Yaya, Gunners, Yaya! Sanogo nets comeback goal against Sp*rs


Yaya Sanogo staked his claim for a start against Bayern Munich next week with a goal in his comeback game for the Arsenal U23s.

The Gunners, fielding some experienced players like Carl ‘Jenky’ Jenkinson, Mathieu ‘Debby’ Debuchy, Emi ‘Clown Killer’ Martinez, overcame Tottenham 2-0 this afternoon.

It was the 24 year old’s first appearance at any level this season, after enduring a difficult time with injury, and he opened the scoring against the old enemy with this sensational strike.

Back in December, Arsene Wenger hinted at some mystery behind his absence, saying, “He had a real medical problem, you know, that I cannot explain to you here because it’s a confidential problem.

“Not a secret problem, but it’s medical. I cannot speak about that medically but it’s no life threatening problem.

“He had a long-term injury and I am not specialised enough to explain to you what it is in his calf, but we had to rest him completely.”

Reiss Nelson secured the three points with just minutes to go, scoring the goal that made the game safe.

But all eyes were on Yaya whose contract runs out in June and will probably leave the club on a free transfer at that point.

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Wenger's Pony

What a strike! <3


Absolute joke this guy still plays for us.
Mental we used to refuse handing out more then one year deals to Robert Pires because he went over the age of 30 – now we just hand out contracts to anyone. When he was on loan at Ajax the coaches basically labelled him as useless. Yet we pay him £30K a week. Bananas.

Let the thumbs down commence.

Granit(e) hard!

Yep, clever too,……he ‘passed’ it to the keeper, knowing it would catch him by surprise. and it did… smart!


yeah, he shot straight at the keeper’s foot!


Welcome back bro

Thierry Walcott

Just in time to confuse the shit out of Bayern




Best news I’ve seen on this site in months.


He just doesn’t score scrappy goals

Crash Fistfight

It’d be nice to see that goalkeeper start for the actual Sp*rs team for the rest of the season.




Game Changer, Yaya Sanoonebetterinfrontofgoal o is back in business.

Blackky Jhide

Ahaaa!!! All hail Sanogo, back on time for his famous Champions League appearance, we are only 4-0 down against Bayern Munich and I am looking forward to a scintillating performance by him -a hat-trick will do and another goal by the resurgence Welsh Wizard will see us through into the quarter final.
Eh! Am I dreaming?
At least, let us celebrate King Sanogo for returning with a bang with an excellent goal against the noisy neighbour pretenders.
A mysterious injury??? if this is what we get from our players after Mysterious injury bring it on???

Arsenal Pakistan!

Yaya Sanogo has been added to our UCL squad.

He’s the hero Arsenal deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

Aussie arse


Monkey Nuts

Now we can really reflect on this signing. No one understood it at the time and by flummeny we still don’t.

Andy Mack

Anyone that saw him play at youth level would understand why we signed him on a free transfer.
The problem is he doesn’t seem to have made the step up to senior level yet (will he ever?).



Keeper had no chance.


No celebration? No team mates congratulating? Odd, low key affair and against Spurs.


Pleased for him, he’s had difficult times and it’s nice to see him back healthy. I’d like to give him another season to see how he develops, I just like him.


Is that you Arsene?


Agree he has shown flashes or talent here. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be able to keep himself healthy. He could be a good 4th choice, always brings something to the team eheän he plays. Can see him having a good career in ligue 1 or similar league if he keeps fit.

Faisal Narrage

Liberal use of the term ”Sensational” there.


Is this whole string in s/f??

Keeper had no chance though… 😉


Make fun of him as much as you want.
But we would have never won the semi final against Wigan, if he hadn’t come on.


Thanks for pointing this out! Everyone always forgets about this. Not to mention he played a massive role in the 2-1 5th round win against Suarez’s Liverpool (a Liverpool team which had just thrashed us 5-1 the week before).

You’d think a player who’d played such a large role in ending our long trophy drought would be remembered more fondly but hey, people have short memories these days. Anyone remember when I setup our captain for an easy empy netter to put us 2-1 up in that tense, 2nd leg UCL qualifier against Udinese? 😉

Freddie Red Pubes

The boy is a legend! “I’ll score and end the keepers career with one simple pass”. Bring on Bayern


not bothered if Sanchez goes now the prolific striker Sanogogo is getting back to full fitness we’ve really missed his goals

Liam Bradys left peg

Any win against spuds will do. Sanogo is a trier but is nowhere near the 1st team when all fit. #kroenkeoutnow

Monkey Nuts

Loving the #


At this point it’s hard to imagine a more pointless story….When the papers today are saying that Wenger has been given an ultimatum about his future the fact that a 4th (5th?) choice player has scored at underage level is absolutely of no no relevance. Sanogo was and always will be slightly better than rubbish, certainly not part of a title winning squad. Anyways, my prediction is that we lose miserably tomorrow despite the relative shortcomings of Liverpool and finish outside the top four athletic season’s end. Not even the mighty Sanogo can stop that happening Andrew.

A Different George

Yeah, Blogs, how dare you print a pointless story?


Thanks for the back up but you might have been a little harsh with ‘How dare you”, nobody died.

Granit(e) hard!

I like to know why no one was celebrating?……..yeah, its not a goal of the month contender, that’s for sure, but c’mon guys, that WAS against Tottenham ‘cold’ spuds, and by jove, i’ll celebrate, even if it was scored accidentally by a one eyed donkey doing a Spanish jig!


Is it only me or he kicked it straight to the keeper as he and most of attacking players do? Only this time keeper was sh*t


If you read the comments, you’ll see it’s not only you.


Sa one goal! Yay!


goons, at least he used his feet not his hand and was onside when he scored. Well done Sanogo, ignore the goons!