Oxlade-Chamberlain apologises after defensive debacle


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has reacted to the 3-1 defeat to West Brom at the Hawthorns today.

He was the man wheeled out for the Sky cameras post game and he said the players didn’t do what they should have done after they let the home side score goals from set-pieces, knowing that’s where they were a big threat.

On the performance overall

“We’re very disappointed. Thought we were comfortable and we just had to be careful from countner-attacks and set-plays.

“Obviously they scored from a set-play but we responded quite quickly, I felt we controlled it and it was a matter of time before we got a second.

“In the second half they came out with a different attitude and they pressed us higher and made it a lot harder for us. The second goal was a bit scrappy, and then again we’ve let ourselves down on a set-piece.

“They defended well and made it difficult for us from then on.”

What should they have done better from set-pieces

“Headed the ball away. If you want to defend well you’ve got to be first to the ball, and for two goals we didn’t do that. We knew who their danger men were and we didn’t stop them.

“We’ll have to review that, but Dawson’s got the run and attacked it well. We knew that and we failed to deal with it.”

How big a setback for the top four

“It’s not what we needed, we knew we needed three points, especially in these games. We’re bitterly disappointed and I’ll I can do is say sorry to the fans because it’s not acceptable for Arsenal football club to lose the way we did today.

“We’ve got to get over this and keep fighting. It’s not been pretty for us recently and it’s not going to get easier any time soon, so we’ve got to keep fighting.”

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Alexis, Atom & Humber
Alexis, Atom & Humber

If only they gave points for apologies.

We've done it again

We’d still somehow find a way to be fourth

Discerning Dodgem

(sic) it’s not acceptable for Arsenal football club to lose the way we did today. (sic)

You guys made me sick.


And some say Özil should be benched for Ox…


I no longer care about the results. I just wish Wenger packs his bags and leave.

We will be having some horrible years ahead due to this Wenger mess.

He whole club has been rotted. I wish the owner Kroenke seems the club.


I think your reaction is over the top to be honest.

We’re on a bad run, possibly the worst in 20-odd years.

We will pick ourselves up from this and get back to winning ways. But the continued toxic environment that has bred due to sections of the fan base is clearly not helping matters.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Get behind the team, get behind the manager, get through this season together.

After that what will be will be.

We've done it again

See, that’s the thing. Your method has been tried, and it doesn’t work.

Every season we say, “get behind the team and protest at the end”.

But nothing ever changes. Some of you were blinded by wenger and that’s why you think this is happening for the first time. We’ve been saying it since forever, “wenger can no longer cut it”


So you seriously believe that a toxic environment at games is not having an affect on the performances?

I know that for me, if I went into work, and there was so much negativity it would affect my mood and performance. Why should it be any different for footballers?


If they weren’t being so shit we would be criticising them so much. They seem to be happy with mediocrity. If you were performing poorly at work especially being paid what they are paid I sure hope someone who let you know you are doing shit


In fairness the away supporters were brilliant today (until they had had enough) and we still lost.


Criticism and fandom are not mutually exclusive


Never said it was, if you read my post again, I quite plainly state that a toxic atmosphere at games is not helping matters.

Nadav Rotem

You are so confident that we will be back on our winning ways, why on earth do you think that and what does it even mean ?
Back to being 2nd to 4th and loosing constantly at the 1/8 of the champions league while playing a soccer level far under par and to see our players play with out will and fire in their eyes ?
Those are the winning ways you miss so much ?
Well hate to break it to ya but it seems that on the last 4 years Arsenal are constantly on the way down so winning ? I dont think or hope so.
Only one thing has to be done right now – #wengerout


What will be will be – translates into
Wenger will stay and we’ll go through the same old rubbish next year


Well said.

craszy gunner

Absolute bullshit and tripe pressure is the only thing that will make Wenger leave …sad but true…

As soon as the pressure dies down wenger and the club will be looking for back hand ways to make him stay on..

Unfortunately for them its all about the money it has always been

I hate to see our most successful manager being hounded out..but sadly its the only language they understand…

If they somehow manage to give him an extension..then vote with your wallets…that will really hurt them..

Just like Brexit wexit is going to get much worse guys..

….brace your self


The mess is because of Kroenke, not Arsene.


