Papers saying Wenger has decided to stay


According to all of the journalists on the Arsenal beat, so to speak, Arsene Wenger has decided he wants to stay at Arsenal when his contract expires in June.

Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph, John Cross of the Mirror, David Hytner from The Guardian, and Sami Mokbel from the Mail are all reporting tonight that the manager will inform the club it’s his intention to stay and take up the two year contract on offer.

Of course much will depend on the results and performances between now and the end of the season, but it seems as if Wenger is minded to put pen to paper and to try and get this team working again.

The Gunners have lost four of the last five Premier League games, the worst run in his time at the club, and appear in danger of not making the top four and the Champions League.

However, that’s not something that appears to giving him pause for thought at this point, with some suggestions that the deal has already been signed and that the club are just waiting for the right time to announce it.

Whatever happens, it seems to put us odds with stories linking us to Thomas Tuchel, and with a trophy still to play for this season, it seems Wenger is banking on the FA Cup to give him the leverage he needs for a new contract.

After the West Brom debacle and lack of performance, it’s going to be interesting to see how the players react to this.

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Duck Dodgers

Utter idiocy (if true)


in your face all arsenal haters


This really upsets me. Managers very very rarely resign without being forced to, though, and we know no one’s going to do that.

I think the vast majority of people feel his time has come (apart from the ones that matter haha).

Players included. I don’t think they’re trying consciously to get rid of him, but the prospect of turning it around just to get back to ‘flatter-to-deceive’ fourth place mediocrity clearly isn’t inspiring them.

PS – i’m guessing the club was behind that second plane.

David C

but who wants to fire someone that is an absolute club legend? Wenger has to step down himself, the board knows he’ll have a statue one day so they don’t want to be the ones to fire him…

what a weird situation. Hopefully Wenger will realize that he was best when he had Dein and tells the club to help him by hiring a sporting director. He simply can’t keep doing all the jobs.


Fully agree with that. Weirdly I also don’t buy the hysterical reaction to Saturdays defeat. We had a clear penalty claim completely ignored by the ref and subsequently in pretty much every press report I read and McClean could easily have eeen red for an awful challenge on Sanchez which rendered him completely ineffective for the rest of the game, having started very well. Sure the defence of corners was embarrassing but let’s have a little more balance. Heads dropped near the end but that’s understandable given the recent results.


This is mental. At any other club other then Arsenal the manager would 100% be getting sacked. Its not something that I agree with, I think Arsene should walk away, but still, a decision would be made higher up that his time as come.

If Arsene Wenger signs a new deal, I am genuinely worried to see what happens. The fan divide is so apparent now that away games especially are borderline not enjoyable to go to anymore – the infighting rears its head with every misplaced pass, and every goal conceded.

Its really painful to see him going out like this.


Right you are. I’m a huge fan of AW, but he really needed to have seen he had to resign by now, and yet he hasn’t. He’s forfeiting the presumption that he loves the club and puts it first. He’s a very smart man and is closer to the situation than anyone else; surely he recognizes that he is not getting the most out of his players and someone else could be found who would do better. I’ve been in that situation as a youth team coach, and I found that someone (and became his assistant). The team did better. Wenger is getting paid a lot of money to do what he loves, but sadly, he is not doing it at a premier league level anymore.

We all know that it’s Kroenke who’s the biggest problem. Wenger has protected him from a lot of criticism by going along with the fiction that he’s too cheap to pay for the best talent. It’s not Arsene’s money, and who wouldn’t want Eden Hazard or Gonzalo Higuain? Of course Wenger would have bought a top striker if the resources were given to him. Taking the hit for not spending is what Kroenke loves best about Wenger.

If he were preparing the team properly, making wise team selections, and doing his strategic and tactical planning well, though, we would not be in this position. The players are talented, hypercompetitive professionals. They care, and they want to win. They’re being sent out there with a game plan they don’t believe in; Wenger seems deluded about the capabilities of his own men, and unaware of the capabilities of the opponents. Is the club bigger than the manager? Yes, always, everywhere. Arsenal should not be the exception.

I have no illusions about Arsenal doing better next season, with or without Wenger. This last year has really trashed our prospects for the future. We’re going to lose our best players (again), and those who stay have had their confidence shattered. It will take a new manager a while to get the most out of next year’s squad. Wenger has proven that he is not going to get the most out of them, and it will be a diminished squad. But we have to start getting better sometime, right? And we never will with this manager, as great as he was in years past.


Si – by reading all your comments, I’m pretty convinced that your the Arsenal hater.
You would rather Arsenal be thrown under the bus, as long as it meant your beloved Wenger was protected.


what is arsenal to you?? the logo? the name?? pffft Wenger built this team hes been here since I remember. if you want a team that wins the league for the sake of it why dont you support chelshit or manchester teams? if you want ucl or ballon dor why dont you follow the vast morons killing eachother for two individuals in Spain?? this is arsenal and I dont find it much different than its finder. Arsene Wenger.


I know he is having a nightmare more so than many of fans but he deserves much much more respect and if you disrespect him you are indeed disrespecting his legacy which happen to be best years of arsenal football club.


