Ozil set to miss Germany’s clash with England


Mesut Ozil will not play for Germany against England when the two sides meet in a tomorrow night.

Two sides meet in Dortmund for a friendly, but according to coach Jogi Low the 28 year old will not be selected.

“[Among] those who will not play tomorrow are Ozil, who has some muscle problems,” he said.

The Arsenal man was left out of the squad for the trip to West Brom last Saturday, and has barely featured in recent weeks because of a bout of illness and other small injury complaints.

It will be much more instructive to see if he is part of the squad for a World Cup qualifier on Sunday, when the World Champions travel to Azerbaijan.

Wednesday’s game against England will be a farewell to the German national side for Lukas Podolski. The former Arsenal forward will win his 130th and final cap, as well as captaining the side on the night.

He quit international football in 2016, but has come back for one final match and a chance to say a proper goodbye to fans.

Scoring a couple of traditional Podolski rockets would be a good way to go out.

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Thwack! That left foot made some highly satisfying goals!


I remember thinking Poldo wasn’t quite what we needed when we had him. Now I would kill to have someone like him in the team. Those strikes just cause fear. Apart from Granit, we don’t have that in the locker anymore.

I think that says a lot about the state of the squad at the minute.

Does peak Arsenal Poldo start in this squad? Would his limited tracking back matter?

Cliff Bastin

If Perez can’t get a game in this team, I don’t think Poldi can.


Bliemy, some of the goals Podolski scored for us were really amazing

Sheffield Goon

Ozil: I have a runny nose, I cannot play.
Sanchez: I’m lucky, Ive only broken my foot in 12 places. I’ll be on the pitch.

Probably unfair, but whatever.


Yeah, unfair and unfounded, but well… Typical of Arsenal fans about Mesut these days.

Sheffield Goon

Or maybe just a bit of fun.

The thing I hate most about the current situation is that it’s dividing the fan base. There doesn’t have to be a right or wrong camp, just different views. I know Ozil is a fantastic talent, but whether he is what we need at Arsenal at this moment is another question, and one on which fans will always be divided. At the end of the day, we bought world class players and they haven’t made a great deal of difference have they? In fact, things seem to be worse. I don’t know what the answer is but if they both leave in the summer, I for one will feel more loss for Sanchez than Ozil. I don’t hate Ozil, I just wish he was a little more consistent. Or that the team could help him to be more consistent.

There’s a black cloud hanging over me at the moment, and I’m beginning to realise how Sp*rs fans must have felt for the last 20 years. The thought of finishing below them is worrying. Even up here in the relative safety of the North, there are Sp*rs crawling out of the woodwork to gloat.


I’m just curious how Spurs fans survived the past 20 years.. We’ve been spoilt but it’s too late!


To be fair as a north bank season ticket holder me and the 30 season ticket holders around me hope ozil is ok and not serious niggles and illness. Arseblog comments are like Arsenal tv. Entertainment when I should be doing something else.


Got quite nostalgic watching that video…

Surprising how often Santi and Miki popped up in the box!

Can’t help thinking we never got the best out of Poldi though.


Not getting the best out of Poldi puts us on a long long list, in fairness


Every time he picked up the ball in the box the keeper must’ve shit himself thinking ‘he’s going to take my face off’.


Would have loved Podolski to have got his chance in a two with Giroud, such a wasted opportunity. But ultimately he didn’t work hard enough on the wing for us


No one plays like that anymore, and for good reason. Neither of them work/run hard enough to play in a lone striker system, playing two of them together would basically leave you with 8 against 10 when we didn’t have the ball, and when we do have it, neither of them move enough to be make space or launch counters.


i blame Wenger he has tried to mould Ozil into the middle but he has all his applaudits for Germany playing on the left, goal assists and many man of the match awards he is consistent there some players can adapt but his strength is on the left does wenger not see this being blinded by offence and no defense, maureen didnt like him at real madrid for the same reason


You got that a bit back to front.

Özil doesn’t need ‘adapting’ to a central 10 position, that’s where he has always played if given the choice, ever since he came to prominence at Bremen. Myriads of newspaper lines have been written in Germany about how Özil is wasted on the left. Also, Podolski was the go-to left wing player for Germany for many years.

Yes, he played on the left for Germany but it was almost by accident. Quote from Wikipedia, about the 2014 World Cup: “Following an injury to Marco Reus in a warm-up game, Özil was moved from his customary number 10 role into the left-winger position for the majority of the tournament.”


