Welbeck: We dropped two points today


Danny Welbeck spoke to Sky Sports after today’s 2-2 draw with Man City. He expressed his disappointment at what he considered two dropped points.

Here’s what he had to say.

On the team showing character

Yeah definitely, I think we showed some character and I think we need to look at this performance and see where we conceded the goals in the first point.

But I think it showed great character to respond.

The players and the team being questioned

Obviously at this point in the season and the position we’re at, we know it’s not good enough for us and this football club and we want to be higher up the league. So we couldn’t lose 3 points today, but we dropped 2, and it’s something we’re going to have to put right in the next game.

An edgy atmosphere working against two tams who like to go forward

Yeah, two attacking teams who want to play with the ball so it’s going to be a bit of a cagey game, but both sides will be disappointed.

Is a point enough?

We wanted three points.

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Let me make it clear. I like arseblog, a lot. But it is strange to me how blogger is fine with criticizing the team spirit, manager and lack of fight and belief after a 3-1 loss to west brom; but when we show character in coming back twice after being a goal astray against man city, there is no mention of fighting for the manager or belief etc. Doesn’t it have to be a two way street?
I love arsenal, I love arsene wenger to death, and would probably agree that it’s time to move on. But we can’t just choose to ignore team spirit when it’s shown, and selectively pull out that card when it’s not shown.


Join the discussionwell said


this dude welbz was average borderline poor today but i like his spirit thats keeps trying


I thought welbz was just okay even though i like that he tries but he didn’t have a particularly good game


Blogs is just reporting what people said after the game. Wait for the Arseblog tomorrow for his opinion.


Blogs was very quick after the last match to post his views on twitter, immediately after the match. Why not the same today?


Yeah he is well out of order! 😉
Ps. Are you the “Vat Man” that Arthur Daily was scared of?


I wouldn’t necessarily consider scoring two goals against a defence as poor as Citys after defending shambolicly themselves throughout the game, and then failing to show any initiative to win the game despite the obvious need for three points as a major testament to teams spirit. The evidence has been there for months, not of little spells during one game. It’s clear that the players are not playing with maximum commitment and as a result it’s no surprise we haven’t won a league game in month’s!


It’s not a lack of commitment, it’s a lack of confidence and there’s a big difference. When the players lack confidence their decision making doesn’t come easily and their game doesn’t flow, so things go wrong. They’re people, not machines, and the toxic atmosphere around the club means they’re afraid to fail, so everything gets harder. It was nice to see the crowd respond to them today, they needed that.


Well said Vonnie. Bravo!


Indeed, very well said, Vonnie.

naija gunner

So why is Sanchez not going tru d same lack of confidence problem? Is he supernatural? Some of us are like Wenger, we always come up with excuses.


Oh please…this was a must win game which we choked as always.


Ultimately it’s a blog, and with that comes the personal opinion of the blogger in question.

I for one normally agree with blogs on most of what he has to say, and when I don’t it’s always damn interesting to read a well thought out opinion that differs to mine. Perhaps even giving me a bit of perspective away from my own blinkered view from time to time.


At least we didn’t lose I guess.


No shit danny…it’s over. Top 4 is now done for. We were lucky to come off with a point. Poor mentality from the boys.

gooner of Oz

So what. Isnt it great we wont be in it to be embarrassed again? Its not like we were winning or competing for it we simply took part and got humiliated every time we faced a real big team.

gooner of Oz

Give him the noble


I think I have worked out the problem.
The problem is that we are not as good as some of the other teams.
No need to thank me.


Yes, it’s a fucker! 🙁

WOB number 10,172

Danny, mate it’s a half-win come and have a pint.


Europa league it is then. Jardim, when Monaco were in EL, used that competition to develop youngsters and now look at all of their promising players. Why can’t we do the same?


Let me be the first to say I would rather no European football rather than the Europa Cup.


As weird as it is to say it wouldn’t be the worst thing to be in a competition we could actually wins don’t use as a platform like althetic Madrid.


Win and use


and what makes you think we could win that one? Are West Brom not in in it?


I know it should be a minimum but at least we showed some fight today and didn’t collapse after conceding so early. While it seems clear we need some serious squad updating, hopefully we can at least finish the season playing better. Today was a decent start


Agreed, and we didn’t concede after Koscielny went off; baby steps to getting our confidence back. I also really took pleasure in seeing the players celebrating together; there have been times this year when Sanchez doesn’t quite celebrate his teammate’s goals, but unity was there today. Good things will come.


A point is a good result against city for a bad arsenal squad.

Xhaka\'s Harsh Yellow
Xhaka\'s Harsh Yellow

I hope the rest of the squad feel likes welbz. He has tremendous character and we’re lucky to have him at this club.

Rohith J

I was a little away from Arsenal news in the last couple of weeks. Watched the match hoping to just see some effort. I was happy to see the team score 2 goals against City and the fans cheering them on. I was able to do so probably because I am resigned to a non-Champions-League finish and a transition away from Wenger.

Read all the news and post match comments and then realised the magnitude of toxicity around the club. We don’t help ourselves.