Lucas Perez linked with summer West Ham switch

Lucas Perez goal nottingham forest 2016

According to The Times (£) Lucas Perez is a summer target for West Ham.

They suggest an inquiry as to his availability has already been made, and given that the Spaniard has just started two Premier League games it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was exploring his options.

He has scored 7 goals and made 6 assists since his £17m move from Deportivo la Coruña late in August, including a Champions League hat-trick, but failed to do enough to convince Arsene Wenger to play him more regularly.

He didn’t start Saturday’s 5-0 FA Cup win over Lincoln City, despite the fact he’s started every previous round and opened the scoring in the 2-0 win over Sutton United in our last FA Cup game.

In total he’s appeared in just 11 of the 26 Premier League games Arsenal have played this season, and although he did miss a spell via injury, it seems he’s a player that’s very much on the margins of Wenger’s thoughts.

We’ll see what happens, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was a parting of the ways at the end of the season. And while we don’t possess any supernatural powers, we here at Arseblog News have a feeling he might well pop up with something important before the end of this current campaign.

For more on Lucas, details of his signing and why Arsene Wenger might be wary – check out this week’s Arsecast Extra. We discuss this in the opening part of the podcast, listen below or subscribe on iTunes.


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Macho Nonreal

As in bullshit or an expression of disapproval?




So, that’s Perez, Bellerin, Sanchez, Ozil, Ox, Jack, and….. all going this summer if we’re to believe the papers. Is this some stunt to get Arsene support to stay or the opposite?


I think Perez not starting last Saturday really does say it all.

Whereas last Summer we had no major departures, I have a feeling a lot of people will be on their way this year, and we’ll be left with Iwobi and Coquelin.


The curse of the number 9 continues.


If Wenger buys a players thinking as a back up, no matter how well the player performs, the player never improves in his eyes. Old age adamant thing?


as much as i like perez he’s just not the answer to our first team troubles . we have several players of similar abilities . the only reason perez is seemigly playing well is that because he has only played against weaker oppositions .

one scenario where he is perfect is to have him played alongside giroud as two strikers or atleast as a winger . perez has uncanny ability to utilize giroud’s knockdowns to score goals. whenever they played alongside each other they’ve dovetailed each other perfectly


You can only work with what is infront of you. Can’t blame a man for playing well whenever he’s been given the chance – because that’s all Lucas has done. What more do you want from him to convince Wenger? We had a similar scenario with Joe Campbell last season. However good he played when given the chance, it simply wasn’t enough. Even if Lucas doesn’t start, at least give the man 30 good minutes in a game but hey, our man seems to have a problem with making substitutions before the 75th minute mark.


He’s a player well-equipped to punish us for Wenger’s lack of faith. Sad if he goes, and angry if it’s within the league


Oh ffs..




Very effective back up striker, especially with Welbz injured so much.

Be a shame if he leaves. He can’t have expected to start every week at Arsenal, but his performances have warranted more faith. I’d have definely looked to fit him on the flanks and give Iwobi a rest…


I have tried, really tried to understand football. Having watched the Arsenal for many years, I hoped I could grasped what it takes to be considered a starter under Wenger. But it stilled baffles me. The likes of Perez, and Campbell for that matter, crush any progress I think I make understanding. One fine day, eh?


Campbell was and is still hugely overrated by Arsenal fans but can agree Lucas should get more starts.


I completely disagree. Joel definitely wasn’t a finished product and had his faults but at least he tried whenever he was on the field. We have kept Theo and his lazy attitude for a decade so he can “express his talent”. Joel came in, kept his head down and worked hard and we send him out on loan. Bizarre and baffling.


Wenger claims he wants players like Vardy or South Americans that have fight. He gets that in Cambell and Perez, then does not trust them. Instead he plays the skilled and careful (excluding Sanchez).


not hating on Campbell but he is tearing it up everytime he goes out on loan?

Seriously though its like there is certain members of the fan base that will use anything and turn it into a big deal. He’s a squad player. Good technique and skills but not a type of player that can’t be found.


