Arsenal fans face Anfield train travel chaos


Arsenal fans planning to travel by train to Anfield on Saturday are being warned that they could face serious disruption to their journey.

According to the BBC, no trains will run in or out of Liverpool Lime Street – the main station serving the city centre – “for several days” after a wall collapsed on to the railway.

The damage was sustained last night and rubble remains strewn across the line.

A statement from Virgin Trains confirms that services between Liverpool and London will start and terminate at Runcorn with rail replacement buses between the town and the city centre.

If we hear anything further on this we’ll keep you posted. We’d hate for our loyal travelling support to turn up late and miss us going two goals down inside five minutes. *Dons tin hat*

UPDATE – Arsenal have released a statement on the situation and confirmed that there are still limited spaces available on the Club’s Supporters’ coaches. More here.

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Discerning Dodgem



Considering our record in away big games, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of hurdles that our brave away fans go through to watch us.

I applaud you sirs.

And hope the Arsenal reward you by actually playing well.


James isn’t under that wall, is he?


Insert joke about our season collapsing if we lose against Liverpool



Kampala gooner

If @ badaab is on to something then this is a sure win.


Get Marion out there and tell her to stop going on and on about dinosaur bones.


We gotsta give them a bit of a Gherkinpressing.

They’re defense is weak.

If they come at us like the “god’s gift to football” they think they are, there will be plenty of space to exploit.

Then it will be a question of us being lethal in front of goal and not mucking about.


Gherkinpressing…. Well said sir! Haha