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Arsenal set to ‘go for it’ at Anfield as Wenger looks to change away record

Arsene Wenger says that Arsenal lost away at Everton and Man City because they were too passive after going ahead.

The Gunners took the lead in both games, but ended up losing 2-1 on each occasion.

With a defeat to Chelsea last month, the record against big teams away from home has been brought into focus, and the Arsenal manager wants his team to believe they can achieve the results they need on the road.

“We lost at Everton and City after being 1-0 up and it was because we were not proactive after we went ahead – we were too passive,” he said.

“We didn’t look like we played with enough freedom or the belief that we would just turn up and do it.

“That is what we want to add to our game,” he continued.

“What is most important for me now is the attitude to just go for it – to go and take.

“What is linked many times with belief is a passive mode and not enough pro-activity. You have to make things happen. It is always a mindset.

“How do I bring it out in the players? By making them conscious of it.”

Wenger is aware of the significance of a win against Liverpool, and how it might bolster his side.

“I agree that it is even more important because we have not done well recently in these kind of games,” he said.

‘For us, this kind of game like Liverpool is of course an opportunity that we want to take.”

Arsenal look set to be without Mesut Ozil, and if there’s a more defensive approach tomorrow, it might suit the manager’s plans.

“If you want to park the bus, then you lose Özil,” he said. “He is a guy who needs possession. With possession, he is a marvellous player.”

Will Arsenal park the bus or go for it? We’ll find out from 5.30 tomorrow.

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Umm, Arsene, actually I don’t think your Arsenal teams normally have a problem with having the belief they “would just turn up and do it.”


He keeps trying to fix the same problems year after year, yet he always end up with the same results because basically he is doing the same over and over again. He has been fantastic for us, but football has moved on and he hasn’t. He controls pretty much everything and he has bought every player in our squad. He is good but he can’t make us winners no more and therefore he has to go. We need new ideas and a fresh approach.


It is hard to find a good balance between having a good offensive side and at the same time having players who can defend disciplined. On one hand you need to have players who are creative in the final third and can provide goals and assists (Ozil, Iwobi, Walcott, Xhaka) but at the same time you need players who can defend as a unit and position themselves without the ball (only Coq in our team, maybe Elneny). Not counting the defenders here. You would prefer to have players who can do both (Alexis, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere on their day). We… Read more »

Ancient Gooner

What is he doing wrong and with whom would you like to replace him?


Ah the handbrake, it’s been on a while and whilst driving up a hill in 5th gear..



We’ve been gash away to the other top teams for ages. Our record is appalling


gash, i tell you, gash.


we’re quite good against the top teams last year, actually.


That’s because they were unusually trash.

I realise that sounds ungracious and surly, but these things can often be judged subjectively, and “top four” or “top six” doesn’t quite mean what it usually does in a year that Leicester won the league.


Did I miss the wins away to city Chelsea man utd spuds and Liverpool?


Pool have been shit so far this year. Hopefully it will continue.


We will see a better Arsenal against Liverpool, and we will win.


Usually when Wenger wants us to “go for it” we end up “getting it”.

Granit(e) hard!

Lol….you my friend made me spill my coffee where i shouldn’t! Thanks…..seriously though, strange and amusing as it sounds, I actually agree that its true. Every time we do this chest puffing, sabre rattling thing, we actually end up getting stuffed….ManCity, chelsea, Bayern etc, and you can chose your game from any of the Arsenal losses from previous seasons, the script remains the same. The rallying cry from players/manager about how we need to start well, focus, ‘go for it’ and then somehow we end up getting thumped. The most painful for me of these episodes was the mauling at… Read more »


I’m reminded of *that* match against Chelsea, Arsene’s 1000th match in charge. A part of me died that day.

Liam Bradys left peg

Should “go for it” every game surely?


Dear Blogs,

I have a suggestion – is it possible for you to keep an update ‘injury’ page?
I am anxious about the Liverpool game and have a sudden fear that Koscielny is out of the game for some reason.

I visit only Arseblog sites for arsenal news, and would be awesome if you had such a feature!


Every time i read about arsenal ,i hear arsene this,and player x is that and sucking blood out of every body, so real Gooners we need to support the team not separate ,thats why you call yourselfs a supporter.


Basically Wenger out


Don’t go for it. Just do it.

Too much cheap talk. Slow starts not fixed, Learn from mistakes…we never seem to.

Lets throw the kitchen sink for once.

Ox could be crucial for us but the main thing is to get the midfield balanced properly.


I really dnt see us winning 2day. Pool r a different opposition when they face team at the top. On their day they are really a nightmare to play against. I hope with a bit of luck we can get a draw. A duo of Xaka-coquelin wont be able to cope wiz pool midfield.


