Giroud eager to keep up his 20 a goal a season record


Olivier Giroud says hitting a century of goals for Arsenal in the closing weeks of the season would represent a ‘not bad’ achievement for five years work.

The Frenchman, who signed a contract extension in January, needs to score six more times to hit the landmark this campaign having so far averaged 0.43 goals every match since signing from Montpellier as a relative unknown.

Speaking about the milestone as part of an exceptionally weird interview that had a heavy focus on spirituality and his star sign, Giroud also admitted that losing the momentum he built up at the turn of the year following his ‘scorpion kick’ goal has been frustrating.

“I too, believed in an incredible 2017,” he told L’Equipe [translated by Get French Football News].

“Already the match before [the scorpion kick] against West Brom, I scored the decisive goal, and there, I was beginning to get a series under my belt. What followed resembled more my situation in the autumn.

“At the time, the team was going well, and I, I came back late from the Euros and had to wait to win a place. Then I started to have slight physical problems. Obviously, it is frustrating.

“My aim is to score my 100th goal this season for Arsenal. I have 94. That would give me an average of 20 goals a season with Arsenal. Not bad, eh?”

Giroud also touched on the media attention the squad is under in light of their recent poor form.

He continued: “For five years we have had these sorts of sensations and we always finished in the “big four”. The team does not feel that pressure, which you describe from the outside. The coach regularly tells us to ignore what is going on around us and to leave him to deal with the critics saying, ‘Play, I will deal with the rest.'”

Over the weekend, Giroud scored twice for France, in the process becoming one of his country’s top 10 goalscorers of all-time.

The striker’s brace in the 3-1 win over Luxembourg took him to 23 goals for Les Bleus. He’s now just three goals behind Sylvain Wiltord and only needs eight more to overtake legends like Youri Djorkaeff, Just Fontaine, Jean-Pierre Papin and Zinedine Zidane. Thierry Henry tops the list with 51 goals.

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Love Giroud. Really hope he will find more success here at Arsenal. Although he divides opinion, I think he gets a lot of stick just cuz the manager didn’t buy a more complete forward which is not his fault. Whenever he plays, he gives a 100% and he has a decent scoring record despite Arsenal not playing to his strengths most of the time.

Olivier Giroud\'s left testicle
Olivier Giroud\'s left testicle

Enhh… I like the guy a lot, but for me he’s an impact sub. He slows us down too much. I don’t know why we’ve stopped playing Alexis up top, but I hope we go back to it consistently. I won’t pick a team, I’ll leave that to our still manager – but if you ask me the question – Alexis or Giroud? It’s not a question….

I do hope we can keep him AS an impact sub though. He’s just not a starter…


I think you’ve kind of nailed it really, he isn’t what Arsenal need in order to play the way Arsene wants them to play. His whole Arsenal career has been a square peg in a round hole sort of thing.

The season when he was top scorer in Ligue 1 playing for Montpellier, a lot of the goals he scored for them were from balls fizzed in from the channels and that’s not something that we really tend to do a lot of at Arsenal – we obviously tend to play through the lines so when you take that into consideration, I think he has done well to adapt to our style of play and score the amount of goals he has done.

I still think it was a huge oversight by Arsene not to go out and buy a much better pacey striker in the window just gone. Like yeah, okay, project Alexis has worked to a degree, but I think we would of been a far more well rounded team if we had Alexis off the flank and then another ‘Alexis-esque’ player through the middle.

I’m not Girouds biggest fan at all, but I think this season he has done really well. He’s scored some really big goals for us off the bench, and always looked decent when he’s had a start.

So yeah, fair enough to him. I know it would never happen, but I would love to see Arsenal go balls out to sign Griezmann this summer. Seeing him play off Giroud would be something I would love to see, they do it so well for France, I think it would be such an effective tactic to deploy in the EPL.


Really underrated player…hope he hits the century and a lot more.

‘Play, I will deal with the rest.’ Personally I admire the boss for taking all the flak, but the players now really have to step up and reward that faith in them.

canon 10000

There is much to still admire in Wenger. Sadly people have let their emotions get the better of themselves and forgotten what they have in the quest for what they don’t.

Uhtred of bergkampburg
Uhtred of bergkampburg

Well said sir


I agree. The players have let him down, and the club, badly, especially the West Brom game. However, Wenger is accountable for the team’s results. He is one of the best managers in the game–and I mean that sincerely–but if we find a better alternative at the end of the season, then we should explore that option. If that isn’t the case, we’re lucky to have an incumbent as good as him.


giroud is not as bad as some people say. certainly he is not world class either . giroud does a good job really even though he divides opinion. the problem at arsenal is that when rvp left he created a high benchmark for the future strikers and giroud for all his talent will never reach that .

and wengers reluctance to buy a striker to share the load with giroud is not helping him at all . its been years and wenger has not bought a single striker(welbeck was supposed to be a stop gap option and unfortunately constantly injured) even after it was clear that with giroud as striker we will neber win the league . if giroud somehow loose his form there is no one to replace him and he has to play through it .it tool wenger this year to use another option as striker in the form as alexis.


