Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: Man City in for Sead Kolasinac

Arsenal’s attempts to sign Sead Kolasinac have been complicated by the news that Manchester City are also keen on the Bosnian defender.

It’s widely accepted that he won’t be renewing his contract with Schalke, and a few weeks ago reports seemed very positive about him joining Arsenal in the summer.

Those were downplayed by his father, and it was thought that interest from AC Milan might be a complicating factor as the player mulled over a move to Serie A.

Now, however, BILD are reporting that Pep Guardiola has matched the Gunners offer of £140,000 per week as he looks to build a defence for next season.

With Gael Clichy out of contract at the end of this season and a long way past his best, City will be in the market for a left-back/left wing-back, and it seems they have their sights trained on the 23 year old.

Could they take advantage of the relative instability in North London to convince the player to join them? It certainly wouldn’t take a master negotiator to do it, and if needed they could definitely pay more in wages than us.

Much will depend on the player’s intentions, of course, for now we’ll just have to wait and see.

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I dont know much about him, but judging from his physical stature, im guessing he has his strengths in defense? If thats the case i would rather have us not signing him, as i think we should be gettting a leftback who is better at attacking than our current leftbacks. All the big clubs nowadays play with two attacking backs, i dont see why we shouldnt.

Faisal Narrage

Yeah, why get a defender good st defending at Arsenal? Not like we need one of those. Screw it, let’s got another attacking LB to go with our stacking RB and high pushing CBs and just bombs away, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.


Dixon, Winterburn, Lauren, Ashley Cole. Are best fullbacks in recent times, all were very good defenders first. Attack is a secondary attribute in being a fullback imo.

Ulysses 32

I cant hear the name ‘Lauren’ even outside of the context of football without remembering the magnificent tackle on Ronaldo. Lauren, you magnificent bastard.

Liam Bradys left peg

And that pen v spuds

Liam Bradys left peg

Add Pat Rice and nice one Sammy Nelson to that list.


Look, everyone are of course entitled to their opinion and there is absolute freedom of speech. But we need to weed out recommendations in all areas of society, that start out with “I don’t know much about this thing, but here’s what I think we should do”.

As for Kolasinac he is despite his physical stature quite good going forward with sharp crossing as a trade mark.


We need a left back who can defend first not attack first.


Exactly..because a left back is still first a defender..
I hope Andre Santos is still fresh in people’s minds..he was a defender who was really shitty at defending..

My wig smells cheesy

Asshavin your comment is quite rediculous

Art Van delay

Absolutely ridiculous.

Mein Bergkampf

Why do we need a LB at all? We can play Giroud there with Ospina for cover. Pull Theo back to centre half so Gabriel can play the false 9. Anyone know what Sir Chips is like in goal?


This. If anyone can tell me with a hundred percent certainty what Wilshere and Ramsey’s best position is I’d take my hat off to them. We play Central midfielders in the wide roles, and it really messes up the team structure. Imagine natural dribblers like Demarai Gray and Riyad Mahrez(both looking to move incidentally) on the wings. They’ll do the ‘ball retention and beating defenders’ while ozil can stay off the ball and be decisive when he gets it. Ozil is probably the worst dribbler of the AMs in the top 6,and he needs others to do that. Meanwhile, we… Read more »


My nan says Sir Chips is a keeper.


He’s actually pretty good at both attacking and defending…else he wouldn’t have known as a good fullback. And he is player with a bit of bite in him. One if the things i noticed in our transfer policy is that in recent years we have been buying players who have obvious leadership qualities in them.cech was the first one , xhaka captained is an obvious one captaining his previous team at a young age of 23 , mustafi who is quite vocal and maybe even Perez. Kolanasic falls well into this category which suggests that wenger is aware of that… Read more »


That’s that then!


Don’t worry.
Dick Law’s got this. He can FaceTime with the player, if he misses his flight. He has learnt from past experiences.

Laughing Stock of Football

He’ll replace Clichestre at City, no doubt meaning that Clichestre will be coming back on a wenger cheapo job. Cheap that is except for the 100K a week salary


Good grief. Arsenal are such a shambles at the moment that they cannot even sign a player who supposedly agreed a contract with them. Given the turmoil currently ongoing at the club, it is no surprise that a player of any credibility at all would seek to back out of a deal to this club. Between the choice of a rejuvenated City under Guardiola, or a stale diminishing Arsenal in all likelihood under the well passed it Wenger, it doesn’t come as much a surprise who he is likely to choose.

Monkey Nuts

Yep well put sir.

You cannot polish a turd as the saying goes and no thanks to Kroenke, Gazides and Wenger a turd of a club is what we have at the moment.


Is “rejuvenated” really the word that best describes city? If we weren’t so shit this season they’d miss out on top 4


‘Supposedly’ according to whom? ‘Back out of a deal’. Screw your head on.

Faisal Narrage

Arseblog 2018 Headline: Wenger: “I almost signed Kolasinac. We had breakfast. He likes his cereal with no milk””.


Would be funny if it wasn’t so true. Actually it is funny – and true.