Some moving words. But aducate this
Perior to Wenger Graham carried that legacy as “recent” success of club (of course no one comes close to old 1930s AFC) and I confess I was not a fan when he left and Wenger came (I was 1 year old at the time) but Im sure Graham too was loved by the fans for his legacy and if he had stayed 13 more years without doing much good there wouldnt be a Wenger at all. But he was replaced and we actually went forward. And if Wenger left couple years back we all would say his name with much respect but as Joker says:
“you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

And you man are an absolute hypocrite. You say you love Wenger for his legacy of success with Arsenal and yet mock that fan (spinner) for wanting the same thing again for the same Arsenal? “go support chelshit…”? Really ?

Dan Hunter

Stop trolling Si. To say Arsene Wenger built the club is to buy in to the propaganda. Arsenal began in 1886 (Dial Square), not in 1996. Arsenal survived for 110 years before Wenger and it will go on. Yes, he has done a lot for the club to help built it up commercially, but the real job of the manager is on the pitch, and overall, he has not been a great success, especially if you compare him to Alex Ferguson.

I think it is a myth that Wenger is the best manager ever at Arsenal. Graham won 2 titles in 9 years and he won a European title. Wenger has won 3 titles in 21 years. Two titles Wenger won were built on the George Graham back four. He won only 1 title with a team he built.

La Défense

Wenger will stay. He’s far from being done. There’s fight in the old dog yet.


Yeah, he just showed he cares a lot more about himself than Arsenal. I don’t care about all the hounding he will get in the future when the team inevitably bottles anything again or simply from not being able to turn this season around anymore. He deserves whatever he’s gonna get from signing this extension.


I can accept the view that he is naive or blindly optimistic in thinking he can turn things around for the club.

I have a much harder time accepting the view that Wenger is greedy or just cares about himself. That view is very different, and it doesn’t really make sense.

Like any long-time top-flight manager, Wenger is very wealthy. His profile means he could pick up easy money as a pundit if he wanted. Whatever he earns over the next two years would be neither necessary nor particularly useful for him. It would surely be easier for him to quit and embark on a luxurious and (hopefully) long retirement.


He said he fears retirement. he doesn’t want to retire. I agree with argiebergie based on that.

Joe Baker

I got 50 to 1 on him being next Barca manager. but I will lose I normally do.


One could argue it’s not money that motivates him, but pride.

A more humble man would’ve looked at the evidence and concluded his methods didn’t work anymore and it’s time to step down.

Clearly that’s not the case here.


But it should have never been up to him to make this decision. Can you name another Sporting Club of any type of sport in the world that has the same setup where a manager decides when he leaves? Nowhere. It’s fu**ing unbelievable! I can’t understand anyone who supports the idea of him staying. This is a results orientated business. He’s had his customary time based on nostalgia from past glory, now it’s time for him to deliver or leave.

Dat Guy

In reply to Stonroy: it’s not as if he decided to get offered a new deal. The board wants him to stay in any case, so he decides if he wants to take up on their offer or not.


I agree these guys are gutless but to play devils advocate, Arsene is there longer than pretty much all of them. Tough to sack a guy that pretty much founded everything that modern arsenal represents.

Gudang Pelor

It’s more like arrogance than pride at this point :`(



That’s just silly of you. If someone gets a contract to sign, than it is up to that person to sign or not to. And further, in that case, Wenger has not decided for himself, the club has, as they have come to the conclusion to give him an contract offer – the club have decided that they want him to stay. How hard is this to understand? You are of course free do have whatever opinion about that, just remember that it is just an opinion, mine differs for one, I want him to stay for several reasons, but its not like I am running around trying to glue that opinion to the whole fucking internets face like it was some undeniable fact.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

The tragedy of our situation is that the decision to stay or leave is being left to an underperforming manager whose contract expires inbthe summer, and who has made it clear that he would rather stay. Yet we expect him to be honourable.

Liam Bradys left peg

This has got “shoot the messenger” written all over it. I did say a few days ago that according to a 1st teamers dad, its been signed, but im still hoping its so we can buy it out IF he walks because he wont be pushed thats for sure.



No, this is not a ‘result-oriented business’. It’s a team sport and we win together and we lose together.


Are you serious? Professional football isn’t about winning? As long as we lose as a team it’s all good? Remind me to never hire you as a manager. “We got relegated guys but its okay because we did of as a team”.


Not talking about the money.


I understand it’s an emotional situation, and I feel we need a change in managers this summer. But does Arsene Wenger staying, despite all the abuse and criticism, mean he loves himself more than the club or the other way. I’m sure he’s got other top clubs lined up for him, at least PSG.

Maybe the club isn’t ready to part ways with someone who’s been such an influential figure in the club for the last 21 years.

I know we all want to see the board be ambitious and take risks, but maybe Wenger staying on for an extra year might be the sensible move, while we plan for life without him in the meantime. The fact that there’s an offer on the table for him, you can’t blame him for wanting to stay, you have to blame the board for allowing him to stay.


Why haven’t htey already planned for a life without him? What if he gets run over by a bus?

Post January Blip

It’d probably be a parked bus too. That’s just how bad things seem at the moment


This is in response to the scenario that Wenger would stay on for an extra year because the board isn’t ready for life without him. We don’t know if it’s true, and I don’t have more info that you. I think Wenger should leave and I’m just speculating as we all are, don’t hate.

