Video: Arsenal 2-1 Man City – Tunnel cam


Via The FA’s YouTube channel comes the Tunnel Cam from yesterday’s 2-1 win over Man City at Wembley.

Check it out below:

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Who’s the guy at the end to which the Ox says “we’re missing you by the way!”


Probably Arteta or Sagna. Just guessing


None of them, i was wondering the same.


Me too… It looked like a trainer?


Great to see happy players.

Godfrey Twatsloch

De Bruyne doesn’t look too happy coming off the pitch though.


Wenger’s hug 🙂

Lord Bendtner

1) What did ElNeny scream?
2) Who did the Ox say, “Hey, missing you by the way” to??

It was a pleasure to watch this video. It seemed like ages since I last felt this good after an Arsenal game.
It was a pleasure to see Capt Arteta there too. I know he’s learning his trade with ManCity, but come on, you know quite well, yesterday night he went home and had a nice, peaceful sleep 😉


1 – I think he shouted “VAMOS”.


Mark Sertori – according to Daily Mail article on Cuteh’s extensive backroom team he is a soft tissue therapist and worked for England under Capello. Would reasonably know Ox and Welbeck.


Ox is a freaking beast!!!


He’s one buff mofo! ?

Godfrey Twatsloch

3:57, Spud from Trainspotting pops up in the tunnel.


Ox looks like a freaking beast!