Wenger unsure over extent of Koscielny knee injury


There was a worrying moment in the final stages of the 1-0 win over Leicester when Laurent Koscielny went down with nobody anywhere near him.

The French defender seemed to land awkwardly, causing a hyper-extensions of his knee, but after some treatment he was able to play on.

However, Arsene Wenger seemed to suggest that Koscielny may well be a doubt for Sunday’s North London derby.

Asked about the extent of the problem, he said, “Koscielny has a knee problem, I don’t know how long yet.

“I have to check.”

It would be a big blow to be without him, so let’s keep fingers crossed there.

On the win itself, Wenger said, “We took the initiative. We lacked a little bit a change of pace or penetration.

“You could see we had some heavy legs, but we were serious. We didn’t give a chance away. Maybe we lacked a bit of speed in our game to get them out of position but they defended well.

“In the end the win I think rewards the team who took the initiative in the game.”

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It’s just a flesh wound

Parisian Weetabix

Tony Gale telling the main commentator in the smuggest voice “that’s called a hyperextension of the knee, did you know that?” like he had a PhD in physiotherapy. Still barely a contender for the list of top-ten most irritating things he said during the game.


I loved the part when he said “just change it up a bit”. Wow. We got a football genius on our hands.


It was even funnier because he said that AFTER we literally did “change it up a bit” by changing formation.

Coq Soq

Proper needed a wank over Drinkwater, that lad.

Kingsley of the Lank

His blatant anti-Arsenal bias is just so monotonous on the ears.


Also known as “cuntsplaining”.


Oh man don’t even complain. Here in North America we had Andy townsend talking absolute bollocks the whole time, I actually contemplated watching the game in mute because it was driving me mad!


That’s called a hyper extension of Tony Gale’s limited brain.


I hate Andy Townsend and his commentary all the gane about how lazy alexis us today..

Aran Watson

Tony Gale’s constant stream of arrogant B’s throughout the match was so tedious. It’s as if he takes no joy from the challenge of the match whatever, only endlessly declaring how useless everyone was in his eyes. Yawn.

Le Jim

Listening to that thundertwat almost made me give up football altogether.


A little bit sharpness!


Players are back committed to the cause…..great to see.
As for Leicester, they’re a mardi assed group of nasties. Can’t see why Alexis is the only one booked in that touch line incident…….and why shouldn’t he stand in front of Fuchin Fuch, when he is on the playing surface??


He’s required by the LOTG to stay at least a yard away from the line, which he clearly didn’t do even after being warned and shown by the referee how far back he had to go. The penalty is a yellow card. But Jones still got that only half right. Fuch-Head should also have seen yellow for deliberately throwing the ball into Sanchez.

Leicester only had one strategy this game, to park as many buses in front of their net as possible. Did that useless commentator say Vardy’s name more than once in the whole second half? It was as if Shakespeare spent the whole week taking lessons on sucking the life out of a game from Moronho. The better team won today, and deservedly so.

a different George

Well, because the laws of the game say you can’t distract or impede the thrower, including by moving to within two metres of where he is standing. If you do (and the throw is taken), it’s a yellow card and an indirect free kick to the throwing team.

So, exactly what happened. I love Alexis, but giving them a free kick at that point in the match instead of a throw–even with Rory deFuchs doing the throwing–was an unnecessary risk


Yeah it was mad that both didn’t get booked. I hope those backstabbers enjoyed their 5 minutes of fame because they’re all nasty

NW Gooner

You’d have to imagine Koscielny would be ready for the NLD if they have to amputate. He’s become a real leader on this team. Gooner!


We didn’t kneed this


Sorry I have to thumb that down


Fuckin BFG get back in!!!!


Ahhhhhhh! Having suffered a similar injury (hyperextended knee) I ended up with a torn ligament. Koscienly is the hardest player on that team, I’m praying for a miracle. I hope that he’s fit to play this weekend and the injury wasn’t serious, was kind of surprised/relieved to see he played on, but let’s hope that’s because he was fit enough and not because we had no other choice.


Hopefully Mustafi is fit. He’s the other player good in the position.

Thought Koscielny made some poor passes into our middle late on, maybe it was the knee.

Gabriel was again excellent today.

Monreal I’ve felt would be good in the back 3 and he showed it today. Problem at the moment is we don’t have many candidates who can play wingback left side with Ox not available.

How I wish we still had Gnabry.

Crash Fistfight

Why would Gnabry play on the left? Or do you mean Ox left and Gnabry right?


It looked very similar to the Ibrahimovic landing. I honestly thought he was done and out for more than six months when I saw the replays.

If he’s not fit for Sunday, are we looking at a back three consisting of Holding, Gabriel and Nacho?


And unsure over the extent of Alexis injury.

Crash Fistfight

What’s the general prognosis for ‘ouchie of the lip’?