Report: Board to sanction new Wenger deal


After Arsene Wenger noticeably softened his stance on the possibility of working with an addition to the Arsenal structural hierarchy, both the Telegraph’s Jeremy Wilson and Mirror’s John Cross write that the Gunners board are finally ready to sign off on a new two-year contract extension for the Frenchman.

Last week, the boss spoke dismissively about working with a director of football only to tone down his comments in yesterday’s press conference stating he is “always open to things that improve the quality and future of the club”.

His comments were made with particular reference to his past working relationship with former vice-chairman David Dein, who fulfilled many of the duties commonly associated with the position.

It remains to be seen whether the club are indeed interested in making an appointment that sits between the manager and the board. If they do the Telegraph claim Wenger has been assured that “the position will not cut across his core first-team work”.

Wilson’s piece adds, “the new role that is being envisaged would offer coordinated support across all off-field football operations, including analytics, scouting, sports science, youth development and even simply logistics, rather than shape actual day-to-day aspects of coaching or team selection.”

The Mirror consolidates that view stating, “the new set-up would see the creation of a role overseeing contracts, logistics and even pooling together medical information to streamline support for Wenger, although it is highly unlikely to be a high-profile appointment — and would not be a director of football.”

Someone at the Emirates obviously knows how to do Skype conference calls.

Any announcement on Wenger’s future will likely come after a board meeting set for early June. By that point, we’ll know if we’re reigning FA Cup holders and Champions League contenders or Europa League chumps still digesting Wembley heartbreak.

As if that wasn’t enough drama, we’re now faced with an ownership tussle after Stan Kroenke rejected an offer from Alisher Usmanov to take over the club.

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Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Arsenal are not a football club. Arsenal is a business. The board and Kroenke don’t want trophies, just a good balance sheet.

All that any business wants is $$$ and its the fans’ $$$ that this setup is sucking up.

They will throw in a few bromides about how the club wants to win trophies and blah blah of that sort every now and then, but all they really care about is that you pay through your nose for the tickets, buy the merchandise and generally contribute to making them richer with YOUR money.

The board laughs at the fans for their stupidity in swallowing all the sh!t, and still turning up next season to make them even richer.

If its fans’ money they want, then fans must resolve to not give it to them. Stop buying the tickets, boycott matches, boycott the shirts, the scarfs, etc. Stop the money from trickling in and then will realise what happens when you take your own supporters for fools.


Thumb Up if you had to google ‘Bromide’ after reading the above post. I know I had to look it up. 😀


In the past, I’ve canceled trips from the US to the UK purely because I was jaded with the lack of ambition shown by Arsenal. Now I’m just apathetic to it all. If Stan and his ilk want my money- they’ll try harder with the footballing aspect of the club and focus less on the balance sheet. I know I’m hardly alone in this.


Im watching online streaming, refusing to pay the exorbitant TV fees which will eventually route to yankee musthachio’s 3mil dividend collection.


The backlash when he finally “signs da ting” is gonna be epic (not in a good sense of the word)

Mr. G

Precisely. Why would they sanction two more years of the same drudgery? (Rhetorical question, don’t answer because we all know).

So next season’s going to be pretty much the same as the last decade, except we’ll be knocked out of the Europa League Round of 16 instead.


However big you consider the fanbase that is “Wenger Out,” be it 1%, 10%, 50% or more, what is apparent is the media has latched on, and will not let this go. If Wenger signs on for another 2 years, you know the media is going to keep the same tone. And while it hurts as a fan to see the team struggle, it hurts just as much if not more to be ridiculed by other fans with the “we want you to stay” chants, and the “Wenger Out” signs that are appearing all across the world from WWE to Anti-Government demonstrations.
If I was a sponsor, I want to be attached to a positive brand that is assured and a Wenger extension for 2 years as a manager is not going to give that brand image. And loss of sponsorship is unfortunately going to only make it harder to compete.
Even if Wenger does sign an extension, and the board comes out with a full blown plan, stating that x,y and z roles are now going to rest with a new role that is a David Dein-esque role meets Director of Football, and a plan for succession, I do not feel the media will get off Arsenals back, and we will just stay a divided fan base.
Arsenal need a WOW type move, that really mixes things up but yet is clear to everyone is a genius move. I don’t know what that is, but it is needed, and it is needed fast.


