Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Report: Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland (inc goals)

Arsenal: Cech, Holding, Mustafi, Monreal, Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Gibbs, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Elneny, Coquelin, Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck

Two second half goals gave Arsenal a 2-0 win against Sunderland at the Emirates this evening, but the visitors had Jordan Pickford to thank for keeping the scoreline respectable as he faced 36 attempts on goal.

Arsene Wenger made two changes from the side which beat Stoke; Aaron Ramsey and Kieran Gibbs coming in for Francis Coquelin and Laurent Koscielny. Alexis Sanchez was deemed fit enough to start after coming off at the weekend.

The Chilean had the Gunners first shot on target, firing over early on, and he thought he’d scored in the 8th minute but his shot from distance went in off the arm of Olivier Giroud and was disallowed by referee Roger East.

Cech had to make a good block, before Giroud was next to have a go, forcing a brilliant low save from Jordan Pickford after being set up wonderfully by Ramsey. From the resulting corner a heavy touch saw him squander a chance just in front of goal, allowing the visitors to clear.

Hector Bellerin was next to have a go, shooting over with his left foot, making it 4 efforts on goal in the opening 12 minutes. Rob Holding went on a run and saw a shot blocked, Xhaka fired a low effort straight at the keeper and then dragged one wide moments later.

It was all Arsenal, but for all the target practice they hadn’t found the breakthrough. Bellerin picked up a 22nd minute yellow card for deliberate handball, and for all the possession there was a sluggishness about Arsene Wenger’s side – perhaps the consequence of heavy legs after a punishing schedule.

It didn’t quite invigorate Sunderland but Cech had to make a smart save at his near post from Ndong, and minutes later had to make an even better one when Defoe got free and cracked a low effort towards the far post.

Arsenal lacked invention, summed up by Xhaka firing over from a good 40 yards, but Bellerin had the chance to square it across goal for Sanchez but instead chose to shoot from a tight angle and hit the outside the post.

Ramsey and Ozil combined well right at the end of the half, but Pickford pushed his shot around the corner. Going in level at the break after 17 attempts on goal was evidence of a team not at its sharpest, and but for Cech it might have been more difficult.

The second half began in bizarre fashion when Monreal played a back pass to Cech, thinking the keeper was somewhere he wasn’t, and when he palmed the ball away from goal the referee gave an indirect free kick from just inside our six yard box. Larsson’s delivery saw Xhaka head it over the bar for a corner and ultimately away to safety.

The Spaniard then picked up a yellow card for a foul on Larsson, Ramsey had a shot on target but again Pickford was relatively untroubled, and a good ball from Xhaka saw Alexis and Gibbs get in each others way at the back post.

From the corner Mustafi had a shot blocked, an Alexis free kick deflected wide off the wall, and when Xhaka found Ozil over the top with a brilliant pass you’d have put money on the German taking it on with just the keeper to beat but his control let him down for once and the chance went begging.

Giroud flicked a header wide from a Holding cross, before Arsene Wenger made two changes with Danny Welbeck replacing Ramsey (who looked like he had picked up an injury), and Alex Iwobi coming on for Gibbs.

The England man was quickly into the action, with a low shot pushed around the post but from the resulting corner we went ahead. The early ball came out to Xhaka, he played another lovely pas to Ozil first-time half-volley back across goal left Alexis with a tap-in. 1-0.

Ozil set up Xhaka who saw his low shot saved by Pickford, and the Sunderland keeper then denied Iwobi with another excellent stop. He could do nothing to stop Arsenal extending the lead however, and again it was Alexis on target. Bellerin put in a good cross from the right hand side, Giroud hooked it back across goal, the keeper got a hand to it and the Chilean was there to head home from close range. 2-0.

Mustafi’s goalbound header was tipped onto the bar by Pickford, Monreal fired a shot wide, and in the end after over 30 attempts on goal Arsenal were deserved winners, even if we did make hard work of it at times.

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Took a while, but we got there in the end. Great persistence lads!


