Arsenal 2-2 Man City – player ratings


Arsenal didn’t lose today, which was nice. But we didn’t win either. Ho hum.

The 2-2 draw with Pep Guardiola’s erratic Manchester City doesn’t really do either side much good at this point of the season, however, it’s something to build on for Arsene Wenger who has never experienced such a poor run of form in his entire time in N5.

Here’s how the player’s rated…

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Monreal is the only one earning those marks for me. Walcott’s goal was scrappy and lucky (ofc ill fucking take it). Mustafi was largely okay, but does he really have to swap with bellerin THAT often? He gets out to the byline far too easily for comfort, and atleast once when he and bellerin were getting back into position City took advantage of the confusion. Maybe it’s an issue that’s been discussed? Either way it wasn’t all clockwork, apart from the other disorganised running around going on back there. Giroud looked pretty meh, not like coming off a good scoring… Read more »


We need to sort out bellerin


*’s hair!


We need to talk about Hector.


Bellerin needs a hair cut


Especially his hair


Well done Nacho. Pressure was on him after some poor form but he did good today.


Bonus rating is a bit harsh imo.

Francis Coquelin

hey, but I had a decent game today


All the joy has gone out of watching Arsenal. I didn’t celebrate either of our goals today – not through choice, just because they didn’t really make me feel any excitement. Am not sure what it’s gonna take to get it back at the moment.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

I think you’re being a bit TOO dramatic, but I had a similar sentiment… on that note, if Ozil had scored on his break late in the second half, he probably could’ve lit a fire up our asses, and his face after he flubbed it by the gk pretty much was contorted by a known loss of an opportunity to do so.

If only… but then it seems ungrateful to finally not lose after such a miserable run, and against the mancs no less.


are you saying he should have scored on that? yes he was in great position to score but how is anyone going to be ready for that when the CB flubbed it. he just happened to be there. it would hvae been great if he could have reacted better to the City flub but to think that he flubbed it.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Just saying that IF he did, I get the feeling that today would have been a very different day, and I think that he knew that too, given his face..


I’m right there with you. Didn’t celebrate the goals scored or curse the goals conceded. We need a change.


So some cunt doesn’t celebrate out goals that means we must all be miserable cunts is that it?


Cheer up, Dobbi, here’s your sock back!


No it’s just an observation and some people agree with it. Stop being an twit

David Hillier\'s luggage

Yes, the stadium felt flat and had that end of season feeling to it already, but sometimes fans cheering on their team actually helps motivate the players to do something that will excite. Football’s not passive entertainment, it’s sport.


Hmmm can’t help but think I’ve heard this argument many a time over the years.

The crowd were WELL behind the team following Theo’s goal to make it 1-1. You could see it, hear it, even the sky pundits commented on it.

What did the team do? Promptly fucked it up. As always. Makes no difference if you cheer or not.


I feel same. It is like loosing thirst of something and also the mere fact that the management issue is not yet sorted out. I feel that Wenger is putting his legacy on the line if he insisted on continuing and fails to get better results next season. He will never be forgiven. I am not saying that he should not stay but if he wishes to stay, there are many changes that are required, both in the management and players level. He should cash in and sale Ozil. Per, Ramsey, Walcot and Wiltshere should all be heading out. Steve… Read more »


Watch Koscielny’s reaction when Theo’s goal went in, you’d have thought we’d just conceded. Mind you Theo didn’t seem too thrilled either.


Mustafi even though he scored, looks unconvincing defensively. With koscielny out, he’ll have to step up especially with Carroll up next game.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Everyone looks unconvincing next to Gabriel, and I think today was a defensive success. There’s something up with Gabriel though, and I think Wenger is trying to push him to form some kind of partnership, because he just looks far too awkward whenever he plays for his physical levels. Feels like he doesn’t know when/where to apply the force.



That time Abou Diaby kicked John Terry in the head

Might be time to blow the dust off Per then i think


Kos is the best defender in our squad, but something tells me the presence of Per in the team for a few games may be a lot better for Mustafi at this moment in time. That’s as long as the BFG’s still alive and well.


Mustafi has 3 weaknesses for me based on what I’ve seen this season (never watched him prior).

1) he sometimes loses flight of the long diagonal ball and where you’d want to stop it bouncing, his misreads create dangerous situations
2) beaten in the air too easily needs to jump earlier, not necessarily higher
3) plays too many passes through the lines.. that don’t find the target and get intercepted

He’s got potential and I think by his late 20s will be a great defender but needs to sort that out


I kinda agree, but #2 I think he jumps too early because he is shorter then most CB so he tries to compensate by jumping early.

