Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland: By the numbers


36 – Shots Arsenal took today (it’s still the same day over here, albeit 10pm at night) against Sunderland
30 – Shots Arsenal took in their previous three matches combined (Man U, Southampton, Stoke)
9 – Shots Alexis took today against Sunderland
10 – Shots Alexis took in his previous four matches (Tottenham,  Man U, Southampton, Stoke)
6 – Shots Sunderland took against Arsenal
13 – Shots on target Arsenal took against Sunderland
14 – Shots on target Arsenal took in their previous three matches combined (Man U, Southampton, Stoke)
12 – Key passes by Özil today against Sunderland (most by a player in a single game since Opta started counting)
12 – Key passes by Özil in his previous four league matches (Tottenham, Man U, Southampton, Stoke)
4.05 – Expected goals for Arsenal against Sunderland
2 – Goals Scored by Alexis Sanchez against Sunderland
7 – Turnovers by Alexis Sanchez against Sunderland
12 – Bad passes by Alexis Sanchez against Sunderland (of 28 total passes, awful!)
40 – Premier League shots Aaron Ramsey has taken without a goal this season

A complete win by Arsenal


Sources:, 442 StatsZone App, my personal database


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Cliff Bastin

Good thing we won if not it’d be like one of those games on FM where you have 35 shots and still lose and proceed to fling the disc out the window.


i played CM, quit when they disbanded to FM…

we could buy maradona under foreign players list…hahahah

Stringer Bell

What a joy it is to watch Ozil play football. It’s nuts how many have bought into the narrative created by media and pundits. I was outside Highbury with thousands singing don’t go Liam don’t go Liam as we pleaded with chippy not to leave us. I remember watching Charlie Nicholas doing some absolute magic stuff with a football and a football brain. Then in 2004 I was at Highbury watching one of best teams ever assembled and my friend Marlo turned to me and said “stringer, you know we are being spoilt” I looked at him and replayed “true dat”
I feel privileged to watch ozil play.


Damn. Amazing reference there mate.

Me So Hornsey

When Iwobi came on and started dribbling through the middle, it reminded me why we looked so much better last season than this season. Ramsey and Xhaka have their strengths (Xhaka’s laser guide passes, Ramsey’s energy and runs) but both are unable to penetrate by carrying the ball. Or Elneny.

Only Cazorla, Wilshire, Ox and Iwobi can do this and all have been missing from the centre for various reasons.

This makes us very predictable for teams who sit back and vulnerable against teams who press as Xhaka and Ramsey are unable to dribble out of trouble.

I also hope Wellbeck plays ahead of Giroud in the final. Not that I think he’s more clinical (he’s not) but his energy, movement and pace so obviously causes opponent defences more of a headache than Giroud.


I think we are normally more threatening with Giroud in the team rather than Welbeck. Welbeck is very industrious, which is good, but he tends to run too much out of position. Giroud is normally in and around the box trying to get at the end of crosses and flicking or setting up his teammates for shots. At the end of the day, we need goals, and if all Welbeck will do is run around, he needs to be in midfield. Furthermore, when he runs way out of position, the defence has more time and resources to deal with the threat of Sanchez and Ozil.


Thought Wellbeck was running into the box off the ball to be available for crosses. Giroud seems less mobile and more predictable and for the big man up front model a little lightweight.

Harish P

12 – Key passes by Özil today against Sunderland (most by a player in a single game since Opta started counting)

Is that in the Premier League or of all major leagues?