If we had good crossers he’d score more. I believe he had scored a lot of his goals with his head at his old club. We seem to cross it more when Giroud isnt on the pinch

canon 10000

We might not be great at it but I don’t think we have bad crossers. But players ARE very reluctant to cross… Through balls and dribbles and one-twos have become our calling card. Giroud is a bit static so it’s hard to solely depend on him but someone playing off him with an eye of goal would excellent. For every three passes back to Mustafi if we could whip one in we would be a much better team.


It is interesting how you point out “with Giroud we’ll never win the league”, while this site has also covered on the relation between league top scorers and league winners, starting from the 2009/10 season if I am not mistaken.

As a target man, Giroud needs to be high up front and he needs good deliveries too. By overcrowding the midfield and play 3 CB’s(which Chelsea utilises well enough this season, as well as other clubs), you basically kill the target man role, which crosses out many so-called-world-class-strikers with the same trait as Giroud. (P.S: every teams DO need a striker with physical presence like Giroud or just a cheating-cunt type like Diego Costa on many games)


while its true that there might or might not be a relation between league top scorers and league winners . but what the article missed was that you atleast need to have a striker with consitent goal record to challenge the title. with consitent goal record i mean atleast a 20 goal striker , regardless of whether he topped the goalscoring chart or not. giroud in his life has never scored 20 goals in premier league in a single season . the most he scored in a single season was last seasons when he scored just 16 goals. for comparison vardy scored 24 goals last season when leicester won the league and costa scored about 20 before that with chelsea. it shows giroud what he really is a great backup option preferably as an impact sub.


Giroud s been decent but pretty sure it’s 0.43 goals every match and not the other way round

Godfrey Twatsloch

43.0 goals every match.

Crash Fistfight

340 goals every match, surely?


Giroud scored that scorpion goal which will now be the only highlight of Arsenal’s amazing season we are having this year!
Sarcasm aside he is good but not great. Seems to play better when he has to fight for his place

Clive St Helmet

We’ve been spoiled a bit by having some of the league’s best strikers at the club. In the last 20 years we’ve had Ian Wright (a natural poacher with two feet), Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie (could have been a legend if not for injuries), and Giroud is undoubtedly not at that level. Which isn’t to say he’s bad, not at all, but they were exceptional. Very few teams have had such talent up front over the same period as we had.


Welbeck – Giroud – Walcott


Elneny – xhaka

Monreal Koscielny Mustafi Bellerin

What say ye?


A lot of people suggesting he is not great, but 20 goals a season suggests he is pretty damn useful. Can’t be too many players who have scored more goals than him over the last five years.

bob davis

We could really do with you right now. You can start by getting a hat trick against Man City!

Mustafi love but it\'s over now
Mustafi love but it\'s over now

No gunner fan doesn’t want this guy to reach his ton, but a regular starter…. maybe not


Giroud is a quality player, no doubt in my mind. Not world class, but a top quality player. He manages to score so many goals in a team that doesn’t play to his strengths, how many players do that in reality? Look at what happened to Carrol and Bentekers when they joined Liverpool, their careers were put on ice. Giroud brings people into the game and score more than his fair share given our style of play.

I would love to see Arsenal have a plan B of switch to a 4 5 1 formation, overload the wings and put crosses in for Giroud to fight for and Sanchez to clean up. I know we do this sometimes, but I mean a proper team selection to play that way rather than switching to that style with 3 minutes to go when we desperately need to salvage something from the game.

barry wickings

give him the service in the box he will deliver i cant think of any goals he has scored outside the box very under rated player and his stats prove his worth to the team

Spanish Gooner

Olivier joined as the top goalscorer from the winners of Ligue 1, not sure he really classes as unknown any more than signing Vardy would have done this season

glory hunter

All is forgiven Giroud, for the last 5yrs i have clowned on him for not being good enough. I now realise that you were never the problem.

Yankee Gooner

According to soccerbase, Giroud has a *slightly* higher goals/game average in the PL than Alexis (.57 to .54), yet half the fanbase doesn’t rate him as a striker while almost everyone considers Alexis a “generational talent.” Feels a bit like a case of confirmation bias.


It’s absolutely the case.

Giroud has one of the highest goals per minutes played ratio of any striker in the Wenger era.

