Report: Arsenal 2-2 Man City (inc goals)


Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Coquelin, Ozil,Walcott, Alexis, Welbeck

Subs: Martinez, Gibbs, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Giroud

Arsenal avoided defeat, but couldn’t take all three points against Man City at the Emirates today, twice coming from behind to take a 2-2 draw.

Arsene Wenger brought Mesut Ozil back into his starting line-up as he tried to get his team back on track, and there were early chances for both sides via rebounds. An Ospina clearance rebounded off Sterling wide, before seconds later a Clichy clearance whacked off Welbeck and went just wide.

However, City took an early lead from that goal kick. Cabellero took a long kick out, Mustafi headed it on, City played it first time to Sane who outpaced Bellerin, went around Ospina and rolled it into the empty net. It was far too easy. 0-1.

The lead was almost doubled minutes later when de Bruyne hit the post with a shot from outside the area, and when the ball came to Silva he forced Ospina into a good save.

There were early bookings for both Jesus Navas and Francis Coquelin, both in Andre Marriner’s book inside the first 15 minutes, as the game settled down a bit.

Ozil had a chance when he turned Stones, but could find no power in his shot, and Monreal saw a right-footed effort fly over the bar after a corner was cleared.

Walcott was lucky to escape without a booking for a challenge on Siva which saw him go over the ball, and Alexis’s claims for a penalty were waved away when Fernandinho got a toe to the ball but from behind.

Sanchez curled an effort wide of the far post after being set up by Ozil, before Xhaka was the next man into the book when Otamendi made an absolute meal of the slightest contact from a challenge in midfield, but made easy when the Swiss international slid in. In his last eight games that brought his card tally to one red and six yellows.

John Stones headed wide from a corner as City looked to extend their lead, but from an Arsenal corner the Gunners grabbed an equaliser. The set-piece was cleared, City didn’t clear it well, Mustafi headed it back into the area, Walcott got ahead of Clichy and poked the ball home from close range. 1-1.

That seemed to spark City back into life, and the lead last barely a minute. Kevin de Bruyne hit the post, and kept the pressure on. Ozil gave the ball away deep in his own half, City worked the ball well, Silva feeding Aguero who drilled the ball into the far corner to put them back in front. 1-2.

Alexis created a great chance for Walcott to equalise again but he fired just over meaning City took their lead into the break.

Arsenal made a half-time change, bringing on Gabriel for Laurent Koscielny who had an Achilles problem, while City brought on Yaya Toure for Raheem Sterling.

Fernandinho picked up a booking for a cynical foul on Alexis, and City had the first sight on goal of the second period, Aguero ghosting between Gabriel and Mustafi but thankfully he headed wide.

This time it was Arsenal’s chance to take advantage of bad defending. When a Monreal cross was cleared out for a corner, Shkodran Mustafi rose highest to head Ozil’s delivery into the far corner to make it 2-2.

As with the previous equaliser, the visitors were presented with a chance to go ahead again, but Ospina was equal to Ferandinho’s shot, palming it away when the Brazilian had a go from the edge of the box.

The German picked up a booking for a foul on Sane, and then almost found Welbeck in the box but the England striker was caught on his heels as the ball came in.

A careless Alexis backheel on the edge of our box presented a chance for Aguero, but the Argentine’s header lacked power allowing Ospina to save. Arsenal made their second change of the game, bringing on Olivier Giroud for Walcott in the 68th minute, the England man trudging off seemed less than impressed but bar his goal he hadn’t contributed a great deal.

Pep Guardiola’s side enjoyed a long spell on top as the game entered its final quarter, and the Gunners made their final change bringing on Alex Iwobi for Danny Welbeck who, like Walcott, had struggled to make any real impact on the game.

There was almost a chance for Ozil after a mistake by Otamendi, but as with everything involving the German it didn’t quite come off. Silva shot wide after a City corner, but both sides seemed nervous to really go for it, afraid of making the mistake that could cost them the game.

A good move saw Iwobi shoot over in the final couple of minutes of normal time, while bodies got in the way of a goal-bound Aguero effort at the other end.

There were calls for a City penalty right at the end when Monreal appeared to handle the ball when trying to head away, but in the end a draw seemed a fair return on the day’s efforts for both sides.