The only WOW move is splashing the cash and signing a player who’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.
The last time we spent that kind of money we won our first trophy in a loooong time.
I hope we get one of M’bappe, Griezmann Muller or Modric.


I don’t care about the players (other than Alexis). We have a fine squad that almost any other manager in the Premier League would have got into top 4. Maybe win. The issue is that the manager is past his prime and has been usurped by the next generation like Pep, Klopp, Conte and even Poch. Time for manager change. Simple as that.


A) I don’t think we can attract these players

B) It really doesn’t matter who we buy/sell if we have the same manager & coaches in charge, whoever comes in will be ‘arsenalised’ and ruined by Wenger.


Will planes be involved? Will John C and Spinner self-combust?


the truth is nothing is going to happen . apart from a few active fans who will protest against this, majority will still be applauding this mediocrity and wenger. it hurts but its the truth , its sad to see that our club has come to this and still there are people still feeling arsenal is somehow goiing to bounceright back with the same manager and outdated tactics.


1000% agree.


so 2 more years of embarrassment and not winning the league. Fantastic


I don’t think he can take us forward any more, but I have even less faith in the board to sign the right replacement. Everyone hoping for Simeone would be better off looking at someone like Bob Bradley. Wengers replacement (whenever that is) is not gonna be who we hope it will be as long as Kroenke and co. are in charge.


Probably a good solution all round. Someone who can come in and help Arsene but also start a succession plan for the long run and gradually get more power over time as the next manager (whenever that eventually may be) would unlikely to have the level of control & input Arsene has.

Hell even if its just someone who negotiates contracts with players already at the club would be a step forward, no more important players getting to one year left would be a massive difference.


Honestly it really depends on whether Wenger is willing to cede any control at all. Dein was an equal to Wenger in a lot of ways vs. this hire who likely could just be a glorified version of Dick Law baring Wenger allowing him any actual decision making capability.


It’s a terrible solution, why the freak would a Michael Zorc or a Antonio Cordon want to give up the power they already have in their club to join us and become a Yes man for Wenger? Wenger has become Robert Mugabe, a “succession plan” is only possible when Wenger is kicked out of the club because he WILL not tolerate anyone taking power away from him.


Could it be that the board’s and Wenger’s reticence is down to the ownership battle? It could well have been an issue some time behind the scenes at the club.

Does anyone know who these ‘other parties’ are that are apparently interested in the club?

Wenger\'s Pony

Usmanov just wants to sell and leave. Is basically asking Stan to buy his shares. Other parties: others who showed interest in buying his stake.

Noon Gunner

Do you remember in September last the Nigerian cement magnate Aliko Dangote announced he was planning to buy the club, but just wasn’t quite ready? That was quite a statement, and he may be in some sort of contact with the board.


Thanks, I’ll look him up.

He can’t have a worse profile than Usmanov anyway!


Is he a Nigerian cement prince?

Third Plebeian

Yeah, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “oil baron.”

Concrete Earl?
Cement Lord?
Gravel God?


How about Barron Trump?

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject
I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject

Marquee of Mixation
Tarmac Tyrant
Autobahn Autocrat


Autobahn autocrat.
Love it.


Since they haven’t been named I’m guessing chances are less it’s Jay-Z and Beyonce …and more that it’s some despot from South East Asia / Gulf.


Sadly the off field ownership situation is much more exciting the the football itself.


Sorry boss but I for one will take a crazy Coq star jump over Usmanov’s fat mug any day.

Wenger\'s Pony

From whatever is reported: can’t really call it change. Not good enough.

Original Paul

Will Wenger confirm this when asked I wonder?

