Lincoln thank Arsenal for hospitality


Lincoln City director Roger Bates has thanked Arsenal for the way they conducted themselves before, during and after Saturday’s FA Cup quarter-final at the Emirates and revealed that Arsene Wenger gifted the Imps a silver cannon as a memento of the occasion.

The Imps sold out their 8,942 allocation of seats in the Clock End and their impressive support was acknowledged by both the home fans and several Gunners players at full-time.

“We are just immensely proud of the management and the players for what they have achieved in this FA Cup run,” Bates told 

“It has been fantastic and I think we saw the reaction of so many Arsenal fans who stayed behind. That wasn’t simply for the fight we put up on Saturday, but in recognition for a non-league club who had reached the quarter-final of the FA Cup.

“It was great to see Theo Walcott and Francis Coquelin who came over to the Lincoln City supporters, which was superb to see. It was very, very moving and the reaction of our supporters to our players was incredible.

“The day delivered everything I expected it to. Obviously, you hope you can sneak a result but you recognise the quality of the opposition. But in terms of the weekend, training at West Ham, staying in a lovely hotel in London and the trip in on the coach, it has all been wonderful.”

He added: “The way Arsenal looked after us was fantastic. Arsene Wenger came up to the Lincoln directors before the game and presented us with a silver cannon. It was a fantastic way to treat Lincoln City.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Arsene Wenger spent nearly an hour and a half talking to Lincoln coaches Dan and Nicky Cowley after the game; a meeting the duo admitted they will ‘cherish forever’.

Arsenal will find out who they face in their Wembley semi-final at 9.30pm this evening.

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I love this club!


That’s why the protest was against the spirit of our great club. Many of us think that we need a change but abusing Arsene is not the way to do it.


Couldn’t agree more, Gordy.


Form is temporary, Class is permanent.


I don’t buy that, Wenger has to leave now!

Mr November

Does everything have to be about the manager’s position at the club? Have a day off.


That was meant to be sarcastic.


No it wasn’t you clown!!


Another reminder that we are class.

I hope that whenever AW goes, the board finds another man that emodies our values in the way he does

David C

IF you could have any coach in the world right now, who would you take?

I think I’d go for Ancelotti. Classy, funny, and players always seem to love playing for him.


and a great set of eyebrows….


We just missed out on Conte, full of class, this is my regret.


The facking touchline mime? He’ll be found out by this time next year.


Touchline mime whose team are top of the table, and the best side in the Premier League so far this season.


I wish the board showed the same class as Arsene Wenger.


Who do you think supplied the silver cannon and organised everything?


And thanks for half of the gate receipts, I’m sure, as well as all the other great stuff.


Quality from the club. Respect to Lincoln as well, they’re a decent team. That Arnold fella looked good


He scored the goal that took Grimsby from National League to League Two last season – looks like he might be getting promoted again. Let’s hope Lincoln give him a bit more respect than Grimsby did.


Their fans were brilliant. Sang all the way down. Polite and friendly on the way out. Hope Lincoln do well!


Thanks, we had a fantastic time, that was our cup final ! good luck next round !

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Would have stayed to applaud them off the pitch even if we’d lost! They put in a proper performance (which is a lot more credit than I’d give most teams in the Prem) and their fans were tremendous.

I hope/assume the club collected the shirts after and gave them to Lincoln? Only people I saw swapping were Cech and their keeper.

Charlies feather cut '71

Makes me even more proud to be a Gooner COYG



Laycock Gooner

Simply The Arsenal. Class.


Arsenal You classy fuckers you


Man I wish football was more about this kind of spirit and less about drama created by pundits and media.

Tasmanian Jesus

Unfortunately, hate seems to sell more..




Win,Lose Or Draw,only ARSENAL in my heart and soul.Nothing else matters


you see the videos of what happened between spurs and millwall fans and compare to the atmosphere around the emirates on saturday and its shows such a contrast in the behaviour of fans


I don’t get the continued criticsim of Wenger and now the board (or Silent Stan)

Granted none of them are perfect but they do a good job as far as I am concern.

People just want quick fixes and it is convenient to label someone as the problem.