City remain 7 points clear of Arsenal in 4th, while the Gunners stay in 6th.

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Third Plebeian

We didn’t lose!


How did we get to a position where we are relieved just not to lose?
But still the Wenger fanboys want him to stay for more groundhog next season.


Fair enough if you want to make a Wenger out post but please get a new phrase instead of ‘Groundhog day’ it’s fucking annoying

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

It is the perfect description of the situation, though.


Can you guys drop the agenda for a few minutes and at least award the team some credit for a good fight today? I know it doesn’t suit your agenda and slogan-based thought processes, but the team are trying to play out of the worst form I’ve ever seen at Arsenal, and today was finally a step in the right direction. Acknowledge it, at least, and then carry on with stink and the hate.


Futsboller, can you drop your fiercely pro-Wenger agenda for a few minutes and don’t try to silence other the opinions of other fans. Thanks.


Not trying to silence anyone; just asked that you drop the agenda for a moment, praise the effort, and then carry on with the stink and the hate. I thought I wrote that in English above …

I have no agenda, other than wishing Arsenal FC to succeed. We are having an awful season, and this happens in sport sometimes; we need changes, but I don’t believe we should burn everything down.









Scandinavian tourist

Dont scream like that i am wearing glasses.


Salmok, three points to make in response to your shouty comment:
1) You need to grow up and accept that other fans will be views that differ from your own.
2) Have you looked in to anger management counselling?
3) The owner of this website has a comments policy – If you can’t follow his rules then don’t comment on his website.

Now run along little boy, bedtime soon.















Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Has the club’s ambition really gone so far South that fellow Arsenal fans would applaud the team for more dropped points in a must win game during a season when after spending nearly mil on new players Arsenal are lightyears behind the league leaders in 6th!!

Ok great showing players, keep it up then.


We are applauding effort, the spirit, and the togetherness the team displayed today after showing nothing of the sort for the past two months. This is a good sign. No one is happy we are where we are; change is coming, but a little support for the team when their performances improve isn’t going to kill you.


Have some fans become so fanatical in their Wenger hatred they can’t enjoy when the team shows some improvement for a change?


Twatsloch – have some fans become so fanatical in their blind support for Wenger that can’t accept why other fans are unhappy with his obvious underperformance?


Spinner, have you become so frustrated by the mere existence of Wenger you can’t see that not everyone who cheers the team on for their improvement yesterday, however slight, is not necessarily a Wenger supporter?

Is it not possible to find joy in the team’s improvement and thinking it’s time for Wenger to move on at the same time?

Jo Jeffery

Er, can I just say that Monreal hd a great game today

Dan Hunter

Repeating the phrase ‘groundhog day’ is like groundhog day

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Haha. One thumbs up coming your way 😀

David Dubery

A thumb up the bun… As per most of the team.

Third Plebeian

Not relief. Surprise.

Viva la prof

Nope, I just want everybody to shut the fuck up and get behind the team, and respect the Manager, so we can finish as best as mathematically possible whilst at the same time not coming across as the biggest shower of cunts in football.


They are very stupid

David Dubery

Wenger bumboys would seem more appropriate, spinner…


Because we have been shite for months and seeing us draw with Citeh is an improvement. Improvement = moving away from being shit = the possibility that we can start playing well and at least salvage some honour in what has been a dismal season.

Are you not glad to see an improvement?


don’t like what’s going on? Stop buying stuff related to Arsenal FC or anything that would contribute to the board’s pockets. That’s what I do. Haven’t bought any Arsenal merchandise or paid to see a game in over 3 seasons 🙂 Have not spent 1 cent on Arsenal FC and will continue to do so until things change.

That’s how you fight it, not by complaining on a Blog comment section or holding up A4 papers with scribbles on them.

Scandinavian tourist

Half win!


