Report: Primorac tipped for Turkish managerial role


Boro Primorac, a mainstay of Arsene Wenger’s coaching set-up, is being linked with a managerial position in Turkey.

According to Turkish publication Fotospor (translation provided by, the 62-year-old is a candidate to take over from Aykut Kocaman at Super League side Konyaspor in the summer.

Primorac, a Yugoslavian international during his playing days, coached French sides Cannes and Valenciennes in the early nineties and later became Wenger’s assistant in Japan at Nagoya Grampus Eight. He joined Arsenal 20 years ago this month.

The two men forged a friendship when Primorac, then at Valenciennes, alerted the FFF to Marseille’s attempts to bribe his players. Left ostracised in France by his whistleblower status, the Bosnian-Croat was offered sanctuary by Wenger who felt the scandal had cost his Monaco side at least one league title. They’ve been at each other’s side ever since.

While Primorac doesn’t speak Turkish he does speak nine (nine!!!) other languages and acts as Wenger’s eyes and ears both at the training ground and in the stands, from where he often watches Arsenal’s matches.

As things stand we’ve no way of verifying this story, however, were there even a kernel of truth it would mark another pretty significant hint at change at London Colney. The club is already on the lookout for a new head of the Academy and several reports overnight claim the board are exploring the possibility of appointing a sporting director. 

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Biggest sign yet that Wenger will be leaving this summer?


The weird thing is he’s never been mentioned when people talk about how much is wrong with the club.

He got plenty of acknowledgement and or praise in the early days, but is conspicuous by his lower (by comparison) profile in the recent past.


Yup. Quite likely that is the strongest sign. He’s been with Wenger for so long that it’s unthinkable he’ll want to leave now unless his position as an assistant will become untenable end of season. Assuming this is the case, I expect to see more movement or planned movement like this among the rest of the backroom staff sooner if not later.


Well there aren’t confirmed reports that its happened, no? Does anyone else just get the feeling we are being sold down the river again? Like similar to when are season falls apart every year then all these stories come out about Arsene having 4 trillion pounds to spend on whoever he wants, and the old ‘re-building’ stuff starts getting paper headlines.

But then maybe the reason this is all hear say is because its being kept on the down low because as people have pointed out, it would be a really strong indicator that Arsene could be leaving in the summer.

Either way, I hope Arsene comes out and addresses this elephant in the room soon. It surely cant be strung out for too much longer, he himself said he would decide in March / April .. ? He has to come out and say something in the next couple of weeks – well he doesn’t have to, but he should.


‘similar to when our season falls


If Primorac leaves Wenger’s gone. They’re pretty much inseparable.

Get in.

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Someone has a different view than you so call him a twat. Grow up!


I think he has a beef with him for a different reason. It couldn’t be because of the comment. Perhaps he cares to explain.


His beef with me is that I’m Muslim.

The irony is that he named himself after a Muslim player in Nasri. Absolutely hilarious.


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Gads. Your comment makes me sick


I have been following arsenal for 6 years and this is the 1st time i came to know about him…(now that i am gonna get dislikes for not knowing him can i also add #WENGEROUTNOW




If you’ve not heard of him before I really doubt you’re much of a fan


Come on now, I only know boro because of football manager. He’s otherwise so good at keeping a low profile it almost hints of something highly illegal (I kid).


A truly, monumentally stupid and offensive comment.
Your parents must be so proud.


I’ve never heard of him. Maybe it’s all his fault?
Primorac out! 🙂


F’kin hell everyone is cross on here!


“If you’ve not heard of him before I really doubt you’re much of a fan”
This ^ ^ ^ gets loads of THUMBS UPS?
Un-fucking believable!
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Maybe you should take a rest from it.


Maybe you should fuuuuuck right offff (unless you are a doctor or something) trying to be nice? 🙂


He’s been around since Wenger took over and presided over the early successes.

He has been an excellent servant to the club helping Wenger develop players (Like Henry and Viera for example)

Probably sign of time that he is moving on. I expect Wenger is himself clearing the way for his own eventual succession maybe not this summer a year down or so.


If we ever! get a new manager, surely he will clear the decks. Not just Primoric but Akers, Banfield, Colbert , Peyton etc etc, all the old dead wood (pinching a living) out, only ones should have stayed are the 2 who’ve gone Jonkers & Freddie


Added to the significance of the fact that he has a long-time working partnership with Wenger, I read a long time ago (sorry, I can’t scavenge the source) that Arsenal’s passing game – and therefore Arsenal’s game in general – owes a huge deal to Primorac (Eastern European and Yugoslav football pre 90s was obsessively technical). If this is true, definitely a big deal.


Man, I hate the comments section these days

(But still can’t seem to stop scrolling down, damn it all) ?


Well the club say it’s completely untrue and just wild speculation