I don’t mind the passes through the lines what bothers me is that he thinks hes a CM and dribbles the ball to much.

Can we wait till he potentially develops into a great CB and never develops into that or do we as a club only start finished or close to finished players?


I think #2 feeds into #1.. he doesn’t read the flight of the ball well and that affects his timing. He showed today that he *can* get up off the ground and high enough to win headers but he just doesn’t time it properly.

Passing through the lines is awesome if it is consistent but he’s too hit and miss for me at the moment with it.


I really hate those passes he likes to do. Not a brainy chap Mustafi overall. But not too shabby eithet


poblem is no one else is making those kind of necessary passes

Tasmanian Jesus

Might be time to play Per in that one.


It didn’t look like we had clear ideas in attack, we were forced out wide quite a lot too.

I was also quite worried how much time and space city players had in comparison to ours. Is it our formation, our pressing game, or just our general desire? I don’t know, but we were constantly ganged up upon and really didn’t have much room to operate, even in our half, which is worrying.


I think when we try to play out from the back, the deepest midfielder needs to show for the ball more but also move it quicker once they get it. Santi gets deep and is skillfull enough to wiggle out of pressure and Break their forwards pressing.
Coquelin and xhaka go sideways and eventually it is back at the keeper who lobs it upfield and the pressure is back on 15 seconds later.


I know its going to look like a Coq hater here but he has no ball skills good enough for Arsenal. He shouldn’t be starting. we are basically playing a man down when trying to bring the ball up through the back. It’s so easy to defend and then Ozil has to go deeper to help out which slows our attack. smh He is the type of player that should have been transferred out already after realizing what kind skill limitations he has.


As I mention in the comment above, coq is trying these outrageous spray and pray diagonals. Once in a blue moon they come off and he looks like a God, but too often they fail miserably. It’s also interesting with coq, he seems obsessed with trying to prove himself. The unlikely diagonals, the shouty leadership thing which isn’t proper leadership (I’m looking at you as well, Mustafi), and the constant diving into slide tackles – they all scream a type of anxiety that he thinks people think he’s not good enough, so he tries the impossible to prove them wrong,… Read more »


Completely agree. The transition player is probably the most important in the team these days (hence Kante’s impact at Leicester and Chelsea) and Santi is our best one. Our falling apart when he gets injured every season isn’t coincidence. After Santi our most natural transition player is Xhaka, but unfortunately he’s lost some confidence since joining us – deciding to play sideways and backwards more than he did at the start of the season. Both Xhaka and Coquelin try to play these outrageous 70 yard diagonals from deep midfield, and whilst Xhaka can sometimes pull them off (coq really can’t),… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Arsenal fans very quiet on the disgraceful standards of Premier League refereeing today. Strange that.
Today will be written out of the end of the season rants on that subject no doubt.


Its only right after a season full of anti Arsenal ref decisions, the team gets a few go their way.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You’re right of course. As long as all the other games where decisions went in our favour have been written out. As today will no doubt. Refereeing in England is generally pretty shite. The problem with a lot of gooners on here is they see that wrongly as anti Arsenal.


We obviously need 3 points every game, but 1 point vs City isn’t the worst. I thought Ozil showed a bit more fight than usual, and Monreal was great on the flank. Bellerin seems to have fallen off after his spot is unchallenged. He performed much better when he had someone breathing down his neck. Also I really like Coquelin the way he fights every game and one of the few players who always seem to give his all. He sadly just isn’t good enough for Arsenal.


While Coquelin might not be good enough to be a starter, he’s definitely a good squad option. He’s homegrown too so helps us that way.


Since we are not fighting for the PL anymore, and are trying to get 4th place, and the huge disappointment of losing games lately, this result against a better team, the 2-2 seems like a positive result.


Don’t know your opinion, but at some point of this season did somebody tell Hector Bellerín that he had to muscle up or something? His speed (most valuable asset) has fallen since; it was made pretty clear against a slim Sané that boosted through him a couple times. My doubt is that it’s the muscle or the shit haircut? Gooners, have your say.




hair ?


lol @paul’s comment, but in all seriousness, ever since Blogs mentioned it on a recent arsecast I’ve not been able to stop focusing on it. Where’s the Bellerin that breezed past David Alaba against Bayern last season? It’s impossible not to notice his decline in pace since that injury in December.


Bellerin allowed Sane to get between him and goal for that opener. If Bellerin got inside him, no goal. Was a decision to step forward instead of sideways right when Sane took off that cost him.


