Wenger reveals latest team news ahead of Boro clash


Arsene Wenger has announced the latest team news ahead of our trip to Middlesbrough on Monday evening.

After an atrocious result at Palace in the midweek, Arsenal desperately need to take three points at the Riverside. As it stands we’re seven points off 4th place, and while Boro are second bottom of the table it’s hard to feel confident of getting a win.

The team have at least received a boost in that two key players could return for the match. Arsene said: “We have the chance to get Petr Cech back in the squad, and Koscielny is joining in today. If the tests are positive they will come back in the squad for Monday’s game.”

Asked to estimate the chances of Cech and Koscielny actually featuring in the game, Arsene said “80%… but sometimes the 20% can play a villain part in the final preparations.” That’s a classic Arsene Wenger soundbite if ever there was one, but a potential return for either man can only be a good thing.

However, Wenger also confirmed that David Ospina and Lucas Perez are still out. The former was injured in the 2-2 draw with Manchester City on 2 April, while the latter has a thigh problem.

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Stringer Bell

Interesting statement from Martin Keown who says no manager believed in him more. I think that’s part of the problem. It’s one thing believing in Keown, Henry, pires etc but believing in players like Ramsey and Theo who both have been at the club for years now is at best misguided. One is utter shit and the other so dam inconsistent it’s embarrassing.


agreed . he shoudl’ve moved on from those players . i completely understand and support the whole british core concept , but the plan will be only as good as the players associated with it . jenkinson , walcot even though the latter is having a upturn in his form should’ve never been persisted with for so long. if one player clearly doesnt work wenger should’ve found another player with more potential as his pet project . but he persisted with them , and the whole british core project became an utter failure sinking the players and manager associated with it.

Why not

Ramsey being utter shit, is a bit of an over statement. Wasn’t he the same player that helped Wales get where they are now? The same player that was easily the best midfielder in europe for a few months?

He might not be pulling up trees in a team that is playing like shit. But utter shit? really?

Stringer Bell

Yep utter shit. Playing in a utter shit Wales team against utter shit Iceland,Russia, Slovakia, England and Belgium teams and having a few months where everything he hit came off can still make a player utter shit. just remind me how long ago was that few months. Utter shit playing in top league. Would be great in championship

a different George

This is the sort of over-the-top rant that makes it impossible to take anything else said very seriously. You sound like the Brazilians who say Maradona was shit. Not “he was never as good as Pele”–he was utter shit.

Stringer Bell

You are making a comparison with maradona pele and Arron Ramsey and you talk about being taken seriously ????


That’s the dumbest comparison I have heard. How are the two in any way related? Who was Ramsey even being compared to to relate to that comment?

Ramsey for the last few years has been utter shit for Arsenal. You can’t argue with that. Yes he did have an amazing few months. Many players have great few months, it happens to very average players. Capoue couldn’t stop scoring at the beginning of the season. Djourou for a few months was one of the best defenders in the Premierleague.

Ramsey was ok at the Euros as part of a hard working team that didn’t play particularly expansive football, certainly not comparable to a top team. Even then he didn’t do anything particularly exceptional.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

What does it matter what Ramsey does for Wales. For Arsenal he has been absolute sh!t for a few seasons now.

José P

I used to enjoy the Wenger memes, the more classical the statement, the more annoying these days.. Sorry I can’t help, Arsene.


Perez is the new Joe Campbell. Everything shows he deserves his chance but when fit and on form can’t get a start. Can’t get decent minutes as a sub then you analyze the contributions of the ox this season and it’s hard not to be upset and feel for such players. Dream chance to play for arsenal without getting the chance to play.

… Tired


What part of: he’s injured, do you not understand?


@alphie, whilst I agee with you to a point, I disagree with you as assessment of the Ox.
IMO, he is obviously a talented player who has been dogged by injuries…this season however his commitment to improve is evident on the pitch and his ‘potential” is materialising..


Joel played a lot more games than Lucas. The only more confusing signing I recall is Park.


Joel wasn’t injured 3/4 of the time.

I really really want Perez to get more time and starts too, but The clear majority of Perez’s missing out on matches has been down to missing through injury and the time it takes to sync with the team as a new player that can’t get a run of time with the squad. Every time he gets a look he’s out within a match.


Starting to wonder if Lucas is already sold and we just stopped playing him as a result.

Original Paul

Not sure Cech coming back is a good thing apart from depth.

Oh No Not Again

Well Martinez did good didn’t he not

uncle D

Ohhh dear Arsene! Please shut down your critics and those who hate this club! Let them be shut up and take it to their Graves full of hate and envy.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Oh dear, that post. This season seems to have driven you mad. 😀


I hope “Joe, I dont give a fuck” gets injured soon, cause he is dragging this team down.

Oh No Not Again

Ramsey is a very good play he just needs a decent tackling centre midfielder next to him and at Arsenal we don’t have anyone not since Vieria anyway. Ramsey is a creative midfielder not a defensive one so if Arsenal buy a decent centre midfielder that could tackle next to him he would do great stuff.


