Video: West Brom 3-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


It wasn’t a good day at the Hawthorns, dreadful set-piece defending contributed in large part to a 3-1 defeat.

Here are the ‘On the whistle’ thoughts of @gunnerblog

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If he was actually going to leave at the end of the season though I don’t see why he would say we will find out soon. It’s true that Ferguson did so and regretted it because the players eased off. But in our case the wheels have fallen off already. It would appease fans who would stop protesting and back the club to do as well as it can before then. His reluctance to announce his plans to me suggest he will stay and that he is waiting for the best time to announce it.

Ian Ure

I just spent 5 mins looking at that wonky picture. OCD kicking in. Only joking. Great piece as always and sums up my, and most I’d guess, feelings.


I was wondering if it was a hole in the wall or just a mark…


His reluctance to inform the fans of a decision either way is contemtable and just shows what the club as whole think of the paying fans
We used to hold on to the fact that we was such a well run club, We done things the right way
Yet the decision about who manages the club next year is only made by wenger himself. Rediculas state of affairs
The club is in turmoil. Our best players look like they will leave. We have new players that haven’t improved the team and many established players that fail to perform season after season
We are absolutely in the shit as a club and Wenger going or staying isn’t going to change that. It should have happened 3 years the damage is done the money is spent and we are worse as a team than ever under Wenger


Well said. It’s always extremely frustrating when the classic mid-season meltdown occurs but the current campaign has turned tragic at this point, this one is particularly painful to watch.


Actually everything IS shit!

Lula da Gilberto

Mum, Dad, don’t make me choose!


Good video, well said.
Wenger must go. But I bet he won’t.
What odds on him staying, fellow punters?


He’s off mate

Le Güner de Amérique
Le Güner de Amérique

Fitting analogy with the unhappy marriage. Ugh, and seeing our young ones grow up so fast and moving onward to greener pastures will be a devastating sight to behold. Surely there is no way to convince them to go to the local community college and stick it out with parents as roomies? Do we need a new step-dad named Max Allegri to convince them to stay?

Doesn’t seem likely