If the board isn’t ready to part ways with Arsene Wenger, then that is not Arsene’s fault! He is the head coach, it’s not his responsibility to plan for life without him, and he’s always said he’d not be a part of his future succession.

So yes you want him to leave. Regardless to if he wants to stay or leave, he’s being offered a new contract. You can’t hate on the man for wanting to stay and fight for the club he loves and turn things around. You should hate on the board for offering him that chance, at some point someone has to put his arm around him and say enough is enough.

So I urge the people abusing Wenger to direct their abuse at the board and the owners if you really want a change in managers. I honestly don’t feel Wenger deserves to be disrespected or abused. Whether it was enough, the guy has always tried his absolute best and has been a loyal and dedicated servant to this club. For that he should be respected.

Doesn’t mean he can stay for as long as he wants. He can’t leave with respect.


Ok he stays and then decides for another 2 year contract, the cycle will never end. No you either take the plunge now or hold onto past glories a’la Brian Clough, I’ll take my chances elsewhere thank you!


So he leaves. Replacement? Who is going to do the job without a mountain of cash? Think Kroenke is going to provide that? dream on. Let us get serious, KROENKE OUT!


Don’t be so sure that top clubs are still anxious to sign our 67 year old manager. If PSG or Barca are interested, they’re not watching us play these days. This is probably the only big club that would have him anymore, especially at £10M a year. I sympathize about his being unwilling to retire, but he’s become a (rather expensive) hindrance to our improvement. If the club really has signed an extension with him, they’ve made a huge error. I prefer to believe that Arsene will do the right thing and announce his retirement soon from the club, effective this summer. He should have done it in January at the very latest. I can’t imagine why he would want to take the club down with him, or why the club would let him.

The Loon Ranger

I can just see the conversation. Wenger nibbling on a sandwich and pulis chewing roadkill. If I could speak to AW I’d tell him I can’t take my grandkids to the game anymore cos the atmosphere is bloody lethal. The press and media are just stirring and laughing at arsenal fans turning on each other.


I think he should step down (I thought he should have after the FA cup wins; go out on a high and all that) but I don’t accept that he doesn’t care about the club as much as himself.

He’s made a good living from the club, sure, but he’s given a lot of himself to the club over the years. And just look at how many managers get carted off to hospital with heart problems and the like, all of which are exacerbated by stress, and try and say that managing a club isn’t hugely physically and mentally draining.

But still, I think he’s given enough. He’s done good things for the club and should go (should have already gone really, I would say) before he undoes all those good works.

I think it’s time for a change. I also think change is hard and we’ll miss him when he’s gone.


You’re nuts mate. We’ve won 1 in the last 5 league games, and that was against Hull at home. The last month has literally proven there is no more fight in him. We’re getting turfed by every team we’re put up against; getting beaten 3-1 away at West Brom is embarrassing. We got humiliated by Munich; and convincingly beat by Liverpool and Chelsea. He has to go.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

It’s the same every season. We may get the odd result here and there against big teams but we generally get spanked by big teams


Liverpool are doing well against the big teams but that isn’t working so well for them.


They are doing better than us!

And Klopp has been in charge for just over a year. Not 20 years.

Wenger has been overtaken by the younger breed of managers. The game has evolved and he hasn’t been able to keep up. That’s why he the same problems happen every season. He has had enough chances to fix them but clearly he can’t. If he could fix them then he would have done it by now, wouldn’t he?

Dan Hunter

What is the basis for the claims that he will stay? Is there a source within the club or is it simply an interpretation of Wengers interviews? Or is it the so called exclusive in the highly credible Sunday Express claiming Wenger will sign a one year contract? It seems like guesswork to me.


Dan Hunter – I just read the Mirror article and Tony Pulis is quoted saying that after match Wenger told him he has decided to stay on.


I think Tony Pulis would be the last person he would confide in. Media fiction.


I wouldnt trust Pulis to sit the right way on a toilet let alone keep a confidence.
If Wenger has said this to him then would expect it to be a double bluff.


Is it media fiction or did Pulis actually say it? I have very little time for that horrible gargoyle of a man but I doubt he would pull this kind of statement out of his ass for fun.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Pulis said that in human tongue or was that from translating his usual grunts and primitive sign language?

Troy McClure

Really? Tell the team that. They have been limp and flaccid all season.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Actually they haven’t. It started very well and the team was full of fight with plenty of depth and new players showing lots of promise. The wheels came off in the new year. Badly!

Joe Baker

Maybe there is life in the old dog yet, BUT he needs to clarify and confirm what his intentions are. this uncertainty is causing problems, I love Arsenal but I don’t overestimate the mental capacity of our players. They need to know their Managers intentions, stay for one or two years or just go, the playing staff need to know. I have backed Wenger but his stubbornness is getting tiresome, I need a beer.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Could happen or it could not. At least the AFTV cundits would have a fit if it turned out to be true. Not least that pirate looking wanker would moan himself into a heap of rancid butter.


Not surprised you’re focused more on the effect on those people rather than Arsenal.

Godfrey Twatschloch

The world is going to hell and our club is in a state of malaise. It’ll turn though. Till then, have a laugh, chief!