Also, just a fact – this win puts us on a higher points total than we had last season.


And gives you the league title…

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If the club as an iota of ambition still left then some official of the club will go to Sanchez right after the game and say here is a contract all drawn up. Just fill in your salary and then sign here.


what i learned today is that gibbs offers no attcking threat whatsoever and its really time for him to go which is sad because i liked him and had high hopes for him.. Arsenal were instantly better the moment he came off Monreal always seeks to overlap while gibbs seems like he just wants the ball to his feet and then play a back pass he seriously limited our attcking threat with bellerin providing all the attack on width. I was also curious as to why Iwobi hasn’t been playing surely he improved us the moment he came on I… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Iwobi is not a full back.
He’s already a no.10 operating one the wide of a forward 3 to fit in him already.

Stringer Bell

What a difference once we took Gibbs and Ramsey off


Ramsey was good


I don’t think we watched the same game. We were good when Ramsey came off. And am afraid we won’t win the FA if he starts

Stewart Robson\'s therapist

We were better for having Gibbs off. Ramsey, on the other hand, played very well this evening.

La Défense

Ramsey is average. We’re better off selling him to Everton. Unfortunately, he’s a Wenger favorite.


I would like to sell you to Everton.

bob davis

Great result! Sign up Sanchez and Ozil. Just have to hope Liverpool drop points and we beat Everton!


It ain’t over until it’s over. Let’s hope Liverpool fuck up at home one more time, like they have been doing all season against lower opposition. Hoping our lad Chambers comes up with a big performance on Sunday !

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Lets not discount the possibility of City losing at Watford and Arsenal putting 4 past Everton and getting through on goal diff.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Or how abt this one. Arsenal draw Everton 1-1 and Liverpool lose 2 nil to set up a UCL playoff!!


May as well go for it, get a big win against Everton, sign off with a good vibe and ready for the cup.

Rest is in the hands of the gods of football.


Let’s not discount the possibility of both city and Liverpool match being called of gand arsenal end up in third position ….always dream bigger, ain’t that right

Wade wilson

? we’re never gonna get a penalty again!
Oh how I love these refs?

Me So Hornsey

The introductions of Iwobi and Wellbeck injected badly missing urgency and incisiveness. I’ve really missed Iwobi. He looked back to his best as well.


He’s always at his best in the middle. Agreed, he made big difference tonight.


In Podolskis words: “No Alexis, no party”


Thank god for that, was a bit worried it was gonna be one of those nights for a while there. Hats off to Pickford though, looks a hell of a keeper


Some good saves but couldn’t pass to save his life..


To be fair, it’s the saves that most keepers get paid for.


Bravo. I take your point.


Ta mate, I did thumb you up because you’re right about his passing – it was more often to the ball boys than it was to a teammate. But that’s something that can be coached out of him. Some of his saves today were terrific and if we’d been facing someone like Begovic or Mignolet we might have had eight.


Not at Citeh!!


You had to say you’d never heard of Pickford (or to that effect I was driving when I heard it gimme a break)!

Glad we got the win, at least makes the final game interesting.

Gibbs much as I like the lad offers sweet fuck all in this formation. Never takes the man on, gets in tangles with his Alexis and can’t cross.

Original Paul

Xhaka seemed cross tonight? I think he is Roy Keane in the making. I hope I am right! COYG.


I clicked thumbs up by mistake.

Original Paul

What is wrong with me hoping Xhaka can be a payer of the grit and determination of Roy Keane with added passing ability? Knob comment prickyface! 😉


Pfft, very original, Original Paul…

With “added passing ability” – which you just added – I might not have felt the need to rescind original my thumb, Original Paul.

Original Paul

Love the “original” joke well played!!

Original Paul

How does one “add stuff” like you said I did? Also stop naming me please. You are pissing me of mate. Sorry comments policy…COYG!