I don’t deny the stats but as I watched the game i felt Sanchez had a much better contribution. Certainly kept the pressure up, felt he was contributing defensively and worried City the other way, even if he didn’t have a lot to show for it directly

Q Mantis

Not the result we needed but nice to see us not getting punished for every mistake made. no one stood out for me and it would be easy to pick out players bad points but perhaps this is a time to get behind the team and encourage rather than moan and groan. Hopefully a midweek win coming our way..coyg


Some above average ratings for a very average performance, is this what we have come to that we are satisfied with a home draw against a similar team that has the same issues but is happy to Go away with a point.
Well I’m not happy, it may not have been as shit as some of the previous stuff we have had to endure but it was still pretty shit.


You’re right. This is what we have become. A top 6 side that’s happy not to lose to a pretty shitty City team.


How is nobody complaining about Alexis’s attitude today? He almost never tracked back, lost so many balls in dangerous positions… Sometimes he just stood there and whine when he should have helped his teammates. But many are again criticizing Ozil for whom I think he put much better performance than him especially work rate wise. Sure Alexis scored and assisted a lot this season but stats that he is only the 32th striker based on the work rate is worrying for me because he played many games on the wing. I am saying that because I am sick of Ozil… Read more »


Hector’s off to Barca surely, he won’t stay. along with Sanchez, Ozil & Ox & anyone with any ambition really. If the deluded old fool stays, who can we buy except dross. c’mon HE MADE our club garbage.


I dont know what you are talking about, i saw Alexis defend for us and dribble the ball to the midfield, his problem in the last game is he lost too many ball in the early 1st half but he fix it after that.


Alexis lost possession 35 times v city, that is plain awful


Thought we did ok going forwards, front four played well if a bit wasteful. Also thought we struggled in the middle of the park especially first half, Coq and Xhaka both lucky to not get two yellows and the distribution wasn’t always there at times when we needed an out-ball for Welbeck or Walcott. Surprised by the high ratings for our defence, thought they struggled badly today. Every time City were in the vicinity of our box I was worried, Aguero missed two guilt edge headers totally unmarked and KdB and Silva were allowed to run the show whenever City… Read more »


Thought Bellarin was crap today. Love him but you know. Good point but we needed three. Sounds well negative but just being honest. Arsenal forever

a different George

I was hoping that Fernando and Fernandino would both be on at the same time and that one of them committed a second bookable foul. Andre Marriner would probably have sent Gibbs off.

Matt P

Ratings spot on other than I’d give Ozil a 5. Would have given him a 6 were it not for the giveaway to Aguero.
Monreal was really good today.
Sanchez, as is often the case, gave the ball away too much and got himself into cul de sacs. But he makes up for it with his energy and work rate!


I missed Özil pass to Aguero! Lol and what about his way to let Sane goal?


Welbeck’s rating is IMHO too high. He lost almost every single challenge. He lost every ball he got. It kinda felt like he was almost scared to attend a challenge or jump to win a header. He didn’t do anything right just like the match before.


welbeck had 100% pass completion


The reply later showed clearly that Navas in his attempt to retrieve the ball actually kicked Monreal’s hand from below moving the hand towards the ball which meant it was a foul at the first place against the City.


Probably a good game for neutrals to watch; two teams with poor defences lead to exciting tv. From a fan’s point of view, we were again pitiful in defence in the first half and once again players drawn to the ball, forgetting players on back post. Gabriel looked more effective than Koscielny, Hector had a nightmare – again. In midfield the inevitable yellow cards impact on Coq-er-Xhak and Coq particularly was often too far forward to offer defensive cover. Up front, we offered more of a threat but still too laborious in the build up. Knowing that we won’t shoot… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

So is Coquelin REALLY above El Neny in the pecking order?


Why did Mustafi run 30 yards out of position to head the goal kick directly to De Bruyne to help set up their first goal? I was shocked.


I am not convinced his plan was to give DeBruyne the ball. The blame for that goal lies with Bellerin, he should of stepped infield instead of down field and allowed Sane to get between him and goal.


Yes why the he’ll does he do that! He cost us the goal. He seems to want to go forward so why not move home to right back..and bring on Holding. Despite the goal his play and Ozil giving it away cheaply cost us the game


Because Mustafi can’t pass and is too slow to be full back! I agree with playing Holding though; there’s a danger that he will follow Chambers (and other promising signings before him) into the centre half wilderness due to lack of playing time.


I remember Wallcott getting some stick for dodging out of a challenge last season… Yet, Blogs won’t have a go at Ozil doing the same thing today..? Funny that. It wasn’t even a 50-50, he was clear favorite to win the ball…

Kolo Tourette\'s

Weirdly written, news hound.

