Arsenal 2-0 Man U: By the Numbers


9 – Shots Arsenal took in this match
5 – Shots Arsenal took in the previous meeting between these two teams
9 – Shots per game Arsenal average against Liverpoo, Man U, Man City, Everton, Tottenham, and Chelsea
17 – Shots per game Arsenal average against all the other teams in the League
10 -Shots Arsenal allowed in this match
14 – Shots per game Arsenal allow on average against Liverpoo, Man U, Man City, Everton, Tottenham, and Chelsea
10 – Shots per game Arsenal allow against all the other teams in the League
+7 – Arsenal shot difference against all the other teams in the League
-4 – Arsenal shot difference against Liverpoo, Man U, Man City, Everton, Tottenham, and Chelsea
0.82 – Points per game Arsenal average against the other top 7 clubs (worst)


2 – Goals Arsenal scored in this match
2 – Big chances Arsenal created in this match (Welbeck header, assist Ox; Ramsey shot, key pass Alexis)
1.8 – Expected goals I have for Arsenal in this match
0 – Goals Arsenal allowed in this match
1 – Error by Holding (that’s how Opta scored it) leading to a shot (big chance, Rooney, saved)
1 – Big chances Arsenal allowed in this match (saved, Rooney)
1.2 – Expected goals I have for Man U in this match
1.8 – Goals per game Arsenal allow against the top 7 this season

3 – Goals Arsenal have conceded since switching to a back three (0.75 per game)
11 – Goals Arsenal conceded in the 5 games prior to switching to a back three (2.2 per game)

50 – Percent possession for each team in this match
525 – Passes for Arsenal
529 – Passes for United
178 – Passes in the final third for Arsenal
148 – Passes in the final third for United
124:66 – Ratio of Arsenal passes to United passes in the final third of their opponent before the 54th minute when Xhaka scored
50:81 – Ratio of Arsenal passes to United passes in the final third of their opponent after the 57th minute when Welbeck scored (insert cry-laugh emoji!)
2:6 – Ratio of Arsenal shots to United shots in those final 35 minutes
2 – Wheels that Mourinho suddenly found for his bus after Welbeck scored

4 – Number of times Welbeck has played against Man U in his career
3 – Number of goals Welbeck has scored against Man U in his career
2 – Number of games Welbeck has won over Man U while at Arsenal

17 – Number of times Arsene Wenger has played against Jose Mourinho (all competitions)
2 – Number of times Wenger has beaten Mourinho (Charity Shield and today)
1:13 – Ratio of Wenger wins to Premier League matches against Mourinho
0.76 – Points per game Wenger averages against Mourinho’s teams
1.8 – Points per game Mourinho averages against Wenger

6 – Shots by Rooney (led all players)
1 – Big chances taken by each of Welbeck, Rooney, and Ramsey (led all players)
3 – Shots by Welbeck (led Arsenal)
70 – Passes each by Xhaka and Carrick (led all players)
6 – Successful long passes by Xhaka (of 6 attempted)
2 – Key passes by each of Mata, Ox, and Ozil (led all players)
1 – Big chance created by each of Ox and Alexis (led all players)
21 – Passes in the final third by Ozil (led all players)
2 – Assists by Ox (led all players)
3 – Successful dribbles by Gibbs (led all players)
7 – Ball recoveries by Rob Holding (led all players)
5 – Tackles by Tuanzebe (led all players)
3 – Tackles each by Ramsey, Holding, Ox, and Koscielny (led Arsenal)
4 – Interceptions by Carrick (led all players)
3 – Interceptions by Tuanzebe
8 – Clearances by Koscielny (led all players)
5 – Headed clearances by Koscielny (led all players)
5 – Fouls committed by Oxlade-Chamberlain (led all players)
1 – Number of times Duncan Castles tried to call Ox a dirty player on Twitter


Sources: my database, Opta, 442 Stats Zone app, and


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Ramsey – Xhaka axis is coming along just nicely. Hope they can play together till the rest of the season and build up a nice partnership…we could play both with Santi in a 4-3-3 or with Ozil in a 4-2-3-1.
Welbeck made an impact. Still insist he should’ve started ahead of Giroud last week. Liverpool look like they might be choking and manure have the europa league and a tough game against spuds…who knows…we might just get the top 4 trophy. Not holding my breath though.


Arsenal has to win their next 3 so its setup nicely on the last day. If Liverpool have to win on the last day, then that might be enough pressure but I think ManC and Liverpool far enough ahead to get home and their games are fairly easy (MANC v Liecester and WBA could be tricky ones though). got to win the next 3 though does Arsenal to have a shot vs Everton on the final day.


