Kroenke outlines his Arsenal ambition as Wenger signs on again

Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke has outlined his ambition for the club in a lengthy four sentence statement issued after Arsene Wenger signed his new contract.

The manager will now stay until 2019 after the majority shareholder sanctioned a new deal after winning the FA Cup against Chelsea last weekend.

Dubbed Silent Stan, because he’s reluctant to talk too much in the media, he spoke about Wenger and the future today.

“Our ambition is to win the Premier League and other major trophies in Europe,” he said.

“It’s what the fans, players, staff, manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved.

“Arsene is the best person to help us make that happen. He has a fantastic track record and has our full backing.”

If one of the complaints about Kroenke is that he hasn’t really ever outlined his ambitions for the club, then he has at least mentioned it today.

It’s not an expansive statement by any means, and one most will take with a hefty pinch of salt, but it’s something of an improvement at least.

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Prove it.

Dan Hunter

In other words…. renew your season ticket then feck off


Like I don’t really understand Kroenke at all he is a really peculiar billionaire, like how did acquire so much wealth? Because he clearly has zero ambition to make more money, which is bizarre.

He owns one of the worlds biggest sports ‘franchises’ in one of the most iconic cities on the planet. All of the infrastructure is there, we have the state of the art 60,000 seater stadium, we have the state of the art training facilities plus all the offices and real estate. And we’re playing football in the most affluent and exciting leagues in the world.

If he actually cared and looked to run Arsenal properly, he could turn us into a super club. He could genuinely turn us into a giant like Barcelona or Real Madrid with the necessary level of investment in the right areas.

But he doesn’t want to do it, why? What is the point in owning a business as big as Arsenal and literally doing nothing with it?

Yeah okay, so he takes his £3M out of the club every season for his ‘advisory fees,’ but in reality £3M is small change to a billionaire. And okay, he’s using us as collateral in order to boost his credit rating state side so he can build his business portfolio and buy ranches and such.. but still.. why would you not want to invest properly in Arsenal to do more? I just do not understand it.

If over the next 5 years he actually invested in Arsenal properly, and we had an unbelievable half a decade where we won a handful of Premier Leagues and maybe the Champions League – we would be right up there again. Our commercial deals would go up, in fact everything would. You could even then implement a wage cap similar to what Munich do, and the big players would still come to the club because they know they are going to win the big trophies…

I guess in brief what I am saying is there are so many opportunities for him to make more money out of Arsenal if he actually cared..


Yea annoys me that we’re owned by two of the richest men in the world and neither has put one penny into the club itself, just interested in buying up shares. Don’t forget Stan also owns other sports teams in the US and they aren’t competing either. You’d think that someone who tends to buy into sports teams would look at making them a team that can fight for the big trophies?


Why should Usmanov put money into the club when they will not put him on the board where ho could have some influence

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

“You’d think that someone who tends to buy into sports teams would look at making them a team that can fight for the big trophies?”

Kroenke has literally said before that any sports owner who has this as their goal is doing it for the wrong reasons.


Yeah – he’s a slim ball.

He also said all the total BS to the Rams fans before moving the franchise to LA, but some absolute hero secretly taped the conversations and now he’s being sued for a billion or so.

Praying that it goes through and it forces him to sell up.


Perhaps it is more a case of wealth management – the 3mill is nothing in relation to the value of the club. Is Arsenal a safer bet than other investments? The club is currently valued at $2 billion after the recent attempt to purchase shares. Take it with a pinch of salt


No I get that the £3M has nothing to do with the clubs value. I fully understand that its Stan’s way of ‘getting paid,’ since he is dressing up the £3M as ‘advisory fee’s.’

My point solely was if he turned Arsenal into a super club, then he could charge way more then £3M in ‘advisory fee’s.’


He married in to his money. His wife is a daughter of Sam Walton – the man that founded Wal-Mart here in the US. I believe Stan has done some real estate stuff and had a modest fortune of his own – but the billions came from her and he has diversified that out to sports teams

David C

it helps when you marry one of the owners of Walmart. Rich people are usually really cheap, it’s how they keep their wealth.

J.K. Rowling lost her billionaire status because she gives so much money to charities, etc. Bill Gates has been investing in great ways to quickly filter sewage water back into drinking water. Elon Musk is busy trying to save the world through renewable energy.

