Lucas set to miss three weeks


Lucas Perez could be out for up to three weeks with a thigh injury, according to

The Spaniard missed Saturday’s defeat to West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns and looks set to also sit out the matches with Manchester City and West Ham United.

While the summer signing from Deportivo La Coruna has only made two starts in the Premier League this season his absence could be compounded by the problem picked up by Alexis Sanchez yesterday.

Arsene Wenger described the Chilean’s ankle as being in a ‘terrible state’ following a horrible challenge by James McClean and there are fears he could have suffered ligament damage.

If that’s the case the striker will miss his country’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Argentina in Buenos Aires in four days time and potentially further domestic fixtures after the Interlull.

Arsenal are also awaiting news on Petr Cech’s injury. The veteran keeper went down in the 38th minute and was replaced by David Ospina.

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I somehow still expect him play 90 minutes for Chile.


Are they abusing our spanish players now as well?


Lucas Perezski?

He plays for Poland now.;)


Well of course he fucking is. I’m really going to miss him not being on the bench for the next 3 weeks.


It’s so we can complain “Why isn’t Wenger playing him” for the next 3 weeks straight.

Who says the gaffer isn’t thoughtful?

Mein Bergkampf

I’ve got such sympathy for Perez and will totally understand if he fashions a move away in the summer. What other manager buys players he clearly has no idea what he’s doing with? At the start of the season when we were running well the argument was ‘if it ain’t broke…’ but now it is broke, he’s still reluctant to use a player who has had nothing but positive impacts whenever he’s been given a chance. If he knew Sanchez would be our sole striker and we had Giroud and then Welbz in January, why waste money on a player with little resale value who he doesn’t trust out wide.


there is no guarantee that Welbz would be back healthy in Jan and be effective. Damn if he does Damn if he doesn’t. So he got a player towards the end of the summer transfer to give the squad depth. If he didn’t and Giroud goes down in Sept and we have no striker depth then alot of people wouldn’t be happy that we had no depth at striker. Whats the big deal? Perez knew who we had on the squad. he accepted the transfer and new contract. He’s a professional.


Finally the manager has a genuine reason for not playing the guy.

Clive St Helmet

This is Lucas’s fourth injury is the season. He’s been unavailable for selection for a large proportion of the season. It’s not like he’s been fit and available week in week out, although it’s somewhat puzzling why he hasn’t been picked more often when fit and available.


Welcome to Arsenal. Injuries are free flow.Help yourselves.

Faisal Narrage

Not that Wenger would’ve started him anyways, but still annoying to lose him at this time.
Seems our luck has finally ran out and all those years of jammying it to get into the top 4 and above Spurs and never building on it finally coming to roost.


Never rebuilding? Come on man, it’s shit but not that shit.


or has it….:D

Surely not again.


Still plenty of time to finish above spurs


Of course we’ll clawback a 9 point deficit, because we’re playing amazing and they are losing pretty much every game.

I’m not saying don’t be hopeful but it may be wise to be balance it with some realism.


lucas miss three weeks of what? he never plays anyway. trolol

Malaysian gunner

Sanchez was hurt by the tackle as was Costa who was physically targeted.
When will the refs take action against the thugs.
Even with afit Chilean and Lucas,as long as Wenger plays his present style,the
gunners will lose.
Lingard scored when he had acres of space. The gunners are too slow and indulge into many
passes. The gaps quickly closed. That’s the difference between Arsenal and the top teams.
If they don’t change their style,they will be easily beaten by Mourino and MC.


They do take action, just depends which team you play for. Look at the red card Ader Herrera got on Hazard. Never is that a red card, but poor old hazard was being targeted and Michael Oliver said next person to foul this poor fella is getting booked.

Poor old hazard, my thoughts and prayers go out to him.

Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild
Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild

Please don’t try to gloss over the circumstances of that decision by blaming the ref like the pundits did. No ref agenda; he had no chance of winning the ball and prevented Hazard from attacking. Yellow card offence (unless you’re Xhaka, then it’s red).


I feel we don’t work the diagonals enough.

