Arsenal deny Boro Primorac departure stories


Arsenal have told Sky Sports that there is no truth to reports that he could leave the club this summer to manage in Turkey.

The 61 year-old has been Arsene Wenger’s right-hand man since his arrival at the club in 1996, and it was suggested yesterday that he was in line to take over at Turkish side Konyaspor this summer.

However, according to an Arsenal spokesman, the reports were simply ‘wild speculation’ and said they were completely unaware of any intention on Primorac’s part to quit the club this summer.

It always seemed unlikely that Primorac would leave the post he’s held for so many years, and as one of Wenger’s most trusted lieutenants, it led to speculation that the manager’s future had already been decided.

For now though, Arsenal have put a dampener on that, and we still await clarity regarding the managerial situation for next season.

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This canary is still breathing.


Anonymous to me until today.


Chris don’t say you don’t know one of the backroom staff mate! The internet kids will thumb you down.
Oh too late…


Sad but true.


Primorac is such a fantastical name.

Graeme Hawkins

A bit of a weird one this… like if he is genuinely going, and his departure did have something to do with Arsenal acquiring a new manager (or looking to). Then I could potentially see the plausibility in the fact we have these inner ‘football circle’ whisperings coming out hinting that he is looking to make a move away from Arsenal. The club then subsequently coming out and saying that its strictly not true kind of makes me think that it might be true?? Because there is so much stuff that is constantly coming out at the moment around Arsenal in the press that is genuinely rubbish, so I find it peculiar that the club decide to come out and quash this specific ‘rumour’ and not others.



This makes sense. At his age and after all these years being a coach why would he want to go be a manager in a new country? If he wanted that challenge, he would have moved on with Wenger’s blessings long back.


Boro used to be a great player 30 years ago. At the time country he played for was still called Yugoslavia, today his nationality is Croatian.
By the way managerial situation is becoming more and more clear. Arsene stays so the inevitable restructuring is postponed for another year at least. Maybe by that time Pep will be available ?

Inspector norse

Whats with the pep worship ? Really what has he done that is so great ? Win with one of the greatest teams ever ? Not that impressed really GG won the cwc with Arsenal 94 thats impressive considering he didnt have oligarkmoney to buy oligarkmoney type players. Pep Couldnt win CL with Bayern which obviously was and is one of the top 3 teams in the world. With all of the sheiks shitty money he could not get to the CL QF against monaco a great young team but really whats so great about pep ? Other than his fortunate start in the best football team ever. Hes decent offcourse but all he has proved is that he can win with a team my grandmother could have won with. And then he couldnt replicta it with a slightly worse team. Do we really want that for The Arsenal ? There has to be better options than that.


I hope it’s true he’s off to be honest.


Sounds like he’s just setting up plans in case the worst should happen


Media decided to Boro a moment of your time to click their trash.

Spoiler alert! You will click them again on newsnow under different headlines to read what you’ve just read here on arseblog news.

You’ll fall for headlines like “This man is staying at Arsenal ” click.

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I miss Rockynewsnow.



Click baits

Thierry Ennui

Ah be-god, we can’t have Colm Meany’s dad leaving the club now. ”Tis the end o’ times


Shame about Man City


I don’t understand.

I mean Pep is suppose to be a Tacsticle genius like AVB, Brendan Rodgers, Roberto Martinez, Juande Ramos, Jurgen ” I like music from 70 years ago ” Klopp…etc etc etc

Now all Schitty can look forward to is the FA cup maybe.

I guess that’s better than Liverpool but the money spent.

At least United got the Milk Cup for their 90m on Pogba and some.

That’s showing ambition that is.

Oh well, there’s still Leicester, they can go all the way in the CL (never mind any thoughts of relegation)…I mean I’m backing them to beat Bayern, Barca or Madrid. No one can be as bad as the Arsenal.

I guess Spurs but if they finish above us in CL spot this season (a trophy), that would represent progress and a real chance for them to win the title like Twitchy Redknapp mentioned in 4 years or less. I mean its only been Half a century stumbling in the dark and buying every next manager the media links as the next tactical genius.



Why do I keep seeing this? We lost 10-2 on aggregate. They went out on away goals. If that’s enough to render the rest of peps career meaningless…


I did have a little chuckle ?

Our squad is definitely capable of beating them in the cup and finishing ahead of them in the league.


Fun about Man City. Enjoyable to watch


Does anyone actually know what this guy does ? Not a rhetorical question. If Bould puts the cones out, runs the clock down and counts his money – what is is guy’s speciality. Attack ? Defence ? Goalkeeping ? Set plays ?

Or does he just sit back and watch Wenger try do everything and say ‘Yes’ every so often ? Perhaps he is some variant of a time keeper.

‘Wake up Arsene. It’s ten two’ !


Does anyone really care? Do we know what this guy does?

Maybe they should focus on actually making our team better. Monaco looked fantastic against Man City and they fielded a team with an average age of 24. I wonder how that team found “maturity” “mental strength” and didn’t play “naively” in order to turn that tie around. Maybe they have a real coach that doesn’t make excuses for his players lack of performance.