Don’t call them cundits. Agree with them or not, like the way they send their message or not, you have to respect them. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

I disagree with a lot of what’s being said, especially how a lot of them are saying it, but I have a lot of respect for them for standing up for what they believe in. If something is bothering you, don’t just sit there and take it, do something about it.


I agree with you about respecting others opinions even though I disagree with them.

But ‘standing up for what they believe in’? They’re not fighting for civil rights. It’s football.

The papers are telling us that large amounts of the fan base are against this. I think we are divided 50 50. A win against man city will shift that.


it’s not 50-50. it’s nowhere near 50-50. unless you’re talking about the 50 who would gently request him to leave (my preference) and the other 50 who would physically toss him out.

the stay vote has dwindled to sir chips and some hong kong shell company, full stop.


He’s not going to leave until the 50 who gently request him to leave lose their shit and make a riot.


Atleast those guys want the better for Arsenal. They are not focussed on making Arsenal fans suffer. It seems you are just Wenger supporter rather than Arsenal fan if you want fellow fans to suffer.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I’m sure they mean well but I’m not so sure what they are aiming for will be the best for the club. Who knows though, time will tell. It can be argued if how they present themselves and some of the regular interviewees they feature is a particularly good representation of the club. Then again every club has them I guess.

I think Wenger needs to move on but I don’t think it should happen under a load of banners and “Wenger Out” shit. He deserves to be respected and to have a dignified last season with us.

How do I want them to suffer? They are the ones who make themselves suffer. Working themselves into a hissy for not getting what they think they are entitled to. Like children. All I do is watch and think “fucking hell, well at least I’m not like that”. As I’m sure many others do.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

How many away games do you attend?

Godfrey Twatschloch

I can’t afford to go to any games. I watch them at home whenever I can and make it the fullest possible experience under the circumstances I am given. The choice between my three shirts is made in the morning, beer that’s been in the fridge from the day before comes out and there’s food and nibbles. It’s a cherished weekend ritual that takes me away from weekly stress, work related crap and the mundanity of every day life.

I also come here to read, discuss and sometimes argue. Mostly arguing nowadays given the current state of the team. It adds to the experience and I also learn about my team and football in general.

No need to say it though, The brown envelope of Sir Henry Norris, the way I follow my team is clearly not worthy enough.


So he leaves. Replacement? Who is going to do the job without a mountain of cash? Think Kroenke is going to provide that? dream on. Let us get serious, KROENKE OUT!


Thats not in the right place!

Godfrey Twatschloch

That’s OK. I agree with you.

Big Mad Andy

I can’t wait to know once and for all so this speculation can end. If he stays I won’t be happy, but like everyone else I can’t walk away from the club until he goes even if it hasn’t been fun for a while.


It’s quite obvious he really wants to prove everyone wrong. He wants to win the league/CL before he leaves, or at least seriously challenge, because he firmly believes he still can. He won’t go before he does it one last time.

This is clearly a man in denial. He can’t face the fact that he can’t do it anymore. The only way he’ll leave is if things just get worse and worse and he’s ultimately forced out.

What a shitshow this has become.


If he can’t even turn this season around I can’t imagine how he won’t get sacked next season given the board cares more about money than him.


He’ll never leave by choice. He has to be forced out.

Agnes Demise

i think we will be in a shitstorm really really soon, if he extends


You mean we are not already?


So for a man, who gave his absolutely all, and will give, it is bad to let him tru and prove his worth? If players would had the half of the desire mr.Wenger has, it would be different story. Players play, not the manager. And he is giving them freedom to do it. You want new tactics? You want new players? Everywhere everythinf works with the machine that has been allready used. Nobody can avoid malfunction. And in his stress of work i still believe in mr. Wenger. He is the right man for job having in mind the circumstances. And anybody who believes, that any other man could do his job better is kinda delusional..


I heard the man divorced with his wife because he loves Arsenal? If it’s true then i can understand if he tends to stay at Arsenal. The man only has football in his life atm, maybe his relation with his ex and kids not that good. If he move to another club, he will face a ruthless board that can sack him anytime if they underperformed. Only at Arsenal he can get away with so many hummiliation defeats.
It’s like a payback for us, the man gives his prime time to manage us and now he demands us to payback him by giving him time as long as he wants.

It’s not good for the club, but it’s good for him. The decision to keep him as the manager is not for Arsenal but Wenger. Should give the man another job, maybe as a board at our club so he still can give a contribution in a different way. He’s no longer a good manager and only leads us to the downfall.


His divorce probably had more to do with the fact he was banging some young thing back in paris

Godfrey Twatschloch

Top man for still shagging at almost 70.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

You’ll probably find that his wife divorced him. If she divorced him because of The Arsenal then she was being silly. The Arsenal has been in my life even longer than my (late) mother, never mind a wife or girlfriend.
Women may come and go, The Arsenal is forever

Godfrey Twatschloch
DB10'S Air Miles

Fair play!


We digress


Great news. Even though I think he should go I’d love to be a fly on the wall of Piers Morgan or Kevin Whitcher’s house when this filters through. Cunts.


Please, no.

It was a great run, Arsene.

But it’s time to say goodbye.

