Wenger: We have to win every game to make top four

Wenger: We have to win every game to make top four

Having cut the deficit between Arsenal and Man City (in 4th place) to 6 points with a game in hand, Arsene Wenger believes his side need a flawless run to finish in the top four this season.

The Gunners have seven games to go, and with some tricky tests against the likes of Man United, Sp*rs, Stoke and Everton, it’s a difficult run in.

However, the Arsenal manager has called on his side to build on the 2-1 win over Boro on Monday night and do what they’ve always done – finish in the Champions League places.

“For us the clarity is there,” he said.

“We have to win every game to have a chance to get into the top four.

“I think we give a bit more, made it seem a bit more serene, you could see that in some occasions we were a bit overcautious tonight and played with situation we are not used to, and hopefully that will give us a bit more confidence.

“Mathematically it is still possible even if it is difficult, but we have to give it a go.”

Arsenal’s remaining Premier League fixtures

Weds April 26th – Leicester City (H)

Sun April 30th – Sp*rs (A)

Sunday May 7th – Man Utd (H)

Weds May 10th – Southampton (A)

Saturday May 13th – Stoke City (A)

Tuesday May 16th – Sunderland (H)

Sunday May 21st – Everton (H)

That is a hectic final few weeks of the season, and of course we face Man City in the FA Cup semi-final this Sunday.

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Not an easy run in. WE won’t be top 4 this season.


How do you know that?


The only game that really worries me out of those is Southampton away…..

Antony Adler

Yeah fair enough, spurs away, for example is a piece of piss…


Forgive me for having a little faith despite what’s been going on at The Arsenal……sp*rs will sp*rs it, mark my words.


No shit.


Even the ‘easier’ games VS Stoke and Southampton are away, and on away form, well… Only real easy game is home to Sunderland, and I probably just jinxed us.


Going away to White Hart Lane is the big one – we have to win there, not because I genuinely care about top 4 at all. But because those scum bags are getting far too big for their boots recently, and Chelsea losing away at United this weekend does genuinely give them an opportunity to have a pop at the title late on – so we have to stop them, its in our hands.

And Arsenal stopping Spurs winning the league, by beating them in the last ever North London Derby at White Hart Lane, in a season where we have been at our worst for nearly 20 years, and they have been at their best in nearly a 60 years – does have a really nice ring to it.

Arsene and the players owe us that much I think. So lets just p*ss on Spurs’ strawberries one more time.


Yup, now that you put it that way…


Is this the new ‘Top 4 Trophy’?


I don’t think its considered anything other than just a mission which cant fail. Like we cannot lose that game. Its that simple.


Hear, hear!


“A pop at the title late on”

As opposed to an early season pop at the title? The title is won after all the games are played. It doesn’t matter when you get your points.



Hmmm… Spurs weren’t realistically in the title race a couple of months ago when Chelsea were nearly 12 points ahead of them and everyone else for that matter.

So, yes, due to results going Spurs way in the last month or so, especially last weekends with Chelsea dropping points away at United – I think it has definitely opened the door for them to actually have a chance of winning it.

So hence ‘the pop at the title late on’

Pop; defining the fortuitous events gifting Spurs an actual opportunity to gain points on Chelsea.

Late on; defining the fact that there is only 7 games left until the end of the season.


Arsene, Arsene! Really? Win all the remaining matches eh? That’s the plan?! The old codger’s really lost the plot.


Has he looked at the fixture list? Lol Utterly deluded.

Public Elneny Number One
Public Elneny Number One

You have to win every game to win trophies too, but oh yes, top 4 is a trophy for this lot these days isn’t it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


This season has been a disaster so far and i have zero confidence in making the top 4 and to be honest i don’t care but beating Spores at WHL AND Wembley would be very ,very special…


Not only do we have to win, but the teams above us need to drop points too. Considering some of the games are head to head, I’m not feeling too optimistic.


I’ll take things that’ll never happen for 500 Arsene!


No kidding

Wright on the money

Yeah we have to win all the games but it’s never going to happen. The game against Spurs is a big one either we can let them have the league or ruin it for them.

I think that we will finish out the top four but we can concentrate on just the league next year then if we get some decent players in the summer.

Gooner on Holiday

The gap is 7 points with a game in hand, not 6.


Never in doubt.