Before going into the topic of this comment, I just want to precise that I love Arsenal and support this club since more than 20 years… And I enjoy reading this blog and the comment section!! Thanks Blog for all you tremendous work 😉

To the point : Am I the only one who has the impression that Alexis only wants to play with Mesut… that as soon as it’s somebody else he is reluctant and shows no passion. See his reaction after his 2nd goal yesterday. someone is there to celebrate with him at he back post (holding?). He turns out, walk in front of Giroud and ignore him… And looks where is Ozil who has done nothing on this goal.
And it’s only one example among hundreds in 50 games…. Alexis almost never shows anger against Mesut by opposition to all the negative reaction he can display towards all other colleagues…..
I’m fed up with that. Those two are world class – no doubt- but it looks to me that they have hi-jacked the team spirit and that in particular Alexis attitude can irritate a lot his teammates.
Despite his fantastic skills, if this does not change, I’m not sure I want him to stay…

Me So Hornsey

Sanchez and Ozil deinstely seem to have a bromance going on. And I definately get the feeling him and Giroud aren’t the best of buddies at all. Which would make sense if the reports of a Sanchez-Koscielny bust up is true. The dust probably my hasn’t settled from that incident in truth.

You could also switch it round and say that half the team don’t seem to celebrate with him when he scores if you watch closely. It’s sure we’ll find out more in the summer.


Could be as well!
Having watched every single game since the beginning of this season, I have a strong feeling that the problem comes from him rather than his team mates. Again this does not decrease his skills and added value to the team. But even Ronaldo (who is not famous for his low ego) display much more team spirit than Alexis…

Bai Blagoi

My impression yesterday was that the whole team was so pissed off with the fact that they simply could not penetrate that goal. And when they finally succeeded, it was more a relief than excitement.


It has been pretty evident in recent matches that Ozil and Sanchez don’t think their teammates are at the same level as they are.
Ozil seems to react to this within himself. He was incredibly angry in the latter part of this game, shoved a player and literally stopped trying to even give the impression that he was interested in any defensive work after an hour. I think the reason Sanchez went straight to him was also to just to calm him down.
Sanchez seems to let his feelings known to others and he has repeatedly shown his disgust with something or the other that a teammate did in recent matches.
On the other hand though, if you are Ozil and you make a record 12 chances in a match you would expect better than 2 goals. And both coming from Sanchez.
I honestly think that more than money or the manager or the champions league, the best way to keep both of them in the club is to sign a top class partner for them up front.


I get the sense that Ozil might harbour some resentment about last season. We chose not to buy a forward, he created a flood of chances and we were so wasteful in front of goal. Only Giroud and Sanchez reached double figures. This summer even Giroud agreed that we needed a new striker but the guy we bought has 1 league goal in 2 starts and 9 sub appearances.

If even our own strikers can admit we need more quality up front what does it do for squad morale when that doesn’t happen?

Ozil\'s left foot

It’s pretty clear Sanchez is better than most of his teammates. Instead of being an a$$ about it shouldn’t he relish being the big fish? Don’t think he’ll get that treatment at any other bigger club.


Most of the top quality players put winning over everything else. And they know they have the best chance of winning in the teams with the best player. In fact a lot of players mention the opportunity to play with someone great as a reason to sign for a club too.
Sure, players prefer to be in systems that suit them and have freedom but rarely at the cost of actual end product.

Carlos _ Santana

Those dummies and quick turns.. That’s the Özil we’ve come to love and appreciate over the years! But I’m not gonna lie.. I reckon holding is going to be insanely brilliant.. That little session where him and bellerin we’re under pressure and passing like it was nothing.. Yes.

Ozil\'s left foot

Holding could be the future captain, hate to compare him to scum but he reminds me a bit of both Terry and Cahill. He does seem to get beaten easily on the turn though. Will need to work on that in the summer.

Early Arsenal

Thanks 7am,

What’s the answer in center midfield? Ramsey is getting forward into excellent positions but has been extremely wasteful. What are his historical finishing stats? Against Stoke the agressive play of Coquelin was fantastic and he paired it with an effective display with the ball. I know that your stats show clearly how important Coquelin is defensively for us in preventing the concession of big chances and that the move to the back three has seen us concede less goals but still way too many big chances. Does Wenger play Ramsey and hope he can provide some end product to his attacking style or do we attack them with Coquelin to start the game and use Ramsey off the bench?