening a dog shop on Passeig de Gràcia and has run foul of city planning by-laws and he’s taking them to court so he can have puppy emporium like no other ever seen before.

There’d be indoor parks, and games, and water-slides and puppies. Oh my god so many puppies. It would be puppy heaven.

That’s probably what it is.

Archer Mallory Mangan – aged 3 1/2 months

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I doubt he will play v Sutton either, so no biggie that he is away.


Its more likely than not isnt it? After that game we don’t play until March 4

Ox Sans Box

Your dog is so damn cute it hurts.


We pick up our black Labrador puppy in 2 weeks…can’t wait. Who needs football when you have a puppy??


Nice to putt a face to the name


Ok, who the fuck votes down puppyArcher? Seriously, there’s always one.

David C

Might have been that Sp*ds player Harry Kane-ine up to no good!

igbo Amadi-Obi

The dog or the admirer?

Ox's hairdresser

Whatever blogs possesses is beautiful!

William Brooks

Blogs, as things stand right now i would like you to temporarily focus on Puppies.
Archer there is a real mood lifter, i felt happy for a wee moment.
Maybe until the end of the season Arseblog can become Arsedogs.


It’s really gone to the dogs around here


Make it snappy.


At this times it’s nice to look at a puppy. I suggest you make this a common theme throughout the rest of the season.

William Brooks

couldn’t agree more Freddie

Le Jim

No bullshit, after the Bayern game, I just lay on my bed and hugged my puppy for about half an hour. I was hurting, okay?!?


especially cos some of us live in flats where (barbarically) we aren’t allowed puppies! I have to do my dog love vicariously. Archer will do nicely.


It would be a real shame to see Alexis go because he is a top drawer player but if he doesn’t want to be here then we should sell him. We have to sell him abroad otherwise we will look like such cunts if he’s lining up in a City shirt or a Chelsea shirt next season.

I think we need to get a load of these players out to be honest, there are too many soft cunts in our squad that just flat out arent good enough.


Big props for what I assume is an Archer reference in the dog’s name. Love that show


I know as a matter of fact that it’s actually in honour of Blogs’ favourite author Jeffrey Archer.


So I guess, pout or whatever

Big Mad Andy

I didn’t know his middle name was Mallory. Love that show.


Your dog is gorgeous Andrew!


Just open a dog rescue centre somehere in the emirates and call it “Sanchez’s Sanctuary”… hes going nowhere and it could be tax deductable…bonus!!

Craggy McEddy

Size a they paws!


Even my girlfriend doesn’t have a middle name. Top class, sir.


I don’t think right hands are usually given middle names, perhaps that is why.

Nasri's missing chinbone



The picture of that dog is just what I needed to get through these dark times.


Let me tell you. Greg would be very cross with everyone having fun!


Hi Greg x


Arsedogs sounds way better than discussing the rest of this season.

Anna Forsyth

What an A+ dog. More please.

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