Report: WBA 3-1 Arsenal


Starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Elneny, Coquelin, Iwobi, Giroud

Arsenal’s season lurched to a new low as wretched defending condemned them to a 3-1 defeat at West Bromwich Albion. Craig Dawson twice scored headers from corners and Hal Robson-Kanu took advantage of poor keeping by substitute David Ospina as they made light of Alexis Sanchez’s first half equaliser.

The defeat leaves the Gunners stuck outside the Champions League positions in fifth place with their rivals yet to play.

First half

Since taking over as West Bromwich Albion manager in January 2015 no side in the Premier League has scored a higher proportion of their goals from set pieces.

Given the boss had highlighted the danger on Friday, warning his players to be alert in defence, you might have expected our zonal marking to be on the ball when the Baggies won their first corner after Cech parried a James McClean shot. It wasn’t.

Instead, Craig Dawson was allowed to run unchallenged from the penalty spot into the six-yard box to crash home a header. It was painful to watch. (1-0)

Arsenal composed themselves and quickly found a retort. After prolonged possession, Xhaka’s fantastic pass picked out Alexis in the West Brom box and the Chilean chested the ball down, dinked inside and smashed an effort in off the bar. (1-1)

With exquisite timing, a plane flew over the Hawthorns trailing a banner reading “In Arsene we trust”. This in response to a rival banner flow prior to kick-off calling for the manager to leave. After 15 minutes, scores level on the pitch and in the sky. But that was as good as it good for Arsenal.

It wasn’t a game that was played at a particularly high tempo but even before the goals there had been chances. Both Allan Nyom and Nacho Monreal might have picked out attackers have done well to get to the byline.

After the goal action, Salomon Rondon fired wide on the break after good work by Nacer Chadli, Ramsey produced a fine save from Foster after firing low on the angle with his left foot and Cech flung himself to his right to parry a Fletcher shot for a corner.

It was the veteran keeper’s final meaningful contribution, moments later he appeared to pull his calf muscle and was replaced by David Ospina.

Alexis, who’d been on the receiving end of repeated fouls by the home side, then took a horrible challenge on the ankle from McClean. The Sky commentators called it ‘meaty’, failing to call it out for what it was – fucking horrible. The Irishman went in the book as the Chilean underwent treatment.

Second half

Having controlled the opening 10 minutes of the second half (79% of possession!) the Gunners contrived to produce a comedy of errors that allowed Hal Robson-Kanu, on the pitch for 74 seconds, to score the home side’s second goal.

Ospina, seemingly put off by Hector Bellerin’s attempts to stop McClean’s run, failed to claim a dinked pass into the box, instead accidentally kneeing the ball into the path of the Wales international who calmly rolled the ball under the Colombian and into an empty net. Ugh. It looked even worse on the replay.

Welbeck crashed a header against the bar from a corner as we went in search of an equaliser but in committing men forward we left ourselves open at the back. Ospina stopped Robson-Kanu and in the same passage of play, with the Colombian racing around like a headless chicken, Koscielny blocked Livermore’s effort on the line.

Despite throwing on Olivier Giroud, Arsenal continued to look toothless up front, mustering only two shots on target by the 75 minute mark. There was a total lack of confidence in the final third and that was compounded by gutlessness at the back.

The next goal was always going to be crucial and it went to the home side. You didn’t need to be a soothsayer to guess how it might come about either. Another corner, another run by Craig Dawson, another free header, another goal by the defender. Ramsey watched, Chamberlain was weak, Ospina stood stranded. It was pathetic.

The goal sapped the confidence from the men in yellow, the Wenger Out banners appeared in the away end, the home fans ole’d and on the touchline, our manager looked bereft. You get the feeling this may well be the season we surrender our top four credentials.

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Bring Back Seaman

Beaten by the better side, which is horrifying when you think that its WEST FUCKING BROM!

A team of Spurs rejects managed by the Orc Prince.


Shots on target


Says it all. Doesn’t it?


… while posession:

WBA – 23%
Arsenal – 77%


Liam Bradys left peg

Get yer coat arsene, dont worry about the zip we dont have that long ya taxi is ready and waiting. Au revoir.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Sharing an article about how Wenger destroyed Arsenal’s ambition I read after the Bayern rout.