Stan thinks he’s bringing his gold and wealth with him to the after life I guess.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Stan Kroenke married a woman whose family founded Wal-Mart, a giant retailer in the US. He then “made” some of his own money by snatching up land where his family was planning on opening new stores, then selling or leasing it at much higher values once the store was in place and the area inevitably became something of a hub for other businesses.

He’s a slimy leech.


One inhibitor is Usmanov owning a third. If Stan puts up the money and the club grows in value, he only gets two-thirds of any increase. That’s a bad investment.

Faisal Narrage

Tbh I don’t even see the point of a board.
If reports are true, it appears the decision was solely down to Kroenke, who merely informed the board what he wants, and the board regardless of their thoughts on the matter, have to comply.

Wouldn’t be so bad in isolation, but HS img a look at all his other clubs he owns, it’s quite clear he’s more than happy to keep thing as it is as much as Wenger does, even letting his best clubs slide into mediocrity without paying much attention.

What we have is a manager reluctant to change and seemingly with no plans to retire anytime soon and a owner reluctant to change and seemingly no plans to sell off or get involved soon.

The board are just there for show. Puppets

No way

Owner sticks with manager that wins trophies. Who would have guessed. Like all owners he will have his advisors, probably gazidis and his son, to help him decide.

The only way to have a group decision would be to have no majority share holder. That isn’t the case at any of the premier league clubs.

All of his other clubs are in America. They have a very different sporting system. None of the other clubs have as big a reputation in their sport as we do in ours. The comparison is not really that informative. we are also out performing all of his other clubs.

I don’t see the negative effect of kroenke. He lets the experts do their jobs. Doesn’t interfere in team selection or transfers. Doesn’t say stupid or offensive things to the media. The clubs income is increasing.


I find it a strange logic that reputation is determined for ambition. If Kronke wanted to excel his American clubs to success what is stopping him?


It seems you have little understanding of the way American sports are handled. From our colleges using our young athletes as cash cows with almost no compensation, to our professional leagues with no consequences for mediocrity Stan doesn’t have to field competetive teams for financial success. Just relying on regional support for the “home team” is enough. If they happen to have a good year then it’s only a bonus.

Who ever said you can’t compare his US teams is more right than the rest of the complaining. I AM NOT SAYING I AM HAPPY WITH ARSENALS MANAGEMENT! Just that its more of an apples to spark plugs comparison, USA to UK football.

Jonny Bravo

No league title in 13 years and never won European trophy.I must root out my CV with that track record.

No way

I did enjoy your cross over episodes with scooby doo

Jonny Bravo

They were a bit Scrappy to be fair


What have you won that would make you CV stand out? FIFA, football manger? Arm chair league 1?


… that was the point in the joke..

Indian Gooner

‘Make more money!’
That’s his only ambition..


Kroenke is the real problem at the club and once the warm glow of Saturdays glorious victory subsides and the coming season draws near with us still not making any significant changes to the management structure, with Dick Law still missing flights, with no shiny new signings, with no positive outcome in securing new deals for Özil and Sanchez, with all our nearest challengers stealing a march on us…… etc…..etc…. Let’s then see what most of us feel about that greedy bastard giving Arsene Wenger a new 2 year deal??

And before I get accused of being too negative and pessimistic, let me just point out that we have heard it all before!!

The club under the current board/management structure are incapable of acting decisively! That my dear friends is an unequivocal fact based on history! Anyone please tell me when we have!?!?

God help us!!!!


Well said. And currently sitting at 10 to 1 up votes. Seems like there’s strong alignment we’re in for much more of the same old same old.

dr Strange

F##k off Stan.


We are so fortunate that Stan’s ambition is to win the PL and other European trophies. He obviously does not have such lofty ambitions for any of his other teams as demonstrated by their collective track records (mostly suck ass.) So so lucky.


IF he meant it a] he would sell to Usmanov, b] he would offer 200 to 300 million for players that way we would be able to compete for the very best so we would have a very good chance of top 4 next year andc] he would have more people who actually know the game on the board


Stan Kroenke* outlines his ambitions for Arsenal

*Content of this outline produced by the PR team for Stan Kroenke (TM), and may or may not reflect the views of Stan Kroenke himself


So all the time everybody complained that he does not make his ambitions public and nobody knew what he was aiming for. Now he comes out and said his aim is to win the PL and seriously compete in the CL and everybody is saying that’s just a publicity move. Kinda get the feeling it’s not really about what he says or does but more about the fact that he’s a rich American cowboy that’s just pretty unlikeable.


the complaints got nothing to do with what he says or not says publicly, rather its his actions or lack of it which shows his ambition.


