Club announce cancellation of FA Cup final screening and possible parade


In the wake of the heightened terrorist threat following Monday night’s attack in Manchester, Arsenal have cancelled the FA Cup final screening which was due to take place at Emirates Stadium on Saturday.

In a statement they say the decision was made so as not to put additional pressure on police and security services at a difficult time.

The possible parade, should we win the cup, has also been cancelled for the same reasons. The full statement reads:

We have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the screening of the Emirates FA Cup final on Saturday, May 27 at Emirates Stadium.

This follows Tuesday night’s announcement by the Prime Minister that the nation’s security threat has been placed at critical.

Should the team win Saturday’s FA Cup final at Wembley, we can also confirm that a victory parade will not take place. We did not want to place any additional pressure on police and security services at this time and have been working closely with them ahead of making this decision.

While Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said, “As always, the safety of our supporters and staff is paramount and we are in close contact with security services.

“After taking their advice we have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the screening and potential parade. We are sorry for any disappointment this causes but it is in everyone’s best interests.”

The news comes after it was announced earlier that Chelsea’s planned parade for winning the Premier League would also be cancelled so as to ease the burden on an already stretched police force.

There are going to be increased security measures at Wembley this Saturday, with officials urging fans to turn up early so as not to face delays or miss kick-off.


While people have strong opinions about the events of this week, we will not allow these posts to become a slanging match or a battleground for political or religious hot-takes.

People died this week, the cancellation of a screening or a parade is a shame, but a trifling inconvenience in comparison to that.

Please show the necessary respect. Thank you.

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JJ\'s Bender

Absolutely the right decision.


right decision

Ivan has finally spoken on something!


What happened in Manchester was really sad and unfortunate.

As for the victory parade, I wasn’t in the favor of holding it anyway considering the season we’ve had.

Romford Pelé

This isn’t about you or what you want or our season. Its about humanity and safety of lives so please find another page to slag the team. Unbelievable

Qarie Marshall

Well put at the end Andrew.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

99/100 I hate Manchester (I’ll be cheering on Ajax in the final) but on Saturday can we do something to show support for the people of Manchester? What do we suggest? Can we put aside out partisan differences and do something beyond football?

North Bank Gooner

Arsenal fans have class, pretty sure Wembley will hear that we care.


Gutted they’ve cancelled the screening, it always seemed to be the next best thing to being at Wembley. I understand the decision, but to me it’s a disappointing one.

As for the parade I don’t think anyone had much stomach for one this year.


Although this could be seen as giving in to terrorrism the situation is what it is and for me it’s a correct one RIP to all those who lost their lives condolences to their families and best wishes for the recovery of those injured ! And an AGINCOURT SALUTE to all those who wish us harm !


Respect the decision but it is letting terrorism dictate our society.
It’s a shame.


Giving in to terrorism would be cancelling the actual football matches.
The reasoning given for cancelling the parade is to not stretch the police which is very sensible.


Great to see Ivan leading front and centre

Mike Morley

Absolutely the right decision but have a small lad who’s going to be upset by this news. Any child friendly recommendations on where to take him instead most welcome!

Özil Gummidge



Try the Rocket – run by REDaction

Muslim Gooner

Sensible decision to make the task of our police easier. Our hearts are UNITED with the CITY of Manchester. Human beings first, footie supporters second, belonging to different religions third!