Wenger unsure if his situation is affecting the players


Having previously played down suggestions that the lack of clarity over his future was affecting the team, Arsene Wenger sounded less sure of that when asked about it again ahead of Monday’s Premier League clash with Middlesbrough.

The Gunners travel to the north-east after a heavy defeat at Selhurst Park, and with away form that has been poor throughout 2017.

Questioned as to whether or not uncertainty over his plans was having an impact on the team, he said, “I honestly don’t know but I hope not.

“When I speak about mental test it is to perform, no matter what the circumstances are around you. Is that an influence? I’d say I hope not.

“But what is for sure is that in the last three months there has been no consistency, especially away from home.

“At home we have not been disastrous in the quality of performance.”

The refusal of the club and the manager to provide clarity is undoubtedly a problem for the players.

Last week, Mesut Ozil said, “It’s not just important for me but for the whole club.

“It’s important to know if he stays or if he goes. We need to think towards next season.”

While last month former Gunner Liam Brady called on the owner and the boss to make their decision public to help stabilise the club.

So far, we know nothing more than we did back then.

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He’s either lying or delusional. Either way this lack of clarity for the fans and the players is extremely negative, and i’ve lost some respect for him because of it.


I mean… how could it not???? Seriously! His stubbornness is becoming toxic now. It hurts because i love the man!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too sober to be onside
Too sober to be onside

You need a new hobby.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah, I am thinking I will take a cue from you and take up the hobby of telling people they need new a hobby.


*Ba Dum Tisss*


I think it’s time for Wenger to step down.


I completely understand the frustrations we Gooners are facing right now. It’s been a disaster of a season where the position of Arsène Wenger has been questioned. I understand and respect people’s opinions but I think it should be clear that Arsène loves the club more than anything else and anyone else. The man even lost his family over the club. So many times he’s accused of being selfish and greedy. But let’s be honest he could’ve earned much more money at other clubs with a bigger chance of winning honours. And don’t give that job security factor as at PSG he would’ve got that and tons of money for himself and to spend, they’ve been chasing him for as long as the rich Arab folks bought the club. All in all it is evident that the man cannot let go of the club that he described as the ‘love of his life’. He loves the club too much to leave like this. Yes he is stubborn but I feel in a good way as it shows his determination and commitment to stay true to himself and his values which not a lot of people can do in this age. There’s a reason his name is Arsène and our club is called Arsenal, it was just meant to be. Please it’s true that a 2 year contract may not be deserved for his failings this season and the one before but I for one believes he should get one last shot at the glory of the Premier League and dare I say the Champions League. Then hopefully he can retire in peace and become a regular supporter like the rest of us and as he said he’ll buy a season ticket and support the red and white on Saturdays. I can bet anything that all of us Gooners if we had a choice of Wenger or any other manager winning titles we’d choose Wenger a million times out of a million, if there was a guarantee. All I’m saying is let our greatest ever manager have one last shot at glory and let’s all rally behind him one last time. I hope some people can understand and support the man even if it’s against their wishes. Win lose or draw I’ll always be a gunner regardless. #COYG #ONEARSÈNEWENGER


We said this on his last 4 contract extensions.

Enough is enough!


i respect your opinion and believe that arsene indeed loves this club more than anyone else . but he just wont win anything , and its better for him and the club to split right now before it gets any worse

Lord Bendtner

Yes, he loves the club, and the club loves Wenger. I think most of the WengerOut camp respects and loves Wenger (bar a few crazy lunatics). Is Wenger trying his best to fix things? Of course he is. It would be absurd to think that he has given up. But, the problem is that what he’s trying is not working out anymore.
Questions must be asked what and why isn’t it working?

Players: they’re playing like shit; Sometimes you see the passes they lose and you think wow, that’s just basics that should not be happening at this club’s level. Maybe his players aren’t listening to him, I don’t know? Maybe some players have gotten too lax over the years and have taken their position in the team for granted. I really don’t know to be honest. Clearly, there is a lack of cohesion between the players when they are playing.

Tactics: His tactical plans are clearly not working. The players he’s using in those positions and what he’s telling his players is not bearing any results. And this I think is what’s the biggest issue, at least for me. Wenger is an amazing manager. I for one don’t think he requires the best of best players in his squad to show positive results. The past years have been witness to that; heck, we reached a champions league final with a squad that was punching way above their limits. But now, he has some some top talents at his disposal. I for one was convinced at the start of this season that we had one of the best crop of talent in our starting eleven. But the issue is that it’s not working. So what’s the problem, what needs to be fixed? Does this club need a fresh start, a reset button?
If this problem ensues longer, eventually the manager will lose his dressing room.

Let me remind you of when every attacking move we produced revolved around Thierry Henry. But, when Henry left, sure we went through a tough time, but we sure as hell adapted and learned.


As to your last paragraph, lord, since Henry left I don’t think we have learned to adapt, simple reason we never have had a goal scorer like him since he left and the one big one,, WE AINT WON FUCK ALL


We needed to back up players like Cesc and V.Persie with a solid defense. We didnt. They were good, very good in the post Henry, Veira time. We did nothing which is why they left.