Every word seems so appropriate today.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Let’s try and keep it civil shall we? Voicing a strong and justified Wenger Out can very well be done with gratitude.

Red Ed

6th place knocking on the door, 7th not far off at this rate. Has he lost the dressing room?


Awful stuff! The players need to have a good look in the mirror. Winger in trouble for sure; but he can’t pass the ball for them.. wtf was going on out there; how many simple passes not finding the target? Really missed Ozil today ?

Thierry Bergkamp

At least we beat that non league team 5-nil.

Wenger IN!


So fucking average. So fucking tired of it.


A team of Spurs AND manure rejects*


A well organized team reguardless of there quality. I personally find it extremely admirable how Pulis manages to get the best out of seemly average players by giving them clearly instruction and not being afraid to utilize the more physical side of the game, perhaps we could learn something from his philosophy


I said it last week and will say it again: he has to go now. Today. No one believes in him anymore. The club is rotting from the inside out.


Looks like AW cannot motivate our world class players anymore. We’re on the verge of missing next year’s champs league ticket

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

World Class player?

Barring Sanchez, there is not one of Wenger’s players who can be called world class. Calling anyone of this over-rated lot World Class is an insult to world class players.

Donald's Trumps

Ozil, Cech, Kos all world class.


Santi too. Problem is Ozil has missed a ton of games the last three months (and been out of sorts when he’s played, though surely now people should be able to see that he’s not been the chief problem in our recent horrible results); Cech is aging and isn’t best at passing the ball out of the back anyway; Kos can’t organize a back line by himself; Sanchez is brilliant but when the rest of the team are this far out of form, he ends up giving the ball away trying too hard (and he’s clearly gone in the summer anyway); and Santi is aging and serially crocked.

So, yeah. None of the younger players have stepped up, or really look capable of doing so on a consistent basis, especially the famous “British core”. Ramsey was awful again today.

Matt P

You must be joking

Finsbury Park Gooner

Wenger being unable to motivate the players has been the problem for a loooong time now. It breaks my heart to even think it, but he really has to go at the end of this season.

Another FA cup would be a lovely little send off for him and it feels like the very least the players can give him for all the (often misplaced) faith he puts in them.


AW is part of the problem, but I didn’t see many world class players on the pitch. With the exception of Sanchez. It’s about time to clean house. From the back to the front. Chamberlain is encouraging through the middle. Direct in his play and likes to drive at players pushing them on their heals. Maybe try to build around that. Ramsey should be tarred and feathered he brings nothing to the team, and Walcott was equally poor. No touch and with all his pace the only player he’s able to beat is himself. I could go on but why bother. What a start to the weekend. Chin up and all that horse shit I guess. And this is for you wenger for obviously spending zero time on the training grounds trying to figure out how to defend set pieces.?


Chamberlain running with the ball is one thing but his passing at times is woeful.

Being blunt here, but in the first half it was embarrassing how much Alexis stood out, and let’s be honest he’s leaving.

Zero creativity today so all the we hate Ozil club really need to give it a rest. Oh well never mind he’ll be on his bike too.

Before the game Arsene highlights there danger from set pieces. Cool let’s have 6f 7″ Per on the bench. “He has no pace they say.” He doesn’t need any against West bloody Brom.

This looks like the season where it all collapses rather than have a good run in to nick a top four spot.

Arsene has got to go at the end of the season


Thats the trouble JUSTAGOONER, we’ve only got about 4 world class players in the team, the rest are just average players they are good but not world class

Mas moiderer

World class is such an over used word. There are are less than 10 world class players in the premier league.

It’s more than just talent.

Even if you look at mourinho and fergies (later) teams there is always half the team that would be considered average. It’s the manager who makes it all click together.


Arsene’s comments this week that only 100 out of 60,000 are dissatisfied but the media only focuses on them were so worrying. If he genuinely thinks only a tiny minority of the fan base wants him out he’s not going anywhere.