Antony Adler

Could someone please advise? If we miss the top 4 (likely!) are we going to qualify for the europa league (nightmare) assuming the other 3 fa cup semi finalists get in the champions league? I’d LOVE us to have no European games next season and be able to concentrate on the league, but I’m worried that no one realises that missing out on top 4 means we’re going to get europa league just by getting to the fa cup semis…


Not quite I’m pretty sure if the FA cup winner has already qualified for Europe it goes to the next highest league place (which of course may be us anyway)


As far as I know, and anybody please correct me if I’m wrong, but if the FA Cup winner is already in the Champions League, then the Europa League spot for winning the FA Cup goes to the runner-up. If the runner-up is also in the Champions League, then it goes to one of the semi-final losers. At this point in time, three of the four semi-finals are in the Champions League spots, so simply by being the fourth semi-finalist I think that guarantees our Europa League entry.

But I may be wrong.

Wright on the money

Yeah I hope there is no European football at all next season for us I want the league not Europe.

Only the winners of the leagues should be in the champions league not 2nd,3rd and 4th place. That is why it is called champions league.


Would give plenty to win d Europa cup. Don’t understand d we don’t need Europe stance. I would love a change of manager too, but who ever is coming should be given every platform for success. Been a supporter for 23 yrs now and this is d first truly atrocious season under Wenger. Bad times also happen periodically in real life. Its not life or death. Let’s pick up d pieces, take d few positives and build on it.

Dan Hunter

Dead in da middle of Liddle Idaly, liddle did we know
That we riddled two middlemen who didn’t do diddily


I love the mathematically possible line


Probably should have thought about this brilliant strategy back in January.


Not happening. Let’s hope Liverpool choke and the europa league slows Man united down. That’s the only chance we have. Top 4 is a pipe dream. It might be Wenger’s greatest achievement if he gets it this time around.

John C

Pride comes before the fall Arsene.

We’ve narrowly beaten a relegation bound Middlesborough, and i think some perspective is needed. Middlesborough have won 4 games out of 32, that’s 1 game in 8, which by any calculation makes them a terrible premier league team. So before we start talking about winning all our remaining games lets concentrate on the next one.

All the talk about being able to learn, it looks like he’s making the same mistake as he did after our last win against atrocious opposition, West Ham a couple of weeks ago.


So basically we play every 3-4 days except between Spurs and United. Nice.

uncle D

I think it’s more important they don’t lose a single match. A point is better than nothing!

John C

Who gives a fuck if we’re in the top 4, what does it mean?

It isn’t an achievement, the way we go on about it is pathetic.

Why in the last 10-12 years have we developed this inferiority complex where we now believe that top 4 is as good as we can hope for?


The only team left that i’m sure we’ll win is only Sunderland, the rest looks like they can beat us, especially Tottenham, United, and Everton.
But maybe it’ll change if we can beta City.

Lula da Gilberto

We won’t be doing that, Arsene. And even if we did, this club would still be ridiculed. Its time to have a really hard look at what this club has become.

Bloody Hair Ljungberg
Bloody Hair Ljungberg

We will again finish in top four and extend our unmatchae record of successive CLs. Chelshit Arsenal liverfool and manshity will be the final standing.

Tony Hall

Beat Stoke, Spurs and Southampton away ? No chance on current form.
The team has really ballsed it up this season, I doubt we will even get Europe at all.


Good to see so many fans display bottle.

No chance? I suppose they’d be expecting the players to have that same sort of belief.

That’s I suppose “winning mentality” they like to talk about or is it “whinning mentality”?



Right on. At this moment in time, for a large % of this forum the team wins and they complain, the team loses and they complain, the team needs the supporters behind them and they complain. Arsene says they know they ballzed the season but they still want top 4, and the fans complain. Alexis had a smile finally, and the fans complain.
Complain, complain complain! And yes I get the irony that I am complaining about complaining 🙂

Keown\'s Right Eyebrow
Keown\'s Right Eyebrow

Welcome to the internet

Yoki Rivero

Not really expecting as much for the rest of the year, but as long as we can beat the Spurs, I’d be a bit happier.

Anyone but the Spurs.


Cmon now, 0% chance we win all those games. Don’t get your hopes up. Prefer we finish 7th tbh.


Four games in nine days!?! There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that _any_ team would _win_ them all, never mind this struggling Arsenal squad. If that is truly the bar, and it might well be considering we spotted Manchester City 3 pts with only 7 games to play, then we will not play in the Champions League next season.

I mean, Wenger knows it is over, right? All focus must be on the FA Cup. (And don’t slide any further down the table.)


4 in 10. 6pts. My point stands.