Wenger: Sanchez’s ankle is in a terrible state


Arsene Wenger says that Alexis Sanchez might have suffered serious injury to his ankle after a nasty challenge by James McClean.

The Irishman came in late, caught the Arsenal man on high on the ankle, leaving him writhing in pain and requiring serious treatment.

He soldiered on but was taken off in the second half after we went 3-1 down, the manager more or less admitting the game was up at that point.

Speaking afterwards, Wenger said, “He was injured from the tackle in the first half. It was a bad tackle. His ankle is in an absolutely terrible state.

He should not have played in the second half but he insisted that he wanted to come out. In the first half he was the one who created many chances, made dangerous situations and in the second half you could see that he couldn’t anymore.

“In the end we had to take him off. He should not even have played in the second half.”

And on his availability for international duty, he continued, “Chile goes to Argentina for a massive game but they play only next week and if it’s only a kick, he will play. If the ligament is damaged, he will not play.”

So, a bad day could become even more costly. Still, according to Sky it was just a ‘meaty old challenge’ so let’s not worry about it.

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Donald's Trumps

Is it in a worse state than Arsenal?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It’s depressing, but that may have been the last time Alexis put an Arsenal short on.


What about the shirt and the rest of the gear? Is Alexis turning up shortless from now on!?!?

Cheer up mate, these soft millionaires we have playing for Arsenal aren’t worth depressing you!


He shouldn’t have come out for the second half, but he wanted to so we let him. What sort of fucking management is that?!

Faisal Narrage

Who’s in charge there?


And so we took I took a gamble…


Im drunk

Tasmanian Jesus

Im about to join you. Cheers!

Eric Blair



Unless you’re doing a scan to see if there is an injury to the bones and/or joint, or an MRI to see if there’s something wrong with the ligament then to a certain extent you have to trust your players when they tell you they’re fine.

Unless the ankle is broken or dislocated, the medical staff can’t really tell if you’re injured or not at first glance. Because of the adrenaline you can kind of run it off for a short period. It’s only after half an hour or so when it starts swelling (we took him off around 60th minute).

Personally I would have taken him off because not having Sanchez for half of a game is better than not having him for weeks or more. Just not worth the risk. But time and time again, we watch players get injured and play on only to find out later that they’ll be out for months. Fucking stupid.

Change is needed! I don’t understand the hold up in announcing Wenger’s future. If this was a normal club the manager would get sacked in the middle of the season if they had the performances we’ve had, and if the signs point to things getting worse. Chelsea sacked Mourinho, they’re most and only successful manager in their history, got an interim manager and reaped the rewards the following season.

It’s gotten so bad that some clarification on Wenger’s future needs to be made imminently because the fans are going to keep protesting until they get an answer. I don’t care if Wenger announcing he’s leaving causes the players to not be motivated, there’s nothing they can do now that would make me think any less of them. It’s not like they’re covering themselves in glory now. We have nothing to lose. Missing out on champions league is not the worst thing in the world.

Sorry for the rant, you know how it is right now….


Surprise surprise.

Roger Dat

Arsenal FC is in an absolutely Terrible State!

Wake me up when this nightmare is over, please let it be over soon, I plead in the name of Bergkamp!

The Loon Ranger

It is the orcs anyway cos putrid Pulis is in charge but here’s my take on it. Everybody knows if you want to beat the Arse you gotta kick em and we ain’t getting any kind of support from the bloody refs. So vote me down if you want but I say if they kick us then get up and kick the fuckers back.


problems is when we kick back we get the reds, just look at how xhaka is treated compared to any other midfielder in the league, if xhaka had put in that sort of tackle today he would have been given a red.


iF one of our players had made that tackle he would have been sent off


xhaka made it 2 times he was sent off both times even it was more soft than today

Billy Enfield

Ask Xhaka & Koscielni

Va va voom

When our players don’t care when a colleague gets kicked how often do you think we would get decisions? We are just too ‘nice’ for my liking. If that had been the reverse, the west brom players would have been furious.


Criminal was one of the many words used by the morons on sky for to describe Arsenals defending for WBA first goal. Nothing said about leaving Sanchez in acres of space for Arsena’ls equalizer. Where do they get those half witted f*****g morons.

Public Elneny Number One
Public Elneny Number One

“Sanchez’s ankle is in a terrible state” is that a metaphor?


Honestly I stand by Wenger and his decisions (right and wrong) because I know that, deep down on a personal level, he does them because he wants the team to do well and I respect him for that.

But bowing to pressure from an obviously hurt player (regardless of who/how much they want to play) to me shows he’s letting his heart get in the way of his head, and I worry that he’s beginning to doubt himself.