Kroenke happy with making money. Arsene happy to do it for him.

craszy gunner

Absolutely spot on…Wenger knows he has a job for life as long as he is making money for Kreoenke…

Thats why he can afford to treat fans with disdain all these years

Sadly Kroenke doesn’t give a hoot whether we protest or not…he will only wake up when the value of his shares begin to plummet…it may come to that someday…brace yourselves..

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

What nonsense. Kroenke doesn’t train the players how to defend setpieces. Kroenke doesn’t tell the players to go out and be so utterly rubbish on the pitch.


Am sure Wenger doesn’t tell them to be inept on the pitch either.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

And yet they are.


He may not but it is certainly his responsibility to ensure they are not. Surely not Kroenke’s!

Stuck on repeat...

Agreed…However, Kronke doesn’t do ANYTHING. He has NO ambition or passion. None of his teams ever do well. The lack of ambition or passion STARTS with Kronke. It has been whoely accepted by the board, seemingly too the manager, & it’s now the blood of certain players.

We've done it again

Wow! Such a brilliant lad! “We should have headed the ball away”.

As opposed to heading the ball into our own net or letting them head it into our net.

Just brilliant!!!


Here´s my conspiracy theory: MUTINY. After not tying Özil and Alexis down to new contracts in november or december it has been shambolic really. This has shown since that time. There´s really no decent performance since then. Two 5-0 results in the FA cup dont count – against shitty teams. It´s mutiny from the players.

It´s a about money. Of course WC players want salaries that is close to whats going on elsewhere.


How can the fans lift the team when the team shows no fight nor belief. It’s not who you are underneath but what you do that defines you and right now all I can see is shallow apologies and total lack of effort . Fuck this season


I don’t understand what wenger is coaching there at arsenal. Westbrom scoeres nearly all there goals from setpieces . Wenger himself said that they have to be wary of their setpiece threat and now they score more than one goal from set piece against arsenal


Wenger doesn’t value defensive coaching so he doesn’t bother with it. In fact his only tactic is ‘just go out there and play’.


Why not play giroud ( even big f German ) if we so worried about set pieces . Start giroud for oxo, as Walcott played well first half anyway against Munich . Giroud one of the top five headers of ball in premier league , read a stat I read recently, career wise not based on this season alone. Giroud , wellbeck and bfg would have helped on set pieces.


Wasn’t the Ox at fault for letting the guy run free to head the ball in?

“WE” did not let ourselves down, you get paid big pounds, all you had to was concentrate for a few moments when they got their chance from set pieces. You didn’t have to do for 90 minutes. All you had to do it was when they had set pieces. And you’ve fucked it up.

“YOU” have let us down. Not first time.


The first one was clearly Ramsey. But there’s a much deeper problem than that. On the third one they had THREE players crashing the ball unmarked.

On neither set piece was any of our key players for winning head balls anywhere near the fucking ball. Kos, Mustafi, Welbeck/Giroud, Xhaka. Both times either all four of them followed a dummy run to the near post, or stood on the near/middle of goal marking nothing but empty space while they watch the ball go over their heads to the most obvious corner placement, inside the back post.

Common fucking sense says have at least ONE of your high ball winners attacking the ball from the back post area. Nope. Not even common sense.

How many times this season have I watched Bellerin struggling as the only man covering that whole area?


The 3rd goal was shambolic all around. But Ox on that 3rd goal lack desire and effort. He knew the guy was running at him. He saw and all he did was a half hearted block. It’s like “ok I tried but oh shit it went in…” All 3 goals conceded was pathetic. The players should apologise less and do more on the pitch.

For 3 seasons now the general malaise, the lack of creativity, sterile football and the players lacking desire and effort. These players are just happy to hide behind the manager when the going gets tough. When do have that extra effort and desire, we can perform so much better as evident in a few games. But that has been too few and far between. Nothing annoys me more than players lacking desire and effort and how our heads drop the moment the going gets tough.

My pint is empty.

Couldn’t be bothered to watch this cos i knew we would fuck it up, and they didn’t disappoint did they !


Did anyone else notice that it looked like Ox was moping around most of the game? Wonder if it’s something in his personal life or if he is sulking about not getting a new contract yet. He really didn’t seem himself, just seemed to go through the motions today.


