Attack-minded Osei-Tutu could thrive as a right wing-back


Much has been made about Arsenal’s switch to a 3-4-2-1 formation and how it has helped to bring the best out of particular players.

One individual on the club’s books who would certainly benefit from playing in such a system is right-back Jordi Osei-Tutu.

Signed from Reading almost two years ago, Osei-Tutu has amassed a wealth of experience playing for Arsenal at U18 level in the ensuing period but the suspicion remains that the youngster, who was previously a winger, is much better going forwards than he is defensively.

Possessing pace and power in abundance in addition to a considerable amount of flair, Osei-Tutu can often be seen charging into the opposition penalty area, where he causes many problems, providing assists and winning penalties.

Defensively the youngster has shown some signs of improvement of late but he is often caught too far forwards, while he can struggle when one-on-one against wingers.

The right wing-back position seems perfect for Osei-Tutu as he could still contribute defensively but would have more licence to push forwards and show his attacking credentials.

Osei-Tutu has been a mainstay for Arsenal U18s this season but has yet to feature for the U23s in a competitive fixture.

That will surely change next season as he is no longer eligible for the younger age group and will instead be seeking to establish himself as a prominent figure for the second-string.

The U23s have continued to play with their usual 4-2-3-1 formation, but, should the senior side persist with playing three at the back next season, it seems likely that the youth teams will follow suit.

If such a scenario unfolds then it would benefit Osei-Tutu immensely and would greatly enhance his chances of succeeding in the long-term at Arsenal.

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What players does this system NOT suit though??
Giroud, Walcott, Iwobi, Coq, Gibbs…..that’s £400,000 a week right there.
Will someone make their mind up!


Gibbs plays brilliantly recently when we deploy the system.


I think it would definitely suit Iwobi

Tom Gun

Good going forward but struggles defensively. Gets caught out far too far forward and doesn’t get back well enough. Yep he’s Arsenal-trained that’s for sure. A pure product of our ethos and our academy.


How old is he?


If you guys ever are curious about our young players, check out Jeorge’s blog. It’s easily the most informative and up to date info on all of our prospects. I highly recommend it.


Please focus on left sided players either two footed or left footed.
If this guy played on the left he would have a chance….he doesn’t.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Statistically, one of these boys from academy should become a world-class but it is taking too long.


Reiss Nelson

Me So Hornsey

From what I can remember his grandad Desmond was left wing.

I’ll get my coat. It’s quite an old coat.

Gooner Sam

Yo, feel I need to reach out to my fellow gooners when drunk and day however I love Wenger it’s time to move on?

Dr Richard Kimble

Just hope he gets a call up and a game with the first team so I can call him ‘Desmond’ as he warns up on the touchline.


How does he compare to Chiori Johnson?