Wenger on Hart link and dropping Cech


Arsene Wenger has killed off rumours linking Arsenal with a move for Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart.

The England international was shipped out on loan to Torino in the summer by new City boss Pep Guardiola, who recruited Claudio Bravo in his place.

Reports have since suggested that Hart will leave the Etihad permanently at the end of the current season and that Arsenal might try and sign the 29-year-old as a long-term replacement for Petr Cech.

“No,” said Wenger definitively, when asked whether he wants to sign Hart in his pre-Hull press conference.

He added: “I have three world class goalkeepers and I’m very happy with them.”

We’re not quite sure whether the boss includes Wojciech Szczesny, on loan at Roma, as one of his three ‘world class’ keepers or whether he’s putting Emiliano Martinez on a pedestal alongside David Ospina and Petr Cech.

On the subject of the latter, Wenger was also asked whether the Czech stopper could be dropped on Saturday following his gaffe at Stamford Bridge. The 34-year-old’s poor clearance in the second half teed up Cesc Fabregas to score Chelsea’s third goal.

“It’s difficult to come out individually,” said Wenger.

“Petr Cech is a guy who is serious, wants to do well, he prepares well. Overall he’s had a good season.

When pressed again, Wenger, somewhat irritated, added: “Look, I cannot come out on every single opinion that people have. My team is not picked for Saturday. That is not at stake in my thinking at the moment. “

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Look, if it had been SZCZ, we’d all have been calling for him to be dropped and chances are Wenger would have dropped him. Giving the ball to Cesc, there, then, was unforgivable.


As annoying as it was I don’t think that we should focus on Cech’s mistake in a game that was all but over. Our problems stem from other places.Sadly.

Godfrey Twatschloch

As much as I don’t want to be down on any of our players I think Cech’s fuck up put the nail in what could have been a salvageable situation. Yes, we were shit all over but Giroud’s goal could just as well have been followed up by a second one giving us a point at least and, even if only a little, stem Chelsea’s already big lead. Had we not been three down that is. The third goal effectively put an end to any such hope.


And what about the first goal against Chelsea???
He didn’t even attempt to stop it he just stood still watching Bellerin hit the floor. If you watch that goal again even my 100yo gran could have put her frail body in front of it.
Talk about old I think ” old mother time ” has cought up with cech, he’s older than seaman when he stopped playing he’s 35yo for God’s sake.
What other top club in the world has a keeper that old as first choice.
He was great but not anymore.

Godfrey Twatschloch

My impression was he saved the first bullet header from Costa which rebounded for Alonso to head another quick succession bullet header straight into goal. Not sure if he can be blamed for that one.


Watch it again and you will see he made no attempt to reach it .
Goal keepers practice how to make one save then get back into position asap for the next shot / header .

I think a younger keeper would have attempted to reach it even by reflex.

The Costa header again was near post where cech is struggling.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Looked at it again and he’s back up and ready again and also quite close to the ball. It’s as if he just doesn’t have the reaction to reach for it in time.


Juventus spring to my immediate mind as Gigi Buffon approaches 40 and remains their unquestionable no 1. There are a number of keepers who have remained world class into their forties.

Lukas Severn

Yeah, but Szcz did have a history of doing it – different circumstances imo.


Wenger isn’t lying when he says that. We have seen it with Vito, Fabianski and SZCZ. They are all playing for top clubs. Post Almunia we have been decent in the GK department and we have fantastic talents in the academy. Joao virginia is the man to watch. He is Neur like.

Gus Caesar

Vito is only playing (badly) for Sunderland because Pickford is injured but I agree on the other two. Virginia, Keto and even Huddart are highly rated inside the club. Having said that, there are widely-known issues with Gerry Peyton.


Unforgivable? You mean you will now hate him forever?

Rectum Spectrum

When you are at the top of your profession because you have completely dedicated yourself to your craft, going so far as to learn languages to better communicate with your multicultural back line, then you have earned the right to immediately rectify a bad game in the next one. Not get dropped. You don’t teach cech lessons, he has devoted his career to learning. If only we had more players like him.


I like Cech but errors and weaknesses seem to be creeping into his game this season. I wonder if it’s because he played for a Chelsea side that had a better defence than us and he was exposed less often there?


No he is just having a slightly worse season.. We had 3/4 the same defence last year and Cech was really good, so I dont agree with you..

Lukas Severn

That implies that 3/4 of the same defense is playing exactly the same which I don’t feel is the case. There’s way too many silly mistakes such giving the ball away cheaply/from a pass and positioning errors from our defense and midfield this season.


I’m not saying I think that’s what it is, just an idea!


i think he’s lacking motivation. judging from all those half-hearted attempts to save shots from outside the box… Also, look how easily he gave up for marco alonso’s goal against us. He just….. gave up trying to save..