I don’t understand what is the problem with Elneny. I think a Xhaka-Elneny partnership would be good.

Why are you like that, Arsene?

Gary Baldy

We still lose the ball too easily and that causes problems for the opposition counter-attack.

Mesut O\'Neill

An overhaul is badly needed. If you’re going to play Giroud, you need players who can put in good crosses, we don’t have any. Our “two world class keepers” are anything but, would get rid of both & take a gamble on Joe Hart. Striker wise Lukaku would suit our system especially if Sanchez leaves. But the main priority has to be a Vieira type midfield enforcer.

occam\'s hatchet

I miss Per.

Even more, I miss a functional midfield. We shouldn’t require a centre back to play 2/3 (or more) of the way up the pitch to progress the ball.

Stuck on repeat...

So nervy everytime I watch the Arsenal at the minute & not enjoying that one bit.

There such a large lack of confidence noticable in both the players & fans at the minute.

Just wish the manager, owner & board would just come out & say what is going to happen regardless of what that may be. The silence is doing far more harm than any possible good, & for me it is this deliberate silence that is currently killing the club.

A complete shambles all round…


I think people are being harsh on Ozil. He had a decent game considering the behind the scenes dramas going on with him. That turn in first half, his positioning and turn was super, his lack of power in his shot not so but another day he coulda scored that. My only criticism of him, when he got through alone with the GK he should of had a go at it. Not his best game, not his worst, but I thought he tried. Clearly his head though is not in the game. No doubt in time we will learn whats… Read more »


I am usually very harsh on Ozil as for a 42mil player I feel i am getting a Reyes level worth of skill and ability, but i will say I too felt he really tried. Though the turn, weak shot and one v one did not surprise me but he was making an effort in the second half. Not sure if that was due to he being the direct cause of Man City second goal and wanting to make up as not to be the scapegoat but he was bursting a lung. And on that I am proud of him.… Read more »


Generous ratings for the back 4. Aguero is shorter than my son and had no problem taking free headers in front of our goal. As for long shots, we blocked none of them. Ospina’s diving saves (and twice the post) and Aguero’s wastefulness doesnt mean this carefree back four were anywhere near what we pay them to be.


Good rating. But the team and poor form continue to be honest. They have tried harder but against a better team or better organized team we would have lost. Strange to witness the mess Guardiola is in at City! Our defense is shit.Monreal stepped up and Mustafi was ok for once. Bellerin has been hyped too much. He needs to get back to the basics of his job Defense! His season is really poor, he got trashed too often. The Xhaka -Coq pairing is not good and for me its the manager’s fault. Its purely tactical. How come the Coq… Read more »

Dan D

It goes without saying we really needed the win. My overall team rating flaws that we were far too easily passed through in the early stages of the game and could have been 3-0 down so from that perspective not good enough. We worked hard to get back into the game without creating anything of note only to concede another terrible goal just before the break. Mesut didn’t cover himself in too much glory there as he gave the ball away twice cheaply – theme of his game yesterday. Sanchez culpable there also. 2nd half the early goal was just… Read more »


Montreal had a good game and was helped by Sterling coming off after the 1st half. Also thought Mustafi had his best game for us in a long while. Took his goal well and was pretty good at that back. We needed to leave one of Welbeck or Theo on. There was just no pace and we badly needed an outlet once Giroud and Iwobi were on. Alexis kept dropping deep to collect the ball and our lack of pace up top made it easy for City to intercept and come at us again. If Ox is out for a… Read more »

Why not

Sorry. I think 5.5 for Alexis is pretty fucking generous.

Yep, he wins the ball back 11 times, and 7/11 take ons. How many of those take ons where unnessecary, and how many of the ball recoveries where after one of his silly mistakes. Stats do not tell the whole story.

The amount of time he tried to amaze his way out of our penalty box. Trying Fabregasian style backheels and horrendous decisions to try and run it out. Self-indulgent schoolboy football. Heaped pressure on already pressured team.

He wasn’t great going forward either.


Xhaka can make good passes but he´s not good protecting back defenders. Because opponents usually pass through him with pace and velocity, he must improve anticipation.


Ospina – I thought he did excellent for us. But this is the sort of game that suits him better. The test will come against more physical and direct teams and his command of his box. Against City, his reactions saved us. Bellerin – Culpable for slack first City goal. He should have been goal side. Gabriel – I thought he did decent when he came on. We leaked both goals in the first half. Monreal – Great appetite pushing forward. I think he is also the more sensible rback defending but his weakness is pace (and age). Granit –… Read more »