And when we work the wide areas, we have the wrong bloke in the middle to receive.

It’s all rather odd.


Does anybody know what Lucas’ injury record was like at his previous clubs? I’m asking for a friend.


Well Wenger wouldn’t have started him anyway. Also wonder why he let Sanchez back on for the second half if he knew there was a problem with his ankle.

Nasris wallet

Because decision making isn’t really his thing these days


That’s generalizing too much, not all his decision making is poor. It’s his squad rotation that’s been poor all those years. Complains we don’t have time to rest, yet plays he exact same 11. Then when we finally have time to rest he complains we had too much time and we lost our rhythm.



Welbeck was highly inefficient all first half.

(Don’t see too many criticising Wenger keeping him on for so long…guess he must be one of those fan favorites)

I would have thrown Giroud on in the middle with Welbeck to sides way earlier.

I also think we should try Alexis in the Ozil position in the absence of the German just to create a bit of chaos.

That’s what we do not seem to be doing enough of, creating panic,. Instead we are doing the reverse and panicking at the back.

Billy Enfield

Well, Alexis (as the Manager of AFC) told Wenger that he should not be substituted.
I mean… WTF? Who is who & what at our club???

Southland Gunner

Great. Just fucking great. One of the three players who can walk out of this season with their heads held high.



He hasn’t done that much.


Just asking, so that’s Sanchez and Perez agreed, but who’s the third?

Southland Gunner



Who hasn’t played?Hmmmm…


Koscienly has to be the third. If you guys think our season is bad, think of how bad it would be if we didn’t have him.

On a further note, is mustfi & koscienly the new koscienly & vermaelen? Both great CBs but too similar that it doesn’t work?


Ahh, can’t really argue with that. I thought you might mean Kos who I like but don’t think is captain/leader material. I love Henry’s comment that if he’d let a player run past him to score like Ramsey and Ox did Jens Lehmann would have punched him in the face. I don’t think Kos said a thing when that happened also he didn’t organise the defence to prevent it happening the second time.

Southland Gunner

He doesn’t really let anyone have an earful when they need it. This team does not have enough sore losers.

Tony The Pimp

There is Wenger himself…


Koscielny gets roundly praised but he has made just as much mistakes as MUstafi who we should remember is in his first season.

Remember Koscielny first seasin, Red Cards, Own Goals, Penalties conceded?

Tsk tsk.


Don’t forget Koscielny came from almost unknown French club for little money with not great experience playing in top leagues. Mustafi cost a lot of money and had years of experience in EPL, Italy and Spain.. So I don’t think we compare apples with apples when comparing Koscielny’s first year in Arsenal and Mustafi’s first year. I expected much more from Mustafi. remember most of the fans here were all cursing Wenger for not paying any money to get Mustafi in Arsenal as they saw it as a solution to our defensive issues…


Do you guys think there is a difference between a Captain and a leader or do you think its the same thing? I think we have a captain and leadership problem on the pitch. As much as I like Kos I don’t think he is a Captain or a leader. He’s just a veteran you can rely on. Thats just from observing the game and of course I have no idea what goes on during practice.

I think we are missing a real captain and leaders. I think most of our regulars are either to quiet, don’t have the playing abilities to back up their captaincy or don’t have the attributes to be a captain or leader.


And the other teams have better captains…:) just look and Manure captain…and leader

Tony The Pimp

I have been reading that those idiots on the board want to offer the perennial failure another contract.
Does Arsenal FC pay any attention to its fans ?
Does it realise that its paying fans keep the club going ?


Why? The fans tend to be moronic.

