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Wenger: You will know soon about my future

Arsene Wenger appears to have confirmed he’s made a decision about his future, and says that people will know soon what that is.

Speaking to the press after his side’s 3-1 loss to West Brom at the Hawthorns, he was asked if he’d made a decision about what he’ll do when his contract ends at the end of the season.

“I know what I will do in my future,” he said. “You will soon know, very soon.

“You will see. Today I don’t necessarily worry about that, because we were in a unique bad patch that we never had in 20 years.

“We lose game after game at the moment, and that for me is much more important than my future.”

The 67 year old did clarify that his decision wouldn’t be made public during the international break, but it certainly seems as if his mind is made up now.

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Wenger should just leave now. we’ve had enough

Alexis, Atom & Humber

I feel sorry that it has come to this. This is a man that has given us many great memories, I really hope he can leave on some sort of high. I will always hold him in high regard, even though I do agree it is the right time for him to leave. I hope the club does it gracefully and swiftly and gives us a good chance to send him off in a befitting manner. It is a real shame.


I clicked on the thumbs down by mistake… I agree with you. Shame it’s come to this, but maybe he needs to go. I hope a new manager comes in, is given time to settle as we may have to go down the table a bit before we go up.

Danny Young

Couldn’t agree more. This man changed our club forever and has been our most successful manager of all time – that should never be forgotten. I hope he stays in a role at the club but do feel now it’s time for a change. But who should replace him is the $64,000 question.


There’s two possibilities in my mind. 1. He’s finally decided that he’s not staying as he’s clearly lost the dressing room and doesn’t think he can get us out of this mess. He might have been offered the job at another big club and so thinks it’s time to go. 2. He’s already signed an extension but him and the club have been waiting for the right time to announce it. As the results just keep getting worse and worse though, he’s decided to not wait for the “right time” anymore and wants to announce that he’s staying. He thinks… Read more »


I strongly hope you’re wrong!


I think if we win against City at home in the next match he will extend for one last time. If we lose against them he will leave. Arsene always got his teams to react after defeats. City at HOME will be crucial. It’s not about the team or manager anymore. It’s about Arsenal FC. If we lose against City both the manager and the team should be ashamed of themselves. COYG.


The so called arsenals reaction after a defeat is fake . everytime we loose Wenger says about this , but that reaction almost never comes against bih teams. We somehow manage to beat a midtable team and Wenger will hail about arsenals reaction after the defeat. It shows its not got anything to do with any reaction , its just that we got an easier opponent and we beat them. This time we managed to fuk up even that

Bring Back Seaman

If he had signed an extension, then the players would know.

In that event, then those fuckers are going full Leicester on him, and that unacceptable.


Frank Bascombe

You never go Full Leicester…

SK Jordan

Best. Joke. Ever!


It is pretty obvious to me that its #2. The only glimmer of hope is that Myles Palmer says he knows Wenger has already signed and they are just waiting for a few wins before announcing it.


Truer words have never been spoken

Mr Eko

I think he’ll stay for one more year and here is why. He often says he wants to leave the club in the best position possible to make sure whoever comes in after him does well. And we all know when he has an idea in his head, he doesn’t let go easily. And for that reason, I think he’ll sign a new deal not to piss off the fans, but because he’ll want to make amends. He doesn’t mind the pain and protest. I think he’s numb to it now. Personally, I think he should have left after the… Read more »


Well there is only one reason to not say it now. Because the decision will piss off majority of the fans.


I think there’s no great time for him to renew. I think the relationship is broken with the fans. It’ll be mutiny.

ack ack ack

The only way this interlull could be worse (“footballistically”) is if he announces he’s going to extend. Please bow out, Arsene.


Disagree, if he is, he’s definitely not going to announce now because the fans will go berserk and he will be pushed out. What would be best is if he were to announce he’s leaving in the next few days, that way all the hostility towards him will turn into sympathy and support and he’s gonna get a proper send-off. But in reality, it honestly looks like he’s going to extend his contract in the summer.

Heavenly Chapecoense

With this team, if Wenger announces he is leaving, we will finish 14th of the league. Other teams improve for a while after a manager announces his departure not this bunch. Noticed the passes when we were down 3-1 ?