It’s because only a hundred is voicing their opinion. The rest are silent out of respect to Wenger. All those fans who don’t want Wenger to sign a contract should voice their opinion rather than keeping the opinions to themselves.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I have been posting Wenger needs to go and has rotted the club to its foundations, only to be thumbed down over and over again. I think I agree with the thumbdowners & lets give Wenger a new contract ASAP.

Anyone still wanting Wenger to stay is frankly an enemy of the club.

Wenger always finds excuses. He shamelessly blamed the referee after the Bayern hammering, instead of looking at his own ineptness! Who is he going to blame today – the linesman, the referee, or here is something new – how about blaming the ball for the fact that it kept ending up in Arsenal’s net.

I repeat making up the numbers in UCL is not a trophy, regardless of what the muppets running the club say. Somehow grabbing 4th place has worked so far as a hogwash to distract from the accountability of those ruining the club.

When you are happy to be stagnant and others keep improving then sooner or later they will wipe out the headstart you have over them. This mess is of Wenger’s making. Letting him live in his come-fourth zone is exactly what has made this proud club into the joke this is today.

Wenger has built a team of over-rated and over-paid prima-donnas. Enough with the money excuses. First of all there is money to spend and Wenger has spent it poorly.

Second money is one aspect and just because a team spends more than you doesn’t mean they get a walkover. There is still plenty of room to be tactically organised, tough to break down, good on the counter and above all committed, and still beat the bigger spending teams.

Wenger’s teams don’t have even one of these qualities. Sack Wenger, get in a manager who is tactically more prudent than Wenger and this club could still be saved.

Wenger has become a joke in the football community and Arsenal under him have become a joke club. Thumb down all you want, its the truth and you know it.


Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I laugh at the sudden surge of #Wengerout sentiments in this thread. The same posters who have thumbed me down over and over again for saying Wenger is a very very average manager and should be booted out, are now saying Wenger should go.

I can only laugh at such fickle supporters who never see the big picture. Such supporters are a part of the problem. One win over some non-league side later most of these so called fans would again jump into the Wenger In camp.

I have said over and over again for a long while now that Wenger is a tactically inept manager who couldn’t build a team to be organised even if a billion $ rode on it.

However just because he keeps beating non league teams in between you guys thumb me down. Fickle yo-yo supporters like you are the reason why Wenger has been allowed to get away with destroying the club for so long.

Atleast grow a spine even now and help save Arsenal.


Christ almighty, it’s just a thumb mate. Get the fuck over it.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Who cares about the thumbs up or down. What matter is for Wenger to leave and save the club.


We can be Wenger out (and have made up our minds on this long before today), and still dislike the vulgar, ungrateful, jejune way in which you state your case.
I think Wenger should go, and yet I’ve happily been thumbing you down since I first had the misfortune of reading your drivel.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I like how you put emphasis on thumbs again in a thread about how they don’t matter.

And then you accuse me of being jejune!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

And grateful for what. Not winning the league for 12 straight years. Thank You Wenger how kind of you.

Grateful for never winning the UCL. Thank you Wenger how kind of you.

As for the thumb down, continue doing it and see if I care. I don’t even know what people think when posting just trash on the net. Oh you continue to want Wenger out, okay I will thumb you down.

What utter crap.


I was simply responding to your comment about “the same posters who have thumbed me down over and over again.”

Of course thumbs don’t matter. But they take less than a second to click, and they allow me to express, in some small way, my displeasure at your posts. It’s the little things in life, really 🙂

Don Cazorleone

Nobody minds if you want Wenger out. It’s sometimes just how it’s said..


Yeah get rid of that stupid hashtag for a start, this isn’t Twitter.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Didnt know Twitter had monopoly over hashtags.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Wait I checked and it doesn’t, so pipe down.

Such comments are proof that the #WengerIn brigade is finally unable to digest the reality and are lashing out over nonsensical things.


Twitter doesn’t have the monopoly on hashtags, it’s the type of people that use them, which gets up people’s noses.


I always chuckle at the name “Too Drunk to be offside”…we need that in these times imo…

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Frankly #WengerOut can’t be said with enough emphasis, and needs to be said as bluntly as possible. No reason for it to offend a true supporter, who wants what is best for the club.