Original Paul

…and whilst I am at it…anyone that posts “Pfft” can fuck right off in my opinion! 🙂


Original Paul seems to have a lot of grit and determination with his comments.

…He reminds me of Roy Keane


You two should get a room




Roy Keane was/is a cunt tho

Godfrey Twatsloch

I think Xhaka has enough of a cunt to him as well. He’s our cunt though and as long as he aims his cuntishness at other teams he’s alright. With passing abilities!


Its his first season. He will get better. But I still don’t think we have the right mix in midfield and the back 3 is to primarily cover for deficiencies in midfield. We still need someone who has capacity to drive at the opponents through the middle. I tell you what, seeing Iwobi come on and deploy in central midfield is encouraging for me. I’m not saying he is the answer either but I’ve been saying this for some time that he has the technical skills, strength and eye for the pass to develop there, perhaps more than Ramsey who… Read more »


Iwobi was so positive when he came on! Always running, always in space, it made such a difference to the tempo. I’ve missed him!

not so fed up

Can’t imagine Everton will be keen to put up much resistance at the weekend lol so just gotta hope middlesbore frustrate liverpoo


Make no mistake, Ronald Koeman LOVES putting one over Arsene
& Arsenal, so expect Everton to fight tooth & nail for every ball,
and to try and win the game.

Hopefully we beat them & collect the 3 points.


Everton will be very physical so we must put out a very physical team. Koeman has said in the past that the best way to beat Arsenal is to be physical and they roll over. Which is true because he’s beaten us like a bazillion times.


Weird atmosphere tonight. There were some muted boos at half-time, which I’m not sure about at all. Why?!
Half of us didn’t turn up at the match, the other quarter boo the team at half time, and the last quarter relatively silent.
Anyway, we got there in the end! Well done, good persistence chaps!


Why would anyone boo their team? I mean honestly…I’d rather support the Spuds. ..eeerrrggghhh…washed my mouth out and said 3 Ave Maria’s. ..hope to be forgiven. ..

Original Paul

Your face is too expensive for me…


Original Paul seems to have a lot of grit and determination.

…He reminds me of Roy Keane


I was there and didn’t hear boos although the tourists snuck out early before half-time for their tea and biscuits. Love, love, love Alexis.


Wish we supported the team through to the end.

Yeah they have been poor, sure you want Wenger to go but still, a bit of spine from the supporters would have been good to see.

As a fan, I would support the team even if it were a lost cause because if we should get something positive from it, we can build upon it for future success regardless.

We don’t have the best fan base alas.

…or maybe just maybe they spent the money on the planes and could not afford to come to the grounds.:P


Tried to force it a tad early on, but some great persistence from what must have been a tired set of players. Whatever happens on the final day, the players have been fantastic last few games. Good subs at the right time from AW too. I am sick of the constant snide comments made by commentators. Their agenda and opinion changes like the wind. I would like to think they are being instructed to say the things they do, because I find it hard to believe people are paid so handsomely to be so thick.


Commentators usually spew rubbish. Sadly many are prey to their views and all too easily riled up. That said, I just don’t think we should have any room for ‘tiredness’ at this point of the season. Its two games left to play. Granted its out of our hands with 4th place but frankly its kitchen sink time. Wenger knows this as he sent Welbeck and Walcott on (and Iwobi encouragingly played in midfield) I felt we still did not show enough urgency. Last 5 to 10 minutes, we look out of puff and content to hold at 2 goals when… Read more »


Looks like Wenger told the lads to shoot often to scout Pickford.


Well…Ospina says he’s leaving, Pickford doing an audition.


We could do worse than Pickford. He’s probably the next England goalkeeper.


He won’t be if he comes to our goalkeeping coaches. ?


Every time Pickford made a save I thought back to the Arsecast Extra and Blogs saying he doesn’t rate Pickford as highly as others, given any goalie playing for Sunderland would be forced into a heavy workload, but, having said that, hoped he didn’t jinx us. Thankfully the lads broke through so you didn’t jinx it, Blogs. Though, I must say, I do rate Pickford a bit more than you seem to.


