Holding: I loved Wembley experience


Rob Holding had gone almost two months without playing for the Arsenal first team, but when injury struck Shkodran Mustafi he was called into action as part of a back three against Boro last Monday.

The 20 year old, playing just his 12th game for Arsenal, was in action again on Sunday during the 2-1 win over Man City.

Thrust into action in a game of such importance, with circumstances the way they were, nobody would have blamed him for being nervous, but his display belied his relative inexperience, and afterwards the former Bolton man said he’d enjoyed his first ever visit to Wembley.

“It’s the first time I have ever been here!” he told the official site.

“I have never been there even as a fan, I was living in Manchester before so it was a bit of a trek down, so this was the first time. I loved it, I can’t wait for the final now – hopefully I’ll be involved.

|”It was a bit nerve racking at the start [of the match] with both sets of fans screaming, so it was a bit crazy but I settled down after a shaky first 10 minutes and it was all okay.”

Holding might even have been the hero before Alexis Sanchez scored the winner, heading just over from a corner in extra-time.

However, his overall performance was superb, and it looks as if the Gunners have a real prospect on their hands.

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We loved your Wembley experience!




Well done David Dein. Another inspired signing. Wenger knows nothing in the market. He can’t sign a decent centre back.

Only buys players like Gabriel.;)


And he should have bought Stones for 47m quid.

…now the media is saying City don’t have enough quality and have to spend on FIVE more quality players.:D


Haven’t felt happy for so long ?
I think we all needed today! Congratulations future captain ?

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Don’t say that! Our captains only last two seasons… ?

We should bring Flamini back and make him captain forever.


And our captains rarely play.


Maybe he’ll be made captain after winning 5 league titles, 3 champions league titles for the Arsenal and about to turn 33


I love that idea! That way Mesut will stay AND play better!

Dan Hunter

Here we go… only in England will be build our players up to astronomical heights when they have not done anything.

Winterburn Wanderers

Absolutely immense young man!

Also, without wishing to promote any debate, but rather to just state a fact that needs nothing added to it:

Gabriel is a good centre back.

Wenger shake it all about
Wenger shake it all about

In fairness, Wenger has unearthed another gem!


I have always maintained that he is, thank you for saying so. Anybody can look poor in our system.
I love that guy Gabriel. He has that street fighter mentality.
And how long has it been, and I say this without malice to David Silva, that someone from our team tackles another person and they have to go off because of the sheer strength? Don’t get crazy, I don’t like the thug-type bull of the Shawcrosses and Smiths of this world. Just happy that we have someone nasty in the team.


You do understand that the problems of Gabriel are down to Wenger. He’s an inflexible fellow unwilling to try something radical in his opinion. Gabriel is a hood CB and in a back 3 that ruthless tough tackling is vital. Every team that stunted Arsenal this season seemed to have character in its lineup at the back.

Godfrey Twatsloch

On a whole we were physical in a way I’ve never seen us before. Even Özil and Sanchez were getting some.


How about Granite Xhaka winning crucial duels against Yaya Toure, and at one point giving the poor little man a comforting hug as he was crying to the ref! Tears in my eyes.

canon 10000

Sign of things to come!

canon 10000

May I also say it has seemed that communication has played a big role in the gaffes around Gabriel. I hope he can now hurl a Fuck You Cheating [email protected] to Diego Costa with only a slight accent at Wembly.


He can speak to Costa in Portuguese


How do you say “Fuck you cheating cunt” in Portuguese? Need to start practicing it.


Fuck you ALWAYS sounds better in English though don’t you think ?


Gabriel was part of an immense defence at Villarreal. Basically just about any great CB would look poor with no protection.

Even Sol Campbell had Vieira and Gilberto in front of him. That’s why Kos is so good, he looks good without help. Gabriel given a role with protection and lots of options to pass out to can be great.


We hope you have many more special days at Wembley to come, Rob. Starting with the FA Cup in May.

Thierry bergkamp

Been saying to start this kid for the last 4 months


When he ran round aguero to beat him and made aguero chase him. I was impressed with this lad.


Great back heel skill on that one too


That was high class, he totally made Aguero eat his shorts on that play.

Gran Xakh

Whisper it quietly.. Think Holding could go on to be a special player for us.


As long as he is protected by a functioning midfield. Same goes for Calum.


Won’t be satisfied until he’s playing as CDM.


Cliff Bastin

Would also like to point out that sp*rs were knocked out I the semis for a RECORD 7th time I mean how is that even possible.

Godfrey Twatsloch

They played well against Chelsea and I think it’s a shame they didn’t win so we could have the pleasure of smashing them in the final.

canon 10000

I’m glad they aren’t through mostly because we have a better chance against Chelsea.

Rick Rees

Bottlers… but, glad we dont have to worry about the possibility of losing to that lot in the final.


Being a pedant – It’s the 7 in a row that’s the record. I think Everton hold the record with 13 semi defeats (even we’ve had 9).
Get Viagra to SHL – it helps you get past a semi?


He cost 48 million less than john stones…..


And Wembley loved Holding:) (specially the red part of the fans)


Hopefully he’ll be Holding the FA cup soon


I feel much more confident against Chelsea than Spurs in the final. They are clearly the better team. Less pressure on us.


Yeah, I hear Class A drugs are more powerful these days.


Holding needs to be managed very carefully and it is important we don’t expect too much from him. There is a long way to go for him to be 30 games a season player. I’d take 5 games of perfection from Holding as opposed to 10 average games. All I expect from Holding and Iwobi over the next two seasons is to stay injury free.


Great player. Confident and composed.

He should retain his place in front of Mustafi. The player in the best form should be on the pitch.


I have to say he looks by far better CB and talent than Chambers, maybe because he is a natural CB and Chambers need more time to adapt as he played mostly RB at arsenal hope playing at Boro he will cement his position in his head that he is a CB and will come great for us as he also had some brilliant games for boro.

Chambers and Rob could become our cb partnership for years to come.


I see his future as a central defensive mid. We could then have a Holding-Coq partnership.


Good lad, keep up the excellent work!