I’d take Arsene staying another year to see a few more AFTV meltdowns, tbh. It’s only football, and seeing those oversized children lose their shit and pay for plane banners is hilarious.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Those guys put their money where their mouth is.
How many away games do you attend?


Your love for something is never defined by your ability or willingness to spend money. It’s in your heart.

Faisal Narrage

Bit bullocks too.
If I can afford to do something but don’t, it means I don’t care for it as much as I claim.

Frank Bascombe

Nice one George (Fam).


Those guys act like little kids who don’t get what they want. I honestly feel we need a new manager, but these last couple of weeks I noticed the majority actually want Wenger to stay or at least to not go out this way. So just because you want something it doesn’t give you the right start being unreasonable and demand the manager who’s been at the club longer than many of them have been alive. Pathetic kids who don’t know what the word respect means. I became an Arsenal fan because of the values we have and because of… Read more »


Strange, I’ve been following Arsenal for the football but I guess I’ve been looking at it all wrong.

We've done it again

You do realise some other grown fans paid for the second banner right?

Lets all be sheep like george. Afterall, wenger has been managing arsenal for free all these years.


Yes, grown men acting like kids. And if you think Wenger stayed on for the money then you don’t know anything about him, which would remove any credibility in your argument. I’ve been saying the same thing all season. Arsenal fans: Perspective. Educate yourselves on what’s actually going on behind the scenes, and what it actually takes to have a winning team. Ramsey is not shit, and our team is not as bad as people make you seem, were at the top level unable to keep our performance up for a full season. And I strongly believe that a big… Read more »


Don’t fanny about man! This isn’t some crummy game show. Tell the fans now! Give them something to get behind. Ridiculous behaviour by him and the club.


Adios Wenger.

Big d

That sounded to me like he was going to stay


Arsene should announce promptly that he’s leaving and allow the club to send him off properly and graciously. I fear that’s not going to happen. Instead, he’s going to blame this rough patch on uncertainty concerning his future and respond by announcing that he will sign a two year contract in the future. Regrettably, that’s not the right answer, and it could put us in Liverpudlian mediocrity for the next decade.

Still, #goonertilidie


Goodbye Wenger, thanks for the memories, I hope both You and Arsenal can achieve another success in the near future. Sad it’s end up this way but we have to keep moving forward and prepare for the new era of Arsenal.


Dream scenario: Wenger makes the official statement, the club gets a lift and all fans get behind the team. We end the season with a top four finish and a cup final win against spurs. Wenger going out on a high – it’s the least he deserves.


I like the idea and sentiment. But unfortunately we are in such disarray right now I just don’t see that turnaround happening even after lift of Wenger retirement announcement. This is the worst mess we’ve been in for over 20 years.

Toure motors

He deserves a respectful exit, but he needs to go

Cat Biscuits

I love the man, but it is time for him to go.

Really looking forward to the Arsecast Extra on Monday.


I think our legend is leaving and when he does he will have my respect until the day I die.

Timmy Oke

A great actor leaves the stage while the ovation is loudest. Unfortunately, the ovation is not loudest at the moment, but Arlene could still save his head if he bows out now. I’m one of the few who’s been following this club for over two decades from Nigeria.

I may say that I’ve not seen any abysmal display of arsenal in my entire life of fanhood. I’m sad honestly, this club is a shadows of herself. She can’t even compete with the elite teams anymore.


Although, Wenger needs to go as the club desperately needs change.

But the players need to take some responsibility. They aren’t blameless in this. Most of them owe a lot in their careers to Wenger. Walcott, ox, bellerin, koscielny, Ramsey, Gibbs, Coquelin, I could go on and on. And this is how they are repaying him. This is how they are standing up during his worst time.

Absolutely gutless, despicable, hiding behind Wenger like they have been for most of their careers.


Harsh on Koscielny.


Koscielny is is the best we got. Doesn’t mean he is faultless or partly to be blamed. Since he’s the captain he should take lot of the responsibility for these performances


I’d personally bring back Mertesacker into the side. To partner Koscielny. Mustafi has been woeful for the past couple of months.


West Brom are now 9 points closer to us than we are to Chelsea. Yes this is probably among the worst spells we’ve had in 20 years but to say it is unique shows a lack of understanding that this discontent with his management has been growing for a long time now and is not a kneejerk reaction to recent results.