Staying will not make the situation better. It will only make it worse.

The fan base and atmosphere will only continue to get more and more toxic until the day finally comes when you leave the club.

The only question is: When that day finally comes, will any of the supporters remember you fondly for your earlier achievements, or will your insistence on staying far past your due date poison them so much against you that they disregard even those?


West Brom are now 12 points closer to us than we are to Chelsea. How has it come to this? I genuinely think Wenger thinks the fans are being unreasonable and the discontent is just a kneejerk reaction to a few bad results. He doesn’t seem to understand that this is something thats been growing for a long time, how can he not remember the protests last season? I remember thinking then, when it became apparent he would stay on another year ‘ok I’ll give him one last chance, let’s see what he can do’. I thought it was a given this would be he last season and know after how badly it’s gone it’s gonna be another 2 years?!? I think hes dug himself into a hole and now just can’t walk away.


When friends and colleagues ask “What’s going on with that team of yours?” these days, I have nothing left to say. I’m sad to say it, but if Arsene stays, it’s gonna turn toxic. If he thinks it’s bad now, then he hasn’t seen anything yet. I’m not encouraging that by the way, but I think it’s inevitable. If he stays, there’ll be an exodus of players in the summer, and if we start next season the way we’re playing now, we’ll be in danger of getting relegated next year.

Theo's Wall-cot

Oh c’mon!


Not knowing is hurting the team.

However, whether wenger stays or a new manager is brought in this group of players can’t win the league.

Need a better left back, a new center half, a holding mid, a replacement for the injured santi (with the same possession and passing skills) a right winger and a left winger as Sanchez can play up top.

We start paying top wages like the best teams in europe otherwise it’s another decade of mediocrity.


The annoying thing is we do actually have a pretty high overall wage bill, just no one is on really big money, its strange


We have a higher wage bill than Bayern. We are paying top wages like the best teams, we are just stupidly paying the wrong people inflated amounts.


You have any stats to prove that? As i know the taxes are different in gereman then in Grat Britain. So are you using Football manager or you have real data?


Englishlanguagekiller – you came out with a flippant accusation that argiebargie used football manager for his info, then he owned you.


How does that wage bill even make sense? there are about 25 Sr. players and about what 20-30 younger players that make up the club that get payed little to nothing in wages.

How does Arsenal even have 250M??? Just googing wages for the current seasons the numbers are way off. compared to 442. This is for 2015?

This shows a different picture. This is Bayern paying in Euros compared to the pound for Arsenal. I’m going to assume if Bayern was in the Prem their wage bill would be 15-20% higher since Prem clubs always pay more right? lol


There’s enough quality in this team to do better than top 4 and CL round of 16. All the fans want really is to see the team improve by competing in all competitions. After that, fans will worry about the trophies. No one wanted AW to leave until 2010/11, why, Arsenal were actually competing to that point. After that season the Wengerout machine began to grow.


How do you better then top 4?

Arsenal players are overrated.

I think AW really needs if he continues is a right hand man to be bad cop. To be able to either push the players to play better or get them out of here and replaced. He’s to involved with the players to want to get rid of under performing players. He keeps them around because he has too much faith in them.


Time to call it quits and let someone else have a chance.

He’s done his best but he no longer has what it takes anymore.


I think more to the point is kroenke and gazidis to go.

Chert Merman

Nothing would make me happier than for Wenger to prove everyone wrong, come back, win the league and go out showered with rose petals. Hell, Chelsea was in shambles, SHAMBLES, just last season. However, they changed approach, we won’t. And so the nightmare will continue, I’m afraid.

Wenger's coat zipper

They’ve changed the manager. Can you see the money grabbing fossil cunts in the Arsenal board doing that? Maybe if Wenger managed to drag us into relegation places…

Agnes Demise

we all wanted this, for so many years
but the facts show he just can’t do it, no matter how much he and us want it


You know what makes all this Wenger talk go away ..? Winning a few football matches. It’s that simple.

Team needs heavy reinvestment. Be ruthless, cut the dead weight and focus on technical players with a bit of steel that can win games.


You say all that but if you search deep within your heart, you know Ramsey will be made captain.


That reinvestment should be done by a new Manager. Wenger has had his chance and things are not getting better. If Leicester can win the league by 10 points with the quality they had, the least this squad could have done was fight with Leicester for the title. But that didn’t happen. It’s not happening under this manager even if you give him the squads of the past 2 PL champs.


We spent more this summer than we ever have and we’ve gotten worse. No amount of money can fix our problems (which is good because our owner certainly would not spend it).


Even with 200 million pound transfer money Wenger won’t win the league.


If after all these non performances and player bust ups, the club still insist on offering him an extension, then the real villain will be the board. He’s stayed so long he’s become a part of the fabric of the club so naturally he can’t just let go. This is where the board or owner is meant to step in and gently but firmly put him out to pasture if they truly had the best interest of Arsenal at heart. I guess the coming weeks will witness unprecedented levels of upheavals and avoidable fan dissent. Let’s hope the board wake up and stop the situation mortally wounding relationship between the fans and the club


I don’t know what to believe anymore. The Bild says we have approached Tuchel. Journos say Wenger is signing a new contract. I really don’t know what will happen.