LOL…he must tune into the famous Arseblog Arsecast on the beach.:D

Faisal Narrage

Wenger must hate that sunderland were already on holiday.


Unfortunately we had our holiday spell when it mattered after January. Maybe cheap tickets.


Mustafi put in the cross for the second, Blogs. Not Bellerin.


And Giroud came in with a vital assist.

Frankly he was a bit unlucky today, could have got 3 goals start of first half. He attacks the box better than Welbeck and experience shows.


Good win against a Sunderland side with no ambition whatsoever to attack, but for Pickford I suspect it would’ve been a bit easier. The hype surrounding him isn’t his fault (it really adds unnecessary pressure on young players), and while his kicking isnt great he’s clearly a very good GK. By far Sunderland’s best player. How we didn’t get a penalty can only be explained by Roger East’s ineptitude as a referee. Again Rob Holding gave a commanding performance, as did Özil and obviously our main man Alexis with the two goals. It’d be really great if Gibbs would pass… Read more »

David C

Missed the game because I was golfing for my birthday with my Liverpool loving brother. He was getting too happy about Liverpool’s position ahead of Arsenal…I think a Calum Chambers hat trick will do nicely on Sunday!


Why was that Kone allowed to wrestle and hold Giroud in the box all the time? Absolute disgrace!


The only way he Will get penalized for that kind of stuff is to bring him to Arsenal, then the ref Will blow his whistle like he’s fucking Snowden..


Iwobi was so positive when he came on! I’ve missed him!


Can’t see why people are going mad for Pickford personally​. Decent enough game, but lots of shots were hit straight at him. His distribution was absolutely terrible. Anyone have stats for how often he booted it into touch?

Crash Fistfight

Yep, good saves no doubt, but the only one that you might not expect a goalkeeper to make is the Mustafi header. Sky made an effort to kiss his arse at every opportunity, though, so maybe that influences opinion.


I know, right? Talented shot-stopper, but boy, dreadful at kicking a ball.

a different George

So, Pep won’t be buying him.


You’re right he put it out 3 times in ten mins mind you he’s young coach it out of him with the right people


Yet again the referee was an anus


They’re getting worse for us, reckon it was AW comments earlier in the season to that 4th official they’re not giving us anything


A stinking anus


We laboured and toiled didn’t we? We seem to lack focus (Monreal and Granit guilty for a couple of edgy moments) at times applying the final finish and again build up was slow considering opposition were at the beach besides their excellent keeper Pickford. In the end we got the win but can’t help but feel we did not show the urgency to put in enough goals or that we thought it would be easier and lost puff in the end. I suppose the final day is in the hands of the footballing gods even if it feels a bridge… Read more »


A change in formation occurred when welbeck and iwobi came on. I think we reverted back to 4231. I think the current 3421 is good due to our porous defense but the latter is definitely more our style. We lack dynamism in attack with 3421.


Middlesbrough have drawn 13 this season only one less than the kings of draw Man Utd.. park the bus boro..


Yernited went into Anfield and parked the bus, then parked another bus, then built a wall around the buses. And they got their 0-0. Go for it, Borough!


Pickford had a great game but I fail to understand why these english commentators are not as hyped about a 21 year old english defender who is fast, composed, great on the ball, good in the air and first choice for a top 6 side as they are about a goalkeeper who is 23, playing in the worst team in the league and despite the obvious talent clearly needs to improve his distribution.


We only started to really up our game and play faster more incisive football when Ramsey and Gibbs were subbed.
Two players I never want to see in an Arsenal shirt again.
If Ramsey plays in the cup final, we’ll be thrashed. Awful, awful player.


Everyone seems to accept that ‘Wenger’ will not do the decent thing and leave-sad. The board will not act, so the club goes downhill for the near future-tragic. now 5th is a mighty successful season.
If he has no other interests in life to spend his millions on, then give it to charity & live in a monastery. Just GO.

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