You mean the fact that he extended the contract with one of the best paid managers in the game, spent about 100 million in the transfer market last summer and offered about 250.000 wages a week to Özil and Alexis? Yeah, how unambitious!


Josh is that you?

Bergkamp\'s Parachute
Bergkamp\'s Parachute

I think it has more to do with his track record of minimal investment (relative to our direct competition), seeming acceptance of backroom inertia (late/stalled contract negotiations, also Dick Law and Gazidis are not very good at their jobs).

The general lack of initiative in-regards to planning for an inevitable post-Wenger Arsenal (I love Arsene but the man is not immortal) speaks to a general incompetence, that according to fans of his American franchises is common practice.

Moreover, one of the key reasons purported for Kroenke’s ascendance was his ‘hands off’ approach to ownership. Back then it was seen as a good thing, but now I realise that his general reluctance to get involved has left the club directionless.

In all honesty I’m not a fan of Usmanov either. I’ve never liked the idea of my team being at the whim of any individual however the board needs to evolve. I remember a few years back when Gazidis named the empty goal of becoming as successful as Bayern. I’d like to echo that statement as Bayern is ostensibly owned by its fans who then appoint an executive to run the club making them accountable and ultimately motivated to succeed on the pitch and not just on the balance sheet.

However, that’s not gonna happen so I guess I’ll just settle for a team owner who actively wants us to win major honours consistently.


It’s because of what he does that people take what he says (via his own PR company) with a pinch of salt. Not too sure how anyone can defend him on the basis of his lukewarm track record with the other clubs he owns. The man will lead us to mediocrity, if he hasn’t done already!!


If you consider an FA cup win as mediocrity, 116 out of our 129 seasons have been mediocre. So why are you expecting anything else now?


Alright, Stan-o, you signed him for another 2 years. I feel the following must happen at this point:

The staff hierarchy needs to be rearranged so that Arsene is answering to a couple of individuals who are paid to challenge him. He needs to justify his decisions, from purchases this Summer to formation to starting line-up to practice schedule to psychology.

Arsene shouldn’t be dealing with the commercial side of the club. At all. I understand he has an economics background, and is an incredibly intelligent man. But his job is football manager, not investment banker. Which leads to:

The club doesn’t invest in you. You invest in the club. It fills me with disgust that you see the deal you’ve made to become majority shareholder as a master business stroke, instead of an opportunity and a PRIVILEGE. I am writing from the American Midwest. Others, I am sure, will write from India, Dubai, Kenya, Chile, The Czech Republic, to name a FEW. You are representing millions of fans from every conceivable socio-economic background. From those of us first-worlders that complain about getting up at 4 am to watch a game to the 3rd worlders who get up at 3 am to walk to a location with a television set. Despite your previous experiences with the Arsenal, Emirates is not a piggy bank to withdrawl 3 mil from whenever you’re feeling like a night out. Get a clue.

Give us what we want. Ivan Gazidis said we were on track to compete with Bayern more than 3 seasons ago. He was wrong. We aren’t. Even with players capable of making a difference, we don’t. Get rid of the dead weight. The players who got us through the transition were not world beaters. They were courageous footballers and young guns who used grit to stay in the top four. The transition to a world heavyweight has to be handled with finesse, ambition, and DETERMINATION. That means no more Sanogos and Wilsheres and Gibbs on the payroll (not to insult any of them). It means that our standard for a midfield should be Ozil, as opposed to the team being ‘built’ around him. The team should not be built around a player. It should be built around a concept: Victoria Concordia Crescit.

Make it so.


Unfortunately, the time to push for these changes was before Wenger signed the contract. He’s not going to put up with any reorganization now that he’s got his extension.


I completely agree with your sentiment. But unfortunately, Kronke is the owner and he can do what the hell he likes with his asset. We may not like it, and we have the right to protest, to cancel our season tickets, to not show up at games, to switch to another team (I would never do that), but it’s the sad truth of the situation. I laugh at those Newcastle fans who keep chanting for Ashton to leave like it’s something they have any control over.