Reacting to the incredible man mgt from our beloved dictator

Toure motors

Preferred when it was djorou throwing out this bullshit. He was a lot less talented…

Tony The Pimp

The season is lost.
There will be change because no manager or team can function with such a toxic atmosphere at the club.
I see no reason why they cannot do the decent and respectful thing and remove him from post immediately because it is clear that he has lost the players as well as the fans – staying is not having a positive effect.
It is a shame that it has to end this way but he only has himself to blame..


I feel Ox is expedient in midfield because we lack options but frankly better used out wide.

We don’t seem to be exploiting the diagonals enough from the wide positions.

Walcott again missing today. Not sure why it takes Wenger sooo long to make a change.

I’m not saying he is the answer but I frankly prefer to see Lucas because he tends to have a bit more guile.

With today’s game and WBA taking a fortuitous lead, we should have had Giroud on. All those bigging up Welbeck and he was ineffective today.

Not sure why Ozil wasn’t playing but Ramsey needs to be a little more nasty.

To me, I would try Alexis in the hole with GIroud or Welbeck higher up. I think it gives him a bit more freedom and protects our left better for Monreal. Couple of times, WBA raided down the left, Alexis covered well eventually but there was a big gap to exploit. This sort of danger tends to not encourage Monreal coming out too which adds to our narrow nature attacking and the side to side passing.

The other thing of course is to shoot.

We again over complicated some times when route one was the best and tried to play too cute.

So much possession and so little outcome in front of goal points to some fundamental problems.

We need to create those moments of ‘panic’ for the opponents. We are playing keep ball but that doesn’t score goals and whilst we may think it will wear down the opponents like water on rock, it takes too much time when we are in need of chasing the game.

We have to learn to create pandemonium.

Instead, when I see our defense, we look in pandemonium.

The Cech injury could be a massive blow. Again he should have done better with that first goal of theirs but Ospina coming on did not feel me with full confidence and I thought he should have done better for both goals too.

We have a massive fight on our hands for minimal finish even so Wenger needs to get on with it.

I think midfield is still problematic and he doesn’t frankly know which is the most efficient unit between a balance of security and attacking strength.


No Alex, you need to START fighting!!!


Hope they are not thinking about raising the ticket prices next season !!


Unfortunately AW seems to have lost the team. He has been a great manager over the 20 years, but for the first time, I think it is time for Wenger to leave. My only worry will be, is who will we get to replace him, although I really believe we need to change our tactics. We seem extremely vulnerable against teams who sit back and let us pass the ball like crazy, but counter attack us with direct results for us. We just seem to play the same way regardless of who we play. I’m not sure it’s because of Wenger’s inability to adjust or because the players we have can only play that way. Bottom line, at this point, I believe we need a managerial change. In the meantime, our fan base need to get behind our team no matter what. I think it’s hard to think that the fans pressure on the team is not having a negative effect on the players. It’s hard to play with the thought that every mistake made is going to be magnified.


None of us know whether wenger is refusing to throw money at ozil and Sanchez or if kronke is refusing.

Also, how many winter breaks does ozil get.

The ox is a talented winger who can run by players. And he can cross. However, he’s an awful distributor of the ball. He can cross but not run the midfield.

And with Ramsey showing no form having both is lousy

Tommy Caton

The Ox-Ramsey midfield combo was absolutely wretched. Wenger’s willingness to keep giving chances to the failed British core experiment instead of moving forward is going to prove his undoing.


It is clearer and clearer every match that there is a common thread in all of the worst failed midfield combos we’ve had.

Shire gooner

Wenger? Yes I am joking, at least I hope so…
How can we not defend when Bould is the assistant manager?

Shire gooner

What I really cannot understand is how when certain players come in for cup games, they play well and then get dropped in favour of the underperforming. What do they have to do to keep a place?
Maitland-Niles, Perez and Gibbs spring to mind.
That and we have no replacement for Cazorla (same as last year).

Naija Fan

I am just indifferent.


No guts no balls no glory Chambo! Fuck sake grit your teeth and get at them, nobody in this team just don’t have it in them bar Alexis. I just feel sick in my stomach to watch my beloved arsenal lose. ???