It is only funny and true cause our beloved club has brought us appreciation for irony over the years


Sold the dream of competing with Bayern Munich.
Can’t complete with Manchester City.
Where the fuck are the Kronke out banners you Muppets.
Wake the fuck up. He is the BIGGER problem.


Bayern and City are not the same. Bayern’s highest purchase is 40mn Javi Martinez

Monkey Nuts

That is the bigger picture that all Arsenal fans should want him out. Banners and anti Kroenke songs yes please.


It’s not Kroenke fault. He slashed 100 millions for transfer last summer and we ended up signing Takuma Assano. The manager demands funds needed and the players. Mou and Pep already asked for 200 and players targeted. We as usual crap awaiting deadline day to get cheaper or nobody as our current squad. Kante? He’s not better than Coqueline, Cavani isn’t better than OG and so on to mention few. Blame Wenger for our decline and inability to compete.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Oh well

Lord Bendnter

Not sure about the credibility of BILD’s reporting, but I don’t see us offering him 140k. That’s not very Arsenal like.
However, I’ll sit back and enjoy because I live off of Transfer Talk.


But he would be a free transfer, so 140k would probably be acceptable with no upfront money paid to his club.

Lord Bendtner

Regardless of transfer fees, 140k is a bit too much for a young, unproven player. I understand he’s having a good season this year, but overall, he’s not a player who should be paid the current salary of starts like Sanchez and Ozil (both currently on 140k)
100k I can understand, but not 140k. Still though, right now for him, regardless of whatever salary is being offered on the table, I can’t see why he would choose us over ManCity. ManCity are in dire need of fullbacks at the moment

Stewart Robson\'s therapist

Since he’s available on a free transfer, he probably has the leverage to negotiate himself a big salary hike above what Arsenal would normally pay.


Maybe the pay offered was not that high but usually with free agents there could be substantial signing on fees involved.


Agreed. It would be a daft move in terms of the team’s wage structure as better players would want their salaries improved. Plus if he’s rubbish he’d be impossible to offload.
I am sure they can give him a sign on fee instead though.

Spanish Gooner

Arsenal dithering on a transfer before missing out and being trumped by another offer? Never!


So many poisonous comments about a rumor based on a rumor… 🙁
And the transfer window isnt even open yet!


Such are the times we live in. I mean look at some of these comments, jeez!


Why they always deceive fans with false promises. It’s mentioned that there’s 200 millions to bolster the squad in summer. Every year in and out is same story and we ended up worse than before? Why we paid injured prones players 60-70k a week for years and deadwood? A massive cull is a MUST and bring at least 4 top players to be able to compete and stop being laughing stock. Having Wenger two more years will mean decline at its best. Change is needed otherwise fan division will explode out of control. We need fresh start and be patient… Read more »

Toure motors

I think allegri is off the cards; he signed a new contract at juve who are odds on to make the CL final.


the lure of london is the only incentive players considering arsenal as a possible destination have. At city, they know they have the chance to play the top-level world class superstars their board is always looking to bring in. Here, we try to make do with bargain buys and mid-tier players and hype them up till they collapse

Crash Fistfight

Total red herring. It has nothing to do with who they play with, and all to do with who they play for.

Kenny Sansoms \'tache

Thanks for sharing.
Makes for scary reading when you wonder what next season will bring! :-O


First sign this was never going to happen, it was done before a 6-3 loss on the last day of the window to Huddersfield when we’re all desperate for a striker. No way the club has any idea what to do in the offseason, they have always been reactive and this season is going to be even worse.

Fuck you Stan.


His neck is worth £140k per week alone


I think Xhaka could help him settle in. Plus London could be a more attractive place to settle.

Scott P
Bould\'s Eyeliner

Except it’s from the bleacherreport, who is the equivalent of the daily mail for sports. They also don’t pay many of their employees. Shocking publication with tons of clickbait.

Scott P

Well I don’t read them much (at all) so I didn’t know much of that. It seemed like a decently researched story that tried not to draw any exaggerated conclusions. If your allegations are true, that is unfortunate indeed.


We go through this every summer.

Media reports we are in for someone.

People believe them hook line and sinker.

Wenger may have other targets. Mostly the media never finds out until its done.

Meanwhile some people will start ranting and raving like utter nutters.

Wenger has found and improved players like Koscielny, Monreal, recetnly he found a gem in Holding.

Not a big deal.


In any case City will buy and hire whomever Arsenal (Wenger) approves. Sometimes, Wenger may be just throwing smoke their way to lure them away from primary target. He’s landed Ozil, Alexis more recently Mustafi and Granit, all of whom would have been target of the big clubs. Even more he made some steals with absolute gems for relatively nothing with Cech (from an arch rival it has to be said) and Santi. As mentioned before, there are 7 or 8 clubs in Europe who can and are willing to pay more than us. Its a reality and a fact.… Read more »


Totally agree.
It’s now a saturated market.
There isn’t another Santi hiding under a rock unfortunately.
I’m very interested to see how Holding and Chambers come on in the next two seasons.

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