But have to say thanks to Blogs and Hound for keeping us all updated with the latest news stories. Cheers guys ??


Simple really. It’s all a PR thing. The board want him to stay and Wenger wants to stay. They just need the right time to announce. If Arsenal make it into top 4 the board can’t sack him because he has met the objective. If not, then Wenger can decide not to turn in the signed contract and leave the decision in the hands of the board. Even after that, the board would like to find a reason to keep him. Placate the fans in some way to keep the noise down. Good luck to them if Arsenal don’t make top 4.


I can’t even contemplate how poisonous things will be if he stays on. I love Arsene, always will but please just walk gut over the last two weeks is he’s walking away, he looks dejected and the players no longer want him in charge, plain to see. Now our board are spineless pricks but they will know when that happens only the manager goes, not the squad. Dead man walking for me, so sad it’s come to the ugliness and resentment from fans.


I believe it’s just a rumor although there’s a big chance it happens because the man is so selfish. Easy 20 Million £ to his pocket for finish like what? top 6 or top 7.

North London red

I hear all these points from arsenal fans ” if he signs this this and this we can really push on and win the league”
Sorry but how many times have we heard this? Yes, he if he were to sign a new deal he might want to sign a new deal and prove the doubters wrong. Now see I’ve never doubted his desire to see arsenal succeed, he’s arsenal through and through. But wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things and feel that a leopard never changes his spots and I really feel it’s time to for a change. How much longer do we give him, a year? 2 years? The rate at which the money and teams around us are rapidly improving is I admit , scary. And in 2 years who knows how much stronger (and larger in numbers) competive teams for the title will be before we begin the rebuilding process

Chamakhs untouched dust collecting arsenal dressing room hair gel tub
Chamakhs untouched dust collecting arsenal dressing room hair gel tub

I’m so used to arsenal not winning things now that my expectation levels have dropped to almost zero, so if he decides to stay the decline that is both happening and will happen, sounds bad but generally didn’t bother me. What does is a man who demands total respect from his commitment, loyalty and class he has brought to the club, and the last thing I want to see if the fans completely turn on him and things to go sour
Sigh 🙁

Agnes Demise



Please stay

Lucid rageaholism

It’s not my favourite Westlife song, i’m more of a flying without wings fan

Donald's Trumps

Stay now stay now stay now.
Wenger if you’ve got to go aaaaaaaayyyyy,
Don’t think i can take the pain.


Please dont talk

Donald's Trumps


I love you sooooooo

The minute you walk out that door

Please don’t talk

Johnny bud

Then I’m done.

I know nobody cares, but can’t emotionally invested in a team that doesn’t care either.

We just got a new team here in Atlanta. I will check back after the two years of mediocrity are done

He was once great. If he stays, he’s just another selfish prick. It’s over dude. Everybody knows it but you


Wow, you are literally echoing my thoughts. I live in Atlanta and the games I’ve attended have been loud and entertaining. It’s a fantastic distraction from the malaise within Arsenal. ATL!


The man’s arrogance knows bounds


greg – you may missed a word from your comment which completely changes the meaning of what you’re trying to say!


Cheers spinner

A ‘no’ should be in there


1 year is understandable. Put the structures in to make the club function properly without him.
My biggest wish and I’ll whisper it, is to watch Wenger lift the PL or CL trophy once before leaving.
Maybe somehow miraculously it happens.
We all will feel a lot better if Arsene is the man to do it, not Tuchel or Allegri .
P.s: I know shit may hit the fan entirely.


I would absolutely love for Wenger to go out on a high by winning the PL or CL.

But a contract extension cannot be justified. Arsenal’s performances since 2013 have not been up to the mark. It’s not about whether Wenger can do it or not but whether the club can do better or not.

And the atmosphere around the club is poisonous. Even if we manage to win everything till the end of the season, FA Cup, top 4,finishing above Spurs, the moment we lose a game next season which we will, it will turn poisonous again.

Things are getting stale at the club, it’s not fun anymore. Us fans have been extremely patient through the last decade or so with the club, the least we deserve is some credibility.


So if the manager changes, atmosphere will change too? Will the new manager have the resources to transit the club? There are so many stuff that is involved, and Arsenal is bigger then one man. If it eould not be, then there woudldnt be such a shitstorm..


For the last time, it cannot be worse than it has been for years. I may be brainwashed to believe there are more successful more talented more promising managers out there in the world. It’s like Arsenal has lost it’s soul and call me whatever you want I blame Wenger and fucking hate the fact that he is never answerable to the fans.
We have owner you doesn’t care, board who is spineless, staff that is incompetent.
I hate it when they say we have been spoilt by wenger and be careful what you wish for I just fucking hate it.


If there is someone the club has in mind and it means waiting another season, thats fine if the season is used to clean up the squad for the next guy. For me, that WBA game was the death knell for some players’ Arsenal career more than it was for the manager, even if everyone is focussed solely on him.


Then we write off our next two years…..this used to be fun, but not anymore.

Arshavin's Forth goal at Anfield
Arshavin's Forth goal at Anfield

I love his never say die attitude, and i admire his resilience, but somebody needs to step in and tell him it is enough already. He is by far the best manager ín arsenal history but all good things come to an end, and arsenal needs someone new (hell, Wenger needs something new as well. ).