Reckon he’ll be sat in the dugout thinking wow I wonder if me and Alexis will get this send off at the end of the season.

Lee Perry Groves

Is the opening sentence in this article written in a cod reggae style?


Ozil is going extra mile to cover up his tracks. Mr Blogs is on his heels and will uncover his evil ways. So Ozil decides to sit out Germany’s games just to be on the safe side.


Can’t believe how many goals and assists Podolski got for us in his short time with Arsenal.
Never seemed to be Arsene’s type of player though.
Still, he always made me smile or laugh which is something everyone associated with the club could use right now.
Heard he was always picked for the National Team later in his career because he was good for team spirit and morale in the locker room.
The volley against Giroud’s old team at the Emirates will long live in the memory.


It’ll difficult to replace Ozil if he should leave.

Not sure Juventus will part with Pjanic that easily. Plus we may have other holes to plug and we will need to spread the money.

Another reason to consider Wenger stay through the summer to negotiate through a potentially difficult market.

Like it or not he is one of the best in the marke.

Do not listen to the trite from the media unless you are missing grey cells.

None of them have managed a club let alone worked in the transfer market let alone haggled to save their lives.


Liam Bradys left peg

At least he wont get clobbered by some spud or manc cunt.


Fast smooth football…now it’s all slow motion and endless passing around 🙁


This really made me miss Santi. And Arsenal’s ability to score.


We miss Santi and I miss those happier times with Lucas…


I got thumbed down for expressing my view.


The following is some loose musing on my part and of course purely hypothetical, but I feel if Wenger stays on for a transitional season, he needs to throw a bit more caution to the wind and think a bit bigger to set us up better for his succesor eventually :

I think we will face a tricky summer ahead.

We will need to add a minimum of 4 QUALITY players.

The most tricky issue is the departure possibility of our two top class players Alexis and Ozil.


1)Alexis I feel can be replaced. He should sell for a decent price (Anywhere 40m above would represent OK return)

Greizzman is an EXCELLENT replacement candidate but will be sought after and won’t come cheap.

He likely will not be convinced to come to Arsenal either(unless we are prepared to pay United silly money) IF we do not make that minimum 4th place trophy.

I’m estimating he will be anywhere upwards of 45m depending on interest from competitors 9which there will be a number)

The alternative IMO is Mahrez. His got the skill sets to add more nuance to our play out wide. He plays predominantly from the right side which has been defunct at times without Bellerin.

Leicester may yet have a ‘fairy tale’ CL but their form has been poor in the league and I think Mahrez is ready to depart (and they will be ready to part with him sans CL qualification next season)

I think he is around 30m and up depending on interest again. If sell Alexis for decent price, he is affordable and replicates some of the trickery and adventure the Chilean gives us.

2) Walcott I think we should part ways with. He’s popped up with the crucial goal here and there but is in no ways consistent enough IMO. More importantly he lacks guile and at 27/28yrs, his pace will start to wane.

I think the best advertisement for Wenger to stay on is if he can swing a deal for the talented Mbappe.

This won’t be easy but parlez vous Francaise.

Again, should we add a Mahrez on the right, it makes sense to also add Mbappe to the left. He can be in time shifted up top with Welbeck and Giroud still retain for next campaign to allow transition time. But he will balance out the other flank.

We also have the Ox who can work either flank and iMO is most dangerous and useful for us out wide.

So in attack we will could have Giroud, Welbeck, Mbappe, Ox, Mahrez (or Greizzman) as core players.

Hopefully we retain Perez. My thinking is if a West Ham or another team come in with a 22m offer, Wenger will sell. Otherwise keep.

If we sell Perez (and he may hanker for a move with the players coming in), we should try the Japanese pocket battle ship Asano. He’s done reasonably well on loan and reminds me a little of Arsharvin.

Otherwise if Perez is kept, either of Asano or Adelaide will be the number 7 in the attacking line up. My choice would be to send the Jeff out on loan and cycle Asano into the squad for a shot at a start.

Of course having said all this, it is questionable whether we can land BOTH and Mbappe and a Mahrez.

I think with Giroud probably in his last seasons with us (thankfully he has utility that doesn’t require pace and brings a different skill set to the front line to recommend keeping him for a while yet), a forward player like Mbappe represents a positive direction toward the future but we must also remember he is only 18 and so a player like Greizzman or (more likley) a Mahrez at 25/26yrs will deliver the necessary maturity we need in absence of the hunger that Alexis has given.