So that’s your benchmark??? Look at how much time Ozil, Sanchez, Kos & OG all took to settle in and start performing. Unfortunately for JC, at a time he should be groomed in his career, AW sent him away to different clubs every season and if you do follow football closely you’ll understand that every club has a diff style, diff routine and diff methods. Asking a player to adapt to a diff one every season eventually breaks them. So has Iwobi really set the league on fire despite getting so many starts and getting to play alongside Sanchez & Ozil constantly, whereas JC played mainly when they were injured. I don’t think, Walcott & Ramsey are any better either after being groomed for years personally by AW. It’s clear that AW wants young talent to shine but only those groomed by him, if any young player comes in and starts clicking right away then AW doesn’t want him. He either wants raw material or superstars nothing in between.

The goooch

Sherlock Homes couldn’t work Wenger out


It’s speculation at the moment, but could easily be true, which in itself is frustrating as f**k – can we not just give the guy a chance ! If he leaves, stand by for Lucas to have an outstanding season, who’s goals and assists single handedly guide West Ham to their first top 4 finish of the premiership era.


OMG are you serious? Relax

It’s only Lucas Perez. I wish him well as a Arsenal player or wish him well as a player in general. He seems like a good guy.

Samuel Ogungbayi

Lucas has the best returns in terms of goals scored and assists vis -a- vis the minutes played but WENGER “who knows best “always put him on the bench. Lucas Perez scored 24 goals in all competitions in Spain last season .This is one of the reasons Arsenal cannot win a major title with WENGER as manager because he does not play his best players . He did not start this thing with Lucas . Podolski and J. Campbell were also treated the same way in the recent past .In a Club where there is accountability to the Board or anyone for that matter, no manager can overlook a player that was bought for 17 million pounds week in week out when everybody knows that he is a good striker that scored goals whenever he was grudgingly given a chance to play.
Arsene Wenger is not accountable to anybody ,so the interest and success of the club is subjugated to his whims and caprices. He said in the past that Podolski was the best finisher in the team but was usually benched after scoring goals in a previous match . What of J .Campbell ? I knew the young man was in trouble when fans were expressing their displeasure for being benched by Wenger. Wenger had earlier told the whole world that Campbell has” everything” and we all saw it whenever he was given limited time to play . The reward for his good performance was a loan move to Portugal while underperformers stayed in the club ! The more people plead for Lucas the more Wenger would overlook him because of “I take all the decisions here” which is his usual answer to constructive criticism.
A manager that overlooks good strikers and goal scorers in his squad can NEVER win any title .


And persists on playing Ox on the wing, or Iwobi as he struggles, or Walcott as he hides


yeah and Campbell is tearing it up in Portugal. I like Campbell but he isn’t anything but depth. He hasn’t shown anything since the WC. Not for Arsenal or the clubs he’s been loaned out to.

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

Love the guy, but I’m pretty sure Podolski was dropped because he wasn’t really pulling his weight. And we had better plays in his positions (i.e. Sanchez left wing and Özil at no10).


Just feels like this is the annual Arsenal player X linked to West Ham. Last year it was Walcott.


Just play him! He can play anywhere in the front 3 and I personally think that he’s really good and fits to our style. Bad times! Thought we were past this shit of players leaving! Oh well onwards and upwards


Alexis, Ox, Wilshere, Perez, Ozil all to go in the summer, so far?

Arsenal are in perpetual rebuilding mood.


I believe that Lucas should start more and is a very clever player. But using Podolski and Campbell to support the argument doesn’t help as neither have kicked on since leaving Arsenal

Big Dave

Nooooo! Give them Walcott instead. Wellbeck and Perez are the future.


I agree. I just don’t understand how Walcott has been given a pass for 11 years yet the likes of Campbell and Perez aren’t given a look in despite always playing well when given the opportunities. At the very least neither of them spend huge parts of games hiding like Walcott and make it look like we’re playing with 11 not 10.


Think Walcott has actually been pretty solid this season bar 2-3 matches.


It’s true, he has. But look how many chances he was given to prove himself. Imagine if Perez or Campbell were given half those chances?
At least we would know conclusively if they failed, but what if they didn’t? People can point to Campbell’s failed loan, but I’m willing to bet a 24 year old Theo on loan to Portugal wouldn’t have done much either. Harry Window-Licker Kane was a flop in all his loan spells, but through sheer work ethic has transformed himself. Only player we have with a similar work ethic, belief and career trajectory is Perez (Sanchez had the same work ethic, but the natural talent too).

