Video: Arsenal 3-0 West Ham ‘On the whistle’


A 3-0 win over West Ham eased some of the pressure on us, and with defeat for Man City and a draw for Liverpool, it ended up a good night for the Gunners with regards the Champions League places.

Here are the on the whistle thoughts of @gunnerblog

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I am still struggling to understand if that utterly inept performance from Atkinson really happened or was I just dreaming? The worst referee since Mike Dean. Where does the PGMO go to find these incompetents??


I think we may have passed our performance to him. The curse may well be lifted


If you thought that was incompetent (and so did I) you should see what the ref did in Newcastle’s match tonight. Instead of making them retake a converted penalty after one of their players encroached, he gave a free kick to the opposition!


As a referee myself, for youth football, I’ll be the first to point out what a difficult job it is. I’ll also point out that from our viewpoint as fans, a TV camera on high, it is much easier to see stuff than it is down on the pitch. And we have the benefit of not just one, but many looks at each incident, thanks to instant replay.

But that said, Atkinson was shambolic today. It wasn’t just the three missed penalties, it was the manner in which he missed them. In ALL THREE CASES he was in absolutely the best possible position to see the play, he was stopped and set, and he STILL got all three of them wrong! How does that happen to someone who is supposedly one of the top fifteen referees in the country, one of only a handful who are qualified to take charge of a Premier League match? And let’s not forget that Alexis was manhandled all night long with next to nothing given, and yet if an Arsenal defender so much as looked the wrong way at a Hammer it was a free kick. The inconsistency was appalling.

Surely there must be some bright young star in the Championship who can be promoted to replace him. I’d gladly suffer the growing pains of another Anthony Taylor (who was awful at first but has improved with time) or Mike Jones (one of the best of the new crop), just to see the back of Atkinson for once and for all.

And don’t get me started on Mike Dean.

Lula da Gilberto

Thoroughly enjoyed this game. I might just watch this in place of every other remaining fixture.