4) Ozil’s position is more tricky if should he decide to leave.

I think Juventus will likely not relinquish the likes of Pjanic (as touted by the media) so easily.

Certainly Ganso (Sevilla) may be a better bet but won’t come cheap either (probably excess of 28m easily)

Or Koke at Athletico but he tends to drop deep.

We of course have Iwobi who can develop into the position and the enigmatic Ramsey whom I feel inclined that we should keep even if he has been hot and cold this season, he is such a versatile player to have.

BUT we will need someone to provide experience (again) in that hole position.

One possibility may be where Ozil may eventually land. Should he go to say PSG, maybe a make weight can be negotiated with the Argentine Pastore. A different sort of player of course from Ozil but one who can work equally effectively in concert with say Ox or Mbappe one plank and Mahrez the other playing off of either Welbeck or Giroud (or for the matter even Perez)

Either way it will be a tricky one as there are just not many players who will be available who can provide what Ozil can give currently.

I feel though we can cede a bit of the creativity from this position if we add from deeper midfield which is another concern.

I think our issues this season defensively has been striking the right balance between enterprise going forward and cover for the defense.

This stems primariy from midfield and the odd couple relationships that have hitherto failed to click sufficiently.

Granit has IMO (despite the usual media nonsense about him being a liability) been outsanding with delivery from deep (particularly in Santi’s absence.

I don’t think the Spaniard will regain consistency in fitness from here on so it is a positive to have at very least his passing and vision from deep replicated but it also in many ways hedges against a loss of Ozil.

I think the problem we have had in midfield stems from the ‘water carrier’ role. Coquelin tends to be more a defensive terrier than someone able to work through the lines and carry the ball forward.

In absence of the unfortunate Diaby, the injury prone Jack was next to Santi another who could penetrate the lines from deep. I don’t think he has done sufficient however at Bournemouth to suggest he will be retained with particular question mark of course on his availability not ability.

Ramsey IMO is better high up in the Ozil role as he naturally gambles into the box.

Iwobi has not been tried in deeper midfield but has the attributes of strength on the ball, vision and close control to prosper.

So if we should reinforce midfield in numbers and quality this season it will be in my mind either to (my preference) add a player who can carry the ball up field or add a layer who can provide some retention and security at very least.

In terms of the first, I like Saul at Athletico. He has superb dribbling ability but again likely will be hotly sought after and won’t come cheap (upward of 25m is my guess) If we are faced with adding a replacement for Ozil (plus one or two up front)< i'm just not sure we will spend additional dosh for this level of player.

This is always the risk of course with Wenger that he decides not to risk it and acts conservative in market which is why we always feel (these days) one quality player short of competitive. BUt you never know if he is in say last year of contract if he would just throw a bit more caution to the wind and go for it.

Alternatively if we want to add a player who is more reasonably price to add more security should the increasingly instrumental Granit get knocked (or more likely have to sit out for several games), we should be looking at this chap Philip Billings, a Danish Under 23 whom I have been impressed with. He's a big unit with very tidy ball skills and likely (from HUddersfield) won't break the bank. Probably 10m and up IMO.

Certainly will be an upgrade from Elneny whom I feel is mediocre at best but someone we can retain to be content as a back up from bench. Either way, I won't be shedding tears if we sold him on.

If we say add a Pastore (or Ganso) up top with Ramsey in the hole, we may have either of Ox or Iwobi to develop as carrier next to a Saul or maybe at very least Billings to add depth behind Granit or Coquelin. With or without Elneny, we will still have the experience of Santi (should when he can return in strength) as part of 7 options in midfield.


As far as defense is concern, I think we retain the Cbacks Koscielny, Mustafi (who has had an excellent first season), HOlding (who should come more into play IMO with Mustafi) And the beast Gabriel as back up.

I think any change at the back will likely be focuse on fullback.

At Rback, Bellerin this season was missed with Gabriel providing better surrogate than the average Jenkinson but clearly not a fullback comfortable enough to risk going forward at defensive aspect.

Debucchy we can hopefully move on. he is an aging asset with little availability and doesn't seem convicted toward the team. Ditto Jenko because he really isn't that good.

I think the option we have (without having to saddle ourselves with another position toworry about filling from market at expense of more pressing priorities potentially) is Calum Chambers.