This is the last straw that broke the camels back. Arsene knows it,the fans knows it. The fucking board should also know it. Thanks Arsene,it’s unfortunate it ends this way. You will forever remain in our hearts.

Frank Bascombe

The board’s ‘In conversation’ with a coach who’ll have Arsenal back on track and Mourinho complaining about us being cynical. Heard the whisper last week. Please God it comes off.

Liam Bradys left peg

Dont tease us like that. Thanks for the memories but rather be at highbury. Cheers. TTFN


Walcott today though…..a chance to stick it to Gareth Wankgate and totally bottles it. As he always has done…as he always will do.


Why is it his decision… The club should be making it.

Bobby P

If the club has offered him a new contract then they have made their decision. Whether he signs it is up to him


I am sad it’s come to this but if he goes now the new man whoever that may be has enough time to get his own back team in place , see what he wants to keep and be ready to act in the summer. If we wait it leaves no time and next season will be written off before it’s started.

Osmond Simon

I think he should sign a new two years contract if arsenal Finnish in a champions league spot then signs the players he desires then if he fails then he can go. The club ows him that,because to me he has never been given all the money to buy top players in the past

Bobby P

How much did we spend last summer? 100 million or so. Yet we have gone backwards.

Finnish gooner

I’m one of those who can’t imagine the club without Arsene Wenger. I became a fan in the late 90s, being under ten years old. I’ve admired the man ever since. He’s a true legend, an utterly intelligent human being, who loves Arsenal and has dedicated his life to the club. If he goes now, and maybe this is the time to do that, I hope he knows how highly most Arsenal fans think of him. For me at least, he is one of the greatest persons in football history.


I’ve been hoping that Wenger can turn things around this season, but it doesn’t seem so now.

In every of his interviews I watch, I get the feeling that he is confident in himself that he can prove many WengerOut fans wrong, but not on today’s.

I hate the subways incident, I hate many unjust criticisms pundits have given him through the years. Usually he can brush it off, but not now. Not after all these losts. Really sad.


Honestly, I will always respect and cherish the memories he has brought to me growing up. But I think it would be best for him to leave. There’s too much poison and our fanbase too split and somehow he is at the centre of the argument. What kind of shit storm we are in now that there are banners flying “representing” both parties. Instead of supporting The Arsenal, there’s #arsenein or #arseneout. I also do think the players are buying into all these shit. Using all these shit that are happening to hide behind as an excuse of poor displays… Read more »


People should remember the state that the club was in when Wenger took over, and try to appreciate how much he has done for us. When he took over we were like most English clubs, with outdated training methods, players on unhealthy diets, a Luddite attitude to fitness/conditioning and no interest in applying sports science methods. Now, we are a modern, financially stable club that regularly qualifies for the Champions League, and survives not on the largesse of a billionaire owner, but on being able to generate revenue through our self sustainable business model. This self sustaining business model survives… Read more »

We've done it again

Yes, we wouldn’t be where we are.
And I suppose he’s been doing all these for free?

We qualify for champs league. To do what exactly? And you don’t even have the common sense to leave out teams that have won it from your example.

Players can lose faith in a manager (look at liecester and chelsea). Wenger should go and let someone else give it a go.


Agreed 100%. Couldn’t care a less about thumbs down.


1994 we wont the cup winners cup
1995 we got to the final of the cup winners cup

Wenger has never in 21 years won a European competition, losing in two finals.

So dont talk shit about the club being a mess before Wenger. It was a pretty decent team, particularly in the cups.

Faisal Narrage

What has any of this got to do with our team lacking defensive structure and tactical planning and adjustment from the dugout?


Oh God that whole be careful what you wish for crap. Stick with Wenger and you get pasted in the champions league season in, season out. Title challenge usually ended by February. Wake the hell up. This team are in disarray and it shows on the pitch.



Coquelin's 3rd Leg


A trillion times this.

You think this arsehole is going to pay for an Arsenal quality manager? And give him the freedom and support to build the club how he wishes? Without financial restrictions?

I don’t.


Just leave now pls before our club becomes the biggest joke in modern football oh sorry it already has.