I guess if we really feel so strongly about it the only commercial solution would be for a large group of the fan base to raise enough capital to buy out Kronke’s shares. He wouldn’t sell to Usminov for $1B, but perhaps he’d sell to us. Since you’re in midwest, you know that’s how the Packers work. Barca too. If we can’t do that (and i realize it would be incredibly difficult) then the only other options we have is vote with our feet or protest so much that he wants to sell just to get rid of the pain.

No way

How are we going to raise over a billion pounds?


A team of galacticos then.

Oh, and a naive idea of equity ownership.


I don’t see any problem with Kroenke.

Why is he a problem?

He is dealing with no ordinary manager. This fellow was building up Arsenal’s paltry finances and its brand before kroenke even came onto the scene.

Currently, if Wenger left, there would be massive issues. We will have to make compromise on whoever is available rather than take better time to scout the person with the best fit. This won’t make any sense.

In addition, the person coming in will have a headache on his hands trying to replace potentially Alexis, Ozil but also Giroud, Ox even Bellerin.

Add to that the fact he will need to bed in to a new club, possibly country and certainly a new team and you are asking for even more trouble.

People here just don’t do enough thinking.

Now if you say Kroenke should have called time on Wenger earlier then maybe yes.

But he came out 4 seasons ago with an FA cup followed by another so there was promise we were heading upwards and in the right direction.

Last season was the real blip a miss opportunity to strengthen further as Wenger neglected to add sufficiently. We ended up with no trophy but second best albeit distant.

Now if Kroenke and board served Wenger an ultimatum then, maybe but Wenger came into this season spending 100m or thereabouts anyway.

I don’t think Kroenke is the problem.

I think Wenger is the problem because ultimately we are failing because of results on the pitch.

Everything-else is simply people trying to find scape goats be it Gazidis or otherwise.

Truth is Kroenke doesn’t understand footy so well so he is doing the correct thing and not micromanaging, rather leaving it to those who know best.

Unfortunatelly, Gazidis also came in way after Wenger was established firmly and his ambit is more business side to ensure we continue to grow and have funds to pay for players in an increasingly competitive market.

BOTH Kroenke and Gazidis have been doing a decent job because like it or not there are 6 or 7 teams in Europe who can outspend us. Add to that China last summer and you can see why the Board would prefer Wenger on the helm for the moment because he is one of the best in transfer markets.

Whether he buys sufficient at high quality and is too conservative (has too many projects) is more the issue.

BUT I hardly think Kroenke as a good businessman will be satisfied with us simply just making top 4. Why? Any title win or better will grow his stock with Arsenal exponentially.

That said it is also important to remember that Wenger has also delivered 3 FA cups in last 4 seasons and has been incredibly consistent with a high minimum standard of top 4 and CL. Even without CL and meeting this criteria, he has delivered a trophy.

When you consider Liverpool have been celebrated for their fourth spot pot and they have only been in CL twice in the last 8 seasons despite managerial changes and appointment of media professed geniuses, when you consider they haven’t won a title for 25 years (a quarter of a century) despite many managers in and out, I don’t understand why people think we are necessarily better simply changing manager at all cost.

We will have to change sooner than later (as eluded by Gazidis) but we need proper time to manage and put in place the succession. Wenger of all people will want to ensure this.

At that stage maybe a Director of Football may make sense but it hardly makes any sense now.

Wenger did not need David Dein or a Director of Football to find and sign Rob Holding or Koscielny or MOnreal or Santi or Cech or Alexis or Ozil or Granit or Mustafi.

Those marquee signings have been spot on when you consider any number of peer rivals would have loved to have signed them.

…people simply spout rubbish. Did a Director of Football help Liverpool?

They got Any Carroll. Arguably it set them back because they over spent on mediocre players and had to rebuild plus sell to cover for losses for many years.

Arsenal fans need a reality check.

true it isn’t hunky dory at the club and things need changing, Wenger needs to be strongly coaxed by owner to spend on players who are close to the real deal not potential anymore.

BUT we are hardly in poor shape or the crisis club the media purport.

If we go by the logic that we will never win the title under Wenger, the same trite was shovelled at us and believed by the gullible for many years that we would never win a trophy. And here we are with 3 FA cups in 4 seasons.

If we believe Wenger is piss poor at coaching from a piss poor coach like Adams, well he just beat Conte, twice this season and convincingly.