Patrik Ljungberg

That’s an original question, Paul.

Original Paul

Will Wenger confirm this when asked I wonder?

Patrik Ljungberg

That wasn’t very original.

Original Paul


Original Paul

I can only apologise to the thumb downers for having the audacity to put a smiley face on here to acknowledge that Pat’s second “original” joke was funny.
S/F 🙁

Kwame Ampadu Down

There’s no news here. Arsene was always going to stay. I’ve never quite understood why anyone felt the need to debate whether he would or not.
Whether he should or not, that’s a debate worth having…


I think that debate has been done to death over the last couple of months!


And a lotta good it’s done…


We can debate all we want on the “should” but the truth is our views appear to be irrelevant


Can’t be bothered any more tbh

Lord Nicki B

Tune in next season where we’ll be back with

*Bigger planes and banners
*Wenger Out posters printed on Letter sized sheets, not A4
*More opening day losses and preseason victories
*Even later deadline day deals
*Theo Walcott will give away the ball twice as much
*Ramsey will do even more pirouettes
*And if you were wondering of any lack of drama, fret not, for the mid season collapse with now happen TWICE, where we collapse both in the league and Europa league
*More dives against us, and retrospective punishment for Alexis who didn’t actually dive, but went home with a broken foot

In post matches press conferences Arsene will still maintain he didn’t see any of it, but YOU WILL.

Ooh to be a Gooner, now available on Netflix


How many losses can we have on the opening day ?


Pretty funny to be fair!


Fucking shock horror

Spineless twats


Ah. A fellow gunner who likes haiku!


Board to sanction more profitable mediocrity… Shock


Disgraceful but unsurprising decision. Wenger has done nothing to justify a new deal this year.

He can’t even claim to have helped Stan get wealthier as dropping out of the champions league is going to cost 50 million, only the BT/Sky TV money is going to help with the shortful there.

We have important players who have less than a year left on the their contracts and will have to be sold if they decline to sign new deals. Has any player aside Ozil or Sanchez been offered a deal? Doesn’t seem like it.

The whole club from the football operational side is being totally mismanaged due to a deluded has been and a man with absolutely no interest in football allowing him to carry on.

It’s an absoslute farce of a situation how these two people hold so much power and are destroying our club.

Both of them need to leave as soon as possible.

I pray a takeover is imminent so these two geriatrics can be put out to pasture.

Donald\'s Trump

Don’t you know Wenger built the stadium with his own hands brick by brick and is the only arsenal manager to ever win anything.

Once he went for a shit and statues of Henry and Bergkamp came out, whom of course had no talent at all and Wenger just winked at them and made them great.


I can now see when sarcasm can be annoying.


I’m sorry but this is a f****** charade.
It had been decided he was going to be the manager months ago.
They didn’t want to announce it because the club was in disarray. Now they want to act like the FA cup and a discussion is going to take place before a contract is signed. Complete bull.

Stop treating the fans like we are little children with no common sense or intelligence. This club is starting to really aggravate me.


If Wenger gets a new contract but we can’t Alexis, Ozil & the Ox to extend their contracts. Then that says it all


The signals from Alexis about how Wenger gave us the stadium and his gestures on the pitch after scoring make it seem like he’s signed a contract already. That’s their LANS announcement before they ask for season ticket renewal. Maybe they’ll announce that and Sead kolasinac’s signing together and have someone speak about the new guy’s qualities. Won’t be shocked if nothing else happens on the transfer front. Not ruling it out, just won’t be shocked.

My predictions on what other clubs will do to strengthen.
United will get Griezmann or similar and Virgil van Dijk/that Burnley guy Keane. Chelsea will add Mahrez and bring back Christensen, Liverpool will add value-for-money players like Demarai Gray and some CB,LB. Spurs will pick off a leicester player or two, and Everton may get Jordan pickford at the least. We should plan for europa for the long term, and listen to chants of “one Arsene wenger” in the stadium.