And if you do leave make sure you pack our useless board and most of our overatted first team with you thanks.


Fans will go berserk and he will be pushed out has to be the most delusional and funny thing I’ve read so far….thanks for making me smile after that horrendous game lad.

Those banners (both) on the other hand were pretty sad.

Victory through harmony eh….

George Walsh

As much as i sympathise with Wenger for having such a gutless group of players he is the one who has bought them and continues to pick them time and time again refusing to change faces at the club…he does not want characters in the dressing room who question or undermine his authority so what we have is sheep. The players have let him down, some of them for far far too long but at the end of the day we keep making the same mistakes season in season out where were gutless away from home against the lesser sides… Read more »


What sad [Arsenal] days these are 🙁


Piste oeuf…


If he stays I will not watch the PL for the first time ever; we can’t expect things to change if he stays


I’m sorry, but he no longer has the right to leave gracefully anymore, holding the club by the balls about is future is an insult to both club and fans. What a disgrace.

Sir Seaman Stains

You’re so right – a lynch mob should just get hold of Arsene and tie him to the back of a car and it can be driven around North London and everyone can pelt him with rotten fruit!
FFS you complete knob – you need to be grabbed by the balls – you’re a disgrace !


There would have been no Arsenal without Arsene. We would have been a mid table club without him. The disrespect towards him is appalling. He is the last manager in the world who deserves the vitriol and plane banners directed towards him.

We've done it again

Oh, please! Save us the drama.

I suppose you are gonna tell us about how he built a stadium with his bare hands?


Goon, I am genuinely shocked by your ignorance!

Arsenal were one of the giants of English football before Wenger joined, not a mid table club. Only Liverpool had won more league titles than us.

In the decade before Wenger joined, we had won 2 league titles, a European trophy, an FA Cup and 2 league cups. Does that sound like a mid table club to you? Please educate yourself about the history of the club you claim to support.


Great, because Liverpool has messed up the last 20 years by hiring the wrong managers and being inconsistent year after year they are where they are now. Still big club but not as big as they could be if they were more consistent in terms of being a global brand and bringing in the extra revenue because of that. It is a business and we were lucky to have a manager like AW during the last 20 years. Revenue streams have changed. The league is truly global. If Arsenal wasn’t successful during this era consistenly making Champions league they would… Read more »


‘There would be no Arsenal without Arsene’
My god ! I’m even more worried about the 12 up votes you got.These are the kind of people who flew the second banner.No one in their right mind would want Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.


What worries me most is that the club are in no way prepared for such a monumental shift in it’s running. Whether you love him or hate him, Arsene Wenger leaving this football club will be felt massively. I love the guy and respect him for everything he has done for Arsenal Football Club, but it is looking more and more likely that he has taken us as far as he can. I hate the fact that fan base is divided. I hate the fact that some of our fans have no shame in belittling and abusing our most successful… Read more »


exactly.its our first time we have a bad form in 20 fucking years. even won quarter finals of cup five nil. and most of defeats were referees faults. bayern red card penalty. todays second goal…..only a retarded 6 yo would ask the boss to go after couple of bad games in 20 fucking years

We've done it again

This guy is right! Apart from recently, we’ve been splendid. I even recall some of our players winning “world’s best”.

There’s nothing to see here guys. We are fine, according to Si.


of course we are not fine!! but moron fans, everytime something is not fine you want to change the manager. it was referees fault and it happened once in 20 years with the boss and we will make the top four again i bet my life on it. if you doubt it go support manure. idiots….

Lucid rageaholism

How ballsy would it be for him to sign up for 2 more years now?!


Sorry to say this, but it seriously wouldn’t surprise me.

Man Manny

To think that the longest serving manager in the EPL can build a team so unsuited to the league is simply shocking. The worse part is that you could see this result coming. I am not angry anymore; just numb and resigned.


Let’s not pretend we could see this coming. Two weeks ago 3nd spot was very much there, beginning of season (well pre season)we had the most complete team in years. This team should have competed for the title. I am not in the Wenger go/stay camp but this was a team to compete for title. If they fail to make to to CL, they would have failed us.

Man Manny

“A team to compete for the title” actually competes for the title. We were all fooled by the early promise; reality now stares us in the face: This was never a title competing team, period.

