Wenger praise for Gabriel after FA Cup semi-final win


Arsene Wenger had some words of praise for Gabriel after the Brazilian put in what was probably his best performance for the club on Sunday.

As part of a back three, the former Villarreal man shone alongside Laurent Koscielny and Rob Holding, and the manager believes his outings at full back this season played a part.

The 26 year old deputised for Hector Bellerin earlier in the season, and that has gone some way to making him feel comfortable in this new system.

“Gabriel has played some positive games as a right-back,” said Wenger. “I felt that he has good pace, and today I felt that he could intervene for Oxlade-Chamberlain on Sane going through.

“Sane goes through a lot in behind and I felt that he had the pace to cover, to tackle and he did that very well.

“Especially in the second half when I think he saved three of four balls. So I just thought he was well-suited for this position.

“He played right-back, he played centre back and he plays at the moment in a position that is between the two.”

It was certainly a very assured display from Gabriel, who hasn’t always had the best time in red and white. It’s nice to see.

Was Gabriel the man, or did Rob Holding do better? Rate the players on our player rating system.

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Fantastic performance from a player I had doubted. Particularly enjoyed his taking out of Sane “just in case”.


I also like his kick on Silva heh.

canon 10000

What kick. That’s how he says hello.

Glory hunter

Its so strange cos i also noticed an improvement since his stint at right back, it reminds me of Monreal’s improvement as a LB after he had a spell playing at CB

canon 10000

Arsene knows!


Literally putting themselves in their teammates’ boots to truly understand the other side of the partnership. Seems to be something to it.


There is always an adjustment period to the PL. Evrn Dennis took a time to get his first goal. Hopefully Gabriel has made it now.


I think he has been great for us. But because he doesn’t play regularly, sometimes he needs time to adjust to the rhythm and habits of his team. And at those adjustment period of the game, he got judged for being “nervy” or such.

And also the people perception that because Mustafi cost a lot more so he must be better than Gaby. It’s all about perception these days. More than the actual truth.

Point is, players like Gabriel, Holding, Chambers, Ox, Xhaka, etc, just need a run of games (good rotation) & system that can bring the best out of them to be great.

Laughing Stock of Football
Laughing Stock of Football

I think he’s a more than decent player. But with the protection the centre halves get from our midfield fucking Tony Adams would struggle. But agree, he was colossal yesterday, and I’d take him over car crash mustafi any day.

canon 10000

I’d take Lethal Weapon Gibson over Die Hard Willis. Or Bourne Identity Damon over Taken Neeson. Who’s Car Crash Mustafi btw? Sounds pretty bad ass.


Its been a really sore couple of months for anyone who cares about Arsenal. But yesterday almost feels like a weight being lifted off my chest. I’m sat at my desk in the office now still buzzing my hole off.

Being at the ground yesterday, I was actually surprised by the upbeat feeling surrounding the fans before kick off. Maybe it was the classic FA cup tie at Wembley in the sunshine vibes that brought out the best in everyone. But I thought the support was class yesterday.

I did fear for the team when we went a goal down, it was in true Arsenal fashion as well. Ramsey doing the most Ramsey thing ever by needlessly overplaying it in a position when a simple shot or pass would of been the smarter choice – but there was no parts of the crowd where I was that were going mental when City scored. There were no Wenger out chants. or anyone properly hammering Ramsey for having a total mare. There was more this collective ‘come on, we can go again.’ Just everyone really rallied behind the team. And I genuinely think it made a huge difference on the pitch because we basically responded straight away with Ozil on the half turn on the edge of the box just putting it wide. When he did that it gave us belief and the fans roared again, and you almost felt the lads on the pitch go up a gear.

And the scenes when Nacho stuck in the equaliser! I was practically surfing some lad down about 10 rows of seats, it was mental.


This, exactly this! Nobody can deny the influence of us fans. We create the atmosphere, we are the 12th man – as cliched as it is!

Isn’t it about time we support through thick and thin? Not just at Wembley in a semifinal or on a Champions League night.

All fans, WOB’s, the agenda driven ones, the YouTube “celeb” fans, all need to get behind the team in EVERY game now.

I remember Swansea at home last year or the year before, we were bang in the title hunt, yet the fans moaned and groaned. Support the F-IN team. We supporta great club. Otherwise move along.



Gabriel was excellent. He took Sane out of the game for sometime was composed and even his fouls were sensible


I thought he was awesome but I also worry that long-term he doesn’t have the technique needed for that kind of responsibility. I’d love to be wrong because I love his attitude. He’s reassuring off the ball but I’m a bit nervous with him on it.

Chris O.

Gabriel is Kolo Toure 2.0.

canon 10000

Let’s sign his younger brother asap then


Gabriel is great on tackling but need to work more on positioning.. he has the potential to be first team player for arsenal in future.