If we say Wenger will be far off the races next season (I always love pundits and their crystal balls)…well Chelsea were even more piss poor last season and look what happened.

So if we say Wenger will NEVER win the title again, well that is the height of stupidity because history is meant to be written not repeated and we have broken the trend before.

Honestly if the gaffer and some players had the sort of fight and gumption many fans have, we would not even be talking about winning the FA cup this season.

Too many of these so called fans were brandishing banners and giving up the whole thing before we even ended the season.

A bit of belief is necessary.

Nothing stays the same. Arsene has already proven that with 3 FA cup wins in 4 seasons.

We have no chance next season?

If you believe that it does, I feel sorry for you. Its lame.

Michael Osborne

Great post!

Tony Hall

We have had a bit of belief every year since we last one a league title …


You put forward a succinct argument but there is a huge hole at the very centre of it.

I absolutely love winning the FA Cup and last Saturday was a wonderful thing but we have been stagnant when it comes to challenging for the big ones and by that I mean winning the Premiership or the UCL.

I really do not think it is unreasonable to expect a club with our resources, our global fanbase and illustrious history to at least challenge at the very highest level. Especially when we as fans are expected to pay the highest ticket prices for club football in the world.

If you want to settle for 2nd best then you make a very good case for the much respected Wenger/Kroenke (I respect Wenger, not Kroenke) management team. As an Arsenal fan of over 50 years standing I expect a little more. We are not Everton! We are not that mob up the road! We are not West Ham! We are The Arsenal!!! Only two teams have won the League more than us. 13 titles!!!!!

I hope and pray that we win the Champions League before I die. We won’t under the current infrastructure at the club!!

Wenger says he really cares for and loves the club. If that were true he would have walked away on a number of occasions but he fears the huge vacuum it would leave him in should he leave more.

The flaw in your argument is that your ambition mirrors the the current board and management team. If you want to settle for 2nd best then you’re absolutely right. I don’t!


We shall see


Judging by the phrase “other major trophies in Europe” Stan’s ambition includes the Europa League. Will be interesting to see just how Wenger approaches that competition – by fielding the kids or taking it seriously. Presumably, that’s a decision that needs to be made before the squad thinning Wenger has talked about starts. Too much thinning may hamper our chances in the PL through injuries, fatigue, etc.


from Stan’s perspective, with the UK being part of Europe, the FA cup probably counts as “other major trophies in Europe”


I expect the first draft was;

“If Arsene goes I will have to invest time and money filling 4 senior positions.

Neither I, my son nor anyone else in the club’s managerial structure want to do that. We also have no idea where we start.

I’m quite happy with mediocrity as long as the money keeps rolling in.

I like money.

Much love and kisses,



I’ve been loyal Gooner since 1970 and will continue to support the team with all my heart through the good times and the bad times. Gooner ’til i die! I love the Club, and even tho’ i now live in California, I’ve still managed to attend 6 live games in past 18 months. I read Arseblog first thing every morning, listen to the Arsecast and the Extra as soon as they come out and have now started getting anxious when James takes a little longer than he should to post his On the Whistle. Great work Andrew and James – thanks for all you do and please keep it up.

With that background, i have to say how frustrated i am this week. I was so elated after the Cup final on Saturday, but now all excitement has gone. I was worried Tuesday when the two year contract signing was announced, but having heard the club announcement and Stan’s follow on sentences today i’m even more frustrated and sad. There were many positive comments posted on Tuesday that without a transition plan in place, signing up Arsene for another two years was the best possible outcome, as it gives the club chance to prepare for a sensible transition. Well, there is absolutley nothing that has come out today from the Club, Arsene, Kronke or Gazidis that references anything about preparing for a transition. We are just going to get another two years of the same, and like i posted yesterday we can prepare ourselves for an exact repeat of this situation in May 2019.