On the balance of the game, a draw was probably a fair result, but we really need to start taking more points.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I know it was a well-fought game and all that, but it was put up or shut up time for the team and once again in a big game the team failed to deliver the points.


uncle D

Ohhhhh be quiet!!!


uncle D – you don’t like his viewpoint so instead of entering into constructive debate, you just tell him to shut up. Well done. Where would this website be without your valuable contributions? You are just so so amazing. Keep it up!

uncle D

You too shut it!! You don’t deserve to be an Arsenal fan

Dial square

Hahaha “you don’t deserve to be an Arsenal fan”

uncle D



seriously ? what sort of moron are you to use a word like that.

uncle D

Keep changing names and looking like a twat


blogs can’t you ban this piece of filth for using such a word, highly offensive to most right minded people.

uncle D

Ban me for supporting Arsenal!! When we have a miserable atmosphere because of people like you!! Then the next nonsense that comes out of your mouth is delusional!! You are a disgrace as a fan! Is the aim to get Arsenal relegated? To tarnish the image of a manager that has been loyal to this club. Yes people who act that way get me really mad! I am expressing myself just like you


Come on bro, you’re waving an imaginary yellow card here. Don’t worry about what he said man, it’s just the way of the world wide web of da internet. Everyone is a twat.


Spaz, moron, twat……what a great bunch we are…..


to anyone who has or knows a disabled child or relative the word spazz would be highly offensive and i make no apologies for calling him a moron.

uncle D

Don’t get it out of context! The fact that the team are struggling to get back on track and you insist on pulling moral down, makes you nothing but a nuisance

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Blogs, why is this guy not moderated?

Belfast Gooner

I seriously hope your family or yourself don’t in the future have a relative with a mental disability. If you did, you would not be using that word. I have had a friend recently suffer a severe brain injury. Not good.

uncle D

I apologize for using this word did not intend to offend anyone with a disability.

Belfast Gooner

Thanks Uncle D for the apology. Takes a lot to apologise. Back to football, does anyone know if there was fighting in the stadium today between Arsenal fans. Seen a video on the Mirror site but don’t know if it was from today.


Nice. By the way it’s better described as a “learning disability”. I run a club with my wife for people with learning disabilities in our spare time. It’s pinned on Goonerverse if you wouldn’t mind “liking” the Rock it Club page fb to spread the word everyone.

David Dubery

Stop squabbling… Are we all genuine Arsenal supporters or, as I suspect, are there numerous supporters of other teams masquerading as Wenger supporters… Err… I mean Arsenal supporters…


I am an Arsenal supporter and a Wenger supporter too!!!

To the Wengerout brigade, if Wenger resigns tomorrow, then what???

Have some class and leave the protests for the end of the season!!!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

So who ‘deserves’ to be an Arsenal fan then? Fans who never express displeasure at the downward trajectory of the results and never question the manager for under-delivering despite being paid millions by the club?

uncle D

When Arsenal were on an 11 game winning run you never expressed your joy then! Nothing good ever comes out of you lot! Just negative negative bile! Can’t you just support or leave?!!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Wanting the manager who is taking the club downward to leave is ‘supporting’ the club.

Also if you talk about 11 games run then what about 11 year run of never even coming close to challenging for the league title. As for the be all and end all UCL run, the less said the better.

Sporadic good form hardly changes anything. Its been clear for a very long time that Wenger’s teams are inconsistent and crumble under the pressure to deliver when the heat is really on.

Don’t why yet another disappointing season with Wenger at the helm is such a big surprise to you.

uncle D

You keep going on and on! This is personal, a personal attack on the manager! Have we not heard enough displeasure from you! Let’s have a rest! At the end of the season the club will take stock


So people can only support Arsenal how you want them to?

Jog on kid.


Listen, id of loved us to win, just like every other game. But the FACT is, once again we didnt win a must win game. We were pretty much dominated by an unusually average city team, at home, who looked to me didnt try and win the game in 2nd half and more take a draw. I thought in parts was ok, no doubt we battled better…team tried…but ultimately not good enough. Ive personally had enough, and id like to see a change at the club.

Can i express this viewpoint without being called a negative, not a real fan spaz??


Blogs, I doubt uncle D cares too much about your comments policy. He’s more than happy to tell other fans that they shouldn’t be fans, and I don’t even want to repeat the highly offensive insults he’s throwing around.


but using the word spazz is fine ? time i left this site if thats the case

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Arsenal after 28 games:
This Season: W15 D6 L7 Pts 51
Last Season: W15 D6 L7 Pts51

At least no one can accuse the team of not being consistent.

uncle D

Your like a virus!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

So r you telling me that the team actually has more points at this point than last season and are not languishing in 6th and are lightyears behind the league leader.

The stubbornness with which you disregard facts is almost admirable to be honest.






Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside


Enough with this -Oh you say something that flies in the face of what I believe so you must be a CUNT then- nonsensical behavior straight from the middle ages.

I have never abused anyone or used foul language (except for Moanrinho and van Cuntsie for which I think I do not apologise), but all these fuck yous and calling people CUNTS and what not don’t come off as particularly relevant points in your defense of Wenger.

But then again, the plan is not to preach. If you think using foul language like that helps your case, then who would I be to argue. Go ahead, I just ignore it.

As for which fellow poster you side with, that is totally your call. Thats how opinions work, you see.


* “you’re” or “you are” penis! Sorry ;-(

Terry Neill - never again
Terry Neill - never again

And last year we finished second. Clearly a good reason to sack a manager.

David Dubery

Consistently poor!


Spinner: Constructive debate? The drunk fella said we fought well in the game, but the team didn’t win, so we should fire the manager. What is constructive about that?

David Dubery

The Wengernistas are akin to the remoaners in the Brexit referendum… They simply cannot accept that any genuine Arsenal supporter has views different to them… Wenger deliberately takes off Koscielny & various others to give him an excuse for drawing or losing… As Thierry said on Sky, you have to “go and fight for it” & “how do you attract those who are going to make a difference to Arsenal?”… The answer, as Thierry well knows, is Kroenke (does he know football is played with a round ball?) & Usmanov in, Gazidis (the biggest shit that has ever been at Arsenal) out & Dein back in and, finally, Wenger out and the dream team of Viera/Henry in… As a result, we would once again be able to attract the best players in the World and have a genuine chance in all competitions.


Wenger not going anywhere, look at your thumbs people here have got used to medicority. We said goodbye to football ambitions when we left good old Highbury…

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Actually the club said goodbye to ambition the day Wenger said 4th place was a trophy.

Andy Mack

Does that mean Pep isn’t ambitious as well, as he did say that 4th place in the PL is so difficult that it’s like winning a trophy?


Andy Mack, the answer to your question is no.

Difference is Pep said CL qualification is ‘like a trophy’. He also said it was not as good as winning the FA Cup, as that was an actual trophy.

Wenger is quoted several times saying top 4 was a trophy, and more important that winning the FA Cup.

If you need links to quotes to the above, I can provide, just let me know.


Its not important what they say as long as they deliver. While for Wenger we always “have a chance to win the league” and “we will learn from our mistakes” for next season and we would treat “every match like a final”. All empty promises. Guardiola have won many more leagues and Europian titles in a much less time he may not show his ambitions in an interview but he definitly brings it to the pitch every year.

gooner of Oz

Funny we left for Emirates with the promise of winning not only more leagues but Champion Leagues. We didnt become Bayern or Real as they promised and we hoped, now we only cost as much to watch. Actually we cost the most around and only to watch this frusrtating seasons again and again.

Lord Bendtner

I know it was a tough game, it was always going to be. Yes, we weren’t at our best. But compared to the previous results, I’ll take this draw.
I know our season has put us into a pitch black ditch. Today’s result was not coming out of the ditch, but it wasn’t digging deeper into the ditch either. So, I’ll take this result today.

Crowd noise PA system
Crowd noise PA system

At last! a common sense comment that uses perspective and stuff.

La Défense

Could’ve been much worse.


Two free headers for Aguero and some other good chances that they should’ve done better with. Can’t really recall chances that could’ve gone in on the other side. Maybe the Ozil one? Speaks volumes about the kind of football we play.


Theo’s effort just over. Welbecks turn and weak shot. Alexis’ curler just missed.

Andy Mack

Neither of Agueros ‘free headers’ was really a clear goal. One of them would have been really impressive to have scored from.


“a draw was probably a fair result”….No it wasn’t.
Our posts had a great game to be fair (although they did use both of their touches to give the ball to the opposition)…but that’s what we do at the Arsenal lately…:-(


I know they brushed the posts twice, but there is rather a large gap between them. I think it was a fair result.

Effort, fight, spirit was there in abundance today, and I brassed my pants when Kos went off. To be fair though Mustafi stood up today.

If im brutal today though there game plan was better and our play seemed more off the cuff.


The noise I heard at each impact did not represent a “brush” imho. COYG!


My ears are still ringing, again how wide is the gap between the sticks.