The fundamental problem is that Wenger doesn’t like the likes of Perez and Cambell because they aren’t “his type” of players. Problem we have is that his type of players and style of players have consistently failed us for many years now. The fact that he’s never willing to give someone like Perez a try is indication that Wenger will never try something new. Even if he used Perez now till the end of the season and he’s a success, come next season he WILL bench him, as he did Campbell regardless of performance. FFS, he gave up on Theo as a striker and STILL played him as a striker before Perez.

Perez isn’t just an unfairly marginalised player, but fans are backing him because he represents what many of us really want; change. To try something new, because the current methods don’t work.

FYI, Per Mertesacker and Arteta were players Wenger didn’t want and overlooked regularly. When he was forced to get them, they ended up being the core of his new team. Perez fits that bill, and you would think through Per and Arteta Wenger could think “maybe I’m wrong about him”, but nope…no chance.

Bryce G Hauver-Reeves
Bryce G Hauver-Reeves

Walcott has more goals and assists per game than hazard.


Lucas Perezski.


As much as I want to see more starts for Lucas, I don’t think he is entirely the only answer for us either up top.

Also I think we must bear in mind Lucas will always be ‘stop gap’ given age.

As mentioned for several seasons now, the market is tight in terms of available strikers but the old generation (Your Zlatans, Suarez, Higuain) will be passing on shortly.

A new breed of strikers is starting to show themselves and come on market (Mbappe for example)

Wenger (should he stay this summer at least) will likely be eyeing a younger striker to come in since Giroud is over 30 now (albeit we can still retain him because he provides a different ability and his skill set isn’t based on pace)

It would be a shame to see Lucas leave but I am sure we can replace him.

That said, we may face too much change this summer if we do not retain one of Ozil or Alexis. The last thing we want is too much rebuilding.

Some familiarity already at start of season is key as much as we need to reinforce/upgrade certain areas.


Wrighty was a stop gap if you based him on his age.

Didn’t work too badly, wouldn’t you say?

Oyibo Nelson

It’s unfortunate that no amount rant here or plea regarding Lucas being given chance to play will change the way Arsene Wenger has used him since he arrived here from Spain, I like every other fan has been begging for a chance to be given to Lucas but the reverse is what we see week in week out when the team file out for matches.

I just hope there are no much attached to this rumour, I really would like to see him have more playing time than he’s had so far, but final call is Arsene’s as long as he still the gaffer.


I hope perez stays, it’s his first season with us and he’s settled in with out any problems, the way he’s played and scored goals bodes well for next season, especially if others are sold, he might have a big part to play.

Phil sadler

We need to clear a lot of the squad out just depends on who we bring in but Perez is not one that should go.

The squad is not good enough we need to clear a lot of the dead wood that’s in the squad but Ox and Perez need to stay.


This pisses me off. All he has done is take advantage of every single opportunity he has been given yet we just can be bothered to keep him. I’ve compared him to Joel Campbell in previous comments but that’s really not giving Perez enough credit as his end product is more plentiful.


Believe British press? Seriously?

Askar Arslan

Unpopular opinion but as much as Perez may not be the solution to our striking problems, does anyone actually believe that Welbeck is that guy?


I really don’t get the Welbz hype. Likable guy, but his finishing flaws weren’t exactly going to drastically improve with his time off.

uncle D

No poo meter!! I am going to think of this news while I poo poo…

Why not

To be honest. The most likely thing to happen. Is alexis to go out and Perez to inherit his spot in the team. He works just as hard, and so far when he has played, has been equally productive.

As much as i like alexis and want him to stay, I do hate his petulance and i genuinely do think, when things are going badly, he isn’t that good to have around the team. His attitude has proven to be problematic when the team as a whole is under pressure. As productive as he is, I do believe he can also negatively effect the team. He misplaces alot of passes, is too selfish often and does lose the ball a lot. I think people forget that sometimes. He is part of the same team that is where it is today. He cannot be excused whilst the others are picked apart. He is also accountable.


The incompetence of Wenger continues.

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

Bet West Ham only enquired about taking him on loan and only pay a portion of his wages, like they did with Gibbs. Seriously, they act all ‘Billy big bollocks’ with the stadium we all paid but have the mentality of a small club wanting favours. If they want to play with the big boys, put a bid in then let Arsenal tell you to fuck off. Horrible club, hope they go down with Sp*rs when those cunts realise they can’t afford their £800m toilet seat.

Cheesed off

Lucas is being wasted at Arsenal, thought it was only scum bag teams like manure/barca/Bayern that bought players to stop other teams from having quality and having the gall to sit them on the bench!!!!