Three at the back again! Arsenal v Man City teams

Arsenal team news 2016

It’s an FA Cup semi-final today at Wembley, Arsenal looking to reach their third final in four years against Man City.

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Arsenal: Cech, Gabriel, Koscielny, Holding, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xhaka, Ramsey, Monreal, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud

Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Gibbs, Coquelin, Walcott, Iwobi, Welbeck

Man City: Bravo, Navas, Kompany, Otamendi, Clichy, Fernandinho, Toure, De Bruyne, Silva, Sane, Aguero

Subs: Caballero, Zabaleta, Fernando, Sterling, Kolarov, Delph, Iheanacho

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Oh fuck


Come on Arsenal!

Little Mozart

Ox has got to be very defensively switched-on to help out Gabriel against Sane and his mates.


Lets beat this City defence to pulp!!
Easier said than done, but with the good ol’ passion and desire to play for the shirt, we do stand a chance.


Walcott should be starting instead of Giroud. His mobility is vital today against city. Wenger is going to screw things up as usual.


I rather switch Alexis up top and bring in Welbz instead of Giroud.


Agreed Alexis should start as striker .

Faisal Narrage

However plays right, I deffo would like to see Sanchez up front flanked by mobile folks.

Maybe it was a good chance to try Iwobi again on the left and thus Theo on the right.


Yes the 30 goal winger Welbeck

Terry Neill - never again
Terry Neill - never again

Good call Trez, you clearly know your stuff.


You saw the difference when Welbeck came in no??


How is James?? 🙂


I don’t know if I’m wrong but Both mustafi and Mertesacker would be a better option IMO.

If you’re playing 3 at the back have a front 3 that can counter with pace.

Sane and Sterling will have a joyful time. Also wel be bare in midfield against City’s 3 if Ozil doesn’t drop back, pfft

Anyway, COYG.

prash gooner

COYG!!! Please give your 100 percent team you know you can beat them,also don’t let that girl like sounding pundit call u a pussy again.


We have a stronger bench, let’s hope wenger uses it to our advantage


Come on lads give us something to be happy about!

Wright on the money

Bellerin should be playing rather than Monreal, because of his pace.

Giroud should be playing to hold the ball up and use his strength to hold of Kompany.

Come on lads give it everything and let’s get to the final.


Fuckin’ Ramsey, sheesh.

Indian Gooner

I am excited to watch a game of football after what feels like an eternity.
Come on Arsenal..please don’t let us down. Come on you Gunners..get that bald head for soup.


If we win the FA cup wenger signs for two years promising we will spend in the summer and get to the level of bayern, real and barca. just saying.


Wenger playing 3 last weekend was more about prepping for this game than getting 3 points against Middlesbrough. Seeing as City exploited us ruthlessly in wide areas last time around, at least we’re being pro-active.

Big game for Giroud. If he plays well we can win this damn game.


Navas and de bruyne on city’s left will mean a lot of discipline is needed from monreal and a partner (xhaka or holding) especially when silva goes over to join them.
Hopefully they’ll leave space for sanchez to work some magic. COYG, looking for a big performance all round, today!


Yesterday subs made the difference. I hope we can win comfortably without the need for them, but I like the fact we have lots of pace to come on and stretch the game later on.


Strange one this, the justification for 3 at the back was to deal with Middlesborough’s arial threat but that doesn’t apply here (nor was it to successful). Guess we’ll have to see!

Heavenly Chapecoense

I am all for three at the back because there are five midfielders un front office them.


The defense won’t hold today (no puns intended) so we have to outscore them. Thankfully we are pretty good at Wembley.

Old Boy Gunner

LOL… Giroud… Kompany will completely nullify him… And with the 3 we’ve got at the back, I fear we’ll leak goals… Oh well… Must get to my seat!

Old Boy Gunner

This is totally embarassing other than the determined performance of The Ox and some steel from Gabriel & Kocielny that will likely see one or the other eventually sent off if they’re not beaten to it by Xhaka, the very poor man’s version of the wonderful, Patrick Viera, who, in my humble opinion, should be our Manager.


I don’t know, City have barely had a shot. Conceding too much possession though.

Maybe in the second half we will bring on the pacy forwards.


did you enjoy the game ?


Game getting better once they pressed the city players higher up the field. Need a superb 45 mins to win this game now. Come on Arse!

Old Boy Gunner

For fuck’s sake Wanker, Giroud & Xhaka off, Welbeck & Walcott on… Otherwise, we lose this game


Not sure which match you were watching, this is our best performance for a long time

Fox in the Director\'s Box
Fox in the Director\'s Box

Bellarin for The Ox could cost us this game!

Fox in the Director\'s Box
Fox in the Director\'s Box

Holding has been immense in the second half & extra time.

Fox in the Director\'s Box
Fox in the Director\'s Box

Bellarin for The Ox was a dreadful substition… Enormous speed, no skill, sell him to Barcelona or, better still, swap him for Chompy O’Toole!

TR7 > CR7

What is this strange not-despair feeling?

Fox in the Director\'s Box
Fox in the Director\'s Box

I’m am old bugger with failing eyesight but it looked like a definite penalty on Ozil… Given that they haven’t shown the replay at Wembley, what do you all think at home withe benefit of a replay?

Q Mantis


Fox in the Director\'s Box
Fox in the Director\'s Box

I’d love to see Wenger replaced by Viera but I know that he’s already signed a 2-year extension to his contract so it’s another 2 years of failing to achieve unless Wenger makes some decent signings despite us failing to qualify for the Champions League.


Overslept. Turned on the tv, it was 1-1. 5 mins later we score. Saw ozil busting his gut chasing down clichy (at that point I knew we had this game in the bag). Final whistle. Came on arseblog to see happy fans comments, I Was happy with the happiness on here. After this post I am going to bed. I have a tragic flue busting my nose, but ya I am going to sleep well tonight.

P.s I love you wenger


Pundits dissing the new system, some rubbish about Wenger trying something different for the sake of it.

Really, the stubborn old codger would do that?

3 at the back needs a bit of time to work out the kinks. Very solid today.

Its a system that mask our deficiencies currently in midfield where we continue not to be able to hold the ball enough.

But hey unless you are 7am kickoff, you don’t win the games on statistics or passing completion or number of passes.