Silent Stan may not be the perfect owner but he is frankly there not to weigh in on matters footy. In fact I think he is very wise not to. We have all seen owners who think they know better ruin their clubs (Mike Ashley Newcastle please stand up).

What Silent Stan does know is business and he is there to ensure (like it or not) that Arsenal FC as a business grows and is able to compete in financial terms with teams who are debt financed by the oil industry.

The Board have IMO acted with class and decorem.

They are perfectly right not to be over reactive and announce any asinine end of tenure for the gaffer (as the media and certain segments of our fan base want) BEFORE the season has even been fully prosecuted.

Yes the big prizes have eluded us yet again and that is extremely annoying. Something will change.

But why destabilise the team now for the sake of a bunch of disgruntled fans made prominent by the media to portray the club as a ragged outfit.

We have been competing at top level every season for 21 years. Sure we have hit a bit of a glass ceiling but the same was said about us falling out of top 4 (and we haven’t yet) for over 5 five years now by the media pack. They also said we would never win trophies again with Wenger and he won two FA cups back to back.

Things change.

And they can also change for the worse if we adopt media prescribed quick fix. Fourth place MINIMUM finish every season is not to be taken for granted (See United)

Do we presume to think the same fans who bay for Wenger’s blood will have the patience they say they have to endure 2 to 3 seasons or more without CL football AND title? (again see United)

The media are a bunch of morons who have it in for us.

The fans they know are a simplistic bunch who (unfortunately) at Arsenal tend to whinge and moan (in part of course due to Wenger’s lack of success with the big prizes in recent decade it has to be said…I’m fair that way)

BUT as a club, I think the board is doing the right thing to weigh the situation at end of season.

They have already issued a correct statement saying nothing more than they have taken note of some fans’ sentiments (lets be clear it does not speak for ALL fans just because they are on Arsenal FANTV who does not do a decent enough job soliciting views ACROSs the spectrum)

Which is why I mentioned the banners have to be kept away till at least last 2 or 3 games in the season.

They serve no purpose other than to distract and poison the atmosphere they so idiotically accuse Wenger of.

The board will weigh the possibility/potential of replacements in the summer.

They will weigh where Wenger finished.

If they should feel they can find a better range of replacements after Wcup 2018 (which will usher a management reshuffle), AND IF Wenger fulfills minimum of CL football and St Totteringhams (FA cup would be a huge plus), then it may make sense to keep him on for one more year.

This will afford a unique manager (and a special one to Arsenal for the work he has done developing the club) a bit of face to step down.

BUT more importantly, we will also buy the club a bit more time to correctly identify the successor and also put the right things in place for him.

People like to talk about how the club should already have more in place for the succesor but does it make sense to jump the gun when the new manager may also have his own preferences?

Clearly a bit of leeway needs to be had. BUT we have also quietly perhaps, pout certain things in place already like Ben Wigglesworth (for example) the chief scout for Leicester whom we poached last summer.

PARTICULARLY – What may be useful this summer if we face a mini exodus of talent (like Ozil and/or Alexis) could be to retain the manager for another season as well to work the market and ensure the team gets rebuilt so the new manager coming in eventually is not back peddling from day one.

These are the sort of permutations sadly lacking with the noisy bunch who brandish the banners.

They don’t see long term, they want quick fix.

Sure I don’t think Wenger should be at the club much longer either but this should not be confused as the board is mucking things up or that Wenger is such a poison that he has to be rid of IMMEDIATELY.

Unless you listen to the media who would take glee in our downfall, I would exercise a bit more thought and clarity to the issue of succession.


Shut up.

Sideshow Mo

Back to the Lane with you.



TH 12, what a day

A nice, calm and distant analysis of our situation. Not the norm this days. So thanks for that.


No need to go overboard here for a win against Lincoln.

Yes, we behaved ourselves in a classy style, but let’s be realistic is was only Lincoln. We didn’t behave classy in the last games, I’m afraid.


Lincoln fan here it’s been a mental season and we have really appreciated the kindness and friendship of opposing supporters on the journey You have a class set up good luck for the rest of your season


If you noticed none was mentioned in espn & the likes on the complimentary comments made by tHe Lincoln manager & his brother about Wenger and Arsenal. Im sure this one will alao slip by their radar as well.