I could see Liverpool choking next Sunday away at recent Spuds-conquerors West Ham (we won today, so I’m being my optimistic self). We need to win in midweek and next Saturday, though, to make their game relevant and at least put some pressure on them. The Southampton game especially is far from a foregone conclusion.


Assuming Santi comes back from this injury as his old self, I love the idea of Xhaka/Ramsey/Santi in a 4-3-3. Put Ox wide right, Ozil roaming from the left, and Alexis through the middle. Has potential to be tasty going forward; would need to prove we can look secure with a back four again, though.

Another Yank
Another Yank

It’s nice to see a slice of realistic optimism about the squad for once. I know we have been thoroughly dissapointing, but the first comment not slagging off Wenger or player x is a nice change of pace in the comments section as of late. Also, fuck Mourinho and Manure. I love when Welbz scores against those bastards.


Yeah a win, let s celebrate the chance to get top four as we usually do, as if we were challenging for thw title. That s what we should be doing, but we re not..


If we cant win the title, the default is to make top 4. Thats just how it is for any of the bigger clubs.
Even if we win our last 4 games and fail to make it, the momentum for the CUP final will be tops though.


Yeah, well, we just have to make peace with the various imperfections of our lives, or else the world is bloody miserable. Nothing wrong with letting go and moving forward buddy.

Wright on the money
Wright on the money

I can see us getting in to the Mickey Mouse cup and having to play loads of games next season. For me if we don’t get in the champions league then we need to drop down the table so we don’t play so many matches next season.

The Europa league is a waste of time and not worth the matches.


It’s too far to drop now to miss MM Europe (it can go to 8th place, certainly 7th, definitely 5th/6th) and if we win the FA Cup and we’re in it anyway. 4th spot is our only hope.


I agree about the Europa cup, but I have a real problem finishing behind any team that Maureen is involved with. Cannot stand “The Arrogant One”, and was thrilled to be at the game to watch us beat him.


97% pass success rate for Xhaka, with 6/6 long passes. That’s impressively solid. Finally, we have a metronome in midfield again.

Wade wilson
Wade wilson

0: players sent off for cynical (Xhaka) fouls on the half way line. Rooney!


I enjoyed that game a lot, mostly because I got home after the Rooney chance from Holding’s short pass and frankly missed all of their chances and just watched us score too brilliant goals.

Ramsey and Xhaka both played really well and Holding and Kos were both stand out good I thought (minus the short pass for the Rooney chance but its only his 5th Premier League game… which is crazy when you think about how good he seems to be).

We are much more fluid and much more of a threat with Welbeck in the side, i hope that this is now beyond question and he starts against Southampton and Stoke this week. Two massive games that I feel a little bit better about after yesterday, but still two places we have well documented struggles.

I still think Liverpool have it in them to slip up (Man City probably have enough fire power to get out of most situations) and while they dont have any ‘big’ games left, their struggles have come against smaller teams anyway so I dont think we can read too much into their run in.

The main thing for me is Arsenal to win games because we all enjoy that. I could not care less about the Champions League, but for the draw everyone says it has for players. Frankly if they cant see beyond one year out in 20 then they should look at the record of the other teams they could join in England over 20 years and see if any of them have spent more time in the Champions League than us. Ultimately though I dont care about getting into that competition because I cant stand another year of misery against one of the big teams of Europe and the obvious hope building exercise i put myself through each year! haha

Well done on the win, put that in your pipe and smoke it Jose.

You’re not special any more!

I particularly enjoyed his post match interview, I honestly think he couldnt remember his right backs name (watch it again, you know its true). You would have thought they won if you had only seen the interview.


Xhaka and Ramsey were excellent but we have to be careful not to get carried away. They were up against a United midfield with no desire to press or attack at all, spearheaded by the greatly diminished Wayne Rooney. We won’t have it all our own way against Southampton and other combative teams, like we saw against Spurs. How we mitigate against our numerical disadvantage in midfield is crucial to the success of the 3-4-3


Also – I find the criticism of Xhaka hilarious, and also get annoyed with how often the commentators say how disappointed Arsenal fans have been with him.

Yes he has been sent off to much (and frankly I still dont understand how that one against… I want to say Swansea… was a straight red or why we didnt appeal it. Laughable) but I think most Arsenal fans would say he has had a mixed season and shown what he is all about. A brilliant passer, and a combative midfielder and he has a goal in him too. I think it’s his first season and honestly I think he has been one of our better performers. Obviously not saying that much.

Why the hell is no one discussing Paul Pogba and how United spend £90million on an emoji and a ridiculous hair cut every week.