Video: Arsenal 2-1 Man City ‘On the whistle’


Arsenal are through to the FA Cup final after an Alexis Sanchez winner gave us an extra-time 2-1 win over Man City – see report and goals here.

Much of this has to do with Gunnerblog being sick and in hospital, because we know that when misfortune strikes him, things go well for the Gunners.

Here are his on the whistle thoughts.

Also, what will I have to do to him before the final? A hyper-wedgie? Falcon punch?

It’s for the greater good.

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Wenger the greatest manager we have ever had. Herbert Chapman was great, but for a limited number of seasons. Let’s hope he wins the biggest number of FA Cups ever.


That’s a better comment, well done.


Flattered once again that people want to do this but….you lot need better things to do.


Why do I enjoy talking to myself so much?

Godfrey Twatsloch

Bellerin, that hair. Please no!


Bellerin’s got that “Essex girl just back from her first Caribbean holiday” look going on ?


I think he’s growing a helmet ala Cech.


Liverpool dropped points against Palace.

The media prattling on about how we can’t catch Citeh.

We have 3 games in hand to Liverpool and if we win all 3 will be level on points (and potentially better on goal differential)

But the media has already written us off as not being able to make top 4.

Just like they wrote us off before the game against city.

Just like some of our fans unfortunately.

COYG Believe.

When Toure and Fernandhino hit the post and bar, I had the feeling the luck was on our side.

We’ve NEVER been big in Europe. We’ve always been a MASSIVE FA cup team. Its in our hands to deny Chelsea and make the record books again.


Falcon punch. The answer is always a Falcon punch.


Both! This in Chelsea we’re talking about, don’t take any chances!


Both! This is Chelsea no taking any chances!


Falcon PAAUNCH!!!!

\'desi\'gner gooner

Get well soon Gunnerblog… And don’t forget to fall a bit sick again come the final!!
And agree with your assessment of the game and more importantly how the win ‘felt’ so great.

not so fed up

What are Tottenham? Lol, not in the FA cup final for a start ?


Full atomic wedgie! Sorry James, you need to take this one for us all.


Just a heads-up. I went for a smoke just before the Monreal goal. You don’t have to Falcon Punch the poor guy. I’ll go for a few smokes again, and we’ll make mincemeat of Chelsea. After we’ve qualified for the CL. Again.

Blaise P Janichon

Neat Sky Blue Shirt


well done the arsenal! well done to players and managers and fans! lets beat chelsea now and catch liverpool.

heh klopp..benteke nice huh? fucking cunts opening your mouths before the arsenal having the last word.


well done the Arsenal. players managers and fans !!