Didn’t his long term trainer leave when he came to Arsenal. Maybe it’s our coaching?

Gus Caesar

This is a very valid point. I think Chelsea basically played hardball over letting the coach go and we backed Peyton again. There are issues with Peyton but Wenger is very loyal to him…


i personally knew one of the arsenal reserve keepers who left to go to a lower team a couple of years ago. He said to me that Arsenal’s coaching staff were really hands off and he was worked much harder at the lower team than at arsenal. the quality of players is obviously so much better and Wenger really is (apparently) very much light touch on his training methods as i guess he feels the players have largely already achieved.So do we need better training? Possibly – its happened too many times that Arsenal have fairly basic errors as a… Read more »

Gus Caesar

Interesting. In terms of keepers I know that Tony Roberts was particularly well-liked and greatly missed when he moved to Swansea.


He’s 35 years old for God sake, he’s older than seaman when he stopped playing .

Old mother time has cought up with him.


Listen, Joe Hart is fucking shite, and we shouldn’t ever be looking to get him in at Arsenal – I would honestly rather get Wojiech back then ever give Hart a shirt. In regards to Cech being dropped, I personally think it should happen. Ospina has played really well this season, and when you make a big mistake like that in a game of that magnitude I think even Cech himself would be expected to sit out the next game or so. But in the league it doesn’t really matter anymore, to me I honestly can’t get up for another… Read more »

Eric Blair

Have thought the same. Haven’t the stomach for the battle for fourth really, and there are no truly outstanding teams in Europe this year, but obviously some very good ones. On our day we can beat anyone, and we only need a handful of those days to get to the final. Unlikely as it is, why not dream big and go for it, afterall Chelsea did just that when they won it after being out of the league title early, as it was when we went to the final.

Arsene's zip

How many times in one press conferences do you think Arsene wants to just say “fuck off, you total dickhead”, but instead says something diplomatic?


where n = total number of questions


Hart is terrible at his near post, truly shocking.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Cech too not good at near post.


Cech was world class, he’s too old now, reflexes have gone, gets beaten at his near post with ease. Ospina has qualities that Cech doesn’t, and unfortunately lacks a whole bunch that Cech has. Szcznesy? Well Szcznesy is Szcznesy. Martinez?

I would say at this point in time Arsenal have no world class keepers.

gooner of Oz

This. We either need to pay up for a decent one or change our gk coach with all the talent weve seen go to waste in a position which supervision and experience is so integral. Just look at what someone like Burgos is doing it Atletico Madrid.


I don’t think his problem is age, it’s probably complacency from a lack of focus. Same as everyone else and it comes from the top!


Szczęsny has grown up, he is married now. Not anymore a kid. In June after 2nd season as nr 1 in AS Roma.
Should nr 1 Jersey be up for grabs in pre-season and I think Szczesny would win it.

Lukas Severn

If we were to get another Goalkeeper, i’d rather us get Butland if he can recover from his injury. He’s fantastic.


The mistakes have been there from that 1st game against West Ham. Still a good keeper and an improvement on what we had, but beaten too easily at his near post consistently for my liking. I think there’s more to.it though, the goalkeeping coaching staff have to apportion some.of the blame too as different keepers all seem to make the same mistakes in an Arsenal shirt.


Bring back “good old Bob Wilson ” as gk coach.
Or even Seaman, now that’s quality.

Tom Entract

Joe Hart
A class apart
Petr Cech
What the heck?


Ospina should have never been dropped to bring in Chec in the 1st place.
Watching Check now is like watching Alumnia, total shite.


Unusual to see a name misspelt in two different ways, within just 23 words. That’s shit batting average. Sorry, goal ratio.


Cech hasn’t been great this year, even before the Chelsea game. Still a good keeper, but no longer a great keeper. But still the best we have currently.

His distribution has been really poor this season too. Not sure if it always has been, or if it is just more noticeable this year as teams press high, knowing if we go long Alexis isn’t likely to win headers against a CB.

Alexis, Atom & Humber

I say give Ospina a run in the league.


I believe that with a more consistent run of top flight games, Ospina could be on the same level as De Gea. He is a top class shot stopper and reflexes are 200% of Cech’s. Yes he’s prone to the odd error but who isnt – Lloris’s two howlers recently.. Cech is past it IMO and furthermore I feel both Kos and Mus are lagging behind their best.. Both need to man up and be more aggressive – outside of the box that is!

Runcorn Gooner

Maybe it’s just me but some of the goals that Cech has conceded he either gives up or seems slow to react.

I like Cech but he seems to react much slower this year on too many occasions .


I think that’s probably down to his age , he’s 35 yo for God’s sake , Seaman had retired by then.