Utterly depressing. We can’t move forward with Kroenke and Wenger. The owner loves Arsène and won’t sack him. And Wenger won’t resign. Is there another club in the world that would allow this stasis?


Imagine Wenger at places like Inter, Chelsea, City, Real……he wouldn’t have lasted much; only here……….sickening


Out of those four, three have excellent managers with the exception of Inter. They’re looking at either Simeone or Jardim, two managers who made the Champions League semis. Probably the two most-attainable managers out there and we’re probably going to ignore them for Groundhog Day season 21.


I get how everyone here is more depressed today… but… even if Wenger extends, there will always be good talent. It’s not like Jardim and Simeone are getting married… and even those things don’t last you know. Plenty of fish in the sea today and tomorrow.


Sounds suspiciously like something one of our board members or owner would say.


Should I be flattered?? Our board members sure look rich and privileged.


Rich, privileged, near-capacity crowds at the stadium and new TV deal cash flooding into the league. Why worry about things like trophies? Or the fact that guys like Koscielny, Cech, Giroud and Ozil don’t have many years left at the top of their game?

When it comes to making money, we ditch Highbury for a bigger stadium. When it comes to improving the team’s performances, oh well, plenty of fish in the sea today and tomorrow.

Perfectly sums up the mediocrity that’s crept into our club.

crazy gunner

The bottomline is wenger wants the board to appoint another yes man he will sign da ting to give the impression of a shake up and life will continue as before as soon as seasons ticket are renewed its the same ole trick but just with a bit more invention this season..yawn


Fine, 2 more seasons of mediocrity and celebration of top 4 as a great achievement. The worst thing is that most fans are happy with this…


Or perhaps that two seasons won’t be mediocre (mediocre is west ham), maybe they will be a lot better and we will do better than we have in a decade. And that worst thing is that some fans aren’t doing anything to effect real positivity from the club at any level.


yeah , with the same board and with the same manager who just wont quit and taking this club lower and lower , this club will be a lot better after two years…what are you smoking there


Next Manager should be Bergkamp (travel taken into considerations)
With Bobby as Chief Scout


If the club hires someone to fulfil duties Dein carried out when things were going well, how is this a bad thing? I’d rather this than a Comolli who sanctions a move for Andy Carroll.


Yeah, though I think it would be helpful if the person had SOME football related powers–not picking/training the team of course, and not having the last word on who we sign, but also more than just “overseeing medical, contracts, logistics, blah blah blah.” Those things are important, but presumably Gazidis and Law, whatever you think of them, do quite a bit of that already. I’d prefer a sporting director, who actually sat down with AW and helped him create a better strategy for the transfer windows. If AW says, “I want this guy, not that guy,” then fine, he should have the final call. But there should be someone to say things to him, like:
–“look, let’s go ahead and pay the extra 15mill to get that really good guy rather than penny pinch with that only alright guy, who you’re not going to want to play anyway”
–“lets make sure our transfers get done as early as possible; since they can take a while, let’s go in decisively for those two guys now, rather than fanny about waiting to see if Real and Barca leave someone good in the leftovers bin in August”
–“let’s not haggle over the price so much. it slows us down in a big way, and in the end we might actually get stuck paying even more for this guy” (see one Mustafi, S).
–“I know you’re dreaming of getting that young French superstar, but, realistically, if we can’t get him, what should be our backup option? And might it still be worth paying quite a bit for that option B, to ensure he’s almost as good as dream option, rather than stubbornly saying if we can’t get your dreamboat, then we might as well only sign an unknown french teenager for a million pounds?”
–“hey Arsene, we’ve got quite a few players who have been on our books for years, and who, though decent, aren’t really helping us push on to the next level and don’t look likely to ever do so. But they might fetch a decent price if we sell, which would allow us to spend a bit more on top quality replacements. For instance, there’s this Theo fellow who’s on 120k a week for some reason…”

From what I can tell, I’m not confident this new guy’s job is going to involve pushing Arsene a bit in these ways. Looks more like he’s just going to be an assistant to Gazidis and/or replacement to Law. Could help get stuff done a bit more efficiently and streamlined, especially if we hire someone who’s, you know, bloody good at his job. But doesn’t look like it will help radically revamp our transfer/contract policy, which is what we really need (along with, or in lieu of, some modernization in our tactics–unlikely to come under AW).