For all of the people who keep criticizing the board (including Arseblog) I have to ask what it is precisely that you want them to do? Wenger has said many times that he will not work with a Sporting Director/DOF, so their choices are either back him or sack him?

So is your critique of the board that they haven’t fired Wenger? Gazidis has been AWOL but even if he had been on tv every night, what would we have expected him to say? Either we back AW or we are firing him. Surely they wouldn’t say the latter?

I am not defending the board per se, but instead think they are being used as a straw man by those who really want Wenger to go but are not wanting to fully and publicly embrace that position.

This straw man put sition is extended to the “fear” that it will take 2 or more people to replace AW. So what? Companies hire new senior staff all the time and surely it is better to hire a team en masse rather than deal with any semblance of an old guard (I.e. Already in place) being in conflict with new hires. Whoever we bring in as our next coach/ manager, it would be infinitely preferable that they partner with a back room team and Sporting Director that they already know and can work with.

In my humble opinion the board are perhaps treating the current manager with too much deference, but given his history that is understandable. Only once he is gone, either now or in the future will we see if they can hire the right people. The universe of possible names is pretty short given the job description so surely it is not as hard a task as some are making out?


He worked very happily with David Dein who did a similar job to a sporting director and in fact would be the ideal person.


Managers very rarely fulfill their contracts these days.
The Arsenal manager role is still very attractive.
Im sure Ancelotti, Allegri etc. would be interested especially if they were given a large transfer budget.
I also feel if the job was available when Guardiola was free he would have taken it over Man City.


I believe the real issue people have with the board is twofold
1. It’s clear sporting goals are not the boards highest priotity. While it’s understandable the board prioritizes financial stability over sporting goals from the owner’s perspective – that is difficult to accept from a fan’s perspective, especially given Arsenal fans pay the highest prices in Europe
2. By showing so much deference to Wenger the board is putting itself in a terrible position for when he finally does leave. It’s worth pointing out that during Wenger’s successful period he had Dein to act as a counterweight. There is currently no one in a position to challenge Wenger at the club. If the board wants to move on at some point they simply need to decide or give Wenger an early hard deadline if they keep leaving it up to him so that they can put in place the people and structures

The board really has no succession plan – that is an issue that repeatedly is raised in corporations where there is a dominant CEO and thanks to investor pressure gets dealt with. At Arsenal there simply appears to be no actual plan as almost no one on the board knows anything about the sporting side


What evidence do you have that there is no succession plan? The board may not be ‘football’ people but I doubt they are that stupid. Wenger could fall off his bike under a bus tomorrow morning.


Investment firms are somewhat similar to Arsenal in that they tend to have one extremely high profile “founder” /revenue generator – in this case Wenger. Very often successful firms a few years before they want to make the transition will begin getting structures in place and bringing in people to get them acquainted with the firm / “club”. That tends to lead to a smoother transition period than simply having the founder walk away and suddenly everything needs to be done.

I would argue in this case it’s pretty well covered that Arsenal will need a serious transition of their model when Wenger leaves – blogs has been pretty good on this. It would be reasonable for the board to appoint a sporting director to work alongside Wenger to make the transition more smooth when he does leave. However it appears as Blogs has well covered that if Wenger would leave today then none of those structures are currently in place – having to hire 2 experienced top level employees from the outside at one (sporting director and coach) is not generally considered a valid succession plan at the corporate level.

matty t.

This is going to get very ugly indeed.

lovely arse

Ground. Hog. Day.

Malaysian gunner

Now the sif may stay and says the cl aint important.What utter rubbish.Its something
like the fox who lost his tail and said you look good without it.Year after year its the same old story (sos). The gunners will collapse come late autumn/early spring.
All fans if not 99.99% have lost faith in him.Thats why evenif he were to win the FA cup against all odds,it wont appease the fans.
Since the turn of the year his record is appalling. Of course we don’t need Arsenal to win every game unless you are BM.Imho,the rot started with draw against Howe.Since then the defence has been heading ina free fall .
Unless the fm somehow contrives to make the defence stronger Arsenal
could be easy meat for the top teams. His philosophy of attack,attack,attack and passing sideways and all over the pitch is aheaven sent for counter attacking teams.Interms of possession,the gunners shadedAbion by 2 thirds.
Whatever for?Albion won. Unless the fm makes winning the priority,Arsenal will struggle and be one of the mid table teams in time to come.

Southland Gunner

I don’t believe anything until he speaks himself. This is the same guy who SAF said could be a poker player. No sense worrying about something over which I have no control………


Maybe he could do a Corbyn and run for reelection against an inanimate carbon rod.


Just in case this happens to be true…NO-OOO-OOO-OOO!!!


I could see Wenger signing a one year deal thus allowing arsenal to come up with a concrete succession plan. I think that would be fair and ultimately benefit the club. For Wenger to sign anything beyond a one year deal speaks volumes to his arrogance and potential senility.


Clickbait clickbait clickbait (the original sources, not arseblog).

Nobody knows what’s happening.

Southland Gunner



After taking some distance from the whole debacle and engaged in some calm, I figured if he signs a new deal and tries to makeover training methods or the backroom staff for one last hurrah, I’d still support the man and get behind him.