I’ll make it clear that I’m not a Wenger in/out fanatic, but it saddens me that he looks to be fading as a footballing sensei in what is likely his last season. And I hope he decides to call it quits before his (and our) reputation goes completely to the mud.


Before gunning for wenger did you look at the bench? Iwobi out of form and Walcott was anonymous Giroud had to come in for him. Welbeck still miles away from match sharpness mostly probably due to his latest illness setback. Ramsey slow, too many touches and passes that were going no were. I felt for wenger. Did Roma buy or rent Szc? I think we need him back, ospina is too jittery, cech is outdated, quite frankly he is not a buffon. Top 4 is still within our reach only if the boys show more commitment, desire to fight, to win, oh hell to actually pass the ball forward and take shots at goal. Adelaine would have been an able replacement for Ramsey and push Ox down next to Xhaka. The boys are letting wenger down, I was hoping he stays one more year and we get enrique after him with Thierry his assistant while we groom him to be the future manager. It’s time we make use if those invincibles, former players have done wonders at Barcelona and real Madrid it’s time we trust them and give them a shot. Wenger is tired and needs a rest these gutless boys will kill the man


Guarantee had Xhaka made that tackle it woul be a straight red card.

Godfrey Twatschloch

The entire team is in a terrible state!


At what point does a player have more authority than the manager? If the medical team say he shouldn’t have continued then that should have been it, end of story.

When is Wenger going to grow some fucking balls and standup to Sanchez’s childish antics? When the manager is caving to players requests because he is scares they will leave is not a good situation.


Hey, don’t you get it? It’s just excuses from a desperate manager, putting the blame on players. Instead of …

Godfrey Twatschloch

Even the Spud I work with said it was a nasty challenge and that McClean is a cunt.

bunga bunga

Alexis is managing the team? No wonder we are shit.


I wish every once in a while, Charlie Adams would go medieval on the legs of those smart-ass TV commentators, Just to refresh their Minds of the meatiness of such Fouls.

Phil sadler

That will be the last game Sanchez plays for arsenal then.

Well we can see how bad we will be for the rest of the season without him so that we don’t get are hopes up for next year.


I have surgery on Wednesday. I will get us all a summer’s worth of morphine.


I see Sanchez as a boon and bane in equal measure especially as we have a manager who seems unable to stand up to him. Sanchez is a win more player put him in a team that is winning and they will win more but demonstrably put him in a team with deficiencies and his single mindedness exposes and exacerbates them. As sad as it sounds we maybe forced to exchange a player of considerable flair and talent for two good players which are more cohesive for the team.


Might as well get used to it now. He’s bound to be off in the summer and can you really blame him?


Aren’t these the same commentators that said nothing about Bellerin being taken out. Alexis should have received multiple free kicks; a yellow issued earlier, and a red for this studs up late tackle. But the only comment was the bitching from the commentators that Alexis was trying to referee the game. Get real Fox, your commentary is as biased as that shown in the political sphere


We are in a right pickle as my Gran used to say. She didn’t actually but we are.


How these wankers keep getting away with this kinda brutality against us is beyond me.

Big Dave

Wengers too scared to say no to his own players. Arsenal are missing authority and respect off the pitch and leadership on it.


Yes, it was a bad decision to let Alexis play on and yes our defending was terrible. Nonetheless, had he stayed fit (and Cech for that matter), it’s likely the result might well have been different. So, once again, some clogging Neanderthal is allowed to banjax our best player, significantly influencing the outcome of the game and further derailing our season and neither the match officials​ or the pundits could give any kind of shit – in fact, it’s positively encouraged. Arsene might be at the eye of the storm right now, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that he, along with the rest of us, was once again on the receiving end of a considerable injustice yesterday, at the hands of both the footballing gods and the hapless match officials. Makes me fucking mad.


Anybody here think he’s talking with hindsight? Given the mess were in anything he says is picked on. But surely the medics gave him a 50/50, Sanchez is not entirely human and so a decision was made. In hindsight not a good one but one that had to be made. And with the team under so much pressure it kinda makes sense.

Wenger is a true G. But things seem to be getting worse than better… here’s hoping for top 4.


Don’t like to labour the point, but I can’t speak highly enough of Arsenal’s hairdresser. Is any team anywhere on the planet as well coiffed as our Gooners?
Giroud’s quiff and beautifully trimmed beard alone are worthy of Stylist of the Month. Throw in Bellerin’s cute little bun, Oxlade’s side trim, Mustafi, Kos, etc

Gooners 3 – West Brom nil

Wenger out

Godfrey Twatschloch

They are clearly trying to make up for the loss of Lego Man’s exquisite hair but it’s not working. We might need to bring him back. Doesn’t have to play but we need his hair. It’s all in the hair man.


Thankyou, overvalued EPL. We give you a happy sparkling “niño maravilla”, and you return us a depresed injured sad boy.