Innovative way to apply for the role.

crazy gunner

If you really believe that because a couple of fans carry some placards and banners on the streets Kroenke will sell up and run back to the US you are sadly mistaken..

Go ask the St Louis Rams fans..Kroenke doesn’t give a shit..

Arsenal Plc is a cash cow that’s all that sadly matters..

He will only sell up if there is a threat of the club will losing a substantial amount of its value

Getting rid of Kroenke is going to be the toughest challenge facing this club…we are still struggling and haven’t gotten far with Wenger and that is only child’s play compared to silent stan..

Jeez I hate to admit it the future does look bleak right now..


Agreed. But I hope we can also agree that Usmanov is not the answer. His shadiness is of epic proportions and any titles would come with a Chelski and City like asterisk. But finding someway to get Stan Stasis out is the only way this club turns around.

Donald\'s Trump

An asterisk oh my god!!!!


If we lose the FA Cup and don’t get top 4, then we are literally awarding failure. Then imagine if we lose Sanchez in the summer. Imagine the image of the club.


Wenger was right to be annoyed by the Director of Football talk. It’s a cop-out, a capitulation, and a scam.

A competent Board either shows full confidence in a manager’s ability and let’s him do it his way, or replaces him and implements a new structure for a new manager to work in.


Makes sense they’d announce it between the season ending at the FA Cup final as I’m sure they know it won’t go down well, even if we do scrape in to the top 4. The talk of the cup final may take a bit of the attention away from the contract extension.

But this is no surprise. I think we’ve all known for a while now he’d sign a new deal. I’m not happy about it, but at least once it’s done we can stop talking about it. Hopefully once it’s official we can just get on with supporting Arsenal and we can stop talking about who should be brought in… until next year of course.

There will be a lot of unhappy Arsenal fans and if we make a slow start next year things will get even more toxic. But hopefully, knowing that, we can have a big summer. Spend some money on some class players. We spent a lot last year, but they’ve largely disappointed. If we’re not in the CL we will certainly have to throw a lot of money in to wages to attract the top talent.

Clock-End Mike

“… they’ve largely disappointed”? Holding? Xhaka? Mustafi? Lucas?
Overall, I’m not disappointed with the performances of any of them. For a first season, they’ve settled in well. Xhaka is finding (and keeping!) his feet and deserves to be first choice in midfield at the moment, Mustafi has had a few howlers, but has been pretty solid most of the time, Holding looks like one to keep, and even Lucas, behind others in the striking line-up, has had a few good games.
I think last summer went pretty well, all things considered.


Hahahaha this is awesomely hilarious. Let’s hire Arsene an administrator, that changes nothing, and sign him to a new two year deal. This is better than watching tv. You seriously can’t write this stuff.

But in all seriousness, did anyone actually think they were going to change anything? You could see this coming a mile away. Why change when it is all designed to get exactly what they want from us, open wallets and negative emotions. I bet we still find a way to make into the top four, maybe we win the fa cup but realistically if we get top four that won’t really matter to them and next season we start off reverting back to Arsene’d favorite formation and what we currently are doing is scrapped. It’s all just a great big charade to keep us occupied and our attention on them.

Lord Bendnter

Waiting for: “Report: Wenger to sanction new Board”


Wenger’s biggest weakness is as a tactician or first team coach, so it’s completely understandable this board would want to make him do more in the area where he adds the least value. The decision making within this organisation is staggering.


Honest question. What do you think the rest of the staff do? We’ve heard allegations of how Arsenal don’t do video or defensive drills. So if it’s just an anxious pat on the back from Wenger (as many inanely allege) before every game, wtf are the rest of the people doing? Eating snacks on the bench… er..?