There’s only one Arsene Wenger. I’ve lost my faith in the man, but I’ll still try to get behind him.

Tough times.


Makeover training methods. Wenger. ? ?


Hopefully its a 1-year contract. During this year the club and he will make all the appointments and changes necessary so that once he leaves the club we can be successful moving forward.

In my opinion the board situation is more worrying than the manager situation but there is considerable overlap.

One thing I absolutely loathe about our club is the lack of transparency from Wenger up. Gazidis is as much the problem as Kroenke, though I’m assuming Gazidis entire role is basically public liaison and serves no other role of substance.


Gazidis gets paid more than £1m per year from Arsenal so I hope he’s more than just public liaison.
Where is he anyway? He’s gone into hiding when the club is in free fall. Useless cunt.


Arsenal fans live in hope. I have no connections at the club but I don’t see exactly what else he does apart from put out a statement every now and then and host the arsenal q+a sessions.

I’m not saying I could do his job but I sort of am…


Actually Gazidis got paid £2.65m last year as salary plus £1m bonus for….. well who knows what for. But £3.65m per year should provide world class leadership. What we are getting is a cowardly cretin who disappears when the job gets difficult.


His wikipedia page says he played for oxford university football team that’s surely worth £1m


That’s criminal for gazidas to pull down that amount of money. I’m not even sure what his duties to the club entail. It seems far to many undeserving people are making a great deal of money off the back of the Arsenal name. And that includes several players.


My Arsenal watching days are sadly over. Being emotionally invested to a club whose manager is addicted to suffering is not a good investment of my time and energy.
I admire Wenger for being a man of principle, for being coherent and consistent with his values through thick and thin. But his inability to let go is a weakness that makes the relationship between him and the club one of negative co-dependence.
As a fan who will continue to wish the best Arsenal football club it is a sad decission to make, but a heartfelt one. May change and good moments find us fans sooner rather than later.


It’s getting to the point where if AW was a prick lieutenant in some war movie his own soldiers would shoot him.


How about that for a couple of conflicting news stories


WHY IS IT EVEN HIS CHOICE? They are mediocre at best and the club should have the guts to let him go for his performance

Josiah Ongai

Wenger behaves like the old guards in African politics who don’t want to surrender power to the democracy. He want to rule with autocratic way of not leaving the leadership like old president of some of the Africans countries it is best if he can step aside and alow good club get good result he now piss me off wenger needs to change or he will be swept by change

Save Arsenal, Sack Wenger
Save Arsenal, Sack Wenger

If Wenger stays, I’m done. I’ve had enough of this “business”. Perhaps I’ll find another business on Wall Street to support.

Groundhog year 4.0

Chelsea United City pool would of all sacked the manager by now.

We are a club with 0 backbone a spineless team and a rudderless manager living off past glory.


I dont approve of Wenger staying. but this announcement may focus the team to work harder. this hopeless run must stop.
I hope the fans support the team. and any protests/ banners if any should only be held after the game.
we need to support our team.
We are Arsenal.


I hope the fans stop supporting this team, stop spending money because money is all that they care about except for Wenger he cares only about his pride.


It started with the injury to Santi Carzola, and it got worse when the Manager changed Coquelin’s role. Then the decision to let Wilshere, a natural replacement for Santi, go on loan all sum up this horrible season


Jack seems to grow better in absence. The reality is he can’t even get into a side that’s battling against relegation. It’s hard to see him being the answer


With or without the FA Cup, with or without Champions League qualification I’m hoping AW will stay. He’s a world class manager with a remarkable record and we’ve made no preparation to replace him nor are a great many of us happy to see him go in the disgraceful way some other fans want him to. Wenger is simply unsackable.


I agree with u that he is unsackable. I even said that in my comment. But honestly, Arsene is no longer the man. His methods are failing and it looks like some players in the squad dont want to play for him no more.

Tell me what Arsene has done to deserve a new contract apart from making money for the club. Absolutely nothing.


I think the final nail in AWs coffin was the players obviously throwing the towel in. Their is no turning the corner from this. I’m certain AW will see out this season. even if Wenger announced today that he was leaving at the end of the season that still only gives the board 3 months to find a replacement. What we don’t need is some shit “caretaker” manager or a transition manager.


He is a world class manager it’s Arsenal FC which is shit isn’t it mate. well we don’t want this world class manager and he can fuck off to some world class club because sadly we aren’t one.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

If he signs it will show he just cares about his high salary.


I think as arsenal fans we have to get used to the fact that Wenger is going nowhere.

Even if we finish outside of the top4 and go out to City in the FA Cup. Wenger will be running things need season.

The sad part is any other club would not allow this turmoil, and Arsenal FC continue to take the fans for fools. The club could not be bothered what fans are saying about Wenger or the club. Wengers pride has turned to arrogance. Look don’t be fooled guys, this is the best squad we have had for years, we are covered in every position but the manager is failing to get the best out of the players.

All in all I am a Wenger out man that has come to the realisation that he is going nowhere. The fight is a waste of energy and the denial has gotten the better of me. I’ve accepted defeat that Arsene will be mangers in 2017/2018.