Please, please let me be wrong. But if past performance is any indicator of future results (which as a business man, a footy fan, and a close Arsenal follower, i know it is) this is how our next 12 months looks:

1. We have a long frustrating summer, reading about all the targets we’re looking at signing. Maybe the new LB comes in early, but then things go quiet as we get into July.
2. We listen to all the rhetoric about Alexis being offered a new mega$ contract, only for him to make noises about going to Juve or PSG and ultimately leaving.
3. someone important picks up an injury in Sydney or in pre-season. Maybe Ramsey, maybe Ox, maybe Kos. Someone important like that.
4. We sell one or two of our weaker, want-away or out-of-contract players, but Walcott and one or two others who should go, end up staying.
5. We flatter ourselves in the Charity Shield, and either win or put in a good performance.
6. We are not really ready for first Premier League game, and end up losing or drawing.
7. We panic buy some middle-of-the-road player on or around transfer deadline day.
8. We put in a good run of performances in September, October and maybe even Nov. We are in first or second place.
9. Sometime between November and February, we get a few injuries, go on a bad run and lose to a couple of Top 4 teams and a couple of lower half teams. Maybe we go out of the Europa league.
10. We find ourselves struggling to make top 4, but somehow put in a good run of performances as the season ends. We finish 4th, 5th or 6th. I suspect 5th again.
11. Rinse and repeat for 2018/2019 season.

Please, please let me be wrong. Please lock down Alexis. Please lock down Ox and Ozil. Please go and buy someone who will really elevate this squad.

I love Arsene. I’d try to get to a celebration when we unveil his statue or name a stand after him. But he is absolutely past it and disillusional if he thinks he can change our trajectory of the past 10 years and win us the Premier League. Kronke is the owner and decision maker on the board. He’s at fault for not holding Arsene accountable to achieving the uptick he keeps saying he will. Arsene makes all footy decisions and he’s at fault for not recognizing it’s time to move on, or at least get some real football leadership help in.

This is a club that should be competing for the Premier League every season and getting to the last 8 of CL every other year and giving the fans the hope that we can even get back to the CL league final. Chelski, Citeh, Spuds, even United and Liverpool have that hope. At this point, I don’t have that hope and from everything i read on this site a large part of our fan base doens’t have that hope either. It’s ok to have lower expectations if you’re a West Ham, or Everton or Palace. The Premier League is enough. But we are Arsenal. We have our history. We have our class. And we have the expectation that the owners and manager have shared with us that we can compete with the very best in Europe. They went and said it again today! That’s the expectation they set. That’s the expectation I have. But not with current manager and current strcuture. Again, please let me be proved wrong!



I agree with you 100%. I could have written it myself. I started supporting the club in 68, so have shared a similar time line of experiences of joy and pain.


Really?Since he bought Arsenal,the gunners have consistently bottled it at the closing stages of the epl title race not once but many times.
At any top club,if Arsenal consider themselves atop one,the fm would have been sacked years ago.
Bookies have said Arsenal are unlikely to win the epl with the fm. They are invariably right though not 100% spot on.
Why did the fm take so long to tweak his tactics?He shd have doneages ago.When you see how pool can beat the likes of CP and other top teams you wonder why.
The cup win may have just saved him but we will have towait and see how the 17/18 season unfurls.


I’ll wait until the end of the summer before I completely lose my shit.
The optimist in me says Arsene will keep Alexis and Özil and get the players Arsenal needs to win the title next season. (As well as getting rid of the deadwood this summer)

But having followed Arsenal for 10 years now (I became a fan just a couple months before Henry left. What a start haha), it won’t be too long before we are all left disappointed again.


“and other major trophies in Europe” – I bet he didn’t know the name Europa league.


Well, Fuck off.


He should ve brought a new top manager like Liverpool, city, man u and chelsea did. If they could attract those coaches we can as well. Not much will change under Arsene

Asuma Alfred

Its only God to helps I don’t think Wenger can change anything with only £ 100m given which will apparently buy only Andrea Belotti on £ 85m and do you do with the balance of 15. I don’t real see why he was given a stupid canttact.


Kroenke is a huge problem, yes, and Arsenal should spend more, but you’d be hard pressed to name many bad players in this squad.

Arsenal’s problem for a number of years has been that the team tends to play worse than the collection of players would suggest.

Kroenke has little to do with that, that’s the Manager’s job.

Don’t let the FA Cup make you forget that we’d been utterly shit until things got to the point where Wenger was forced to make a tactical change.

We’ve been here before and the positive changes typically aren’t carried over to the next season. If they are, they are abandoned at the earliest opportunity.

67 is really old for a dog to learn new tricks.

Merlin\'s Panini

Maybe stop taking your £3 million “advisory fee” every year and we might be able to offer a bit more in wages/give the players more incentives to perform every game.

Stuck on repeat...

Personally, I think Stan is full of shit & prefered it when he was silent (at least then he wasn’t telling whapping lies).