Thierry bergkamp

Not as wide as our team and our so called title/top four rivals


I think I pointed that out with the off the cuff comment. It has a taken a long time to go against Arsene, but I’m at a point like most others. We have gone stale and become repetitive and need a change. Let’s be honest with ourselves though he’s staying.


Deano I am not going to tell you how wide the gap is. You will just have to accept that, and move on mate.

David Dubery

Our posts were our best players.


Probably asking too much for us to start winning in this game given our recent form.

At least they fought. Not sure what the last 20 mins was supposed to be but apart from that …


Agree – showed some fight and we drew against City… Might not have stopped the rot, but its defiantly steps in the right direction.


It’s not really Ospina unless he pulls off some deadly acrobatic saves then goes down injured


We might have not won but I think the team showed fight today.
They played good. Seeing them play bad for a while this was somewhat a good thing.

Dan Hunter

I wouldn’t go as far as saying we played good. We were very bad at the back, which i expected, and we did well to not lose today. Our passing and movement was very poor. Özil was all over the place with his passing, and I think Coq was the stinker of the match. It was a weird game. On any other day, I would say City was there for the taking.


Ah, Özil… don’t worry, Sanchez was even worse, but nobody will say it.


If you want to point fingers Alexis was far far worse with his passing and possession.


I don’t think we were that good but at least we looked ok going forward. Xhaka and Coqulein struggled and really both were lucky not to get second yellows. Back looked shaky, especially the fullbacks. Thought Ozil and the rest of the front four were good though. Wouldn’t say we showed fight as such, just that we showed a degree of competence that we haven’t seen for a while now and against an opponent that really aren’t all that at the defensively themselves


A typical Arsenal match.


Second half after the equalizer: 40 minutes; 1 shot (a speculative effort from Iwobi). Happy we didn’t lose.


Decent draw. My heart was thumping so hard in the final 5 mins, worried that we’d concede a goal! Onwards and upwards.


Wish we would have been able to play another minute, especially with a throw so deep in their half — I think Giroud would have put his name in the book.


Much better. Rest of the team stepped up.
Ozil could’ve “slide tackled” that ball in first time…


Put a shift in today and still people whinge. So sick of the anti player brigade


I couldn’t agree more,


I didn’t whinge or get ad hominem on Ozil man, calm down. Just reflecting on what might have been. If it was welbeck for that chance, my comment would be the same, with welbeck for reference to what I’m talking about. I’m cool with Ozil, don’t hate him.

David C

I thought we played great with real hunger. Very entertaining game to watch. Iwobi’s dribbling was fantastic after he came on!


Very lucky to take the point. Played with fear and were shambolic defensively as well as not putting in tackles. Not sure how anyone can be happy with that. Team knew they needed to win but showed little after equalizing to suggest this. Looks like the top 4 is now out of reach, not that the team deserves to be there. All we can hope for now till the end of the season is some fight from the players and a managerial change to kick start the squad for next season



Laraib Zafar Khan

The initial moments of every game have been so weak. We take too much time to settle. In every game an early goal happens.


Obviously the result is bad, but I actually enjoyed watching Arsenal. It has been so long.


Couldn’t agree more. A little frustrating at times but some great moments to watch. Finally.


First bit of the Arsenal I’ve seen for a month due to various circumstances (good timing based on results eh) and only caught from Mustafi’s equaliser today..Thought we looked very low on confidence and cohesion, all be it Man City are decent.

Let’s hope we can kick on from here and at least challenge for top 4 (hurts to say that as had high hopes for a go at the title this season). Sadly, I don’t think we will win at Wembley but you never know.

Clear that shit needs to change at the good ship gooner.


Haven’t watched a minute of football since the first half of Munich away, and I’m kind of glad I didn’t tune in for this one either, as it sounds like a frustrating afternoon.


I wouldn’t take what you read in a comments section as a clear indicator of how the match went. Hyperbole abounds.


And we actually saw some emotion from Wenger on the sidelines, too. Heck, he even got out of his chair and waved his arms a bit!

Third Plebeian

Aaaaand, he made a substitution at 65′ instead of 70′! Heady times!

Tom Gun

The best I can say is that it was better than before!! Not saying it was great, not saying it was THAT bad!

naija gunner

Yes he scored, but Walcott is a very poor team player. Contributes next to nothing when arsenal hv the ball. Don’t understand why Wenger plays him all d time


18 goals in 33 appearances?