Sir Seaman Stains

Couldn’t agree more, but then that’s like society generally – there are so so many sodding morons and cretins – and that has been more than amply demonstrated in the last few weeks on here. Most of them would presumably sack Wenger and then what? Appoint some fantasy figure who might not want to come to the club or not be available, or is unproven in the long run. And then what do we do – end up with Tony fucking Pulis because his teams can defend, handle set-pieces well and he fills them full of players like Shawcross and that twat who refuses to wear a poppy (Mclean)?
Wenger still remains our best choice of manager, but even if he didn’t he deserves way better than this current shit-storm the media and fans are giving him. Showing him respect means not going on stupid demonstrations, waving fucking banners or talking shit on here. If he is to announce his retirement in the next few weeks what will all the two faced twats say to him then ‘thanks very much for everything Arsene, we love you.’ Won’t he be entitled to say ‘thanks for all your fantastic support recently’ – because that must be what he is thinking.
And like ‘Tony the Pimp’ here – don’t you bloody realise it’s thanks to Wenger we are constantly at the top end of the table and in the Champions League – oh and he created the unique Invincibles (I know it was a few years ago but your gratitude obviously runs about as far as Leicester’s board)!


I fully agree with you. And the atmosphere at the Emirates is so shit, I could not believe. Nobody supports the team, actually other teams like to play at the Emirates as the Arsenal fans usually boo their team. Look at some stadiums around Europe, teams are scared to step on the pitch, the whole stadium supports the team for the whole 90 minutes, look at Atletico Madrid or recently in Europa league in Istanbul, when the greek side had a man advantage and lost 4-1 agains the Turks, but the stadion was on fire for the whole 90 minutes. What do Arsenal players expect at the Emirates, boooing and “Wenger Out” banners.


Shocking result yesterday but I’ve hardened to this shite nowadays! Whatever will be will be


You know, that’s probably the best way to take the rest of the season without going apoplectic every weekend like some do.


Lucas missing for three weeks, ha, where’s he been all season? But it doesn’t matter. If all the team was available the mood and focus of all the players has been damaged. Damaged by fans and banners in the stadium, social media in their phones, and Sky, BT and BBC pundits on TV running them down. They must feel like every time they run out the tunnel they are running into a bear pit. However much Wenger isolates them from negativity, they are at the end of the day human and will struggle to recover. Question is if Wenger goes who has the right stuff to replace him, and if he stays, will potential marquee signings go to United, City, Chelsea instead?

Tony The Pimp

All the structure is there for the next manager to be successful – a great stadium, top class facilities, a massive support and a strong financial budget – I don’t know why there is so much doom and gloom.
I also don’t think the players form can be solely attributed to the mood of the crowd – they look as if they don’t really want to be bothered.
I do think the next manager has a job on his hands in getting rid of the dead wood – there is a lot of that – Ramsey, Gibbs, Debuchy, and Walcott to name a few…


Really depends.

I don’t fancy Tusckel or Emery…sounds like AVB type.

Cos the press want us to sign that Bourmouth chap Howe …he’s the new Martinez.

Simeone may be a possibility. Maybe not Arsenal brand of footy but what is Arsenal brand of footy, it can evolve or devolve. Results are what matter now.

He can harden the defensive set up instead of the current laissez faire approach Wenger is synonymous with.

Also with connections to Athletico, should Alexis want out, we may have a chance to bring Greizzman over (and if we add say Mahrez)

Allegri i’m 50-50 on. He has a strong club in Juventus with less competition that what Simeone has had to face managing with lesser resource in Athletico against Barca and Madrid.

There is also the fellow managing at Monaco, I believe also Laurent Blanc is available. Ron Koneman has been doing decent at Everton and should warrant a look into.

IF we should not find anyone that fits the profile and can push the ethos of the club, 2018 post Wcup may also have opportunity for managerial reshuffle which as I have mentioned will afford Wenger a year to transition out and prepare the ground.

This would be a class move because no matter how much he has failed to hit the higher heights over last decade plus, he is no ordinary manager for this club.

You may see the likes of Deschamp maybe Klinnsman, Lowe all of whom have now substantail experience under the belt.

There’s plenty of possiblities but what I feel the club should not be doing is rushing into a hasty appointment just because some segment of fans are impatient and foolish.

As with everything, it needs proper management not knee jerk reaction.

We’ve all seen press (and fan annointed) succesors mooted before in the likes of Rodgers, Roberto Martinez etc…we were told they were better tactically than Wenger etc etc and they still finished beneath Wenger despite his apparent ‘failings’.