It is only the eyewashed supporters who believe Wenger’s nonsense and lies about being thankful for 4th place and anything higher is not within Arsenal’s means who hate being shown the true picture.


Blogs what’s the rules on calling this fella a cunt ?

Stringer Bell


Liam Bradys left peg

The only cunt is the stubborn1.


Made me chuckle Mizog! 🙂

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

@Mizog – The enemies of this club can abuse me all they want. I wear it as a badge. So please continue.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

@Stringerbell – You missed the 2nd ‘o’ in too. #Toodrunktobeacunt.

^Fixed 😀


I would chew my right arm off for our coveted 4th place trophy.


“Enemies of this club.” “I wear it as a badge.” Lordy, do you ever stop to listen to yourself??
Don’t flatter yourself that people on here “abuse” you because you’re “defending” the club; they give you stick because you come across as a petulant 14 year old (which is probably accurate, come to think of it).


Strange that my comments in response to this @PFo heckler have not been published and is still awaiting moderation, while some other comments have been published. Whats the matter? Is this site so cowardly that its trying out drown out the dissent?

I once again ask @PFo to explain why it is okay to abuse someone because he may be 14.

Even if he is 14, are the views of a 14 year old supporter less valid than yours?

Lastly, who are you to decide for others how they should express their disapproval of Wenger, what words to use and what not to use and who grateful they should sound when doing it.

Stop acting like an entitled brat.


I agree with you but the Bayern game was 100% influenced by the referee as our first half was fantastic until we went to 10 men for a wrong decision.

Liam Bradys left peg

The bayern game was lost after the 1st leg and our “fantastic” 1st half was down to bayern not getting out of 2nd gear untill they needed to. The pro wengers are the brainwashed. The wengerouts say what they see. ####WENGEROUT


1. Do you know the difference between a “game” and a “tie”? Apparently not.
2. Wow, you’re so intellectually courageous for “saying what you see”. If only I could reach your level of enlightenment and moral fortitude to escape my brainwashed state in which the world is nuanced rather than black and white…
3. For the two hundredth time: someone can be Wenger out AND agree with him on things, e.g. that the Bayern second leg was ruined by a bad ref’s call. These are not mutually exclusive.

Liam Bradys left peg

Please Fuck Off. You come on here correcting peoples grammar and thinking your opinion is more valuable than all the rest of us dumbfucks. Have you ever been to a game? Are you a season ticket holder? Any away games? I dont give a fuck what you think or ya thumbs you righteous prick ####wengerout


When did I correct someone’s grammar? I simply pointed out the difference between a tie and a game, which was relevant, since the poster you were responding to was saying that the Bayern GAME (i.e. the second leg) was influenced by the ref and you responded by pointing out that the TIE (but you said ‘game’) was already over, which was beside the point he was making: he never denied the tie was over after the first leg. Keeping up so far? Does pointing this out make me a “righteous prick”?

Liam Bradys left peg

Oh silly me. Thank you so much for correcting me on that. You have explained my mistakes so perfectly that i now understand the error of my ways and will strive not to make the same mistakes again. I truly am in awe at your intelligence and your fucking ignorance you condescending twat. #wengerout


So much anger.

Liam Bradys left peg

That was me being nice! Dickhead!



Liam Bradys left peg


Liam Bradys left peg

Can i get a hallelujah? and amen to that!

Liam Bradys left peg

How about hashtagS and caps in? ######WENGEROUT!!!! + exclamation marks??


Lots of people want change, leave off the ‘enemy of the club’ shite and the ‘told you so’ smuggery and people might respond to you better.


Perhaps bear in mind also that many of us have wanted change for the last 5 years but can still enjoy the occasional periods when we’ve done ok. Life’s too short not to. That’s not fickle, it’s just pragmatic.


Lets keep things in perspective. Wenger in or Wenger out we are all Arsenal supporters first and foremost. And at the end of the day it’s only football. The world will keep spinning and I think the sun will still come up tomorrow. And at least you my friends across the pond don’t have to put up with the Donald.


No mandate to remain as manager.


He’s not the fucking prime minister, this is football mate.


