Cech: Alexis was hurting, not laughing


Petr Cech has denied that Alexis Sanchez was laughing at Arsenal result and performance against Bayern Munich in the Champions League last week.

Television pictures showed the Chilean and the Arsenal keeper in conversation on the bench, and some suggested that the club’s leading scorer this season was hiding a laugh as another Bayern goal went in.

That’s something that Cech has denied completely, saying Sanchez was hurt by what happened on the pitch, as were all the players.

“It is sad and he was as sad as I have seen him,” said Cech.

“You are 5-1 down and somebody twists it and says you are laughing on the bench. I found it very disrespectful to the player.

“But obviously you can take the picture and you can interpret it in the way want.

“The players know exactly what he said and we know how he was hurting and he was as disappointed as anybody.”

You know, even if he was laughing, it might have been at something other than the result. People are quick to assign meaning to things without having the full context.

Maybe Cech told him a really funny joke, like:

Cech: What’s brown and sticky?

Alexis: What?

Cech: A stick


Cech: What’s red and invisible.

Alexis: I dunno.

Cech: No tomato


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Le Jim

Looked like an “oh fuck me this is bad” kind of laugh (I did a few of them over the two legs) as opposed to a “hahah we’re shit and I just don’t care” kind of laugh. His laughing on the bench at Liverpool, on the other hand, looked a bit like posturing and trying to prove a point to me.

Who knew analysing laughs could be such a science?


I was in the crowd at Liverpool and when we were 2nil down, Alexis was sent out from the bench to do a warm up towards the end of the first half. And when he was jogging towards the away fans he really made a point of clapping loads and gee-ing us all up, to which everyone started going nuts and started signing his name. His body language at the time and the way he approached the fans did really suggest to me that he was making this ‘I’m not happy with this either, I want to be out there, make loads of noise so I get on’ sort of statement, which is something I’ve never seen from a player before.

Usually when a player is on the bench for discipline reasons they just sort of keep their head down and go through the motions as they warm up, but the way Sanchez went about it was completely different.

Le Jim

Yeah, I noticed that as well – not only was it to get on the pitch, but a very calculated move in terms of getting the fans on his side rather than Wenger’s, in terms of the rift stories that came out the day after.


I suspect he sits between both camps. Podolski did similar things. His agent will no doubt encourage this.


Maybe he was just trying to get the fans on Arsenals side.

We don’t tell Ben to be as passionate as some other clubs on occasion, especially when the going gets tough

David C

or he was saying good bye, sniff sniff…

But seriously, I can’t believe how much chatter and analysis there has been over this. It’s just such a different world now, everyone has a camera pointed at someone…

I can’t stand going to concerts now and watching all the tools holding up their phones recording what they are watching in 2D instead of actually experiencing it with their own eyes. Why does everyone need to record the same thing? Can’t you just turn to the muppet beside you and say “hey man, send me a copy of your video when you’re done.”

Grumpy old man out!

bob davis

Yeah, and also “Thank fuck I’m outta here at the end of the season!”


Exactly. I thought it was a ‘I can’t believe this’ kinda laugh, not a ‘this is embarrassing, and I don’t belong here’ kinda one.

Eamon Clarke

Alexis: my dogs have got no noses
Petr: how do they smell?
Alexis: terrible!

(Much merriment ensues,despite the on field massacre)

Ya Da

Bull shit


Not waving, but drowning.


Had to look it up. Made it all the more worth it.

Cliff Bastin

Maybe he farted.


Storm meets teacup, I’d be embarrassed if it bothered me tbh


What’s red, white and invisible?

Arsenal’s defence!

De nada

He was laughing at some bloke who ran on the pitch. However, being 5-1 down at the time you’d think he’d have more self awareness.

Dindu Nuffin

I laughed as well. You would think Wenger could park a bus now and then.

Alexis can laugh all he wants at Juve or PSG next season. Although, I would give him what he wants and ship off Özil.


Don’t see the point of parking the bus in this match, when Arsenal were already down 1-5 from the first leg.


The problem, Petr, is that he did it also against Liverpool…


I don.t think, given the investment, that either he or Ozil have been great. One gives the ball away constantly while the other doesn.t seem to want it in any position that might hurt the opposition ( and the chance he might get tackled ). Would we be any worse off with a fit Welbeck up top and Wilshere playing 10?


Specsavers or any decent optician would be what I would suggest for you if that is what you see from Alexis and Ozil


There’s always been a sort of tension between Alexis, Ozil and the rest of the squad. For the team to play well, one of those two (plus Cazorla) needs to be on form, then the other 8 players have to near the top of their game, everyone needs to be motivated and carry out a tactical plan that works.

Very few of those things aren’t happening so most of the blame falls on them. Maybe it should. But it’s the entire team that needs to improve. That’s where the focus should be, not on individuals.


*sorry, meant are not aren’t


You are as welcome to your opinion as I am Martin. But in mine Bergkamp and Henry they are not…or even close


Or we could also say that ozil and Alexis doesn’t have the support that Bergkamp and Henry had. The supporting cast are the likes of Coquelin, Ramsey, Theo. Far cry from Pires, Vieira, Gilberto, Ljungberg.


What has that got to do with the present team. They are still great players who you obviously don’t appreciate. You can’t live in the past


I may be wrong but was this not when the streaker ran onto the pitch?
Saying that, I was laughing too, though it was at how embarrassing the game was going.


That was a cechmate laughed


Funny that nobody seemed to mention the fact that Cech was also ‘hurting’ on the sidelines

Billy Enfield

I’ve got more insulted from Cech.

Yankee Gooner

Cech bringing out the old Smithers defense!


It looks there are more laughs experts than football analysers


My contribution.
Alexis:”Why the hell europeans hates everyday showers!!!”
Cech: “To discourage immigrants”
Alexis:”Fresh air please, ouuuf”


A laugh, a smirk and even a gesture can worry us fans. We must really be crazy.

Marre Freud

Psychologists know that laughter can be a defense mechanism. The psyche needing to defend against uncomfortable emotions. Pretty sure Alexis feels shit, deep down!


It’s a nothing story. I believe there are also photos of Sanchez grimacing when the 4th goal went in.

It was a bad result, under bad conditions. We move on, and while he is an Arsenal player we get behind him, rest of the team and manager.


I mean…much ado about nothing

okorosha ibekwe

Cech was absolutely right, I saw it, yes what I saw was a hurting Alexis and not a laughing one. How the media try to create issues where there are none!