Monreal delighted with his right-footed equaliser


Nacho Monreal says his equaliser yesterday against Man City is the first goal he’s scored with his right foot, and one of the most important in his career.

The Spaniard is playing in a wing-back role because of the formation change, and took advantage of that by busting a gut to get on the end of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s cross (look how much ground he made up).

Afterwards, the 31 year old told Arsenal Player he viewed it as one of his most important goals ever.

“I am really happy as we were losing 1-0 against a really good team,” he said. “It was a good cross from the Ox and I was there at the far post.

“I didn’t realise as I thought Jesus Navas was going to clear the ball but he didn’t – and I didn’t think about it. I

“I just shot with my right foot and I scored. It was also my first goal on my right foot in my whole career so I’m really happy!

“I haven’t scored too many goals so this was the most important.”

Monreal’s last Arsenal goal also came in the FA Cup, and also against a Manchester side. He equalised at Old Trafford in 2015, before Danny Welbeck scored against his former club to win the game for the Gunners.

I’m sticking a fiver on him to score against United next month.

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Great desire to continually get up and down the flank. A likeable guy.

Happy for him and us that his hard work paid off.


Seems to fit in well as a wing back.


Nacho had a great game.
If only more players realised that they can make both feet work (like Santi) we’d be far better off. Mesut had two opportunities to create late safety goals but insisted on turning back to his left instead of using his right (even though his winner at Boro was his right). Teams have so much info these days that defenders will know exactly how to force them the wrong way.


I loved this goal purely because I didnt expect it. I dont want to get ahead of myself and premptively call it an overal turning point for our form. But this was certainly against the grain of the tie, and our patch.


When he scored that volley – even though I was sat behind the goal, I genuinely didn’t see him hit it at all. I just remember tracking the cross that Alex whipped in, then seeing the net just bulged, to which sheer lunacy then unfolded.

The scenes were unreal. No word of a lie, I was literally surfing this guy I’d never met before, down about 10 rows of other fans. I ended up miles away from my seat when everything had calmed down and I realised what had happened. It was absolutely insane. I’ve never ever celebrated a goal like that before. Or been apart of celebrations like it.

Like I think I have only just calmed down now fully – my voice is still shot though, I sound like a scratched CD when I try and speak to people. Just large portions of my sentences just drop out and then come back at totally random points.


Monreal also scored when we knocked man U out of FA cup couple of years ago. With Ox setting him up I think. And we won the cup..maybe there is a pattern there!

Donovan Ricketts

I really loved the passion after he scored, he was full on screaming.


What a way to get his first weak-footed golaso! Get in Nacho!! Also loved the fact he was too excited to know how to celebrate. Just kept jumping and yelling, much like I was, so no complaints 🙂


Those are my favorite celebrations.
Unpremeditated, completely genuine, and not some contrived show for the cameras.


His goal, two years ago, was not an equalizer. We took the lead.

After his goal yesterday I was sure Welbeck would provide the winning goal like 2015.


5th place in the comments? woah!


What still fills me with dread is the fact that if we lose the final against a very good Chelsea side and end up losing to spuds and ending outside the top four, the swords will be out.
Where has the optimism gone? I can hardly enjoy the upturn in fortune due to the feeling of impending doom *sob sob :'(


Buddy, you need to live in the moment.


“Miracle” – I was shouting when the above occurred! Great recent performances by Nacho, having in mind the difficult season he’s been having! Go on!


Lets pray in unison that St. Totteringham doesn’t desert us this year!! There is till hope yet (is there?)


Do you play the lottery alot?



not so fed up

St Totteringham unfortunately is not likely this season but we do have the chance to all but end their title aspirations in their own back yard, so coyg