Some players are on the pitch to make off the ball movements and score. By far the majority of our possession and buildup play is on the left and left middle. If he’s over there all of the time to look busy he’s not doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

He also did his defensive job today, including being quite strong in challenges.


The central midfield is an issue which cannot be rectified by the current crop of players. Cazorla is an obvious miss, but Xhaka has been a waste of money. Coquelin and Elneny are never going to set the world alight, but Xhaka cost over £30 million. Ramsey isn’t suited to Arsenal, Wilshire is tidy, but doesn’t have an end product 80% of the time. Unfortunately the Ox looks like he’s leaving and Sanchez and Ozil are not long term. This leaves the midfield very limited in ability.
Bellerin looks a bit slower, but is potentially good. Monreal is average, as is Gibbs. A new left back is essential. We may as well cash in on Sanchez (40mil), Ozil (30mil), Ox(18-20mil), Gibbs (5mil), Jenks(2-4mil), Debuchy(free), Ospina(5mil).
Add this up with the cash balance of 100 million is around 200 million.
A new goalkeeper, left back, playmaker, dominant central midfielder, a direct winger and a striker. Over to you (insert manager).


Insert manager -> chuffy
You sir are the solution to all our problems


I.d throw Theo and Ramsey into that little firesale..and Mertesacker


I get it: you are Harry Redknapp! What did I win?


Although I am fairly pleased with a draw in the circumstances our defending is atrocious at times. I have never played football beyond school boy level, but even I would know that it would be quite a good idea to make sure to mark the oppositions best player rather than leave him free. We had 7 players in our box just before Agüero scored, yet not one of them went over to him. Bizarre.

Ulysses 32

Defending for the aguero goal. Fucking shit. What the hell does Steve Bould think having to sit and watch that.


Sometimes the defenders just need to clear the ball in the stands and not to endlessly f**k around in the box or around the box. Some old fashioned cleaance to avoid the danger.

Dan Hunter

What he thinks is: I need to but some new cones for training tomorrow… found some on eBay. Arsene and Stan will be happy


Giroud looks lazy!


I think he may not have been very happy not to start the game, but there are few players who are not happy at the moment…


Gabriel did well. Monreal was decent. A good point considering our form and we tried very hard and we fought well.
The crowd got behind the boys in the main. Which they need to do.
However, we looked so fucking terrified at times, absolutely crippled by fear. Tactically we were a mess.
For me, the atmosphere around this football club is seeping out on to the pitch, and it is inside the players heads in a big way; at our best we are fearless and dynamic and that has just disappeared in to a frantic uncoordinated mess. What a fucking shame this season has been. We are, what, 2 signings away from being a very good team? But aren’t we always 2 signings away? We are a proper DM and a left winger away from a well balanced team. Whether Wenger stays or goes, this summer is the most significant summer in many years. It needs strong management from our Board and to be honest I’m not looking forward to it. Not at all.

David Dubery

Arsene Wenger, the best Association Football Manager in the Universe, somehow conjures up a home draw against Manchester City, the best team ever to have graced the Milky Way… If, unlike me, you’re not a supporter of Arsenal FC (in my case, for just 60 years), you must be hoping that the current Arsenal Manager remains in that position for the next 20 rather than the next 2 years… And you’re not alone because, it seems, so many who comment on posts in this blog are either not genuine Arsenal supporters, complete & utter losers or, completely mad…


you only have 60 years of supporting AFC??? is that it??? get out of here. you have no right to your opinion. I have just over 60 years of being a supporter of AFC. So my opinion is more valuable then yours. WTF


Also what has happened to Hector? He must be injured, right?


To be honest he’s not the player he use to be not sure if its the elbow he got against Chelski but he looks very nervous there. He has a lot pace but he is blatantly scared to use it!


Let me make it clear. I like arseblog, a lot. But it is strange to me how blogger is fine with criticizing the team spirit, manager and lack of fight and belief after a 3-1 loss to west brom; but when we show character in coming back twice after being a goal astray against man city, there is no mention of fighting for the manager or belief etc. Doesn’t it have to be a two way street?
I love arsenal, I love arsene wenger to death, and would probably agree that it’s time to move on. But we can’t just choose to ignore team spirit when it’s shown, and selectively pull out that card when it’s not shown.
In an ideal world arsene wins the PL and wonderfully gracefully moves on with a heroes departure.