I rony

I would be happy to see Szcz back in goal next season.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Time for Agent 007 to be sent to the bench. He seemed pretty unconcerned after all the goals, perhaps because he was smiling inwardly inside at the thought of the fat cheque from Chelsea arriving in the mail. In all seriousness, even if we give him the benefit of the doubt of not being a secret agent, he should have at least issued an apology to the fans. Conceding a goal like that against your former team and our hated rivals and then basically shrugging your shoulders is fucking unacceptable really. Cech only seems to be getting worse, while Ospina… Read more »


Cech is 35 yo, Seaman had retired at that age !!!


I like cech, but his age diminishes his concentration and activeness. Is time for ospina now.

Gus Caesar

I think Cech has benefited enormously from the loyalty that Wenger shows in players but I wonder whether his hesitation to confirm Cech for Saturday is telling. I’d have no issue with Ospina being given a run in the team now. He’s shown patience and professionalism whilst on the bench (which must be tough as an experienced international) and not really let us down when called upon this season. In fact he’s put in some really good displays at times. I know he’s not the long-term solution and I’d personally love to see Szczesny given one more chance next season,… Read more »

A Different George

Ospina has played brilliantly for his country, in very high-stakes matches. He has always played well for us, barring the poor start. He often makes me feel nervous when he plays for Arsenal, especially on high balls, but I don’t think my nervousness is actually justified.

He is a very good shot-stopper–maybe not De Gea, but very good. He is very good with his feet, a good distributor (though the length of his clearances is less than most Premier League keepers). I think Wenger will give him a run.


Love PC, that’s why it pains me to see him doing pretty poor this season. He has kept us in some games, and in others contributed towards our loss of points through saves he probably should of made. Although it’s 50/50, I wish he would save a bloody pen also. We gave so many away this season so far and I would of hoped he saved some. Ospina is a good shot stopper, but I don’t think he is the answer. Hart actually would prob do a better job and that’s saying something after a poor season last season. Part… Read more »


Didn’t we try to do that with Szcznesy


why don’t we give Ospina more games and bring back SzcZ from loan?


Hart would be a backward step!

Ajoge Abdulrahman

Ospina should be given a chance in the EPL, let cech rested to reflect on his mistake sometimes. Ospina would have deflected that Hazard goal but the fucking stubborn coach won’t do the needful.


Cech’s distribution has been really poor this season. If we’re pressed high and he has no short passes on, more likely than not, if he kicks it long, it’s a bit wayward. It inevitably sees us having to defend straight away from a long kick.

Also, there’s not been a time where I can remember thinking “That save just won us the game.” I do have a terrible memory though…


How comes up with this tripe?


Of course Cech is not the same goalkeeper he was before but he’s still one of the best out there! I think the fans are really unfair with our goalkeepers every time they make a mistake, remember when Ospina let that goal against Olympiakos? he was almost eaten by the fans, now is Cech and so on. That’s the goalkeeper’s job and with the modern game and the technology applied on the balls it makes life easier for players but no so much for those whose job is to not allow goals… now about Hart, he’s not a step forward… Read more »

Sachin T Patel

There is goalkeeper for AC Milan, Gianluigi Donnarumma, who I believe could be world class in the next year. & he only 17 years old I don’t understand why no one is taking him. 6’5″ 198 pounds. YouTube him, watch AC Milan, & see what I see.


Well maybe because they wouldn’t let him go?
And he himself might not want to leave?

Tasmanian Jesus

In my opinion, Hart is no better than Cech, Ospina or Szcz.
I really hope we dont get him.
If we get a new one, should be Oblak.
If we cant get anyone thats an improvement, i say we stick with Ospina and Szcz next season.
But having both of them will never happen as long as Cech is around.

But who knows, he might pick up his game. Im fairly certain its not his age making him play bad, there must be something else.
History is full of goalkeepers being at their best in their mid 30’s.


Ok name one goal keeper who has been at his best over 35 years old ????

And don’t say Baffoon because he was better before the age of 35 check his stats .

Age does effect your reflexes, it’s a known fact.

What other top team has a goal keeper over 35 years old ????

Your talking out of your Arsenal mate


“Overall he’s had a good season” … Wenger on Cech
This is the spirit of average and mediocrity that runs around in the club …fans included. Overall we are not competing for titles but hey we are not midtable…So lukewarm. Until that changes, nothing else would change. #WengerOut


One moment, Cech is saving our bacon. The next, he is not good enough. I think the same can be said for most keepers. I think Ospina is a better reaction keeper but Cech is better commanding the box. So no one is complete. Hart had a poor period which led to his banishment. Now because its been some time, he suddenly looks better (plus of course everyone’s favorite to succeed Wenger not too long a go besides Klopp, did contrive to but some rather rubbish keepers) Again many wanted Guardiola but he has been obtuse with his restrictive view… Read more »


Just look at Claudio Bravo. He’s been making mistakes, he was dropped.
Why can’t we do the same?
Give Ospina a go.