Video: Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


A 3-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield today. I don’t even know what to say, so here are the thoughts of @gunnerblog

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Cygan's left foot

We might with this result get rid of Mr Wenger once and for all.

I hope if he loves Arsenal as he says, he do the right thing which he should have done 5/6 years ago.

Arsene IS the problem.

Alexis, Atom & Humber
Alexis, Atom & Humber

Funny enough I’m not too upset about this match. Maybe because I was expecting us to lose anyway, the boys have played worse than today this season. The truth is that we are not a team, it’s been like that for a long time. The boys don’t know what is expected of them and doesn’t look like there is a clear instruction from the bench. I really like Wenger but for the love of the club, I hope he announces that he will not be renewing his contract and give ample time to find a top and suitable replacement for next season.


Cooking chicken Kiev to make things better.


What are you having with it?


New potatoes, spinach and sweetcorn. 🙂


Why would you have it with old potatoes?


Thanks for making me finally laugh tonight.

The Loon Ranger

I’m having a cheddar cheese and branston sandwich with pickled eggs. AND a large glass of vino collapso


Collapso. How appropriate.

Lula da Gilberto

I need a hug.

uncle D

Hahahahaha the face explains all! Take heart son!


Have no idea what Wenger was thinking with Giroud up top and no Sanchez. The only way to play vs Liverpool is to harass them as they harass you and we certainly cannot do that with Giroud in the lineup. Playing long ball to him against a team that knows something about defending is not going to work especially when we let them have the ball and only get it back deep in our territory. We needed to have the same kind of intensity to win the ball back once we lost it that Liverpool had if we were going to have a chance.


You watched the game well at anfield last season, and the game at the Emirates earlier this season.

Walmart heiress

Large cod and large chips…

uncle D

Stay calm Wenger will sign a new five years contract! ? here we go!!

uncle D

Shame on me am not helping matters haha! But seriously it seems some people will lose their day jobs or die or something worse if they don’t get what they want. COYG!!! Don’t be shy now, the season has not ended and there is still a lot to play for, the fight is more intense! No guts no glory! Till the very end oooo sweet Arsenal till the very end! COME ON YOU….


What are you on sir?

uncle D

Don’t get carried away dodo!


“An unsurprising defeat…” that nails it.
The reality is the end of season can’t come soon enough. Because by then we will know. Either he bows out OR – cue the biggest ructions in the fan base in modern times, certainly since Terry Neil’s departure in the early 80s, if the Board are mad enough and cowardly enough, to rubber stamp this proposed two year deal.

We’ll see…..


Home made chicken kebab.

Ian Musgrove

I have known far worse times – Up The Arsenal!


The night seems to be going a lot better with Grey goose and ice. The game summed up by slow start,poor team selection,none existent midfield and Bobby mofo Madley.
Onwards to Bayern and Lincoln COYG’S. Feeling good already.


Decision back fired. That sum up the entire game.


Agree with everything said by Arseblog, I mean Gunnerblog! A power play by AW that backfired markedly. However, I still think he’ll be here next season as he’ll never get a gig as good as this in his life. Absolute autonomy. I believe that he loves Arsenal dearly but he loves what he’s able to do a lot more. I just wish for him to leave regardless of what happens over the remainder of the season. We’re a very attractive club and managers galore would love to take over, unfortunately I don’t think the owner gives a stringy shit what happens unless it impacts upon the bottom line. It’s so very disheartening.


She Leicester showed how to trounce this Liverpool side during the week, a Liverpool side which has only won once the the Premiership this year, you play a quick forward up top and they can’t handle it because of all the space they leave behind because of the high press.

What do Arsenal do? Leave our fast top scorer on the bench and play Giroud who doesn’t like to run on to anything…. well played

Granit(e) hard!

The ‘on the whistle’ articles are for me, a thing of pleasure to watch on days when we win and a trip down ‘masochist lane’ when we lose….sadly, the latter is getting more and more frequent these days. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the effort that went into producing these videos. Thanks……..just letting off some therapeutic steam after yet another disappointing match!

Terry Henry

Agreed. Cheers Gunnerblog


Bring back Denilson.


First Arsenal game in deliberately chose not to watch and went hiking instead. Seemed like I made the right call, much better than AW. Yup. Not angry anymore. Just waiting for the change of guard in the not too distant future.