Wenger has flattered to deceive over the years because in general he has been brilliant in market and buying players.

However it is tactically where he is less pragmatic. This isn’t to say he is an utter mug but he tends toward being a non interventionist and this ideology has hurt us as he allows too much time before effecting change when needed.

Also another criticism is his ‘projects’. Walcott and Ramsey came good over one season for us but the road to that was bumpy and to be honest, at the detriment of overall team performance. Wenger knows if he wants his projects to come good, he needs to play them but that could be at our expense in the process.

Where as in the past we may have been a bit more reliant on ‘projects’ because of limited resources, we should be less so now.

In particular, this whole Little Britain English core pet project of his is imo hurting the team overall.

We have plenty of English core as is. Ramsey aside, there is the absent Jack, Walcott, Welbeck, Ox, Holding, the played out of position Chambers (another project as he seems insistent on converting him into a Cback), Bramll possibly and Gibbs.

I feel we can shed some of these players…in particular Walcott whose pace will only wane and we should sell him whilst he still holds good value.

But also GIbbs who has not been able to sustain sufficient consistency and Jack who is injury prone and in and out. Ramsey I’d keep for another season because he can just as easily hit a hot streak but I won’t be reliant on him if I was Wenger.

Instead, what the team fundamentally lacks at the moment is more technical quality players.

We don’t seem to be able to hold possession in the middle now, instead we pump the ball wide or move from side to side.

The league as I have mentioned previously has caught up technically with many teams shedding their allergy for the foreign. You find players like Shaqiri at Stoke and Mahrez at Leicester.

Peer rivals aside, it is no wonder we have also been less consistent finishing off the ‘lesser’ teams.

I think if this is to be his final season/testimonial year, Wenger should just go for it and buy in ready made quality to compete alongside Alexis.

Currently our attack is lob sided because there is no balance for Alexis on the left on our right flank. We are reliant on Bellerin pushing up which creates its own problems for Mustafi with teams now knowing how to exploit the gap he leaves behind.

We need players 24-27yrs now with a bit of grit and from teams that are doing well in their respective league but also players who have technical ability. Maybe we can thorw in one younger player this summer but there is enough English core and sufficient projects in Iwobi, Bramall, Bellerin to sustain the team until handover to a new manager and Wenger should leave the (minor) headache in that respect to the new chap.

What we need at the moment is pragmatism.

No foolish Elneny completes us in midfield because the Egyptian is frankly mediocre brought in by the gaffer to be content coming off the bench.

No Welbeck up top because again we will pay the price as he tries to find his groove. He has been not productive enough over last two games.

Throw in the experience players with a bit of grit for the fight because that’s what we are facing right now. If the play has to be ugly and straight onto Giroud’s head for a goal or two, lets do that.

He may also have to tweak the relations in midfield to suit the unique characteristics of the players available. If Ox has to come in as a sort of wing back to help left wing cover for Monreal and midfield but allow Alexis to rove deeper, it is far better than the current midfield issues IMO where we lack coverage and the sort of players who can carry the ball up for us.

The gaffer has plenty to think about over next 8 to 9 games.

We must find balance and practicality now with the instruments on hand.


This willingness to support projects is both Wenger’s strength and achille’s heel.

It is his developmental aspect that attracts certain players over to the club.

Both Alexis and Ozil can easily have gone to other peer rivals many of whom had similar requirements and could pay more.

The reason I feel they came over to us is the Manager’s own reputation for molding players and giving them the opportunity to do so.

Alexis was having a tough time at Barca being over shadowed by larger luminaries. Ozil ditto at Real felt he wasn’t getting the chance to develop further.

It is a good sign of hunger that they chose Arsenal and Wenger and that they felt even at late stage 24-25yrs, they had room for improvement.

I feel a similar mindset influenced Granit to sign early for us. Again he could have easily been snatched or had his head turned by many other clubs had he elected to wait through the summer for offers after the Euros.

Wenger has a good track record of identifying quality and developing them. Henry, Pires in the past in recent vintage he has had better success from his academy with Bellerin, Iwobi but he has also found joy in lower leagues with Holding and Brammall (potentially) as he is always one of the first on the scene.

He has also been successful switching players to new roles as we knew with Henry, Toure, RVP, Arteta and Santi.

But he needs to have a more practical approach now as the balance is not right in the squad. The English core obssession has gone too far and is unecessary.

We need to get back to adding technical players who can boss the game better and carry threat through the middle, balance Alexis threat from the left (should he stay)

Can Wenger curb his enthusiasm? Well that is part of the problem.

Scot McCormack

Petr Cech has been shit this season. That’s hardly a boost.


Ramsey is liability,he should be playing for his hometown team.He is not good enough for Arsenal
Lot @ the trend since the Watford game,instead improving the team he makes it worse.


look @ the trend