Agree with Sachin. And though I’ve often bemoaned Wenger’s tactical shortcomings, I don’t think they’re as horrible as some make out–he’s just very idiosyncratic, and some of that has helped him quite a bit over the years, like keeping his instructions simple (plenty of managers shout a lot from the bench, to no avail), not changing a winning team as much as possible, etc. But increasingly, especially against this new breed of hyper-organized manager, his quirks are hurting more than they’re helping. But he’s unlikely to change too radically (he showed with the switch to 3-4-3 that he’s not completely set in his ways, just slow to change), and we’re stuck with him for two more years.

No, to me the biggest failing has always been, and remains, the failures in the transfer market. Not paying top money often enough. Not being ruthless enough with our current playing squad. Not addressing continued gaps in our squad (hello “WC striker”!), or not doing so quickly enough. Not getting our business done early in the summer window. Etc. This weakness is compounded by his tactical simplicity, since to play the more laissez-faire, “jazz” way that Wenger wants to play, your only hope in today’s elite football climate is to have exceptional players who can do that all across the pitch. We don’t have enough of those. We now have the resources, but we haven’t always bought well, and we certainly haven’t sold well. We’re long on above-average quantity, but low on really top-drawer quality.

So the two weaknesses are linked, but the transfer failings are probably more important, and easier to fix.


I don’t know about you but let out a guttural yeah when I saw Kolasinac’s best of on YouTube. Tall, strong and combative. Some beasts instead of our regular pixies would help change the mentality of this team in a big way. A hat tip to Holding for fucking up that orc’s hip/shoulder/ego. Best thing about this sorry season for me.


Yeah I don’t think he’s horrible at his job but doesn’t add much value unlike Poch or Conte. His shortcomings are shown when pitted against similar level squads and the new tactical breed of manager. His record against those teams is poor. This is the level we have to compete at if we want to win things. The change of formation was out of desperation more than any insight it seemed.

I think shouting instructions speaks to some sort of plan rather than with us, when Wenger watches more like a fan who has can have little impact on what’s happening.

I agree we haven’t been brilliant in the transfer market but signings like Ozil and Sanchez were great buys. I also think we need to buy extremely well to build better squads than our rivals and therefore feel the most ground can be made up by coaching.

I honestly believe if Conte took over from us rather than Chelsea it would’ve been a completely different outcome to the season.


I’d agree with most of that. I think transfer policy is what has hurt us the most in recent years. I also find AW’s lack of any plan B and utterly confusing substitutions at times incredibly annoying though. I also find it odd when players just aren’t used enough a la Lucas this season.


I just hope we join the other winners and use the current model for success. Let’s get purchased by some dark overlord oligarch wanting to blend in and appear to be a normal citizen of the world vs a criminal. Then we can win a trophy or 2, tell him how great he is for saving us and just be fleeced like the other sheeple who think this is the model for ” success ” . If you object to geopolitical and socioeconomical issues creeping into sport…go root for Chelsea. PS…You wanted Wenger to be more tactically astute, change his setup, be more defensive…he did it and it has worked. Tell us again the specific reasons why he has to go?


Some people believe the likes of Savage and Jamie Redknapp that Arsene is done. And they are tired of him being around while the club has stagnated. He is a good hate figure because he doesn’t make a fool of himself even when his team is comically inept. They can’t handle how isn’t he erupting like Jose. They mistake egotism for passion and restraint for weakness. Wenger may not be the best option for this club but he is no way as bad a choice to run this team as some would have you believe.

Faisal Narrage

You always talk delusional crap.

At least this time you kept it to under 1k words.


Hmm. And how are your kids coming along?

Faisal Narrage

Err not meeting his objectives?
And lol at tactical astute changes. We still got obliterated by Spurs. And making changes in March has been part of the arsenal narrative for a few years now.