Surely Wenger isn’t staying? Can’t take anymore of this…


Look at what Leicester have done since the “disgraceful” sacking of their manager. Anyone who fears the future without Wenger should certainly fear it with him.

I was mocked before when I said other team fans wanted Wenger to stay – I was told it was because they admire his honesty – but when that becomes chants at games, the truth must be clear.

Two wins against National League teams is hardly worth the millions we pay these players.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I was mocked before when I said other team fans wanted Wenger to stay.

Yeah these thumbdowners are fickle. One win over a Lincoln City later this lot would have been back in the Wenger In camp.

People like you need to stick to the protests. You are ones fighting for this club’s soul. Well done, and carry on.

Stringer Bell

I don’t like to be the one to break it to you but you were mocked Because your a complete John Terry

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

The mocked line is a quote for what he wrote. I was referencing that and telling him to hang in with the protests.

As for mocking me, I wear being mocked by stupid and scared #WengerIn enemies of Arsenal as a badge. So feel free to continue. The more the enemies of this club mock me, the more badges I have to show.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Toodrunktobeacunt nobody gives a shit about what you say, feel, think and their respective past tenses. This site is not about you, no need to be calling people enemies of the club and telling us how many badges you stick up your ass

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside


You do realise that you called me not a cunt, while your intention was to do the exact opposite.

I have not abused anyone, not Wenger or any other poster. I have been extremely harsh and frankly its about time he had such judgement.

As for the abusers, I don’t care … just shows how classless you lot are.

I will not descend to your low crass levels. Do continue the abuse, its quite amusing really.

Liam Bradys left peg

Spuds sing it at every game no matter who they are playing. I was thumbed down galore when wengers ban had him sit with chavski fans and i dared to say they will be begging him to stay but when even wba fans are singing it then if he really wants what is best for our club and he really isnt that stubborn and blinkered he will do the honourable thing before things get even more messy.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Ignore the stupid mockers and thumbdowners.

You guys are saying what is true and are fighting for the club’s soul. Please continue the fight.


At this point, after scrolling down the page and reading 25 of your comments I don’t even care about Wenger I just want you to go away.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah and I want Wenger to go away! Go figure!



Igbo Amadi-Obi

It seems to be convenient to lay it all on the players today.


2 shots in target… ?




Huh, so this is what it feels like to watch the club you love crumble in front of your eyes.

Don Cazorleone

The ship is sinking


Its a shame so many don’t share this sentiment. Most of those who want Wenger to leave today will have changed their opinions if he wins the next game and this circus will go on.




Arseblog published an article the other day. ‘Wenger wary of baggies set piece threat’.

There’s not much left for me to say at this point. There’s no joy or excitement in it any more.

The players aren’t playing for him any more & the only way things will change is if he goes. I really fucking hope he does sooner rather than later because all of the life has been sucked out of Arsenal.


It was actually just a couple of hours before the match


It demonstrates people feel time goes slower when they suffer. In this case, a poor 90 min equals to several days.


My apologies. Easy to be confused with us stuck in a time-warp and all that.

David M

Just like Chelski last season and Leicester this, the players have lost confidence in the manager and are no longer playing for him.


That is the real worry now. But I think it’s safe to assume that the players have abandoned AW. Rather than get up for the fight the players have thrown in the towel. Before kickoff things looked bad but a win today plus a game in hand and all of a sudden we’re back in it. Maybe a slip up from Man U or Liverpool and things aren’t as grim. Would have been a bit of light being directed on some dark days at arsenal. I’m afraid now it’s pitch black.

Mississippi Gunner

Show some fucking grace Arsene and step aside now. Goddamnit


>Mississippi Gunner


Tom Gun

I think I speak for everyone here….

Erm, what?!


I don’t know about anyone else, but I need another beer to just to “take the edge off”!… :-(


Am just going to get drunk too and forget that I have watched this game. I am in denial . My beloved Arsenal has gone. This team has no balls, no spirit and lets be honest average players except Alexis.