Some more logical thought and steady hand need suffice, not the noise from the simpletons with the banners every weekend expressing their frustration in the club and life in general.;)


Summer can be very complicated if not properly guided.

We have to shed some non performers granted but we may also face an exodus of top players if not careful.

1)If Alexis leaves, we simply have to replace him/his energy. A Greizzman will cost particularly if we do not make top 4. Mahrez maybe less but will he be sufficient?

2) I would like to add a Greizzman (or retain Alexis) AND add a Mahrez in lieu of Walcott. We simply need more guile and invention in the attacking line. Mahrez in fact was the player Wenger should have plumed for not Vardy but maybe Leicester priced him higher. He may/may not cost as much following this season (then again they are still in CL and the likes of Barca/RM may have an eye on his silky skills at 25yrs). If we fall out of top 4 again, it will be difficult.

3) Mbappe would be a great addition for the future,but he will be on everyone-else’s target list. Wenger may enjoy slight privilege still with his slowly eroding reputation as a developer of talent and may still be able to swing this sort of deal with some gravitas. Keep Giroud for a different form of attack, continue to develop Welbeck.

The worry is we end out again out of top 4, lose our lustre and if we should bring in a gaffer who cannot attract the same sort of confidence froma player like Mbappe (and his agent) in increasing his stock over time (which Wenger tends to do – see Ozil and Alexis), we will have to add the Perez type player, decent to good players but clearly not potentially top end.

4) at the back, we should continue to let Holding develop. Mustafi has done well this season given as mentioned comparison to the disasters with Koscielny first season. I expect he will eventually take on the sweeper role Koscielny now does. Holding will push Gabriel (in fact looks likely to be ahead of the Brasilian) for the stopper role. I don’t think we should add here because there’s so much more need for attention elsewhere. This should be a tactical tweak on the same players allowing them to improve (Remember we also have Calum to factor in)

5) Fullbacks need attention. Gibbs has been mediocre, Monreal is aging. We are not sure how Coleman will pan out. Rback will need an addition. Ditto possibly LBack surrogate to the excellent Bellerin (should we be able to fight off the old Barca DNA issue). Gabriel has done decent but clearly is no Rback going forward. Chambers could possibly revert top his original role for Soton which he played with some aplomp. Otherwise, we may have to fish the market for yet another addition.

6) Then there is midfield. Clearly in need of someone-else. Jack may likely leave. I’m ambivalent on Ramsey, clearly talented but lacking bite at times.

Santi may return but will not be dependable because of age plus injury.

Elneny is mediocre, mostly a sub from the bench to do donkey work.

I feel we need someone who can retain the ball for us better. Iwobi could be developed if Ox is pushed back to the wings but we will still need someone-else with more experience and guile to shepard the youngster IMO.

7) This situation could get even more intense if Ozil also leaves. I would prefer to see us attempt to retain at least one of Ozil or Alexis to keep continuity. Ozil I feel is the more likely to be persuaded by Wenger to keep on for a short extension but it will take back room influence and at very least that top 4 trophy many seem to loath and simplistically dismiss.

So we are looking at a potential 5 or 6 changes to the squad. Quite a bit of outlay which may become problematic if we do not make our MINIMUM standard Wenger has guaranteed for two decades.

Throw in a new manager to this set up and it could be a recipe for problems if we rush the decision and get the wrong man.

Maybe we can readjust quickly a season down and get it right but experience has also shown teams to struggle to do so without throwing appropriate (massive) resource at the problem like City or Chelsea. Then its a slide down the slippery slope with occasional upward ‘potential’ but never reaching the heights again.

Example Liverpool who have been appointing all sorts of managers since the PL started and have had no joy in the title for over a quarter CENTURY.

Or United whose stated goal this season having pumped out money for the likes of Pogba (and undisclosed salary for Zlatan), is guess what top 4 finish/trophy…oh and the milk cup.

Sure change is a good thing.

It can only get better?

Think again. Best to be cautious and calculated not foolish and impatient for change.


I’m not advocating Wenger should stay.

Bottom line is we do not want to leave an incoming manager with a massive rebuild issue.

