Not so fast: Kolasinac deal not done yet, says player’s dad


Over the weekend there were reports that Arsenal had agreed a deal to bring Bonsian defender Sead Kolasinac to the club.

However, it seems they may have been premature with the player’s father telling local television that no deal had been completed yet, and that the left-back was also in discussions with AC Milan.

“Sead has not signed anything with anyone,” he said. “It is true that he was in touch with Arsenal, but he is not Arsenal’s player yet.

“This week I will meet Sead and his agent. We will sit down and finally make a decision.”

So, there you go. Could it be that the situation at Arsenal right now is giving him pause for thought? It’s certainly not as attractive a prospect as it used to be, and with doubts over the future of Arsene Wenger and all the other turmoil, it might be an issue the Bosnian is considering.

Of course it could also just be the normal stuff that goes on with transfers, so until there’s something official from either Arsenal or Schalke, we’ll be left waiting.

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Modern football is too invaded by dads.


True that. Why is it that these football dads have so much influence on their grown-up son’s professional life?

Lord Bendnter

I agree yea, but hey if my kid had offers from clubs, I already have a club backlist prepared 😉


Because they are football players and therefore have not grown into adult life like most of the human population does?


Cheering at the side of the pitch, abusing the referee. Shouldn’t be allowed.

rogue gooner

He’s certainly a fullback that fits wengers style which is even more evidance of another tedious 2 years of the same old Bullshit.

Romford Pelé

Ok we get it ffs

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wenger isn’t a guy who would recruit a player knowing he is leaving therefore he is staying.


Don’t quite agree… Wenger has been talking about legacy for like the last 10 years, about how he wants to leave the club in the best shape possible. Certainly if he was going to leave but thought we needed to plug a hole in a certain position, he’d make the necessary signing to plug that?


He’s still a Schalke player is all Dad is saying.

Can you imagine if someone said Bellerin say is now a Barca player?

As for Wenger, it has no bearing on his decision for the future.

Regardless, he will strengthen the squad either for another campaign (and early to try and keep one top asset) or for the incoming manager.

This is his baby (Arsenal) and he isn’t about to leave it in shambles even if he should decide not to carry on.


Gran Xakh

When we heard he signed people took it as an indication that Wenger is staying. Might this suggest his future isn’t so certain?


‘Bonsian’? Is that something to with miniature Japanese trees?


Bonsai is what you mean


Something to do with heads perhaps

Mr. G

Don’t blame him for taking pause for thought. It’s been an abysmal second half of the season, so why would he want to join if he’s told Wenger will be staying?

Too Sober to be Onside
Too Sober to be Onside

As shit as the situation is right now, i wouldn’t go as far as saying Arsenal isn’t an attractive prospect for 90-95% of players.

We are still a big club, we will be playing at the top of the Premier league, with Wenger or without. That is a bare minimum expectation for the fans, the board and the current manager. As much as people see that as a glass cieling, it does make the club attractive to players. Most of them are not ronaldo or messi and not all of them have Pogba levels of self confidence. Good players still wanted to go to liverpool and tottenham and man united when they were outside the top four because of the history and importance of the respective clubs, and when did liverpool last win the league?

Arsenal is included in that category because of what they have built up, and a big part of that in the modern era is down to Wenger. So even after he goes we will bear the fruit of his success and his hard work. Respect and perspective are two things Lacking in abundance across the arsenal spectrum at the moment. From inside the club, ranging from alexis petulance to the boards incompetence in dealing with the fans, and the fanbase itself isn’t exactly harmonious.


Get Mendy Or Ghoulam instead. You’re offering him 135k a week for what exactly?


Word is the Ox has agreed to join Liverpool. What a shame. I liked him…watch Klopp turn him into a world beater. Klopp has overtaken Wenger in his first full season. Arsenal has fallen behind mist clubs in terms of scouting, coaching, everything. Such a shame.


Any venue is a venue to shame AW nowadays it seems. What does this article have to do with Ox and Liverpool?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ox himself hasn’t developped to expectation. All he did most of time (except five games or so from center midfield) was to dribble two players then lose the ball or make a wrong decision.


I’ll believe it when I see it


How could Ox have already agreed to join Liverpool when he still has a year to run on his contract ???
Other clubs can’t even approach him until his in the last 6 months of his contract !!!

Please get the facts right before spreading false and damaging rumours .


Sounds like he wants more money

AC Milan vs Arsenal is no contest these days surely, turmoil or otherwise


I see what you did there at the end. “We will be left waiting”



Yikes! And with Milan just being taken over by Chinese investment.

Prepare to get gazzumped.


A strait forward transfer done in a timely manner for a decent player at a bargain price!!! ….don’t be ridiculous, we are the Arsenal!


If he has any ambition to win things, he will look elsewhere. If he wants a paycheck and an easy ride, Arsene is his man.

Too Sober to be Onside
Too Sober to be Onside

How the fuck is arsenal an easy ride. Unrelenting pressure from media, fans and non-fans alike. Wenger may not be a shouty shouty run araand a bit, but he still has high expectations.

Being bood by your own on consistent basis, being paid less than in other clubs, trying to win the league and then being involved in a scrap for fourth because of whatever.

Im sorry this “easy-ride” arsenal story is fucking weak.


Player’s Dad. Wonder how much is share of the cut it.:)

Wright on the money

He will chose Ac Milan over Arsenal and also if I was a new manager coming to Arsenal I wouldn’t want someone choosing my players.

If we are to get a new manager they might not want this player. I am guessing Wenger is staying another few shit seasons ahead of us as a club.

Original Paul

I really don’t care about this transfer very much. Wake me up when the team start to show they give a fuck!


I think we may get a very versatile and combative player in this fellow.

He can play across the backline and if need be also fill in in midfield as DM (albeit I still think we will and should be looking for another deep midfield player, someone like Saul at Athletico or Fabinho at Monaco.

Another thing he may give us is ability to better play 3-4-2-1 or 3-4-3.

Chelsea operated with wing backs following disastrous last season and defeat to us early this season. Its the same players but transformed.

We can also have this as an option depending :


It allows Bellerin better license to go forward and negates some of the pace issues with monreal.

But it also adds more bodies in the middle of the park with either or both of Monreal and Mustafi able to push higher to support Granit should Iwobi push forward to fill the gap.

The two second strikers are also afforded more mobility and act as pivots to play in the marauding full backs. (You can substitute Ozil and Alexis with whoever you think we will need to get should they leave)

I would also have Ox (and another player) as option to the fullbacks if need be.

Its an option in addition to 4-2-3-1 which we can and should also be abe to revert to should situation dictate.

Wright on the money

Santori your team is messed up half the players won’t be there next season espically Sanchez and Ozil.

We need to have a back 5 so we don’t leak goals like we are this season 3 against palace was a disgrace.

I hope I’m not right but I can see Middlesbrough beating us tonight.


Pi think Sead Kolasinac will be played as a left sided cb because he is good in the air , powerful, quit quick and reads the game well.
The reason arsenal have struggled recently at cb is because when Kosh is missing other cb’ s have problems playing on the left side , it was the same when we had vermarlan and kosh no one could play on the right which is why we brought Merts in.
It’s hard for cb to play on the wrong side as this make tackling , positioning and reading the game different.

Think about it and your see it makes perfect sense, our defence is so unbalanced

Old Boy Gunner

LOL… Typical Arsenal under Kroenke & Gazidis!


Nothing is ever simple at the Arsenal.

Thierry Ennui

The Bosnian Bosman?


So is the last line of this article a pun?

“left waiting”. Should have been “left back waiting”.