Stringer Bell

I love you dearly arsene but you have to go and please take Ramsey with he is fucking useless


What heresy! How can you say that? Ramsey – Xhaka has been really promising 😉


I think even if AW somehow inspires this shitstorm of a team and somehow guides them on to win the FA cup and place in the top four even if we are able to once again celebrate finishing above spuds I’m ready for Wenger to shove on. No one individual is bigger than Arsenal. Not you or me or even Wenger.

TR7 > CR7

Two corners and an individual mistake from Ospina. #BouldOut #OspinaOut


If you gonna blame Ospina, might as well blame Cech


To be fair Ospina could and should have done a lot better.


Do you think the players will be ashamed that it was this crop of players who ended Wengers reign at the club?


Yes the players have to take responsibility for what has happened, but I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say that Wenger should have left long ago.


I’m just not answerable to this anymore.


Wenger is the best thing ever.

Bob Davis

This bad. Why are we so shit at set pieces? Wenger even said they were a threat at set pieces. No leaders.


Wenger says a lot of things, but doesn’t deliver. Same for the board. Same for the players. What else is new?


Good. I’d like to experience a finish outside the top four. if nothing changes at least that will… It’s got so fucking boring and repetitive.

Big Mad Andy

It’s hard to feel positive about any one or anything about this club. The next couple of seasons are going to be bleak.


But hey they said we are in a good position financially. We dont pay highest in Europe to see them win things we are a successful business brand.

uncle D

Here we go! Let the battle begin! Does distracting the team’s confidence shame on you!


Hilarious hilarious comment! Distracting the teams confidence? They are professionals not under 7’s and the discontent has been increased of recent times, the failings however have been occurring for over a decade…shame does not lie with the fans…someone provide an argument against the following statement ‘as stakeholders in a club who charge us the highest in Europe for the privilege to watch them…we deserve more’ wenger in or wenger out if you do not have issues with the current situation you’re disillusioned…

SA Gooner

I think the focus now should be on securing Sanches’ signature rather than on Wenger’s.

To lose Sanchez now will be a very sad day for all fans. He is bringing more to the club than any other player and possibly the entire team combined.


Dude, he’s gone.

uncle D

Wenger out fans are vindictive attention seekers with no just cause!!!

uncle D



I think we all know what the D stands for in your name pal

Cygan's left foot

Let it go Uncle D, the man has finished 5 years ago as a top manager. Sorry to break out the bad news for you, but it is the truth.

Sad day for Uncle D :(.

Arsene IS the problem.

uncle D

Not sad! Disappointed and angry with the treatment the people at Arsenal are getting at the moment. The force is strong with the haters


How I miss the days,of Denilson, Senderos, Eboue, Chamakh, Gervinho among others at least they had some pride. Really pathetic spineless bunch of players.


They really didn’t. They were utterly mediocre, and really should not have been at our great club. This current lot, by and large, are decent, and what I find so frustrating is that they could (in my humble opinion) do much better if they were properly managed. I’m not saying there aren’t players who need to be moved on, nor that we shouldn’t buy well, but Wenger has lost the dressing room, lost the fans, and lost the goodwill that his two decades of loyal and faithful service bought him. He has to walk. It’s over.


I watched a highlights 2 or 3 days ago about the match against Juventus at Highbury (2-0).
It’s just shocking to see the difference in agility, pace, willingness and determination…


Jesus Christ, we’re all pissed off with the team at the moment, and admittedly a lot of ‘the banter era’ players did the best they could without the greatest all round ability. But let’s not pretend that fucking Chamakh stood up and was counted when the going got tough.


Pro-Wenger fans who arranged for the plane banner – they have egg on their face.


Maybe those WBA fans


There are no such fans. it was funded by the Twat himself or the club.


Probably the board.


Is it too far fetched to think these players are playing like they want Wenger out? I hope the next manager does a clear out.


No league win since January. Humiliated in Europe. Best players understandably are leaving in the summer. At what point is it enough? On the current form the club is in, they’ll be lucky to finish 6th now. As for the FA cup, who honestly believes this team can beat Man City.
The situation is dire, and most competent clubs would’ve sacked their manager by now. Just let the season be over, and do not in any circumstances give Wenger the option to extend his contract.