Last season, I mentioned he put in more goals then in Walcott’s best season for us. Yet Theo is seen as this maverick that could perhaps turn things around for the club should he hit stride.

The other thing about Giroud is that is tally has been improving every season. This season he has been affected with less opportunities but still has a chance to rack up the goals (and we will need it)

When you combine the fact that his link play in the final third is excellent, you have a very effective tool particularly if you have to break down a wall of players in which case we benefit from his strong and consistent presence in the box (Alexis tends to drift and leave us with nothing to hit at in the box)

People like to simplify things and confirm their own bias.

i mentioned this as well last season with Flamini.

He is far from world class but he did the business alongside the difficult to play with Ramsey. The pair held firm in a period we were deprived of some of our best assets.

As I recall, we beat City convincingly and Olympiakos in a high pressure away game amongst other positive results.

In fact it was ironically when our better assets returned that we dried up in front of goal (Giroud had hit the wall, the returning players weren’t able to make up for it either).

Ramsey decided on enterprise further forward to help the attack which isolated the aging legs of Flamini and we were on the sticky end of some lob sided score lines. But when the much touted Coquelin came back in with the same Ramsey we leaked 14 goals in 7 straight games!

Most people who criticise do not bother with facts.

They tend instead to confirm their bias.


stats can be misleading if you dont understand the context. giroud has one of the best goals per game ration , its true . but when you look at why does that happen you would understand how good giroud is . for instance giroud is arguably the best impact player in the league. how many times he came on this season after 70-80 minute and scored goals . so when he is a sub it only takes 15-20 minute to score a goal and he has scored that plenty. so we have a striker who only need 20 minute to score a goal which averages to more than 3 goals per game , heck we just might have the best striker in the world !!

but its not , is it? these numbers are then added up to subsequent games where giroud starts every game and score an avarage number of goals . both of these add up to fairly decent .60 goals/game average which at the end makes him look decent.


Alexis played out wide for most of the last 2 seasons. Giroud has been first choice most of the time. Alexis as a CF has eclipsed Giroud’s best league tally already with 8 games left. Compare their stats as CF and you’ll see why we think Giroud is not good enough


A far more effective player than many deem him (much like Metersecker and Flamini were)

Giroud scores goals but he needs to play regularly to get the positioning right.

He has an excellent touch for a big man and is adept at playing in our second line. Pace is frankly moot since we have plenty of those assets in the second attacking line just behind and Giroud is also excellent at holding the ball and playing off of.

We see all these cries for Welbeck over Giroud, I like Danny but blatantly, he isn’t any more effective considering minimal impact at WBA.

We see calls for Alexis up top but we have drawn nought with him as a striker on many occasions and frankly he scores goals from the flank anyway.

I think we need Giroud starting. As I mentioned it is a mistake to think he is a “Plan B” to be thrown in last 10 minutes on a rescue mission.

He needs as much time as possible to influence the game and as I have mentioned repeatedly, who starts up front should be dictated by the opposition we are facing.


Fans talk about Giroud slowing down our attack, having Alexis up top and so on. Personally i believe Giroud is a high quality efficient striker and the best lone striker Arsenal has currently. Theo, Welbeck are poor up front on their own and Alexis tend to drift wide left in any case leaving the box empty.
Alexis came to the club and was top scorer playing on the wings so what is the point removing a PROVEN goal scorer up top to put another PROVEN goal scorer but then decreasing your ability to score from all over the pitch.
The great thing about Giroud though is he helps with assists as well (and defending corners). He racked up the most assists behind Ozil last season in addition to being top scorer.
Fans talk about having the top scorer in the league helps win the league – TRUE!
We have to remember that this is a TEAM sport and to win the league our offense and defense need to be great.
Season after season though my view on Arsenal is usually our midfield is too weak. If they are good offensively they are poor defensively and naive tactically. They (and I mean all the midfielders including the wings) do not protect the defenders especially after they burst a lung to help get forward to aid the attack; and they do not do attack well enough to force the opposition defenders to defend them so our attackers can get more space.
And this talk world class everybody goes on about… I truly believe a world class team is better than having a bunch of so called world class players that cannot play as a team (see Argentina).

Drops mic


He’s one of the better near post finishers we’ve had recently, deft flick ins or headers. He just needs service and the right game to be effective – counter attacking goals aren’t his forte. Useful player no doubt


Hope he gets the 6 or more this season to hit the century mark for Arsenal.
Giroud gets a bad rap, but he’s been useful and more than decent for Arsenal. How many of his goals have been game winners? A fair few I bet.
I don’t believe that Lazacotte will be an upgrade on Giroud.