We can take these guys today; Arsenal back to their best! COYG!


I ask myself how many Liverpool players would get into our team? Possibly Mane & coutunho but that’s it, so why do I feel like we will lose? Tactics and application. Which comes from the manager. I truly hope I’m wrong.


Llallalllanana perhaps


That’s the welsh version


Fortunately both managers have a fuck all approach towards defending.


Liverpool vs Arsenal.

Battle of the beleaguered!

Dial Square

I hope we win this game if only to avoid hearing Wenger spouting his Wengerisms again; “handbrake”, “jaded”, “mentally”, “my zipper was stuck for 90 minutes so I didn’t see anything that was happening on the pitch” and so on.
I would have preferred this article to be headlined “Wenger: we have analysed Liverpool’s tactics and style, we have worked out a way to stifle their strengths, exploit their weaknesses and avoid conceding goals”
Please prove me wrong and lets score some goals at the Kop end and win against a pretty poor Liverpool
Up The Arsenal!


Basically said what I just posted below.

Dial square

This names taken fella…

Sir Henry Norris's Foreskin

Thought I saw that name somewhere. Will change it from Dial Square to Sir Henry Norris’s Foreskin


He’s got a capital S, so don’t worry we can still tell you apart ?


Anybody finds it concerning that all the top teams go into playing us with specific tactics and strategies in mind (load the midfield, squeeze the centre, attack our left side, counter, etc.) yet Wenger only seemingly talks about beliefs and “go for it” and mentality (FYI, we’ve seen the team have belief and gone for it, only for a Jose to use the tactics specified above to counter us and batter us?)

Would be great if Wenger for once, spoke about tactical specifics. Not everyday handbrake.


He’s not going to talk about tactics and a specific gameplan before the game to the media – that would verge on the boneheaded. He rarely shares Arsenal’s tactical approach aside from his philosophizing about the game. Our boys will be prepared for what they can expect from Liverpool today, to be prepared for Liverpool’s wide play to open up spaces in the middle; to be wise to Mane’s threat on our left, and that Liverpool have a tough time breaking down teams with 2 banks of 4 defending (i.e., wingers get back and be sturdy). I imagine we are… Read more »


Fancy re-reading this at half time?

Dial square

Yawn….three quarters of the way through the season and now we have to change!!
I’d love to see us turn up today and smash ’em in their own back yard, but more likely they will play their high energy pressing game, and as usual we won’t be able to handle it…just like we used to do during the invincibles era, we’d press teams of the park and the game would be over by half time, wonder why we ever stopped playing that way??


Please just win for a change instead of coming out with all this


im hating the team selection even before its been announced due to the fact he will include Ramsey over Perez that would not be going for it


Uh oh. Last time we went for it at Anfield we were 4-0 down in 16 minutes


This game will ends with a draw for sure


Normally when they talk like this it is because we have been crap recently


I understand Wenger can’t talk about specific tactics to the media. But I would love for us to stuff the Mugmashers currently in poor form. Let’s do it!

Ali Bwanaheri

Come on!! things can be turned around Boys they will give us a win today am pretty sure and they have too, otherwise we have to forget eve 4th place.


How’s about:
Bellerin, Holding, Koscielny, Monreal (both full backs must stay back)
Ox, Xhaka (Ox to play like Canola, Xhaka to stay as cover and get no cards)
Perez, Sanchez, Welbeck (buzz like flies around Scouse midfielders)
Giroud (outlet and he likes scoring against Liverpool)


Likely to be handbrakey.

Hopefully no slow start. We know the team is good enough to go on and win from 1 nil down but Its been a long time since we totally massacred somebody for 90 minutes.

This is long overdue.

Lone Star Gunner

Stillman’s recent column is deserved praise for Kos, but the first third of it pointing out how exposed we leave our CBs is a huge indictment of the manager. I’ve complained about jazz hands and lack of tactics in previous posts but the setup of the team is another element of the problem. Excluding the goalie, Arsene commits 8 of 10 players to the attack, leaving our CBs alone as Stillman points out. It’s even worse of an overbalance because the CBs have responsibility to help bring the ball out from the back. Add this to the lack of proper… Read more »

Liam Bradys left peg

Can we buy Boruc please !?


We play that way because we have to. You don’t win Championships by “going for it.” You win them by stopping the other team from scoring after you have. You do that by being well organized and not giving the ball away. We aren’t well organized and we can’t keep the ball so we must outscore quality teams. That is the receipe to fight for top four and for Cups, but not Championships. Unfortunately, as long as Arsene is our manager, that is our lot.

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