And lol at getting fleeced by an oligarch. As if were not getting fleeced now. But people like you are why things will never change.


People like you who are grown up (am I wrong?) and go lol is why you won’t ever be taken seriously.


It’s been ugly having to watch or listen to fools like Savage or Redknapp disrespecting Wenger’s legacy. He deserves better than that. But those two are not the barometers for how Arsenal fans judge success and it’s very condescending that you bring them up to discredit Arsenal fans with a different point of view – it’s actually a very childish tactic. Some of us watched the 10-2 loss to Bayern during a blizzard of other bad results and accepted the ugly truth.

What’s odd is you acknowledge that “Wenger may not the be the best option for this club…”.

Amongst Arsenal fans Wenger’s a well-respected man who earned another contract after the FA Cup wins but hasn’t been able to win another title which was his stated target. Judging him by any other metric is an insult to the man himself, fans who’ve been patient with him for over a decade and other managers in the game with solid achievements who deserve a shot at managing a big club like Arsenal.

Faisal Narrage



Faisal, why even engage with Sachin. It’s clear that no matter what is said he will respond with personal insults and some variation of the company line. There are plenty of examples of companies paying people to go on message boards to counter view points that are negative or counter to what the company wants to hear (ie the true reality of the situation). Just put Sachin in this category, ignore his ridiculous
assertions and move on with your day.

Faisal Narrage

You’re quite right indeed.


The board are a bunch of blind men sanctioning a deal for Wenger, why can’t they see that we need a fresh breath, can’t they see that both Kroenke and Wenger are suffocating us(the fans) we are tired of them both. Kroenke pls sell off your holdings to Usmanov, Wenger you have long overstayed and has no different thing to offer. Just leave . We deserve something new. A new beginning and a new hope under a new manager and a more Ambitious owner. Sanctioning a new deal is of no interest to the clubs future nor fans happiness. A new beginning please we have waited enough. Thank you.


Ok..I am open to the idea…


Not that Wenger staying should really be a surprise to anyone at this point but what I find frustrating about the situation is we really won’t be in any better shape when he actually leaves that we are now. Given he has repeatedly said that he will not tolerate anyone other than himself making football related decisions – the new role really will be little more than a glorified Dick Law. No qualified person will want to step into this situation as they won’t have any real control.


I don’t think he is ‘softening his stance’.

Proviso he gets sufficient ‘mandate’ to carry on (which is either of winning the FA cup or qualify for 4th), he will likely sign for one more transitional season.

Why do we need a Director of Football for Wenger again? …he has had NO problems recruiting the likes of Ozil or Alexis with Dick Law. He has brought in the likes of Holding without the help of Dick Law. He has improved players like Monreal, Koscielny all sourced at relatively low prices, he has found gems in cech and Santi (the later pryed away from an acrimonious rival)

Where we may need a Director of Football is for the incoming successor to Wenger, to ensure we have some control and are not held hostage in future circumstance.

Which is why I think Wenger is saying he has no issue if its for the good of the club’s (future).

Which hints at a transitional season where he will operate as is but things may start to be put in place for an eventual appointment to work in concert with a Director of Football.

Because like it or not, Wenger flatters to deceive because he is good in market. It covers his flaws tactically. He buys well. Whether he buys enough is the other issue.

I don’t think we will see Wenger working under a Director of Football.

People like Ian Wright are simply delusional and do not understand much (sorry full respect to his career but he is a bit of a fool)


im not sure Wenger or the club can pull the rabbit out of the hat anymore, unless we win the league in the next 2 years he’s legacy and the clubs will come crashing down,we will no longer be an attractive club wether sponsors or players coming in
or both leaving, it will be so detremental for all concerned the journo’s are gonna hound him big time every mistake will be escalated he will need skin of an armadillo to survive so another 2 years on bread and dripping & prozak great…………

Original Paul

Imo the players and the fans need acknowledgement. I found this on the Harvard Business School site:

Dr. Thomas de Zengotita, a media anthropologist and author of Mediated, believes that acknowledgement – our need for validation and empathy from others – is one of our most vital needs. “All mammals want attention,” he told me. “Only human beings need acknowledgment.” Key to this is a sense of belonging to a community that cares about us. Create that feeling for anyone whose attention you’d like to capture, and they’ll repay you.