Most negatives?? Yeah right!


This shit never had to happen! Sort your hair out Bellers!


Better performance. Not great and definitely an upgrade from last time out. Maybe better luck too. But it has to be said we are ridiculously shambolic defensively.


Look…… We didn’t lose. I’d take that……. let’s claw our way into the light, inch by inch. Cue inspirational Al Pacino Any Given Sunday speech.


Not a vintage performance, but I think in the circumstances, that was inevitable. It was at least encouraging heads didn’t go down after City’s second goal and once we equalised it became a bit of a “must not lose” situation. At that point you kind of knew we wouldn’t create many chances , but at least we held on.


It just doesn’t matter that much anymore; a new manager must be appointed in the summer, no matter if we finally make top 4 or not


For me is a fair result but it is time to start picking up points if we want to compete in Europe next season


It doesn’t help to turn on eachother. Whether you are Wenger in or out whatever happens we are all still going to be Arsenal fans, fellow Gooners. Morale is down and our image is tarnished, lets get to the end of the season together and address whatever then.

Stop the division.

Donald\'s Trump

What is there to address.

Wenger nor the board care what the fans think.


Come on who else was thinking 2-5 when Kos didn’t come out for the second half. Not conceding with Gabriel at CB is frankly incredible in the current circumstances. Not that I’m picking out Gabriel as the problem at all. Just that recent history has not reflected kindly on him taking over part way through big games.


Could it be that Wenger is going but can’t say so because the manager who has agreed to come in is at another club right now & they don’t speculation? And that’s the reason for the hold up in letting us know the decision? Only possible explanation I can think of unless the management there is indeed as bad as some suggest.


The boys were able to hold City to a draw at home. After a first half where City had outclassed their opposition, they were hit hard by a sloppily conceded goal that was more down to their defensive mistake then the quality of the opposition. City soon hit back through their top class Argentinian striker. Somehow, despite the gulf in class between the two teams being apparent the boys were able to win a point and frustrate City.

This describes the match and it would read as a happy story for the likes of Everton who accept the reality of their position in relation to the big boys and fight it out to sometimes finish above one of them.
This is where we are now.

Matt P

I thought we played pretty well. Plenty of effort. You could say too little to late, but I for one was glad to see that.


A fair result between two identical teams, both play a certain way and neither are even close to being good enough to challenge for top honours.
The differance is that Pep has inherited a mediocre team but Arsene has built one.
It will be interesting to see the ambition off both clubs during the summer.


Thought we were unlucky Navas wasn’t shown a straight red for his leg-breaker on Monreal.

Thought Alexis is becoming toxic. The team is always looking for him first instead of better options available, his decision-making was off to say the least and yet he was visibly having a moan instead of tracking back when he felt his teammates should have done better to get him the ball. Hope the club leaders are call him out in private. He was awesome for Chile, but when he can’t have the same impact for Arsenal he’s a liability. For the rest of the team he must be a real pain in the ass to play with sometimes. Wenger’s “I didn’t see it, he is who he is” comment is meant to shield him, but I don’t buy it. We are so desperate to keep his skills we’ll put up with the attitude I guess. Shows me Wenger doesn’t believe the club can get a replacement. All the wrong signals from everyone involved…


I agree with you there this was missed out in the report….


@jasonissimo, wtf



Just remember one thing you support you club through thin and thick! Despite being so low on confidence which was very apparent in the game we battled and did well. If Wenger goes now which will not happen anyhow lets get behind the lads for goodness sake I think we all want the same but perhaps some folk have another agenda. A top fourth spot is a must and let support them to get there at least!

Kevin N

Not quite everything went awry for Ozil. He at least be had 4th assist for Mustafi..


Last I checked you can’t kick an opponent’s arm towards the ball to get a penalty. Should have been a free kick to Monreal.


I came on here to read any tactical bits you guys saw during the match, weaknesses, etc. Instead, all I read was name calling and slagging each other off.


Been that way since January, and previously any time we drop below 2nd or don’t have a win in 2 matches. I think Piers figured out how to make multiple commenting identities.