FA release statement over FA Cup final security


In the wake of Monday’s horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, the FA have released a statement with regard to security measures for Saturday’s cup final.

Arsenal face Chelsea at Wembley, and the authorities have announced that there will heightened security checks, and have encouraged fans to get to the stadium with time to spare and to avoid possible delays.

More armed police will be in place inside and outside the ground.

The statement reads:

“Fan safety is of paramount importance and we have robust security measures in place at Wembley Stadium.

“In collaboration with the Metropolitan Police and the local authorities there will be an enhanced security operation for all upcoming events.

“All supporters are encouraged to arrive for events at Wembley Stadium as early as possible for security checks and to avoid any delays in entering the stadium.”

So, definitely something for those attending to be aware of.

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Armed Police needed just in case Chelsea decide to ‘honour’ John ‘How’s your missus doing?’ Terry a bit more. I’m waiting for God himself to ascend to earth to start a slow clap for the cunt.


Descend maybe? I think it’s John Terry who has some ascension to do in order to reach earth.


Fantastic use of a tragedy to make a joke about John Terry…
I’ll start a slow clap for you.


Sad state of affairs that an event that is meant to be a celebration of football is marred by the need for such heavy handed security. Alas this is now the world we live in due to the ineptitude of government policies and security forces to monitor and arrest suspected terrorists.
Every person entering the stadium should be checked as you would at an airport. Better to be safe than sorry.


And all those wearing replica JT26 shirts should be sent to Gulag-style “reeducation camps”. You can’t be too soft on these people. I blame the parents.


Think that’s a bit harsh on the security forces. They do a great job and deserve our gratitude and respect. Unfortunately, mitigating the risk of terrorism is difficult and some horrific attacks will occur as a result. But I’m certainly thankful to our forces for keeping such events to a mininum – and I’m sure much of their work goes un-reported (for obvious reasons).


Trouble is that the extra security just creates more congestion and an easier target. When Stade de France was targeted, it was outside the venue itself. The carnage in Manchester could easily be recreated by a bomber in a queue at a security point.


That’s the sad point, Andy. Even the best security system will always be as good as useless if the guy is willing to kill himself. Thats the world we are living in now. But to be fair, the rest of the world is already living in this world for quite some time now. We were just lucky for a few centuries (ok, to be honest, we haven’t been exactly “lucky” but have robbed the rest of the world to be in that position but you get my point ?)


To be fair to the Chavs *gag* they have shown a bit of class and cancelled the victory parade and pledged to donate to the victims fund. Some things are far bigger than football.

John Terry is still a massive cunt.


For all the criticism Chelsea football club gets, they do seem to be run by some pretty sound people. Treat their staff very well by all accounts and pay them the living wage, something which clubs like Arsenal fail to do despite paying out massive salaries to players and management.


its not in entering the stadium that I feel vulnerable – it’s the wait for the tube station afterwards. How is that area secured while we’re all in the stadium?

Belfast Gooner

Totally agree with that. You can search people going across the bridges etc at the emirates but you can’t stop someone in Drayton Park after the game.
I also think bags should be searched more thoroughly on the way into the Emirates. There’s been times mine have barely been looked at. I grew up in Belfast during the troubles and remember being searched every time you went into the city centre or into each shop. To me as a kid it was just the norm. I would hate to think those days are returning across the country.

Teryima Adi

A sad state of affairs indeed when a man wants to kill others with himself to make a lousy political statement. Sad indeed. But the show must go on. We have a life to live in spite of deranged men on the prowl. COYG!