The major issue most have at this point (as Lord Bendter has rightly pointed out that even advent Wenger out respect the man and all he has done) is that simply doing the same things the same way over and over is unlikely to generate different results. It appears from Wenger’s public statements that he really doesn’t intend to meaningfully change anything the next few years (it appears very likely he is staying). If that’s the case then why will results suddenly change?

If somehow he is able to recognize that the past 3 years when he has had the budget to compete the club really hasn’t made any meaningful progress towards that end (look at how far we finish off the leaders and not whether it’s 2nd or 4th place) and as a result he needs to change his methods, players etc I think a lot of Wenger out would be ok with him having one last shot.


I agree with most of your points. Although, would you agree this is a vastly different side with a fit Santi cazorla? When he’s fit it’s completely obvious that we are infunitedly better. And very dominant too.
Could a strategy be to find a player of cazolras quality to take up the slack and potentially eventually take over from him?


What are you smoking really?


If he is such a great manager why does he fill the team with substandard players? Loving the club and not being able to take them forward through his own ineptitude in the transfer market does not inspire fans.

Original Paul

Is the site banjaxed or is it me?

Original Paul

I keep getting dragged back to the Special fucking K advert!


If I knew what banjaxed means?


It’s what happens to our players all the time


He is also unsure of how to address our stagnation.


He has lost the plot completely. He used to be great but now he is unable to see the most obvious flaws and failures. We need a new manager asap.

Gudang Pelor

When he says “l honestly dont know”, l cant really believe him.


Well, the players have to grow a pair. I don’t blame Arsene. He is honouring his contract and that is the least he can do. Arsene is the Real MAN in this situation. All of us are hypocrites.


If wenger wanted to sign he would have signed long back. If he wanted to leave he would have announced it long back. Give the guy some credit for putting the club before him. Atleast,the guy does his job without taking a break. He is trying to lead by example and we just won’t let him be.

Lord Nicki B

Hey Arsene. Short memo for you on that subject.



Ask them? ?


Arsene, you’re actually completely wrong about there being no consistency away from home. We are very consistent – we lose every game.

Old Boy Gunner

Typical Wenger… Treats the club as if it’s his own property and us supporters with complete and utter contempt… And to the Wengernistas who will abuse me for this comment, I simply say who if not the Manager is responsible for these pathetic performances given that Wenger himself has personally selected all of the losers who now play for Arsenal but are unfit to wear the shirt?




Utterly irresponsible.

David C

try telling them your plans to stay or leave and then see if it changes their performances. Boom, problem solved.


Arsene, we need clarity!!!!! just tell us all and the players so the players at least know if their dad is going to stay or leave them. It’s effecting players and the fans.

Thierry bergkamp

He said weeks ago that he knows his decision. If there is a small chance that the team is affected, he should have announced his decision or at the very least, tell the players.
The fact is, the team has 54.. yes FIFTY FOUR points out of a possible 90! There shouldn’t even be another contract offer on the table to be discussed or thought over.


It is incredibly clear that Arsene, with full approval from the Board or from Kroenke wants to stay and there is possibly a contract on the table, or worse already signed. This whole dilly dallying is a result of the poor performances from the team lately. They did not expect they will loose the 4th spot. So it is becoming a tough sell. My guess is they will wait till our match with Man City at Wembley; if we loose it becomes impossible for Arsene to hold his position. If we win they will wait till the FA Cup final.

Old Boy Gunner

I hope your assessment is correct… Particularly after we’ve lost… Unfortunately,I understand from a contact close to Ken Friar that the contract extension has already been signed!

Ken Friars\' contact

Leave me out of this

California Gooner

Even if we won our remaining matches and the FA Cup he needs to go. His time is well past. Sad it’s come to this.


He use to tell us how many years he managed football clubs and know everything he do. And now? What happened? Am I seeing a same Arsene Wenger?


Unsure?? How the hell can he be unsure. Okay so there are other factors but of course his current issues are definitely part of the problem. Surely he must know that and if he is genuinely unsure when most of us ARE sure, then as much as it pains me to say it, he shouldn’t be in the job.


For somebody who is supposed to be intelligent Arsene can be incredibly thick sometimes.

Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal
Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal

He’s not being thick, but selfish. He knows full well what the situation is with the players, the fans, the board and the coaching staff. He just doesn’t want to retire.


I don’t think he’s necessarily think, he’s just blinkered, delusional and out of ideas.



California Gooner

He has players who may or may not want to leave depending on what he does. Why not give them some clarity? Us fans want to know but the players need and deserve to know – But he keeps his little secret. I’m starting to really dislike this man and he was one of the main reasons I became a fan of the club. #wengeroutNOW


It’s not affecting the players? I’m watching MU v Chelsea and hoping Chelsea will win.

Clearly, it’s affecting not just the players.


And clearly MU will win because it´s the worst result for us


There we go….. The one game i was hoping for chelsea

Wright on the money

Does Wenger not realise that the players would play well if they wanted him there. I think they know it is time for a change and the players want to be competing for trophies.