Phil sadler

I hope what he decides is best for the club so it should be goodbye Wenger.


This season was the battle between the big name managers – Wenger, Guardiola, Klopp, Conte, Mourinho, Pochettino, Koeman. In August I was expecting Conte and Guardiola would choke, and although I wasn’t hoping Arsene would do something incredible, I was dead certain that at least 4th place would be guaranteed. Alas, things fall apart.


What is so appealing about finish 4th?
The money from television has become more significant than the qualifying money and we never really compete for it – so it’s pretty much pointless.
Finish fourth is the same as choking in my opinion.
Either way, knowing ‘soon’ about his future == Announcing the new contract after a few good resutls in the garbage time of the season…


You are spoilt. Every season in the CL for 22 years. Never mind we flatter to deceive in the later stage but that sort of profile has been crucial for the club in drawing the money to build the stadium for a more sustainable income to compete in market for talent.. This is a MINIMUM standard to acieve for two decades. Meanwhile Spurts have never qualified for 2 seasons back to back in CL (they get knocked out by Belgian powerhouse Ghent of course) Liverpool have been without the title for 25 + years (That’s over a quarter century) United… Read more »

Big Dave

What a Clusterfuck


I keep telling myself it’s only football, to keep the ulcers at bay. Why is it not working???


Sure give him respect. But he should be sacked

Sir Seaman Stains

That’s a frigging oxymoron – he should not be sacked, you should fuck right off. Never have I been more ashamed of our fans than right now – as fucking classless as Chelsea or Tottenham.


I think he’ll stay.


@arseblog would you rather that Wenger retired at end of season, with key players going into the last 12 months of their contract and no sporting director or do you think he should stay for 1 more season, get the players to sign deals/sign replacements, give the club time to find an appropriate replacement and sporting director so that we don’t go through what Man Utd. did when their manager left them in a bad state which they have yet to recover. I know these aren’t the only two options but i don’t exactly have enough faith that the board… Read more »


Well this is the problem with these Wenger Out people. I understand their frustration and can empathise with the sentiment that Wenger may no longer be relevant. BUT it needs calm and collective heads to manage a transition properly. Considering the wrong successor brings no guarantees of even achieving our high minimal standards under Wenger (we can think of people like AVB, Rodgers, Martinez whom many fans not too long ago trumpeted as genius to Wenger), there is every possibility that we could not even finish as high as we do and be out of CL. This is not good… Read more »


That’s how I’m feeling because even with the greatest manager in the world I dont think our players are good enough. I’d love to have a manager like Ancelotti take over for a few seasons as he has proven track record everywhere and I think he would fit well with Arsenal. I do not want any experiments with some up and coming manager.

Donald's Trumps

But we are already in a bad state.


It could be worse, we could have Donald Trump as our majority shareholder


Thistle far Wenger has brought us.but as with everything,there reaches a time when things peak no more and assume a constant curve before it starts the downward trend.I believe that is where we have reached as a club.we must appreciate what Wenger has done at the club and respect him for that. However,our manager Arsene must realize that beyond this point it is very difficult to move forward what with the dressing room issues and fans’ unforgiving attitude.THough we can’t blame them because they have been very patient for so long. The players are a disgraced lot and they cannot… Read more »


If only the team could muster a teeny weeny purple patch, the club could announce Wenger’s new contract.


Leave or stay it’s time, at least, to tell the players so they know what’s going on. Not knowing is not the only reason they’ve been awful of late but uncertainty is not ideal. For all the wenger out crowd, do you really think kronke and the board will hire a top manager or that a top manager will come to a club that is not willing to stack the team with world class players? Look at United and city. Last summer they spent 100s of millions. Next summer will be more of the same for those clubs. We won’t… Read more »


I think Wenger will likely announce he is leaving within a year. The option for him to stay a transitionary season allows him 1) Some face considering he has been no ordinary manager to this club. It will be a class thing to do. 2) Time to sort out the club in preperation for the eventual successor. 3) Time to identify the eventual successor with some care. Remember, there may be more options post Wcup2018 which will precipitate a reshuffle. 4) Some stability for us to manage through what could be a difficult summer with the possibility of high profile… Read more »

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