Much as some would hate to admit, he is still one of the best operators in the market unless you believe the media who have had zero experience managing clubs let alone buying in transfer market.


The first part of the season went well one of the most promising for years, with new players a fit squad it seemed wenger had finialy seen the light and the players responded, we saw great fast fluid football that had us all dreaming and with a solid look to us as well.
Farst forward to now and the transformation is staggering.
I’m wondering if wenger has caused serious friction within the players with his favourite’s policy and
playing out of form players into the ground.
As group of players you know your best team and formation and it looks like wenger has seriously pissed them off.
How can we be that good and then this poor? It’s the players themselves who are showing us what there made off.
I’m stuck between thinking the old man’s lost it completely and hang on a min are these players sticking two fingers up at us and him!
As much as we all need to see change at the club surly the players wouldn’t do the nasty on us….would they?
If so…then wenger must know that and I guess that’s what will make him go more than anything we fans do.

Seems like it could be a good old fashioned knife in the back time for him then. Which is a sad way to go. I’ve had enough of his time but will never slag him off, maybe as the players seem to be sticking it to him we should all fill the ground with love and show the whole world how we see off one of our own.
Probably eaten too much Sunday dinner
And the kids have been drawing on my face again.



Its the link between attack and defense.

Too much caution too little enterprise.

Too much enterprise too little caution.

We have not been able to find fluiduty and our options have been limited in the middle.

Granit doesn’t seem to be compatible with Coquelin and Coquelin only seems compatible with Santi who is of course expectedly injured (Wenger dhould not have needed a crytal ball to fortell injury to older player…and long lay off…see Rosicky Arteta)

He also loan one of his better tools (even if it had some flaws) in Jack out (partially the player was intent on leaving)

Ramsey has been insipid in form. Ox is a make shift because of the lack of other choices.

Elneny who so many keep lavishing praise ad tedium is mediocre brought in to be content with coming off the bench.

Ozil has had his good first half of season and tanked in the second. Partially, the front men are affected by the uncertainty they leave behind at the back. Partially its their own doing because when they try to take too many on (alexis) or over complicate or misplace passes (walcott), we end up very quickly on the back foot. Our midfield has not been able to adjust quickly and the backs suffer.

It all hinges on minute details.

The difference between a non performing team with potential and one that hits the heights can transform very quickly (see Chelsea last season and this)

Wenger hasn’t found the right formula for various reasons (incliuding injuries), UP top we have played Alexis but it isn’t the magic wand many believe it is. Leaving Giroud out as plan “B” is a massive mistake. He is suited for certain games but if we don’t play him regularly, he goes off.

We haven’t found a settled forward line or midfield all second half of season and the fluidity has been affected.

Now we are facing compound issues with confidence jolted by several seismic defeats in quick succession.

The noise from the stand does not help the current environment contrary to what these people may think.

Therefore we are in a bit of a crisis which without careful husbandry could rapidly detiorate.

Cos some fans wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Burn Baby Burn

When did become a reliable resource? Never seen anything but bollix from them.


Wouldn’t get a start in any of those games anyways and maybe less than 50% chance of coming on as a sub.
Doubt that this affects the manager’s plan at all.
Get well soon Lucas. The seats on the bench miss you


Don’t worry the beds in the injury wards are always warm at Arsenal.;)

Tony Hall

Whatever AW may or may not have done behind the scenes, when the players have managed to engineer his departure from the club I hope they take a good hard look at themselves in mirror. The grass is not always greener on the other side, any new manager who comes in may be a ruthless bastard and have a major clearout of dead wood. Many of those players have been given chance after chance when most other managers would have sold them on long ago.
When a new manager comes in snd the underperformers get shown the door it will serve them right. They will never have it so good again !


It works for Wenger too, i hope he takes a good hard look at himself in the mirror. Any clubs except Arsenal has a ruthless boards that hunger for success and sacks a clueless manager when the club underperformed. He has been given year after year to build his team that can compete and no result yet. When he manage another club and the clueless manager get sacked it will serves him right. He will never has it good again!

Arsenal is my life

Is it the players? Or AW? Or r they gutless