Ozil not yet definitively ruled out of Liverpool game

Ozil: Arsenal were my first choice when leaving Madrid

Mesut Ozil’s absence from training today was put down to the German feeling ‘under the weather’, but he is expected to be back in training ahead of the Liverpool game on Saturday.

Obviously illness is a difficult thing to predict, but at the moment it’s not something that has definitely ruled him out of the trip to Anfield this weekend, although the debilitating effect of being poorly may enter Arsene Wenger’s thinking when he comes to selecting his side.

Aaron Ramsey has returned to first team training, but there was no sign of Hector Bellerin in today’s training pictures, leading to speculation about his involvement.

He has been troubled by an persistent ankle problem, but it might also just have been the case that he didn’t get his picture taken. It would be a big blow if he were to miss the game however.

Brazilian Gabriel is the most likely contender to fill in if Bellerin doesn’t make it.

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? You explain?


Give Ozil a rest, put Rambo on the bench and start with this?
Bellerin Holding Kos Gibbs
Perez Coq OX Xhaka Welbeck

Winterburn Wanderers

No Coquelin, he’s been the worst thing about the team this year.


He’s had a few bad games but with him, Ox and Xhaka in the middle Liverpoo aren’t getting between the lines. imho.


Ox will assist Pool…


He’s just had a rest!


I mean “rest” in a “you are not up to the task right now” kind of way.


Ospina, Bellerin, Gibbs, Mustafi,Kos, Xhaka, Coquelin, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck, Sanchez


You would start Rob Holding ahead of Mustafi?. The lad has shown signs that he’s the one for the future,but I don’t think he’s the best choice to partner Kos against Mane and co


If he’s sick right now, his work rate will definitely be low come the weekend. Fucking leave him out. Liverpool run around like a bunch of headless chickens


And Özil runs more than Sanchez…


You what just spat out my tea…


Strange to dislike facts, but well…


The running he does is pointless if its never defemsive, and he isn’t producing up front. Which it never is, and he hasn’t recently

Granit(e) hard!

This injury thingy just seems to be getting worse and worse and is such a pain though, but good luck and speedy, healthy to all our injured players.

However, it shouldn’t be an excuse and I expect, no…… demand a response from this squad against Liverpool, because we have one of the biggest squads in the premier league and so it should be an opportunity for some of the ‘fringe’ players to step up and stake a claim……this includes talented youngsters like Jeff, Maitland-Niles etc, who in my opinion if needed are ready and can step up. I hope for the 3 points, but expect at the very least 1 point from them mugmashers!…..COYG!


Conquer it with you.
Though I prefer chambo there in this squad. Chambo is energetic, defend very well and has a good speed that fit well this game.


Didn’t he miss last week I’ll?


Play Giroud.


He’s playing ill or not! Christ aw plays players when he knows they are injured, Ramsey home to Liverpool and poor elneny when he had the shits just two examples

Yorkshire Gunner

He’s not been playing well since his absence with flu or similar before Christmas. I wonder if there is some underlying viral problem? Get well soon Mesut.


Ozil feels down not ill, is it because he thinks he was made a scapegoat. He was not of course, he was just utter shit that night. Just get on the pitch and prove us wrong mate. you just had a bad game that’s all. They all did. Now get back in there and lets beat these scouzers! COYG!


I have to ask – what’s the point? Whats the point if Ozil is ruled out or not? What’s the point if we beat Liverpool or if we are trashed by them come Saturday. All the remaining games till the end of the season, are just friendlies as far as Arsenal goes. The season is OVER!


Bloody hell mate, chill out


For someone who thinks all the remaing games are pointless, for me you feel pretty interested in come here, read something about the next game, and also gave us your precious time to leave on a comment.


True that! But it is not hope. It’s just addiction of the next game and blogs.

Yorkshire Gunner

I suppose thats true if your only concern when watching football is winning a title,cup etc. For most fans such success will always remain a pipe dream and they go to matches for the love of their club and/or the game in general. Maybe we should should all try and adopt attitude and we might enjoy our football and our club much more.


Am I missing something here he was out bowling last night with Mustafi Lucas Xaha its on his FB page how the fuck can he be under the weather unless it’s a hangover?


BREAKING NEWS: Luis Enrique leaving Barca, Wenger being lined up to replace him.
I made this up, so it must be true.


You must work for The Mirror?


No, talkSport and The Sun ??


Hope its not bowling related injury


He looks so sad. He needs dogs


Would just be like Arsenal win the next two games and play well, only to throw it all away vs Lincoln City the following game in the Cup.

Ah I love being an Arsenal fan. Highs one week, lows the next 2 weeks.


We’re not fucking losing to Lincoln. Liverpool maybe, Bayern, maybe.
Ozil should be saved for Bayern-Lincoln games. Maybe he will actually front this week.


drama queen. what’s his excuse this time?

okorosha ibekwe

Talking of Stan Kroencke, how was ever allowed take over Arsenal and he’s going is to preside over the demise of this once- renowned football club?


Stan has the cash. He rules the roost unless fans rebel, form a trust to buy the club, and Blogs runs the show.



For those claim to know how Ozil is not important for us. Have a listen of this. Of course you can look at his body language and gauge his motivation but he has been our est attacking threat for last 2 seasons.