I normally post measured and balances responses but…..WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. Absolutely clueless in the final third and where the fuck has our 1-touch, quick passing gone this season which so effectively moves the oppostion around? Fucking painful to watch.


This team can’t pass the ball – something 7am recently alluded to as well recently. It’s not just quick passing, it’s passing in general. Lack of training ground routine contributes as well. I’ve noticed that the players have no idea whether to pass the ball behind or in front of opposition defenders. Kinda ruins the purpose of a player like Walcott, who can barely run with the ball as it is.


Besides Wenger out, i guess some of the players have to go as well. Midfield needs more muscle.

Stringer Bell

What!! Blogs will show us some stats how Ramsey made more passes than anyone ??????????


I’m curious to know what the excuse of the day will be for Ramsey playing badly today. As creative as they has been in the past I don’t think there are many left that haven’t been used already.


Who gives a fuck about stats stringerbell when he stands there twice for 2 of the goals and does nothing but just look

SA Gooner

Having some muscle in the team is very important. Players with tecnical ability can get you so far but you need the sol cambel / viera player as well which we have not had in a long time.

Our dm and cb players of recent time have not given us the muscle required.


Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas, all of them knew Wenger better than any of us ever would and all of them knew that this was as good as it was gonna get with him and the current board. We may hate them, but they were proven right in the end. All of you wondering what it would be like once Wenger got to ‘spend some fucking money’, here’s your answer. And all of you that have the audacity to label fans that want him (and arguably the rest of the cancerous twats that have made the boardroom their second home) out of this club, lesser fans, can fuck right off. And by the way, we play boring football; we have for years now. Dig your heads out of the sand.

One more thing; it’s a real shame that we got to see that #WengerOut banner, not just because it’s disrespectful, but also because he was probably looking for something to pin the blame for his and his team’s shortcomings on. It’s a shame because, half of you are going to eat it up.


For me, Wenger needs to go. The last 5 years Arsenal has spent more than Chelsea and Chelsea have won so much more! I also think he has lost a big part of the dressing room.


bullshit. their second goal was clearly offside. retarded referee fucked up our game


Can you go and troll elsewhere please?


Good grief Si, even Wenger didn’t try that line! It was never offside and was sadly no less than we deserved.

By all means slag off the Greek in the Bayern game but this guy carries no blame on the goals (maybe for Sanchez fouls though)

Good Omens

Enough. It’s enough now, he has lost the team too, they all sense the inevitable.

gooner of Oz

In Arsene we trust.

gooner of Oz

I was going for sarcastic ?

gooner of Oz

I was never good at it anyway


We were so bad.. West Brom was a better team, they took their chances. As for us, we did not have chances really. They wanted it more than us. Worrying beyond belief.

Our defence is bad, our attack was toothless, there is nothing to our game anymore.

It’s like a nightmare that does not stop…

Le Jim

Convinced Arsenal are a government-funded population control scheme, trying to make millions suicidal.


As of right now, the highlights on arsenalist consists on one entry: the prematch press conference. I think that sums it up really.


You all conveniently ignore the repeated fouling allowed by the ref, the 3 potential penalties not given, the goalkeeper obstruction on Cech for the first, the trip on Ospina for the third… If I was an arsenal player I would struggle to have faith, but it would have nothing to do with Wenger


We cannot always be expected to outplay the referee…


Why are we relying on the referee for anything? Is our strategy to get in good spots and trust that the referee will make the right call? Maybe all the calls won’t go your way and you just have to accept it and get on with it. I have seen more mental strength from the 12 year old girls I coach than from this team. As soon as something doesn’t go their way they fold like a lawn chair. Enough blaming the referee, the grass, the sky, the colour of the ball. Just go out and show that you want to win it more than the other team.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

LOL. Don’t forget their “offside” goal, we need excuses
Up The Arsenal!



I’m as one-eyed a supporter as they come, generally. Didn’t see a single penalty we should have had, or even close. Didn’t see obstruction on Cech for the first, but rather a failure to mark Dawson and a really weak attempt by Cech to come and flap. Didn’t see a trip on Ospina but rather Ospina going feet first for the ball and not doing a very good job of it. Didn’t even see repeated fouling that wasn’t punished, but rather a lot of players choosing to tumble and hope for a FK whenever there was minor contact. The only complaint we could have about the ref is the McClean tackle not being a straight red, and that’s more a complaint that the Xhaka tackle several matches ago was a straight red.

