Ramsey looking to add to Wembley memories


It was Aaron Ramsey’s extra-time winner that ended Arsenal’s trophy drought in 2014, when we beat Hull in the final of the FA Cup.

The Welshman obviously has fond memories of the place, and he played the full game in the cup triumph the following season too.

Having played his part in yesterday’s 5-0 win over Lincoln City, the midfielder expressed his delight at the prospect of another couple of trips to Wembley.

“We’re disappointed to be out of the Champions League but I love this competition,” he said.

“I’m delighted to be going back to Wembley and hopefully we can have something to look forward to and can get back to the final.”

And on yesterday’s opposition, he said, “Full credit to Lincoln. They’ve had an absolutely amazing FA Cup run. They showed that in the first half, they were difficult to break down – very well-organised.

“It’s no surprise that they’re top of their league.

“We’re just delighted that we’ve got another trip to Wembley.”

The draw for the semi-finals takes place tomorrow night after the last quarter-final between Chelsea and Manchester United.

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Cliff Bastin

i think RamXhakalaka could work if they just stop being injured or suspended all the time.


That may have been one our biggest problems this season, not having a settled midfield and no alternative to Coquelin who has been out of form/asked to play a role he can’t play. Bar Cazorla, our midfield for this and the last season have been the worst we have had during Wenger’s time at the club imho


I agree. The central midfielders look lost without Santi. I didn’t feel that xhaka and Ramsey put in the best of shifts either yesterday. Ramsey grabbed a goal and that’s about it. Xhaka was to long on the ball and seemed to be well off the pace. And also picked up a needless yellow card. The most disturbing aspect for me was that neither of them could play with any tempo or rhythm.


Yeah. I think it was promising to see Ozil playing more like a CM yesterday. A midfield with Xhaka sitting deep with Ramsey and Ozil as CM’s ahead of him could work.


the problem with ramsey is that the way wenger is using him is restricting him. personally i feel he is one of the most dynamic midfielders in the world right now .there is very few players like him , his runs and goals from midfield is an asset. if arsenal manages to use him well our team will be unpredictable and we wont be relying on the striker and sanchez for the goals . he should be given a free role in midfield three .i feel ox ramsey and xhaka is the future of this club and those three should be go to midfield formation.


Restricting him from doing what exactly? Ramsey runs wherever he wants anyway, so it doesn’t matter what position he is supposed to be playing in. What goals from midfield? He needs to stop pointing all the time and seriously practice his shooting, at the moment he’s getting himself in everyones way and has more chance of smashing up the clock than getting the ball in the goal. You’re right, there are few players like him, so bloody frustrating.


normally i wont support player tthat are playing poorly . but in ramsey’s case there are too many reasons for his bad performance.

first of all his position. the only season he performed well scoring goals was when he was playing his favoured central midfield role. but since that season santi is more preferred to start in tht position and ramsey has had to play on the wings . granted santi is a better player , but that doesnt make ramsey any poorer trying to play in the wings.

secondly his injury , whenever it looks like he is hitting the form he gets injured and it will take some games after the injury to get back his form. in the game against lincoln this was obvious.

to get the best out of ramsey you have to give him a free role in a midfield three. it will be at the cost of ozil because there will be no position for no10 in a midfield three but unlike ozil ramsey defends for the team .


Absolutely…..dont need a loose cannon in midfield…[email protected]


“one of the most dynamic midfielders in the world right now” – This statement is beyond ridicuolous


Say what you will about the lad, but that winner against Hull was a thing of exquisite beauty that we will always remember.


I loved the one against lincoln

Stringer Bell

Yep thanks for that memory Aaron buts it’s time to say goodbye. You are a liability

Ponsonby gooner

He dragged us over the line that day, and was sensational that season. You have to wonder why he’s not managed to come close to that form since. My guess would be the long term injuries. Hamstrings are disruptive but I think it’s the more severe damage that takes away from a players ability. I think that’s jacks problem too sadly.

King of the Hill

As long as we can avoid Chelsea, Man United, Spurs and Man City in the Semi’s we should be OK.
Oh wait…

Heavenly Chapecoense

You ask any of these big teams, which team they want to play and it is going to be Arsenal.

Lord Bendtner

What we need is for the Boss to tell the Coq to forget everything he has been telling him and revert back to the pure DM cover for CBs and R/LB that he was so good at doing. Please Mr.Wenger, the lets make the Coq into a Kante project has failed.
The problem has been the defensive fragility and the resulting goals we’ve been letting in. So, let’s get back our Coq to do his thing that he is best at. And let Ramsey or Xhaka play the more Box to Box role.
For me, I think that is our number one issue to salvage something this season.