Glad AW is staying (as there were really no plans for anyone else), but is just seems this whole fiasco that unsettled everybody from the players to the fans last season was all for nothing & completely pointless. Would have been far better to just have extended the contract for AW earlier on. Such a waste of everyones time & I’m certain it cost us points.

Think the Board will be keeping their heads down, but blame them entirely for this whole charade…& no I don’t believe either Stan or the board genuinely intends to win either the PL or in Europe (& by Europe they actually mean the Europa Cup). We’re a long way off from evening thinking about genuinely challenging in the CL.



Rolo Toure

‘It’s what the fans, players, staff, manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved…Now let’s go get something to eat.’


Wenger says he wants to strengthen the squad with “top top” players and get rid of unneeded weight.
Wonder what kept him from doing this the last 2-3 years AND I thought players like Özil and Sanchez are the “top top” players to win something. Didn’t prove me he can do it.

The day he will notice that he needs to build the team on a top defense with the best defenders and defensive midfielders around to win a title that day he’ll probably announce that he has signed another 2 years contract.

Don’t get me wrong, that FA Cup title is really really great and I still enjoy it, but how can people forget what went wrong for such a long time.

Kranky kroenke klub

*in a yosemite sam voice*


*shoots pistols into air*


How about this as an idea. Everyone support the players week in week out win or loss. Then at the end of the season if it’s a trophyless season and we’re not in the hunt for the prem to the end. Go nuts. We all should get down and protest. Until that very last day support the f*cking team pls.


What an idea. Let’s be blind and support something that is and has been broken for years, expecting and hoping for a different outcome. You’re such a good fan, here’s a cookie.


Certainly was a lengthy statement. As I read it my tea went from very hot, to still very hot. His bit about not resting till we win the PL reminded me of the Det Frank Drebin line, “I promise you; whatever scum did this, not one man on this force will rest one minute until he’s behind bars. Now, let’s grab a bite to eat.”

Oliver Keighley

Isn’t it sad that only a few days after winning the FA cup we are back to this bollox. Can’t quite articulate my point but it’s in there somewhere…..

Tony Hall

sorry for being a realist but come next February we will we be in exactly the same situation we were in February this year and last year and 2015, 2014 etc
Nothing is going to change not with that bunch on the board …


Well, fuck me … what’s everyone so worried about? Big Stan has it handled ……… *winky face*

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...



For a board that like to hold cards close to their chest. Why to they continue to inform the world that we have an exact figure to spend?

While there remains teams that can shit on us financially. Perhaps they should adopt the otherwise universal approach of keeping their traps shut.


When you think how long Wenger has battled the naysayers. Even just starting off from Stoke train station. There can be little doubt this man is a fighter.

Tony Adams has an opinion. On every that should be ridiculed. Honestly mate, you have some balls taking a pop a Wenger. Just like Roy Keane, Tony has found out that being a successful manager takes a hell of a lot more than just bravado and silly waistcoats.

Zombie Gooner

If you believe Stan’s title aspiration BS, then the definition of insanity applies: ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.’

Our club is owned by an insane toupee twat.

determined culture

I believe the problem with Kronke is the way he runs the club.
Let’s look at it from a business point of view.
Imagine we are running the business.

option A:
Kronke is the boss of the company, Arsene is the only salesman, a very good salesman in the industry and for the company.
Kronke doesnt hire anyone else for the company. Arsene is bringing in the $ for the company, so Arsene should manage all other aspects of the business too apart from sales, including logistics, acquisition, etc.

option B:
Kronke is the boss of the company. Arsene is a very good salesman .
Kronke goes out to bring in a GM to manage things in the office.
Kronke goes out to bring in HR to manage recruitment.
Kronke goes out to bring bring different experts in different functions to run the rest of the company, while keeping Arsene, the good salesman, to focus only on his sales and hitting the target.
Arsene can then focus on his sales, instead of having to handle every other thing.

shouldnt a company be run like option B?


What a load of old bollocks,PR shite with no substance. The same from Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis, with the PR tripe they produced on regarding the new contract for Wenger. It’s truly embarrassing and they have zero self-awareness to see it which makes it frightening. I want my club back.


I’m out of following arseblog, arsenal and any other sources. Too depressed, it makes me too negative and sad. I know, just one guy, won’t be missed. Wake me up when this nightmare ends.