Revert him to natural role for which he served so well with Soton. At least for this coming season.

Then attention can be drawn to LBack with Monreal aging and Gibbs frankly not good enough.

Gibbs has the pace, Monreal the better judgements.

I think we have to consider the development of Cohen Bramall. IMO, it may be better for both the youngster and us to have him on loan next season to develop fast track. That may mean either persisting with current set up or adding someone at (IMO) Gibb's expense.

HOw much we have to spend in replacing departing assets (Ozil and Alexis possibly both) will dictate how we approach the defensive reinforcements but I think midfield may also need an upgrade as mention of more skillfull players bearing in mind Santi's age and the fact we lack authority there these days.


Finally in goal, I think Ospina should be released.

He's a good reaction keeper but does not command his area enough for my liking.

I think we should consider working Szsceny back in with Cech.

So if we had to part with Alexis, Ozil and we sold on Walcott, Elneny, Jenko, Debucchy, Ospina, Jack, I won't be unhappy with :

Giroud, Welbeck, Mbappe, Mahrez, Ox, Perez, Asano

Pastore, Ramsey, Iwobi, Saul, Granit, Coq, Santi

(?), Monreal, Bellerin, Chambers, Koscielny, Mustafi, Holding, Gabriel

Cech, Szsc, Martinez

That will mean 4 players in at (just potentially of course) say Mahrez, Mbappe, Pastore,Saul all at premium quality price but remember we would also make some from sales of Alexis, Ozil, Walcott, Jack, etc

The one question mark I have is if we can find a 10m mark player in place of either Gibbs or Monreal this summer (A fifth addition).

It will be a busy summer to say the least should we lose Alexis and Ozil.

It will not help if we cannot retain MINIMUM finish standard at 4th or better and we may have to adjust to poorer quality additions plus possibly less in number.

So first and foremost, we have plenty of work to do from here on and must try to finish in top 4 minimal.


I think bottom line for me is we are missing the technical edge these days with many of the lower PL clubs catching us in player ability (See Mahrez at Leicester)

We need to have more guile and inventiveness again.

Players like Mahrez, Mbappe, Pastore, Saul all have excellent ball control skills which we should strive to add on should we be forced to shed the likes of Ozil and Alexis.

Players like Walcott, Gibbs lack invention and composure. Jack is fragile, Elneny, Jenkinson mediocre, Debuchhy wantaway/unavailable to us. Even Perez I would be content to release albeit I’d prefer to keep because he shows experience and that composure we so sorely lack these days.

I think Wenger attempted to go a more direct football adding aspects of the old English game represented by his core of local lads but the league has changed and we simply look too lacking in ideas.

Alexis tries too hard to compensate and loses the ball too often as a result, Ozil is criticised but when he isn’t playing, his vision is sorely missed.

That should tell us something.

The team needs recomposition badly.

I don’t think its defense that is fragile, its become so partially because the midfield has not functioned efficiently, there is also a lack of fear factor in recent games of our forward line because we have been ‘forced’ IMO into too much tinkering.

Its another reconstruction for Wenger is he should stay on for short duration.

BUT he has the money available now, should make sufficient to cover with sales of key players so IMO he should avoid being cautious and go for it a little with 4 premium priced players instead of cutting corners in hope of development. We have enough projects in the squad and coming through academy as is.


I didn’t read it (way too long mate…but I will probably have a go later, or not) I thumbed you up (in a swamp of thumbs downs) for your dedication and care. COYGFans!


Dude no one will read the book you wrote it.


I’ll get my secretary to read this and come back to you… 😉

Yankee Gooner

I find your argument to be underdeveloped.


Wenger bought a fantastic forward in Podolski, benched him and ruined him for no apparent reason. The same story now with Lucas Peres: The manager buys good players without any idea of how the team should play and how they might fit in. BUY HORSES, ARSENE!

Godfrey Twatschloch

He was injured for quite a long time and after that he never really made it back in the squad. It happens and it’s sad. What it isn’t is Wenger ruining him or anyone else for no apparent reason.

Ozilicious !

Video makes me cry for Santi!!!!


Is Mesut going to be attending any f1 races instead of playing?

Jacob Craycroft

Makes me really miss the JOY of Santi and Poldi.
I know we need vocal leaders, but we also need “team” players who just enjoy their football.
Heal zombie would, heal.

Jacob Craycroft

zombie “wound”, that is.