Agree as I commented above here. But for the Coq to do that we probably need to play two central midfielders ahead of him as Xhaka doesn’t have he legs to play box-to-box and Ramsey can’t build play from deep.


coq should’nt be playing for the club. i can name atleast 3-4 midtable players that plays in same position as his and is better than him


Definitely our most overrated player. Should of sold this guy for £40 mill when the chance came years ago. I agree hes been injured and needs time to get back to full sharpness but please someone explain to me how he’s better than Wilshire?? Why haven’t we recalled him when he’s 10x more creativery than this guy..


Over-rated by who?
I only ever see criticism of him…..


By the boss, of course.


Is this the same boss that watches him in training everyday or the one that says he’s the key player for Wales? Or maybe he’s overrated by the experts who put him in the Euro 2016 team of the tournament?


There are people on here who somehow still defend his performances to the death. And still somehow think Xhaka – Ramsey is our best midfield partnership


i think ramsey is underutilized by the club itself. playing him as a winger and central midfielder is only restricting him. that welsh coach might only be half as experienced as wenger but even he found out that the best position to utilize ramsey is to give him a free role inn midfield three . and such he was one of the best player in euro 2016. player like that will not become a liability suddenly . granted that ramsey wasted too many oppertunities this game but he has just came back from a injury and it will take him a while to find his form


Definitely our most overrated player. Should of sold this guy for £40 mill when the chance came years ago. I agree hes been injured and needs time to get back to full sharpness but please someone explain to me how he’s better than Wilshire?? Why haven’t we recalled him when he’s 10x more creative than this guy..

Wenga boys

We don’t have a recall clause. Do you follow this club or just bash players and make hindsight remarks.


Simply being less injury prone is being better than Jack.


Personally I think that based on pure ability our best midfielders are Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey.

Sadly they’re three of our most injured players.

Talking of which, I hope Welbz and Ox get back asap


Sorry just don’t think Rambo cuts it, he had ONE great season,, always injured, injured more than he plays, missed loads of chances yesterday, needs to go with few others arsenal players that aint good enough


Ramsey is such a polarizing figure at Arsenal. He’s not shit like a lot of people say, but he’s also no where near as good as he thinks he is.
We often say Na$ri only played well for 6 months as an Arsenal player, well the same logic can be applied to Ramsey as he’s only had 1 good season for us and the manager really has given him every opportunity possible.
Saying that, I thought he played very well against Bayern up until the red card. He reverted back to wasteful and not tracking back Rambo versus Lincoln. His goal was a gift. So there in lies the dilima. You just don’t know what you’re going to get ftom him. The only thing that is consistent with him is that he will get injured at some stage. But we are short in the middle at the moment, so he has to play and hopefully we get the Good Ramsey. But one just does not know with this player.

The goooch

A goal scoring midfielder who doesn’t score goals


How many games has Ramsey played this season after being brilliant for Wales? Not many. He just needs a long run in the Arsenal side. Love to see us draw Spuds in semifinal as we would certainly be up for it.


Spurs in the semis. We dump them out, we meet them again to decide a 6 pointer and piss on their party again for another St Totteringhams.


I thought Rambo had a decent game (of course its against Lincoln) but honestly, if we scrapped it, they will say we are struggling, if we pummel Lincoln, they will say we are being classless.

Well I thought we got it just right with 5. We could have scored ten but that would cross the fine line between respectful and truly classless.

Naturally a team like Spurs may want to be one up on us because they have that chip on the shoulder. I say let them, even if it means they lose Kane for their efforts.;)

Ramsey was a bit rusty but if he can carry this into the league, we can have a better functioning midfield to finish the season strong.


On that note, Ozil had a decent game too.

91% pass completion, 3 key opportunities created, people have their favorite gripes that don’t always bear scrutiny in reality.

You have to relish the new combative edge he is showing with that ‘shove’ that got Sutton’s knickers in a twist.

Chris Sutton would naturally big up someone like the Lincoln CF, the oaf of a man who is in his 40s or looks like with balding patch. Probably reminds him of his own technical standards so cruelly exposed by Arsenal back in the day.

All I remembered that bloke doing on the pitch was getting a bloody nose and falling around like a sack of over ripened potatoes.


Was listening to the arsecast.

Talk about Ian Wright being bought at 28yrs. Well, Wenger tried to get Vardy in similar age range just FYI.

With regards Ramsey rounding the keeper, no it won’t be a typical thing for Rambo to gloat the goal but heading it in on his knees. More likely he may miss it from 1 yard off which is probably why he opted for power.