Apart from Sanchez in the first half, pretty much everyone out there for Arsenal was a waste of space today. As bad a performance as we have had this season.


We shall have to agree to disagree 🙂


You’re on your own on that side of the argument methinks.


Wenger is that you?




He has to go now, this afternoon. Give Bould 2 weeks to do defensive drills ahead of the next match and get some form of coaching beyond ” go out there and riff like Charlie Parker”.


You’re on your own on that side of the argument methinks.


Bould is just a yes man on a massive salary, he’s had how many years to work with the defense and if he’s not allowed to then he should have grown some balls and left years ago. The whole set-up is far, far too comfortable.


No guys, I have been told we gotta get behind the team, support the team and the manager. We must also get our yearly top 4 spot so Wenger can sign a new contract.


I wonder what Wengers excuse will be today?


Gandalf wasn’t available


Mentally weak.
Total inability to defend from set plays is unforgivable. Also when was the last time that we scored from a corner? It tells you that they simply dont set these up at training. Its time to move on. I would take a few years of rebuilding rather than the same old nonsense year in year out.


Our defence is quite poor.
Our midfield is quite poor also.
Our attack is not great.
That’s it really…COYG.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

It’s not that bad. It’s difficult for Arsene to win against such stellar talents as Mark Hughes or Tony Pulis.
Look on the bright side; Bayern and Barcelona have no chance of knocking us out of the Champions league next season.
Please, Arsene supporters; no rambling essays about how Arsene built the stadium on his own using a toothpick.


The team isn’t playing anymore. All through the game, we had the ball – but we didn’t know what to do. It was like a stroll – no urgency.

It doesn’t feel like Arsenal anymore. No desire, no style of play and just constant whining and complaining. The main problem is, Wenger still believes that this strategy will work. He will field the same team again and again and hope that everything sorts itself out. He needs to go. So do many of the players.

Everyone gets a zero today. Two shots on target, no creativity and the only chance after going behind coming from a corner.

Yankee Gooner

Kroenke needs to sell.


The only way I can get my head round the chants of ‘arsene wenger we want you to stay’ is if it was coming from West Brom fans. What’s it gonna take??

Yankee Gooner

Maybe they were chanting for him to stay behind at West Brom?


Spineless gutless performance. Shoddy defending and pathetic response even after going a goal down.
NOBODY on that pitch, maybe Sanchez aside, played well enough to earn another start. Was Theo even on the pitch in the first half? And the less said about Mustafi the better; he’s turning out to be a really average buy.

Feel worst for those fans that paid for that second airplane, talking about trusting Arsene Wenger.

I want my Arsenal back.


I respect the opinion of any Arsenal fan who thinks Wenger should stay until the end of season or choose when he goes.

But they need to admit that the Arsenal fans who told them Wenger was done 4 or 5 years ago were right. Arsenal fans who protested loudly last season and were ridiculed for it were right.

Wenger will be fine. He could have left with a parade after the FA Cup but he said he still had “the hunger”. It’s our club we need to worry about now.


Clearly the wet and slippery pitch was at fault here. None of these nonsenses were to be blamed at the players or Wenger or the tactics. Had the rain not fall it would be icing on the cake. Wenger for life, G.


Wow that was really…really bad. I think im done! Cant dedicate my time and energy to those guys anymore. It’s become too taxing on my life. They get paid way too much for me too keep on caring about them while i struggle to pay my bills. Wankers!

Phil sadler

Well there is no way we will be in the champions league next season so that means no good signings for us.

I hope the door doesn’t hit you on the way out Wenger but if you stay I can see Arsenal losing a lot of support next season.

Something has to change at the club big time.


We need a better coach; we also need a better second-choice goalkeeper.
I guess what happened to Chelsea last season is happening to us now. Mid table beckons.


Yeah but Chelsea are going to bookend their shit season with a pair of Premier League titles. What is our bookends? Two consolation CL places and round of 16 exits.