Looks like I made the right decision when I turned down a season ticket for next season. I work much too hard to throw it into the gaping chasm of a project to nowhere. Good luck Arsenal, I can’t bear to watch you continue with your self-harming.


Two more years confirmed with no league titles and embarrassing defeats.


maybe david dein is coming back? wenger says he has no plan on working with someone….then the fella that Dein sold his shares launches a bid to take over the club…then all of the sudden Wenger softens his stance on the whole thing and the club are preparing a deal and he will work with someone..
Dein has his cake amd eats it by having his cash and a foot back in tbe door…Usmanov gets an ally in an official role until some later date when he can bid again…Wenger gets his buddy back…Kronke keeps ownership and stays silent…just a thought…


I’m really dreading when we’re in the exact same situation in two years time. But now featuring a sporting director!
How are we going to be excited about the next two years anyway. We’re even losing to spu*s and we are going to play Europa league.
The biggest change we’ll get in the next year’s under Wenger is that he is going to talk about top 6, rather than top 4. Just wait and see


I’m softening my support for my football club until someone, anyone, comes in instead of Wenger. I would rather support a team finishing 6th every season than this recurring pretence of competing. Its actually making me phsically and mentally sick, the time and money I invest and I watch exactly the same scenario every year since 2007/8. A change is needed just for the sake of variety and mental health.


Unfortunately, having an owner setup like Kroenke is apparent when you look at what happens in the USA. The primary motive for him seems to be make money. Winning trophies is for poor people. Expensive and not cost efficient. Withdraw support by not paying for tickets, kit etc, and someone like Kroenke could just say, well, I’m moving the team elsewhere. He’s done it a number of times to teams he owns in the USA. Ok, circumstances are different in the USA and the UK. But it’s not totally improbable he could try that line if he really wants to play ball in the only game he seems really interested in: business.


Fingers crossed Stan packs his bags and fucks off stateside.

California Gooner

There is only 1 solution: Wenger not be given an extension. Anything else confirms the suspicion that Arsenal is a business and not a football club.


“On the financial point we are not in trouble.”

That is what Wenger said when asked about the champions league!

“ambition is to win the Champions League and Premier League with Arsenal.”

This is supposedly what Kroenke said.

So, it’s hard to tell who really ifs the one who puts the finances above all else?

Dan Hunter

I’m going to play devil’s advocate a little bit here. Many if not most think Kroenke is in it simply to make money, but surely, knocking back a bid of £1Bn and what has been reported, an improved offer of £2Bn, if it was to be knocked back, surely shows that he is NOT in it for the money, because these offers are a huge profit on his initial investments.

If he doesn’t sell, maybe he IS looking for Arsenal to be a winning team.

As for Usmanov, if he was to come in, would it necessarily mean an Abramovich style cash injection? I wouldn’t hold my breath. IN fact, Usmanov is on record saying he likes the current financial structure. SO, we are screwed either way really.


Maybe Kroenke is just really stubborn and would rather make a bad decsion than compromise them, even if they’ve been shown not to work.

Sound like somebody we know?

Sachin T Patel

So, there’s another Sachin on the boards. I knew my vanity for my whole name was gonna pay off.

I don’t have an grand ideas on fixing Arsenal. I just want to watch good football, meaningful football. & maybe, win shiny trophies.

Has Wenger jumped the shark? I think so, but that’s my opinion.

-Sachin T Patel


I am happy at this news because Arsenal has won the last game.

Tony Hall

Next season will end exactly the same as this season, we will be having the same discussion in 12 months we are having now.
What is really sad is that as a die hard Arsenal fan for 40 odd years, I don’t even care anymore what happens 🙁