I’m not saying it’s right the players get paid to play under whoever the manager is, but it’s time for a change and they want one too like the fans.

Wright on the money

Spurs to win the league now to make the season worse.

Gordon Phillips

Another brilliant set of results for us this weekend. Spurs look like they might win the league but they did at this point last year. We’ll do well to get 6th and the manager will stay on forever and forever.


It’s the arrogance & stubberness of the dictator that’s caused this. Even the blind fool must see other managers changing tactics/subs etc to suit each situation. Yet he will not. If Spurs win the league-ugh. Thing is they are going in the right direction at least.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Feel whenever I read a Wenger interview the more I feel justified in my stance that his removal has manager is vital for Arsenal’s success.

However, everyone knows he will stay. A contract signing will be announced if the team get a big result, or it will be announced in the off-season when the fans are also sort of chilling and taking a break, to avoid backlash.

Too drunk\'s keyboard
Too drunk\'s keyboard

I need new buttons.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Why don’t you go ask the guy who (never) taught you how to use an apostrophe to lend you some.


His inability to find tactical solution and affect timely in game management is affecting the players more.

The contract situation is not an issue as far as on field performances are concern.

In fact if he said he was leaving, some players aside from Ozil and Alexis will have their agents in their ear and be looking to summer already.

If he said he was staying, there would be more certainty but the noisy fans will ratchet up the great atmosphere at the Emirates so the team can be a little more edgy.

Best not to say anything.

What he needs to do is find a very pragmatic solution to the players on hand quick instead of persisting with idealism.

It isn’t easy because he is also battling low confidence at the moment but you can see clearly the players need instructions or adjustments and it is never given in a timely manner.

You can’t keep blaming the players for lacking heart or bottle. That may be partially true but the manager can fix it with proper organisation.

Defensively, it is all about discipline. We know lesser teams like Palace can get their act together defensively.

Also Chelsea (who lost today…Spurs may win the title…of only we kept pressing), who were the same side that were rubbish last season but transformed with minor tweaks and instruction from Conte to suit the players he has.

Poor excuse to blame it on Wenger’s contract.


Let’s be realistic…..What are the possibilities?
1)Wenger is the one not sure what he wants, and is waiting to see if Arsenal make 4th place, even though he knows that the uncertainty around his contract is affecting players… Not likely, he’s a bit smarter than this
2)He doesn’t want to stay, but doesn’t want to announce his departure until the end of the season in hopes of salvaging something….. possible
3)He wants to stay, the board/owner wants him to stay, but they are negotiating transfer budget, wage structure or something similar…..possible


The lack of transparency with everyone at Arsenal is making me fall out of love with the club.

They are showing time and time again they don’t give a s*** about the fans and it’s just sad.


As far as management prospects though, I think there’s a reasonable bunch of options.

Simeone has got to be up there. He is managing with good success in a very difficult league and been at it for a good stretch now to prove it isn’t a one hit wonder.

He also has the attributes to add the discipline we need to our play at the back. I don’t think it is at detriment to going forward because Athletico is a very attractive side attacking.

I’m a bit more wary of Tuschel and Emery.

Blanc has his share of ‘racist’ baggage but he is a reasonably decent manager with an eye for the long term and again plenty of experience.

Next summer, Deschamp may also be in contention.

Leonardo Jardim at Monaco should also be up for consideration. Again, they are doing a really good job sourcing players at relatively little cost. He may be able to push the envelope further with a bigger budget.

Also Jorge Sampaoli at Sevilla I think is a great motivational coach.

Even the likes of Klinnsman may be interesting. He’s been more at National level which is the biggest risk.

Down another season, we are not sure whether Allegri may continue at Juve or seek more challenges.

So it’s all going to be IMO based on who can bring the best package to Arsenal for the medium to long term.

As mentioned, I think we need to look beyond just who is available this summer and also extrapolate into post Wcup 2018.

Hector\'s Ballerina

Why do you continue to use extrapolate out of context in every essay of a comment you post?

And more to the point, why discuss managerial options for the umpteenth time, when it has no relevance up until the day Wenger announces what his future will be?

Klinnsmann? You mean, sacked United States head coach, Klinnsmann? Hardin, who has spent through the nose at Monaco? Allegri, serial title winner with a more than competitive shot at winning the CL with a fantastic Juve team he has been allowed to mold apres-Conte?

Honestly, get real.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

So those twonks from west London couldn’t take care of Maureen’s manure and now not only have we got to deal with the utter predictable dross we’ve become but also the real possibility of the scum winning the league.

Happy Easter.


Sometimes I wonder why I fukin bother…….posting in this awful atmosphere at AFC.
Did anyone watch PL this weekend?
Players that give a Fuck,at all the clubs, proud to give a fuck
we hav nothing, nothing i tell you, NOTHING……the players dont care.
Now heres the rub………Totingham are finishing WAY above our beloved club.
They give a fuck, and the reward is they mite push Chelsea for this title.
Believe it people, this is reality, while we (our club) indulge our faffing about fukwit players that refuse to stick in a boot……….
Im fukin depressed

Lula da Gilberto



This guy is aliar